A Punch to the Gut

bourdain-zimmernby John Calhoun

COOKING SHOWS have really hit their stride in the past few years. It seems like just about anyone possessing the ability to wield a spatula with any amount of grace and determination can have some time in front of the camera — such is the demand. There are programs that show the viewer, step-by-step, how to cook; those that feature “restaurant rescues”; and those whose hosts travel to far-flung corners of the world in order to try exotic “delicacies.” One of the most famous and influential cooking shows of all time was an import from Japan, Iron Chef, which featured competitive cooking in a “kitchen stadium.” In fact, just about any kind of cooking that can be imagined has had its time in the spotlight. And, as with anything else that appears on television, there is a malignant force in the background.

One set of cooking shows is particularly noxious. These shows are bound together by similar themes and by two particularly obnoxious stars; Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern (pictured). Both have hosted programs on various channels and with various names but the same message is portrayed. Zimmern and Bourdain have a fetish for traveling to non-White countries, mixing with their denizens, and scarfing down their regional fare which is usually composed of rats, bats, insects, and intestines. Nothing but the “best” for these hosts and for their viewers.

Andrew Zimmern has hosted programs such as Bizarre Foods, Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre World, and Bizarre Foods America. Each one of these has been a veritable smorgasbord of the spectacle of Zimmern greedily stuffing his face (the Germans have a word for this — fressen — which means to eat in the manner of a beast) with the most disgusting so-called food that the Third World can dish up. One particular show featured the portly host dining on an entire suckling pig — literally from snout to tail. If one has the stomach to sit through an entire episode of this show, he is either in possession of a cast-iron stomach or is a thoroughgoing degenerate. Despite the gut-churning nature of these programs, they are fairly benign in comparison to the poison dispensed by Anthony Bourdain, the veritable dean of the cooking show world.

Anthony Bourdain travels the world eating various insects and entrails like Andrew Zimmern but he also has a strong penchant for gourmet food which makes him seemingly more attractive to watch — but he is infinitely more dangerous. Bourdain now hosts a show on CNN called Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown where he eats around the world and is allowed to lecture the audience on his particular brand of politics. On one particular broadcast, he visits Kerala, India and champions that state’s Communist regime. He has also championed the plight of Mexican illegal immigrants within the United States and is quoted as saying, “…our entire service economy — the restaurant business as we know it — in most American cities, would collapse overnight without Mexican workers.”

Both of these television personalities share a particular heritage: Both are of Jewish extraction. Zimmern is fully and openly Jewish while Bourdain describes himself as being “non-religious.” His mother is Jewish which automatically makes him a member of the tribe according to Jewish law. This Jewish identity is also shared with the bosses of their television networks. Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods series is broadcast on the Travel Channel which is a joint venture of Scripps Networks Interactive (65%) and Cox Communications (35%). The CEOs of both companies — Kenneth W. Lowe and Patrick J. Cox respectively — are both (unsurprisingly) Jews. Bourdain’s Parts Unknown is broadcast on CNN which is part of the Turner Broadcasting System, the president of which is David Levy (can there be a more Jewish name?).

In fact, every major media company in the United States is either directly controlled — or heavily staffed — by Jews who use the power of the mass media to directly influence and persuade the average American. The shows of Andrew Zimmern and Anthony Bourdain are aimed primarily at the trendy middle class. Being influenced by what is perceived as being popular and fashionable in the so-called food world, they are then softened up for the other messages expressed in the program. Multiculturalism, race-mixing, and cosmopolitanism are regularly pushed on the bourgeois masses who swallow them wholesale. The middle class has always been interested in stuffing their guts, so the Jews happily oblige — poisoning them in the process.

The Jews are in control of the apparatus of power in the Western World. This is an unavoidable fact that any seeker after truth must confront. The first step is to completely remove oneself from the influence of the mass media as far as is possible. The next step is to seek out sources of alternative information such as that provided by National Vanguard, NS Publications, and others. Then you must find a supportive community of like-minded people at places such as White Biocentrism. Try to actually meet people in real life and develop real world relationships with them. From there, talk to people that you trust about your ideas or make new pro-White media so that seekers can find the truth. We can have an impact. Eventually, we can deliver a decisive punch to the gut and cripple the power of those who are killing us.

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Brian Davis
Brian Davis
21 March, 2016 8:15 pm

I use to love bizzare foods. I watched it for the same reason others watch it, to see him eat gross stuff. He went to white countries which made me want to visit Newfoundland in particular. I do notice in every episode he mentioned that we can learn a lot about other cultures through their food and diversity is a good thing in every episode. So I have decided to stop watching it.

John Smithwick
John Smithwick
27 March, 2016 2:31 am

Must be nice to have ethnic centers for your tribe in every major city across the planet, where the sermons are about “your people”. What do we have in that respect? The Church of England? Well, when you go there, you’re hearing about a particular fictional Jewish rabbi created by the Romans where “God was his Dad.” You’re hearing about a derviation of the Jews’ folklore. There’s nothing there about the British people. What a travesty ….

2 May, 2017 4:59 pm

The one thing I’ve noticed about those Whites who are susceptible to the Jews’ messages bombarding them: they aren’t the kind of people I believe should be breeding our future White children. We are an evolving species, but the perceptive, strong, active and deep minded are needed over their weaker counterparts lest we perpetually breed a race of overly self-indulgent slaves to the Jew.