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Yuletide: A Racial Mission

by Matt Koehl

ONCE AGAIN, another Yuletide is here. Once again, we celebrate an occasion which has been sacred and joyous in the history of our race for 10,000 years.

Throughout the race-life of our Northern European ancestors, the coming of the shortest days of the year always called for a renewing festival. For them, this was a time of faith and hope and joy. They knew the Sun would soon begin to make the days grow long and warm again, and there was reverence and respect in their hearts for that mysterious Power they could depend on to keep the seasons running in their natural rhythm. On this occasion, it was customary to celebrate joyfully with one’s family and fellows.

This Aryan tradition was so strong, in fact, that with the advent of the Christian era, it was adopted by the new religion as its Christmas — the Mass of Christ — and the date for the observance of Christ’s birth was set for this time.

In recent decades, unfortunately, this wonderful season has been defiled and desecrated. What was once a joyful time of spiritual renewal for Aryans has degenerated into a wild orgy of Jewish commercialism, an insane and frenzied buying spree, a time of grossest materialistic greed.

As National Socialists and Aryans we must thoroughly reject this perversion of the Yuletide season. We must return to the original spirit and purpose of this occasion in the life of our race. Once more it must become a time of joyful renewal — and not a time to enrich department-store Jews.

Above all, the Yuletide season must serve to establish bonds of fellowship with other members of our race — with those of the present generation, as well as with those of every Aryan generation that has ever existed. At the same time, it must serve to remind us of the sacred obligation we bear toward all future generations of Aryan man.

Today the powers of Darkness stalk the Earth and appear triumphant. The rays of life-giving Light are diminished. Yet in the greater scheme of things, we recognize that just as inevitably as day follows night and spring follows winter, so the dawn of a new age is only a matter of time.

Therefore, during the Yuletide season, let us light a candle to that better time. Let us kindle a flame in every Aryan heart — a bright flame of hope and faith in the wonderful New Order that is coming to this Earth!

* * *

Source: “Yuletide: A Racial Mission” first appeared in White Power: The Newspaper of White Revolution, Number 58, December 1974

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