Oh, the Grand Old Duke of York!


by Max Musson

ON SATURDAY a number of nationalist groups took part in a joint protest in Dover, against illegal immigration, and what must be the largest nationalist demonstration in Britain since the Rotherham Day of Action in September 2014. It is reported that in excess of four hundred nationalist activists took part in the march and rally, and for once it would appear that the nationalist demonstrators were a match for the Antifa counter-demonstrators in terms of numbers — and in several outbreaks of violence that occurred, the nationalists came off the better on each occasion.

Today’s news reports are full of pictures of bloodied and battered Antifa counter demonstrators looking very sorry for themselves, and one video sequence shows fighting between the two rival sides in which an Antifa demonstrator was knocked unconscious and lay helpless on the ground and at the mercy of the nationalist demonstrators, who chivalrously resisted the temptation to add to his injuries and allowed the police to carry him away to safety.

In another incident, at the Junction 8 services on the M20, it would appear that coaches laden with both nationalist and Antifa supporters stopped off at the same service area, where the rival factions opted to continue their hostilities. After a series of scuffles, the Antifa supporters retreated to their coaches, but before they could drive away, at least one coach suffered damage including a shattered windscreen.

Today, Facebook is awash with the individual stories of the various protagonists and it is clear that this Saturday’s confrontation is regarded as a resounding victory on the part of the Nationalist groups who took part and the response from the Antifa participants consists almost entirely of complaints about the violence they experienced at the hands of the nationalists.


Many nationalists are jubilant and have cited Saturday’s events as a great victory and a possible turning point in the struggle to halt the mass invasion of Britain by migrants from the Third World. From a more analytical perspective however, admirable though the courage shown by the nationalist demonstrators was, Saturday’s events cannot be regarded as anything more than a successful skirmish with the enemy. The Battle of Dover and the greater battle to save our nation will require much more than we were collectively able to muster on Saturday.

Saturday’s skirmish will have served to bolster our morale and no doubt many nationalists will be eager to taste similar ‘victories’ in the future, but a measure of what was achieved on Saturday can be gleaned by observing what is different in Dover today, compared with Friday?

Today there is no great nationalist presence in Dover and life has returned to normal, in which illegal immigrants still steal their way into our country on the backs of hapless lorry driver’s vehicles.

The nationalist movement has acted like an army that has expended much time, energy and manpower in taking from our enemies a strategically vital piece of ground, only to immediately vacate that hard won ground and retreat to the warmth and hospitality of the nearest public house.

Today, the state apparatus that conspires to bring about our displacement and race replacement is once again in control of Dover and the invasion continues unabated. Ours was but a fleeting victory, the glory of which has been snatched back from us by virtue of the fact that we currently lack the resources needed to occupy and hold that strategic port. Indeed, I will wager that none of the organisers of Saturday’s campaign gave a moment’s thought to the task of occupying and holding Dover in order to permanently halt the invasion. The leaders of the various groups who took part in Saturday’s demonstrations claim that we are involved in a ‘war’ and yet they failed to think and plan as the leaders of an army involved in warfare should. Sadly, Saturday was but a brief glimpse of what could be achieved if we were properly mobilised, nothing more.

Over the decades we have seen marches and demonstrations organised by the National Front, by the British National Party, by the English Defence League and by Britain First, and by many other groups, and we are soon to be treated to much vaunted marches and demonstrations by Pegida here in the UK, but all of these marches and demonstrations in the past and all of them planned for the future — the future ‘war’ — will be a complete waste of time, money and manpower if we do not begin to think in military terms.

It is of little use to act like the ‘Grand Old Duke of York’ and having marched our men to the top of the hill, to march them down again, and immediately surrender to our enemies the land we have just won from them!


Do we seriously think that this morning David Cameron is reconsidering his open-door immigration policy, simply because a few Antifa demonstrators got a bit of a kicking from angry patriots who subsequently went home again like good little boys and girls? No, he will be chuckling to himself at the short-sightedness and futility of our actions. He will arrange for a few more police officers to be on duty next time there is one of our telegraphed ‘Dover demos’, but otherwise, nothing will change. Nothing will change until we have the wherewithal to occupy Dover and permanently hold the port, and not just Dover, but every port of any size along the south coast. Nothing will change until we have the manpower to stop and search every vehicle passing through those ports and in doing so permanently halt the surface invasion of our homeland.

Furthermore, if we can occupy and hold every commercial airfield in the UK we will be able to halt the invasion of our homeland completely, and then and only then can we be sure that a turning point has been reached in which we can celebrate a great victory over our enemies. We are however a long way from being able to do any of this — we are currently woefully lacking in both resources, organisation and manpower. We are lacking because until the advent of Western Spring no-one ever gave serious thought to the enormity of the task ahead of us, and nobody ever considered what would be needed in military terms. All we ever planned were skirmishes, when we should have been planning a war!

So let me repeat once more the words of Dr William Pierce from his speech entitled, ‘Our Cause’:

“We have enormously difficult problems. If we are to solve them at all, we must tackle them with more determination, more tenacity, and more fanaticism than they have ever been tackled before. We must prepare ourselves mentally and spiritually for a very long, bloody, and agonizing struggle.

“We mustn’t imagine that we are like a squad of soldiers about to assault a cave full of robbers and that the only preparation we need is to be sure our bayonets are fixed and that our powder is dry. This seems to be the attitude of most patriots these days and it is not a realistic one. “Throw out those bums in Washington,” they say “and our problems will be over.”

“No. We must think of ourselves instead as the beginning — the barest beginning — of a mighty army whose task is not to clean out a cave full of robbers, but is to conquer an entire hostile world. Before the first shot is fired we must build our invasion fleet with thousands of ships and siege engines. We must lay in massive supplies of cannon balls, powder, and all sorts of other munitions. And we must do a hundred other things.

“In other words, we must prepare ourselves for our political struggle before we can count on it yielding anything other than the invariable failure which has rewarded patriots in the past. We must build a foundation which will sustain us for a very long campaign.”

In Dover on Saturday, all we did was ‘clear out a cave full of robbers’, and having done so, went home again, with a warm glow inside, but having achieved very little in real terms.

If we merely keep on repeating what happened last Saturday at Dover, we will find ourselves in twenty-year’s time having achieved nothing of lasting value. Mass immigration will continue and eventually there will be so many immigrants in our country and so few of us left that we will have lost our homeland forever. If we are to succeed in saving our people we must acquire the Six-Prerequisites and through that achievement we will have the resources in terms of property, money and manpower needed to bring about the permanent salvation of our people.

The Six Prerequisites are the ‘mighty army’; ‘our invasion fleet with thousands of ships and siege engines’; the ‘massive supplies of cannon balls, powder, and all sorts of other munitions’ and a ‘thousand other things’, that William Pierce speaks of, and if we have those resources, then we will be able to march into Dover as a mighty and unstoppable force with a column of men 10,000 strong; we will have the supplies of food needed to feed them for months on end; we will have tents in which to house them and field kitchens; and observation posts and communications systems and a command centre.

Dover would be ours and then the likes of David Cameron would sit up and take notice. No power on earth would shift us, because we would have the support of the local people and the police and the British Army would have neither the will nor the manpower to overwhelm us.

With the Six Prerequisites, we would be able to replicate this act of national self-defence all over Britain and the final salvation of the British people would be within reach.

We must work towards this end and not allow our efforts to be diverted into futile acts of protest, which are in reality futile demonstrations of political impotence. Leave the street gangs behind, and join us at Western Spring — don’t just talk and dream about revolution, become a real revolutionary, with serious revolutionary intent!

* * *

Source: Western Spring

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