Germany: Non-White Invaders Occupy Union Offices; White Protests Build to Massive Levels

THE DGB building — headquarters of a union that has taken a “pro-migrant” position — was occupied for a week by violent “refugees,” demanding a variety of privileges. Nothing would satisfy the aggressive, semi-barbarian non-Whites, whose sense of entitlement knows no bounds. Finally, union officials had to call in the police to maintain the continued operation of their organization. Officers came to evict the “migrants,” some of whom chained themselves together and fought police. One union spokesman pleads that the refugees “be merciful” to the unionists since they are on the “same side”.

Here are two videos showing the ever-growing mass anti-invasion protests by Whites. The first, even-handed in that it mainly just documents what is happening, was produced by Russia Today. The other, with an anti-White slant on the same subject, was produced by the BBC.

It is interesting to contrast the BBC and Russia Today news coverage of these mass protests. The BBC hates Europeans, and Russia supports Europeans. Of course, some of that just comes down to personnel: Russia Today is run by Russian Whites, and they see themselves as part of Europe. BBC is run by British Jews, and they see themselves as outsiders, and view Europe as an alien civilization.

There is an anarcho-Zionist movement in Germany called the Anti-Germans, which seeks the extermination of the Germans. While it is has Jewish leadership, there is little to choose between it and the anti-German East German Communists of Merkel and her ilk — or the BBC, for that matter.

It’s also interesting to note the Confederate flag in the Russian video of a PEGIDA march — the anti-Confederate-flag hysteria has made that banner even more of a symbol of worldwide White resistance than it was before. Here in Pennsylvania, use of the Confederate flag has definitely ramped up in 2015.

The BBC piece is a pathetic attempt to portray resistance 1) to being replaced by illegal immigrants and 2) to national suicide as “far-right hate.” The Marxist-Jewish narrative in this is obvious.

The dissidents note that every major political party is anti-German — and so voting changes nothing. The protests attract the middle class and professionals. Riots by migrants in one small village are mischaracterized by the BBC as “far right” riots. There are anti-immigration marches every day — and they are growing rapidly.

Massive protests in Dresden — every Monday for more than a year — take place. Protesters say, among other things: “They want to break Germany”; “Our left wing government wants a mixed population… we will die out.”

Gordian Meyer-Planth, Saxony secret police “intelligence chief” sees the mass movement of dissidents as “pure Nazi racists” who oppose Muslim mass immigration and “hate democracy.”

* * *

Source: Correspondents

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