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Jews: We Have Our Racial State, but You Must Be Imprisoned for Wanting One

by David Sims

IN ORDER to acquire Israeli citizenship, it is sufficient to have Jewish ancestry. The applicant need not believe in or practice any part of the religious faith called Judaism. The legal definition of who is a Jew is primarily racial, not cultural, and recognizes as a Jew anyone who has two or more Jewish grandparents.

Non-Jews are forbidden by law to marry Jews, in Israel.

Israel does not accept non-Jewish asylum seekers. In Israel, there are concentration camps in which thousands of Africans are awaiting deportation to Uganda. They will all be dumped in Uganda no matter where they came from originally. When Negroes come to Israel, they will be sent back to Africa on the next convenient ship.

By the way: Ashkenazi Jews often speak Yiddish, and there is in Yiddish an equivalent to the “N-word”: shvartser (the spelling varies). White people often get banned from online forums if they write the N-word out in full in a post. But Jews don’t get banned for writing essentially the same word translated into Yiddish.

The Jews know that they are primarily a race. They use religion to deceive us, or at least to confuse us. The Jews favor race-based laws against Jewish miscegenation. The Jews don’t like how Africans act and smell, so they won’t tolerate their presence in Israel.

In other words, the Jews insist on policies in Israel that are exactly the opposite of the policies that they insist on for America.

Israel has begun testing immigrants for Jewish DNA before letting them into the country. The Jewish authorities in Israel are concerned that White Gentiles, pretending to be Jews, may have been entering Israel from the countries that were once part of the Soviet Union.

How much more do you need to know, before you really understand the Jew? The reason for his hypocrisy is that he knows that there is strength in racial purity, which he wants to keep for himself, but he also wants to deny it to other races. The double standard helps the Jew on his march toward complete global domination.

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