Far more dangerous than any kind of bomb is the genetic material brought with the invaders.

by Max Musson

IN THE news today is the story that a forty-year old Sudanese illegal immigrant, named Abdul Rahman Haroun, managed to evade all of the security precautions on the French side of the Channel Tunnel and walk the thirty-one miles from Calais to Folkestone before being picked up by British police.

According to the Daily Mail’s editorial, this development highlights a greater danger than many of us might have hitherto realised: “… what if he had been a terrorist? If a migrant can evade the security around the tunnel, why not a fanatic with a bomb – which could kill thousands and paralyse one of Britain’s most important transport links for months, if not years?” the Daily Mail asks.

“This is a catastrophe waiting to happen. Ministers can no longer come up with ineffectual measures to what is both a migrant crisis and a major threat to Britain’s security. They must tackle the situation with urgency and vigour – with the help of the Army if necessary.

“Three days ago Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond declared that the Government ‘has a grip’ on the crisis. If he genuinely believes that, he’s deluding himself.”

In another article, the Daily Mail reports that in response to this recent incident “Ministers are to consider the ‘nuclear option’ of closing the Channel Tunnel at night if the Calais migrant crisis deepens …”


It obviously did not occur to the Daily Mail that any of the 1,500 or so invaders who successfully make the Channel crossing each month hiding in the backs of lorries, could be carrying an explosive device and that the risk of a bombing incident in the Channel Tunnel has existed for several years now.

What also seems to have escaped the Daily Mail is that the absence of any such attacks so far upon the tunnel, indicates clearly that Jihadi groups regard it as important to their eventual success that the Channel Tunnel and all other transport routes into the UK remain open. Clearly, the freer movement is between Britain and the mainland, the more Muslims that get into Britain, the greater are the prospects of a successful future Jihad and the prospects of establishing an Islamic state in this country.

Following Abdul Rahman Haroun’s interception by British police in Kent, after his long walk along the tunnel, we can be sure that he was not prosecuted for attempting to illegally enter this country, we can be sure that he has not been taken to prison and we can be sure that he has not been sent back to Calais. No, he will have been fed and accommodated and provided with legal aid with which to campaign for the right to remain in this country, all at British taxpayers’ expense.


The truth is that neither the Islamic Jihadis, nor the British or French governments, nor the European Union want to stop the invasion of Britain and Europe by non-Whites from the Third World. In fact they want to facilitate it and the only thing stopping them from completely ‘rolling out the Red Carpet’ to welcome the invaders, is the fear of a public backlash from the indigenous British and indigenous Europeans.

It is time we British ceased waiting and hoping for our government to do anything effective to stop the invasion of Britain and set about effecting measures that do not rely upon governmental intervention on our behalf. We need to create White enclaves and begin the task of carving out an all-White homeland on these islands where we can live free from invasion and protected from the multi-racial, multicultural nightmare that is spreading across our land.

NB: I have used the terms ‘invader’ and ‘invasion’ in this article deliberately, as they accurately describes what is taking place. When individuals seek to enter our country legally, they are ‘immigrants’; when they seek to enter our country illegally, they are ‘illegal immigrants’; but when they attempt to storm and overwhelm our nations defences as an organised mob, in their hundreds and thousands, there is no other word for it, they are ‘invaders’ carrying out an ‘invasion’, and they should be described as such.

* * *

Source: Western Spring

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Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
14 August, 2015 1:59 am

In my humble opinion, the
‘nuclear option’ would be
best used in that pest-hole
occupying the western Levant
from which comes forth all the
intellectual poisoning, along
with the financial resources,
which makes this sham possible.