Note on the Chattanooga Terrorist Attack


Why in the name of God is anyone named “Abdulazeez” in Tennessee, anyway? If you think such a thing is normal, you are part of the problem.

by James Harting

IF WE had a National-Socialist White People’s Republic, instead of Jewish-dominated multiracial democracy, the Chattanooga terrorist attack would have never happened, because,

  1. Our population would be all-White, so that there would not be a recruiting pool of millions of potential non-White terrorists living among us;
  2. By pursuing a foreign policy that was not pro-Israel, and that treated the Arab nations with respect, many of the grievances that Muslims feel towards America would be alleviated; and
  3. In the event of a terrorist attack targeting Americans, either in the homeland or abroad, there would an overwhelming, earthshaking retaliation that would leave the terrorists looking for a less dangerous enemy to attack the next time (assuming any terrorists were left alive after our response!).

The Bush/Obama boast since 9/11 has always been that the Federal government has kept the US homeland safe from terrorist attack. Most infamously, President Obama lamely tried to suggest that the November, 2009, cold-blooded murder of 13 US soldiers at Fort Hood by a jihadi shouting “Allah akbar!” was “workplace violence.” His response after the despicable bombing of the Boston Marathon in April, 2014, was likewise pusillanimous.

It should be clear to even the blindest American that we are NOT safe from terrorism under the current political dispensation!

A “calm, reasoned” response to terrorist violence does not come across as rational; rather, it appears weak!

* * *

Source: James Harting

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