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The Jewish Plan of Genocide for the Gentiles

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THE BIGGEST MISTAKE the Arabs ever made was accepting a truce requested by the Jews in 1948. Arabs were invading everywhere and Egypt had fought its way to Ashdod. It looked like the Arabs were going to win…. And then, just because the Jews asked, the Arabs stopped fighting to talk. And while they were talking, the Jews were getting more weapons and armor and aircraft from the United States, plus some guns from Czechoslovakia. When the Jews felt strong again, talking time was over! Arabs lost. (ILLUSTRATION: Yochanan Gordon)

In response to these facts, a Jew named Yoni Belson said: “Nah. We won raw. Show me one unbiased source, liar.”

I can’t help thinking that Yoni Belson would call any unbiased source a biased source because he is a liar. But, okay, maybe I owe him the benefit of the doubt on this matter.

The truce to which I referred took place from 11 June to 8 July in 1948. It was mediated by Folke Bernadotte, a would-be peacemaker whom Zionist Jews (Lehi gang) would assassinate about two months later.

Bernadotte was noted for negotiating the release of 31,000 prisoners from German concentration camps during WW2, and assassination is the way Jews sometimes express their gratitude. (You’ll remember Adolf Hitler’s warning in Mein Kampf about shaking hands with a Jew: beware of the dagger in the Jew’s other hand.)

During the truce, the IDF received weapons from Czechoslovakia and the United States, and they trained more soldiers. Yitzhak Rabin, who was an IDF commander at the time said: “Without the arms from Czechoslovakia, it is very doubtful that we would have been able to conduct the war.”

That is the truce to which I was referring, and the treachery of the Jews while they pretended to observe it. It cannot be plausibly denied that these events occurred.

There was an editorial in the newspaper Times of Israel, in which a Jewish writer named Yochanan Gordon called for the complete genocide of the Palestinians. The Times at first published it, but soon after they took the article down again. Fortunately, some people are very watchful, and in the short time it was available it was copied.

Yochanan Gordon actually made some very good points. His argument was well-reasoned. He might have forgotten one thing, though.

As the Jews may use Gordon’s arguments against the Palestinians, so might many other people use them against the Jews. In fact, the Palestinians can do so, though as a practical matter they are not strong enough to use them effectively. On the other hand, the Jews have grievously antagonized nations that are strong enough to eliminate Israel. Maybe they will see Gordon’s article, think about it, and take appropriate action.

For that matter, Yochanan Gordon’s arguments work perfectly well whenever a majority, or a stronger people, are having problems with a persistently troublesome minority. The Whites in America could use Gordon as a moral authority to genocide all of the Blacks in America because of the disproportionate number of murders and rapes carried out by some of them.

But, no, there was nothing wrong with Gordon’s thinking. The moral principle he relies on is survival, but each person will apply it in favor of his own people. Only the Jews will apply it in favor of the Jews. It is like martial arts. The techniques are the same for everybody, but in a fight you try to hit your opponent and you try to avoid his hits on you.

Jews are such a minority in this world that you would think they’d be sneakier about this kind of thing. Oh. But that is why the Times censored Gordon’s article, isn’t it?

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David Westerlund
David Westerlund
6 January, 2020 3:17 pm

Very well written. Point is to tell the complete story takes a library.