Northwest Migration

Washington and Idaho MapLet’s build White communities-within-communities where we live right now.

by Dean Darcy

LET’S HOPE thousands of true White people move to the Northwest and form a political power base. The fantasy of White migration to found a Homeland has been advocated for years, but, thus far, it remains just another warm favorite for Sunday fantasies. It may have been more successful if it had been put forth more specifically as the Inland Northwest.

Four years ago my girlfriend and I moved from Tampa, the Big Guava, to Boise, the Big Potato, looking for Valhalla. Two years later we moved back to Tampa, having decided we would rather live with them than with White people who are so hell-bent on turning such a great place into LA North.

And it is a great place. People who move there for the wilderness and outdoor recreation love it. There is more Wilderness Area in Idaho than in any state except Alaska. There is more navigable white water than in any other state — over 3,400 miles — and some of the best mountain biking, rock climbing, snow sports, big game hunting and fishing in the world. There are wilderness airfields that you can only get to by air because they are so far into the roadless River of No Return Wilderness Area. They don’t have control towers or sometimes even buildings, just a grassy level place in the mountains. There are mountain lakes that no one has ever fished that have only been seen from the air. It is an outdoors man’s paradise — which is another way of saying a White man’s paradise, since we are practically the only ones who really appreciate nature and can survive out there.

The federal government owns 65% of Idaho, mostly Wilderness Area and National Forest. However, most of the locals hate the federal government and want to take control away from the feds so they can develop (read: destroy) the very thing that makes Idaho unique. This may be why there are a lot more White environmentalists than White racialists up there. And the Enviros don’t play around; they’ll monkey wrench something, then call the media the next day and claim responsibility. Only White people fight to save the environment.

The Enviros are also at odds with the cowboys who are still trying to raise cattle out in the Owyhee southwest of Boise. The Owyhee is one of the least populated areas in the U.S. It covers parts of Idaho, Nevada, and Oregon. It is also where trapper Claude Dallas shot a couple of Fish and Game officers in 1981. It is mostly desert, and, like much of the West, has been cowburnt since the 1890s.

Because Idaho has had a few famous racialists and was once featured on the cover of Time magazine as the “Great Hate State,” many people associate Idaho with ‘racism.’ Actually Idaho — more so than most other places — is drowning in Political Correctness. Blacks are less than one half of one percent of the population of Idaho, but Boise helps support a Black History Museum. Jews are less than one half of one percent of the population, yet Boise has an Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial. Mexicans are about eight percent of the population, and a few years ago the state passed a minimum wage bill for farm workers. Boise has an annual “Gay Pride Parade.” The media, politicians, schools, and churches are falling all over themselves trying to increase “diversity.”

Local employers are also doing their part. Micron, one of the worlds biggest producers of semiconductors, is headquartered in Boise where they maintain a staff of attorneys to help imported workers gain U.S. citizenship. Micron started out in Boise, and now has facilities around the world. Like other large corporations, they prefer to import foreigners rather than hire local people.

About 20 years ago, people from California started moving to cities in the Northwest, like Boise, and caused the price of real estate to double. As a result, Boise natives hate anyone from out of state. Because they have been portrayed (unfortunately, incorrectly) as racialists, they hate anyone who is not ashamed to be White. The people there would resist Homelanders more than people elsewhere would.

Still, a White Living Space in the Great Northwest is no more wack than the Libertarians trying to get twenty thousand of their people to move to Vermont. Or the Civil War Two scenario of America breaking up along ethnic lines. Or the attitude of some survivalists who say; let the muds have the cities and we’ll take the millions of acres of Wilderness Areas, National Forests, National Parks, etc. But don’t think you can survive in the mountains out there year round. Those mountains are an ice-shackled no man’s land about four months out of the year.

Soon after my girl and I arrived, Boise went on the air with its first public access television station. Starting the first week the new station was broadcasting, I was on the air with our racialist message, including some National Alliance videos. I added contact information at the end of each video. There was almost no response.

I soon came to the conclusion that I don’t want to live anywhere that doesn’t have monthly National Alliance meetings. Being part of a group of like-minded individuals is therapeutic. I feel sorry for anyone who can’t attend Local Unit meetings; they are race-affirming.

Spokespersons for the Northwest-flocking idea sometimes try to project guilt to White people by saying America is the way it is because White people are “stupid, lazy, cowards.” As if the government, the media, the Jews, Blacks, and immigrants had nothing to do with it. It’s all our fault. These spokespersons sometimes come across as hostile and aggrieved, but after years of lonely disappointment proposing a solution that no one wants, it is understandable that their rejection and utter failure would leave them bitter.

The Inland Northwest has very few jobs, and very few racially aware people. If you want to be around other racially enlightened people and be active in your resistance to the slow death of the America that once was, stay where you are and do what you can. Maybe someday enough people will move up there to have an impact on local politics. Yeah, maybe someday. Meanwhile, there are a thousand or more things you can do right where you are.

* * *

Source: National Alliance

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Prinz Edelhart
Prinz Edelhart
4 January, 2021 8:26 pm

Maybe Idaho is too White in the same way much of New England is, meaning they don’t see the blessings of ‘die-versity’ or ‘multi(read: mono)culturalism’ up close and personal in their everyday lives and are therefore blind and naive.

Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
6 January, 2021 2:38 pm

Mr. Darcy:  I don’t want to live anywhere that doesn’t have monthly National Alliance meetings. Being part of a group of like-minded individuals is therapeutic. I feel sorry for anyone who can’t attend Local Unit meetings; they are race-affirming… — Excellent reasons why the NW Migration failed, besides the fact it was being promoted by the biggest fraud to ever style himself a pro-White leader — Harold Covington — and he lived in the Seattle area: Dr. William Pierce on Harold Covington | National Vanguard I helped organize Tampa’s NA Local Unit as well as the Orlando Unit back in 1993. Both were thriving and working together to organize southern Florida. They fell into obscurity and eventually disappeared after William Pierce’s death and mismanagement of the Alliance under his successor’s… Read more »