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What Was Auschwitz Really Like?


by David Sims

AN ELDERLY German woman and scholar named Ursula Haverbeck discovered that there is physical and documentary evidence that Jews weren’t mass murdered at Auschwitz. She gave an interview in which she said so (see below). She was arrested by the German government and railroaded into prison.

For the past 70 years, ever since the end of the Second World War, the German government has been hostile to the German people. Although the general rule of official hatefulness has lessened over time, there are still actions that a German citizen can commit that will cause his Jew-tamed government to lash out against him with extreme prejudice. And it won’t help the citizen that he is correct, or that the facts are on his side, or that he is being brave and honest with what he is doing or saying.

Half the political criminals in Germany, probably, have as their crime nothing more than being excessively honest about their country’s history. Yes, there was a Hitler. Yes, he was a dictator. No, he didn’t order the mass extermination of Jews and no such extermination ever took place.

The (most famous) story about Six Million Murdered Jews is a fable invented in December 1944 by the Soviet minister of propaganda, Ilya Ehrenberg, himself Jewish, which was publicized around the world first by internationally organized Jewish groups and then as war propaganda by the governments of the USSR, the UK, and the USA.

But that story simply isn’t true. It is fiction, presented to us as history.

The German courts are controlled by the same corrupt international Zionist regime that also controls the US government through media manipulation and high finance. And the German people suffer under this Jewish oppression to an extent that is greater than we Americans have so far experienced. Here, we can, with difficulty, obtain information contrary to the Jewish Standard Version of the Holocaust story, and we can conclude what we will, and we can publicly say what we think.

In Germany, you will go to prison if you do this.

Auschwitz was a camp where persons unwanted in Germany were sent to work. Although there were isolated acts of cruelty in Auschwitz, this wasn’t the norm and it was, in fact, contrary to German laws and military policy. The National Socialists did what they could do, considering the circumstances of the war, to make life better for the people interned in the camp.

I hadn’t known this before watching the video below, but the German SS itself prosecuted four Auschwitz labor-camp commandants on charges of unnecessary cruelty toward prisoners. These prosecutions were in reference to specific incidents, similar to charges of police brutality in our country today. By the way, two of the accused commandants were found guilty by the National Socialist authorities — and were sentenced to death.

* * *

Source: David Sims

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Christopher Estep
Christopher Estep
23 December, 2015 8:00 pm

Thank you for what you do…though it seems that we are doomed no matter what.

30 December, 2015 11:01 pm

I was skeptical at first, but the facts tell the real story. I fully believe now in the evils of world Jewry, and that they seem to be of one mind: that that says they are The Chosen People– which could not be further from the truth. They’re an inbred race that started a state– against the Talmud scriptures– and are now committing genocide in Palestine, a stolen land. All settling is illegal, yet the world allows it to continue unabated. The settlers carry automatic weapons and will execute on the spot any Palestinian– man, woman, child– who is carrying anything like a weapon. In fact, weapons are frequently planted on little kids after they’ve been murdered– to signify that they were carrying a knife. It’s despicable, but more despicable… Read more »

14 February, 2016 10:58 am

We are never doomed. There is always a way to come back. We’ve made the first step in knowing what really happened. Now we have to solve it.

Reply to  Saxon
1 April, 2016 10:38 pm

Hitler “HAD” it solved, exceptionally well too! …He just hadn’t anticipated the Greedy Zionist wankers doing a double deal with Britain:
…”Hey, You wanna swap a Country in exchange for the U.S. as a “War Allie”? …Don’t worry about all the finer details and Loose Ends. We’ve got it covered. We’ll concoct the stories and fabricate a propaganda shitstorm to act as a “Bullshit Buffer” between fact and fiction. …We have the manpower in place. …”PLUS”, we’ve held the patents now, on “Creating the “MEANS” for thousands of years! It’s machinery will be camouflaged and indefinitely maintained by being “Well Lubed” in the blood baths of countless millions to be sacrificed, fighting under guises of “Freedom, Their National Agenda’s …And the naive assumption that their leaders act in “THEIR” behalf”

22 May, 2019 7:59 am
19 February, 2020 5:54 pm

Look at the well-fed and fit inmates above. Each knew how lucky they were to be in a camp instead of being carpet bombed in a German city. As I recall it, the inmates in the image had just beaten to death some German guards who had been responsible for providing them with food, water, shelter and medicine. I vaguely recall that a French citizen was jailed because he published images of happy inmates of a concentration camp liberation.