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Slouching Towards Nuremberg

by Douglas Mercer

WHEN HE learned that the Allies planned to put the defeated Germans on trial in Nuremberg, General George Patton was outraged. He said that the whole notion of such a trial was dishonorable, that it offended his Saxon sense of fair play.

It was meant to.

And for the Jews who ran the show in Nuremberg the trial was not even so much about the Germans and their supposed crimes but about White America. Much attention was given to the fact that the eugenicists in America and Germany had formed a close alliance, one American eugenicist saying how envious he was that Germany had a leader to apply their theories.

Before his death in 1937 even as stalwart a figure as Madison Grant worried if such a close association might one day backfire.

Also at Nuremberg prominence was given to the spate of sterilization laws enacted in America in the 1920s, and also to the fact that Hitler had referred to Grant’s masterwork The Passing of the Great Race as his “Bible.”

Indeed, The Passing of the Great Race was introduced as evidence at Nuremberg and had the high honor and distinction of being Exhibit 151 at the trial.

So — more than trying to punish National Socialists, Jews had a sharp eye on post-war America. They wanted to banish the “Nordic spell” that had been cast by Grant and his colleagues. They wanted to demonize and stigmatize forever any kind of American White racial self-defense. They wanted to banish the concept of race; they wanted “pluralism” and “tolerance” to rule. They wanted to make any re-emergence of the theories of the American “scientific racists” of the pre-war era an impossibility. They wanted to dispossess White people.

We’ve seen this linkage recently in HBO’s The Plot Against America which slandered Charles Lindbergh and by inference associated Trump with the America First Committee. We’ve also seen this in Amazon’s television show Hunters wherein Al Pacino tracks down normal American White people and kills them. They’re “Nazis,” after all.

The tag line for this execrable show was: “It’s not murder, it’s mitzvah.”

Subtle, that.

To the left, Trump’s victory in 2016 was nothing less than an atavistic upsurge of the very “White supremacy” that they thought that they had banished forever, and it sent a chill down their spine.

Which is why everything they could think of was done to turn Trump into a Satan/Hitler figure, to demonize Charlottesville, to talk about “White Fragility,” to make “anti-racism” the official American ideology.

To dispossess White people and expel us from our homeland.

And now that the left anticipates Trump’s defeat in November, the left and the Jews are getting ready to re-bury what they consider the corpse of White pride.

Former Clinton official and Jew Robert Reich and the Jew-run magazine The Nation have both called for “Truth and Reconciliation” committees in the wake of a Trump defeat, to wreak revenge on Trump and, for that matter, all White people who have self-respect.

By saying “Truth and Reconciliation,” they conjure up images of the toppling of legitimate and flourishing White-ruled South Africa in the 1990s. In 1960 a British Prime Minister had noticed the “winds of change” in Africa, meaning the end of White people there. In 1966, New York Senator Robert Kennedy had gone to Cape Town and said he saw a “ripple of hope,” meaning the end of White people in South Africa.

Beginning in the 1960s the Western World had targeted White rule in Southern Africa in order to augment a “rising tide of color.” Soon they would be targeting their own White populations with the same goal in mind.

As for Black-run South Africa, Tucker Carlson recently asked: “How’s that going?”

Abominably, of course; like life in all Black-run countries invariably goes.

But the real model for the proposed trials of White Americans is not South Africa but Nuremberg itself.

Were a left-wing victory to occur, the crimes they assert that Trump committed must be punished in a final show trial.

First and foremost among these “crimes” was being associated with White people. For them, that’s a crime that can never be forgiven.

It is instructive to remember that when Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson arrived in Berlin to preside over the travesty in Nuremberg he was immediately dismayed to learn that every crime alleged against the Germans had in fact been committed by the Allies.

But the small town lawyer in him, the one who cared about justice, was expunged in favor of his new role: executioner for the New World Order.

And, similarly, the crimes that have been committed in our country have all been committed by our enemies: the targeting and killing of White people, the burning, looting, and ransacking of our cities, the toppling of our statues, the smearing of our heroes, the silencing of dissidents, the slandering, “cancelling,” and dehumanization of White people, the genocidal attempt to end Whiteness itself.

These are crimes that cry out for justice.

But our enemies have no interest in justice.

Rather, they are taking dead aim at White America.

That is, they’re slouching towards Nuremberg.

* * *

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Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
28 October, 2020 2:16 am

Oh it is coming here – no doubt about it. What
goes around comes around. Only they are
not going to use “holocaust denial.” What
they will do is “Covid-19” denial. Once that
is done, it will be mandatory “vaccines” and
“flu” shots! If there are any left standing
after that, then just call the left-overs “porn
stars” and “dipsomaniacs!” Ouch!

30 October, 2020 7:02 pm

When I think of Nuremberg, the images of White refugees and native born German women and children incinerated by thousands of tons of white phosphorus bombs raining genocidal death upon them.

Jews and their lackeys have the same murderous intent here. “Trials” will be to justify the murder of any survivors, if any are held.

Reply to  JM/Iowa
6 November, 2020 9:11 pm

Let it be avenged…

30 October, 2020 9:31 pm

The first things that come to my mind when I hear the name ‘Nürnberg’ are still ginger bread and the toy fair, things the city has been known for since the Middle Ages.
Let’s make it that way for everyone.

7 November, 2020 3:29 pm

Douglas Mercer’s “Slouching Towards Nuremberg” is a magnificent, highly informative essay full of excellent historical factual support of his thesis. I intend to share this essay widely on Twitter!

3 January, 2021 1:14 pm

Excellent essay and frightful.

13 July, 2021 5:19 pm

My understanding is that British Field Marshal Montgomery was equally angry with putting the defeated on trial. He said he had heard the likes of it before and vowed never to lead another army in any future war.