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Benjamin Freedman: Defector from Jewish Supremacism, Part 2


Revelations of an insider who was at the center of Jewish power.

by Kevin Alfred Strom

The men pictured here warned us about Jewish power, an alien power which now has led America to an endless war for Israel in the Middle East: Left to right, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General George S. Brown; Senator J. William Fulbright; and former Zionist agent Benjamin H. Freedman. On this week’s program you will hear an insider’s story of how the United States was betrayed by Jewish supremacists.

ON MY LAST BROADCAST I told you about Jewish defector Benjamin Harrison Freedman, who lived from 1890 to 1984, and who spent his adult life until 1946 as a prominent Jewish businessman of New York City and as a Zionist operative deeply involved in the power politics of the Jewish supremacists as they cemented their hold on the American government in the first half of the 20th century. But Freedman would have been just another name on the roster of Jewish “advisors” and handlers of American presidents and politicians if he had not made a fateful decision in 1946 to break with the Zionist establishment. For the rest of his life, Benjamin Freedman worked almost without ceasing to expose the crimes of his former associates. On today’s program I will present a radio adaptation of one of Mr. Freedman’s last — and, until now, lost — efforts: the long out-of-print and in many ways prescient broadside he published in 1975, “Why Congress is Crooked or Crazy or Both.” I have simplified some of Mr. Freedman’s terminology and edited the publication for length. If you want to understand the reasons why America is spilling her life’s blood and spending untold billions of her people’s savings in the sands of the Middle East, you would be well advised to listen to the words of Benjamin H. Freedman — next, on American Dissident Voices.

* * *

Why Congress is Crooked or Crazy or Both
(self-published, New York, 1975)

by Benjamin H. Freedman
Founder, 1946, League for Peace with Justice in Palestine

FOR THE BETTER PART of sixty-four of his eighty-five years this author has spent his time and money to discover the root causes for World War I and World War II and believes he has discovered them. The hour is late and time is growing short and the threat of World War III is a reality. This author’s efforts to place his knowledge at the disposal of Congress met with terrific resistance by those responsible for the predicament in which the U.S.A. now finds itself.

The gravity of this impending danger compels this author to call this possible disaster to the attention of Americans. This danger is a threat to everything they hold precious. The facts which follow will disclose the existence of the conspiracy which succeeded in railroading the USA into World War I and World War II. There is still time now to stop World War III before it starts — if the two hundred million grass-roots Americans will exert their influence on Congress.

The disclosures in this essay reveal how Congress dishonored, degraded and disgraced the USA by condoning the bribery and blackmail responsible for the crisis which today threatens us. There never was any justification for Congress to make the USA the ally and accomplice of the six hundred thousand Zionist thieves and murderers illegally transplanted into Palestine who, on May 14, 1948, “proclaimed” their armed uprising the spurious so-called “State of Israel.” Congress was never empowered under the Constitution to aid and abet these thieves and murderers with 74 billion dollars to enable them to hold onto the loot and plunder stolen by them in Palestine from the Christian and Moslem indigenous population whose ancestors occupied Palestine for more than 17 centuries. Most Americans evidently do not realize that this 74 billion dollars represents their hard-earned money paid into the USA Treasury in the form of various direct and indirect taxes paid by them. If this staggering sum had remained in the USA and been used for the benefit of the USA population the high cost of living would have been considerably reduced and unemployment might not exist. Congress must be crooked or crazy or both to have harmed the prestige of the USA by supporting the invasion and occupation of Palestine since May 14, 1948 by Zionists [many of] whose ancestors from the beginning of time had never set foot in Palestine; who spent millions of dollars broadcasting to the world their Big Lie that their illegal invasion of Palestine was “the repatriation of God’s chosen people to their promised land.”

It has come to this author’s attention that the United Jewish Appeal (UJA) is about to launch its annual drive for 600 million dollars. It has been the practice in similar drives to fine comb the two hundred million non-Jews in the United States for contributions. They contributed generously as a rule because they feared their refusal would be regarded as “anti-Semitic.” The annual drive to sell “Israel Bonds” is also about to start. The “Israel Bonds” sale will provide another 800 million dollars for the spurious so-called “State of Israel.” A large part of this 800 million dollars will be obtained from non-Jewish firms who deal with Jews. Christian firms compete with each other in the purchase of “Israel Bonds” hoping to gain preferred treatment in the garment industry. Congress is also making available to the spurious so-called “State of Israel” an additional 2.3 billion dollars in the immediate future and arranging to provide 5 billion dollars each year for the next three years, a total of 7.8 billion dollars. The increased taxes to provide this 7.8 billion dollars will increase the cost of living of the two hundred million grass-roots USA citizens. Congress must be crooked or crazy or both to have permitted the depletion of the USA arsenal of its most modern weapons for defense and to have delivered them without any publicity to the spurious so-called “State of Israel” creating a precarious situation in USA home defenses. This secret delivery of USA weapons enabled the spurious so-called “State of Israel” to renew its attacks against Egypt and Syria.

Congress is crooked or crazy or both not to realize that the current depression in the USA is the result of the determination by at least two-thirds of the world’s population not to purchase anything made in the USA which they can temporarily do without. They do not wish to supply the USA with additional funds to supply to the spurious so-called “State of Israel.”

Congress is crooked or crazy or both or Congress would not have dishonored, degraded and disgraced the USA by forcing a vote in the United Nations (UN) that isolated the USA with only the Dominican Republic, Bolivia and the spurious so-called “State of Israel.” When that vote was taken in the UN to invite representatives of the Christians and Moslems of Palestine to explain their views on the injustices to which they have been subjected for 26 years, the representative of the USA declined to associate the USA with the other 95 nations from Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America who voted to invite representatives of the Christians and Moslems of Palestine to express their views in the UN.

Congress must be crooked or crazy or both to solicit reelection to Congress by inflaming the Islamic world against the USA. Congress does not understand that the entire Western world must rely on Middle East oil for many years to come. The Middle East states have oil reserves estimated in excess of 850 billion barrels. The USA, Canada. Mexico, Venezuela, Ecuador and the Argentine have only an 80 billion barrel reserve between them. The USA has only 36 billion barrels of oil reserves.

The New York Times in its August 8, 1975 issue on page two, published an article with the title “The Israel Lobby in Washington Is Small and Effective.” The article discloses how a USA minority of less than five per cent., consisting of naturalized emigrants of Jewish ancestry control Congress. They exert pressure on members of Congress with whom they maintain constant contact. They influence them to vote favorably on legislation “on behalf of issues of interest to Israel” as admitted in the article in The New York Times.

The New York Times article goes on to list the 18 national organizations throughout the USA whose membership is kept in constant contact with legislation pending in Congress which affects the spurious so-called “State of Israel”; they are as follows: The American Jewish Committee, The American Jewish Congress, B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation League, Jewish War Veterans, B’nai B’rith International, National Jewish Welfare Board, National Council of Jewish Women, Jewish Community Council, Union of American Hebrew Congregations, Institute for Jewish Policy Planning and Research, National Conference on Soviet Jewry, Zionist Organization of America, and B’nai B’rith Women.

The two hundred million grass-roots Americans are also faced with the fact that the media for mass information are owned or controlled by the same minority. The media for mass information includes newspapers, magazines, motion pictures, radio, television, the theater, and books. With this control over the media for mass information it is impossible for most of the two hundred million grass-roots Americans to question the truth of what is constantly being presented to them. This is illustrated by their Big Lie that the Jews are “God’s chosen people repatriated to their promised land.” The extent of Jewish power was demonstrated recently when Senator J. William Fulbright addressed an audience of 18 million listeners on Meet the Press and replied to a question referring to Israel that there is nothing you can do about it because more than 80% of the Senate are controlled by Jews, practically in those very words. After 32 years in Congress, most of that time as the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Fulbright was defeated by a newcomer in the primary which took place a few months later, and was not reelected to Congress.

When General George S. Brown, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and second in authority in military affairs only to President Ford, expressed his concern before a class of law students at Duke University about the Israel Lobby in Washington, he was expressing the feelings of many of the two hundred million grass-roots Americans. General Brown is a war hero and a person of great intellectual and moral integrity. He was maligned, defamed and compelled to apologize and retract the statement made by him before the Duke University students. President Ford reprimanded him.

The Israel Lobby in Washington coerced 76 Senators to sign a letter to President Ford urging that the USA continue its support of the spurious so-called “State of Israel.” Senators who refused to sign that letter were threatened, coerced and maligned by the Israel Lobby in Washington. Congressman John R. Rarick lost his seat in Congress in the last election because he advocated a USA policy in the Middle East based upon national interests only.

A Democratic Senator, in talking about the Israel Lobby, stated in an article “they can deliver votes and they control a lot of campaign contributions – that’s why I can’t go on the record or I’d be dead. It is the strongest lobby, it doesn’t dilute its strength by lobbying on other issues. A lot of members resent it but they don’t feel they can do anything about it. That lobby, wants to do Congress’s thinking on Israel. They don’t want any independent judgments. Last spring the Israel Lobby rounded up those 76 Senators to sign the petition backing Israel. A lot of guys said they were afraid not to sign it even though they didn’t want to. Some of them told me it was the last time they would sign such a petition but if another one comes they’d be just as scared of the lobby and sign up again, but don’t quote me by name.”

Everything that has gone before with respect to World War I, World War II and the imminence of World War III is directly the result of the failure in 1908 of the Jewish Rothschild financial dynasty in London to obtain for the British Empire from the Ottoman Empire the sought-after concession to exploit their natural resources. They were primarily interested in three benefits: the oil, the chemicals, and a shorter route in perpetuity to the Far East under the British flag. The Suez Canal was a concession obtained by Ferdinand de Lesseps from the Egyptian Government for the Suez Canal Company, organized and financed in Paris. The Rothschilds were interested in the Middle East oil reserves which were vital to Great Britain’s continuance as the leading world power. Great Britain’s control of coaling stations throughout the world had insured Great Britain’s world leadership, but oil-burning ships were rapidly replacing coal-burning vessels. Great Britain had no oil reserves in any of her colonies and looked to the oil reserves of the Middle East Arab provinces of the Ottoman Empire to supply oil for her ships.

The Arab-speaking provinces of the Ottoman Empire, after the defeat of Germany in World War I, were divided into what are referred to today as the Middle East nations. Germany had helped to rebuild the armed forces of the Ottoman Empire after their defeat by Russia in the Crimean War. This resulted in a great friendship between the German Emperor and the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, who in 1908 gave Germany a concession to exploit the natural resources of the Ottoman Empire. The territorial extent of this concession reached from Constantinople to Basra (Kuwait) on the Persian Gulf.

When public announcement of this concession was made, a member of the Rothschild family in London visited Berlin and negotiated for a fifty per cent. interest in the concession, offering 100 million dollars to Germany. Germany declined the offer. The failure to secure this concession from the Ottoman Empire or a one-half interest from Germany resulted in the Rothschilds planning, promoting, and provoking World War I. Great Britain organized the Triple Entente in 1903 by a secret treaty with France and Russia. Great Britain offered France as a consideration the return of Alsace-Lorraine, which had been lost to Germany in the Franco-Prussian War. To Russia, Great Britain promised Constantinople as a warm water seaport upon the defeat of the Ottoman Empire, Germany’s ally in World War I.

Great Britain failed in 1907 and 1911 to provoke war with Germany, but she succeeded in 1914. By 1916 France and Russia were unable to continue in the war. Great Britain was left to fight Germany alone. Germany’s submarine warfare isolated Great Britain from the world. It was not long before Great Britain had no food for her population or ammunition for her troops in France. By the summer of 1916 Great Britain was giving favorable consideration to surrendering to Germany. Germany was anxious to make peace and to devote her attention to the development of her 1903 concession from the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

Germany offered Great Britain liberal terms to surrender. Germany demanded neither reparations nor indemnities, and offered to restore the pre-war territorial integrity and political independence of all nations occupied by Germany during the war.

During the days when Great Britain was deciding whether to accept or reject Germany’s surrender terms, Chaim Weizmann, the leader of the World Zionist Organization, proposed to the British War Cabinet that in consideration of the promise of Palestine to “the Jews of the world” by Great Britain, they would bring the USA into the war as Great Britain’s ally. The British War Cabinet accepted the arrangement. The Balfour declaration, stating that Britain supported a Jewish claim to Palestine, was the result.

The “God’s honest truth” about the origin of the Balfour Declaration was related by Mr. Samuel Landman in March 1936 in Great Britain, the Jews, and Palestine. Mr. Landman was in a position to be better informed about the origin of the Balfour Declaration than anyone in the world. Mr. Landman was a well-known English Zionist. He was Hon. Secretary of the Joint Zionist Council of the United Kingdom in 1912, joint editor of The Zionist in 1913-1914, and author of the pamphlets The History of Zionism and Zionism, Its Organization and Institutions, published during World War I. From 1917 to 1922 he was Solicitor and Secretary to the Zionist Organization. In March 1936, he enjoyed the confidence of all prominent Jews as the Legal Advisor to the New Zionist Organization.

Mr. Landman’s explanation of the role played by Jews in railroading the United States into World War I in 1917 leaves nothing to the imagination. Mr. Landman’s explanation serves to expose many things unknown before 1936 concerning the Rothschild conspiracy to acquire control of Middle East oil. In Great Britain, the Jews, and Palestine, Mr. Landman states:

“As the Balfour Declaration originated in the War Cabinet, was consummated in the Foreign Office, and is being implemented in the Colonial Office… it would, therefore, seem opportune to recapitulate briefly the circumstances, the inner history and incidents that eventually led to the British Mandate for Palestine…”Those who assisted at the birth of the Balfour Declaration were few in number… [In] the early years of the War great efforts were made by the Zionist leaders, Dr. Weizmann and Mr. Sokolow… to induce the Cabinet to espouse the cause of Zionism… [T]he actual initiator was Mr. James A. Malcolm… [D]uring the critical days of 1916 and of the impending defection of Russia, Jewry, as a whole, was against the Czarist regime and had hopes that Germany, if victorious, would in certain circumstances give them Palestine…

“Several attempts to bring America into the War on the side of the Allies by influencing influential Jewish opinion were made and had failed… Mr. James A. Malcolm, who was already aware of German pre-war efforts to secure a foothold in Palestine through Zionist Jews… and who knew that Mr. Woodrow Wilson, for good and sufficient reasons, always attached the greatest possible importance to the advice of a very prominent Zionist, Mr. Justice Brandeis of the United States Supreme Court… spontaneously took the initiative, to convince first of all Sir Mark Sykes, Under Secretary to the War Cabinet… that the best and perhaps the only way, which proved so to be, to induce the American President to come into the War was to secure the cooperation of Zionist Jews by promising them Palestine… and thus enlist and mobilize the hitherto unsuspectedly powerful forces of Zionist Jews in America and elsewhere in favor of the Allies on a ‘quid pro quo’ contract basis…

“[T]he Zionist leaders… [were given the use of ] cable facilities through the War Office, the Foreign Office and the British Embassies, Legations, etc., …to communicate the glad tidings to their friends and organizations in America and elsewhere, and the change in official and public opinion as reflected in the American press in favor of joining the Allies in the War, was as gratifying as it was surprisingly rapid…

“[T]he Balfour Declaration in the words of Professor H. M. V. Temperley, was ‘a definite contract between the British Government and Jewry’… the main consideration given by the Jewish people represented at the time by the leaders of the Zionist Organization was their help in bringing President Wilson to the aid of the Allies… at the insistence of the Zionist leaders

“[T]he fact that it was Jewish help that brought the United States into the War on the side of the Allies has rankled ever since in German-especially Nazi-minds, and has contributed in no small measure to the prominence which anti-Semitism occupies in the Nazi programme…”

* * *

You have been listening to the words of Jewish insider and defector from the Jewish power structure Mr. Benjamin H. Freedman. Next week on American Dissident Voices I will be bringing you the concluding part of Mr. Freedman’s long-lost 1975 essay “Why Congress is Crooked or Crazy or Both.” Be sure to be listening for it next time on American Dissident Voices.

* * *

Source: American Dissident Voices broadcast of November 27, 2004

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