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Opting Out of the System


The path that leads to financial independence can also lead to racial freedom.

by John Young

FOR MOST of history it has been perfectly possible for a White person to live on his own land cashless. But the advent of taxes payable only in Federal Reserve notes has made living outside the ordinary economic system impossible for most Americans. This serves to bring every White person into the current economic and taxing structure, which serves to take away his freedom and reduce his reproductive capacity.

Beyond the mere necessity to pay taxes on property, the simple fact is that anything owned outright can be taken away in a heartbeat by a clever lawyer. Naturally, the lawyers required for defense of individual property have to be paid in Federal Reserve notes as well.

And, of course, there is the fact that property prices are so high compared to average incomes that a mortgage loan must be obtained to purchase property in the first place; and the average mortgage requires that, over the life of the loan, three times the amount borrowed must be repaid. That loan can only be repaid in Federal Reserve Notes.

This Isn’t Freedom

How does one obtain these ever-necessary Federal Reserve Notes? By participating in the economic system, which subjects every dollar earned to various forms of fees, fines, and taxes. All money earned is automatically reported to taxing authorities, and every person who earns money has to make up any discrepancies yearly.

The tax laws are so unbelievably convoluted that in studies of fifty CPAs preparing tax returns for the same family, forty-nine different answers resulted. So, in fact, it is actually impossible for even trained experts to fully comply with the tax laws; which means every United States citizen who earns income is under constant threat from taxing authorities if he expresses ideas that the government may find threatening.

Along with this, the necessity of maintaining a steady supply of Federal Reserve Notes in order to satisfy taxes on property (including vehicles), pay debts and obtain the other necessities of life, practically necessitates that a person must hold a job.

Having just attended about the fifteenth “seminar” in my working life regarding “sexual harassment” and my twelfth seminar on “discrimination” — and with my paycheck today showing a whopping $400+/wk being withheld by the government; it is clear that my employer, like all others, serves as an enforcer of government edicts restricting freedom of expression both within the workplace, and on my own time.

This means that, through a person’s fear of losing his job, the current system is able to keep him in line. Consider this fact carefully. This same mechanism works whether a person is making $10/hour, or $35/hour. In fact, the more money a worker makes, the harder his job is to replace — and so the more effective implied economic threats are at keeping people in line.

That isn’t freedom, and it certainly isn’t what our Founding Fathers intended for their posterity.

They Need Us

There is a way out. But first, I want to look at the opposite side of the issue.

In spite of our government’s outright hostility to White people, it needs them desperately. It needs them because their incredible productivity fills its coffers and makes its continued existence possible. Can you imagine what America would be like if all the White people instantaneously disappeared? Even Jews would have a hard time living under such circumstances.

The simple fact is that the alien races currently occupying the land mass of the United States are net consumers of government resources because of high incarceration rates, use of government services, lower IQs, and so forth.

The only thing holding that whole system up — is the White person’s productivity and the fact that everyone gets a piece of his pie.

How big a piece do they get of his pie? It’s a lot bigger than one first imagines.

Take a look at the average White guy living in the Northeast — say Massachusetts. In various income and FICA taxes, he pays a whopping $21,000/year right out of his paycheck. Since he can’t afford to live near the town where he works because single family homes are selling for about $400,000; he commutes. He fills up his tank — 13 gallons — three times a week; out of which he pays $18/week in taxes. Every month when he gets his phone bill, it is taxed at an effective 43% rate to the tune of at least $25/month. He pays a small ransom to get his car registered and inspected — about $400; and — on average — pays $400/month in property taxes if he lives in a modest home. He also pays a sales tax of 5%-6% on everything he buys, for about $3,000/year.

In contributions to government alone, this hard-working White man pays an astounding $31,000+ every year. And that doesn’t account for the costs of government passed on in higher prices.


Paying the Bankers

The average White person in the Northeast, not wanting to live in Third World slums that have sprung up all over, is forced to pay a premium for either his rent or mortgage. On average, if he is very good with his money management, between his small home, modest car, and smaller debts, he pays bankers of various sorts about $26,000/year.

The rest of what he earns, he gets to keep — which isn’t very much and is usually spent on food, utility bills, parking tickets and so forth. These numbers are skewed large because the cost of living in the Northeast is higher than that in many other parts of the U.S., but the same thing applies proportionately no matter where the White man lives.

No matter where the White man lives, it is his productivity that is sucked, siphoned, extracted and even stolen to provide for that monstrosity of a government and its schemes to subsidize his eventual displacement.

A government like we have cannot meet its needs by sucking the productivity of geographically anomalous Mexicans and Africans. The cut government is able to extract from Jews is generally derivative of productivity already accomplished by White men.

So, in essence, without the White man, there is no government. Just look at what passes for government throughout Africa and the Mestizo-inhabited areas south of the border. These governments, to the extent they exist at all, serve mainly as armed gangs of thugs and cannot effectively organize even the most rudimentary public works.

The only exception to this is in Asia; where the people — though psychologically different — possess an intellect and productivity more equivalent to that of Whites.

As White people have been less able to reproduce due to the adverse environment, excessive debt and onerous taxation; the government has become alarmed over the drying-up of its cash cow.

The government, naturally, has no particular attachment to any particular race — except maybe Jews who fund political campaigns and control the news media. For government purposes, as long as the funds keep flowing, it couldn’t care less if those funds come from a White man or an Asian.

Perceiving the greater productivity of Asians compared to Africans and Mexicans, our government has implemented a number of programs, such as the H-1B visa program, in order to increase their proportion of the population as a way of making up for low White birth rates. White people have higher standards regarding the circumstances into which they will bring children, so these imported Asians will reproduce more than equivalent Whites would in the same environment.

But there are nowhere near enough Asians in this country to sustain our government. No matter what the government’s long range plans, if White people were to prematurely opt out of the system en masse, the effect on our government and banking systems would be devastating. As an example, look at Detroit, a city which is now almost entirely non-White — or even Washington, DC. Neither of these communities is economically self-sustaining, and must instead be subsidized via White productivity from other areas. But if White people were to abandon the system nationwide, our corrupted governments would have nowhere to turn for that subsidy.

It doesn’t even require a large percentage of White people to opt out of the system. Because only a handful of Whites provide the actual scientific, technical and creative ideas that allow everyone else to be productive — that handful dropping out would have a domino effect, crashing the entire system. It just so happens that those very sorts of people are very likely to be independent-thinking National Vanguard readers.

Intentional White Communities

We can make this happen through intentional communities of White Folk, largely under religious auspices. The idea goes like this:

Ten White families get together, combine their resources, and purchase a large (500+ acre) piece of property in an area with low property values. This purchase is made by a properly registered charitable religious organization, be it Odinist, Cosmotheist, or whatever. The family contributions to this organization are therefore a tax deduction. The property is not owned by any actual persons, but is instead owned by the organization so that it can’t be taken away from any individual due to an improper tax filing or overzealous lawyer.

The families all take vows of poverty, and move onto the property, using the resources present to construct monastery dwellings, produce food, and so on. Maybe one or two members of the monastery work outside in order to get the Federal Reserve Notes necessary for payment of property taxes or to purchase the few things that can’t be manufactured in-house; but they donate their entire income to the monastery which in turn provides for all of their necessities. Eventually, the monastery develops some of its own products for sale as an outreach ministry, thus effectively dropping all monastery inhabitants from the tax rolls and the credit system.

But how do these White families afford such a huge piece of property?

It’s easier than it looks.

Up here in the Northeast, property values are increasing at multiples of the rate of inflation. That’s why everyone gets a mortgage: because they know it is impossible to save money fast enough to buy a house since the price increases faster than their income. But that’s okay. Just assume for now that our ten hypothetical White families have already purchased their homes and have a mortgage. Those families band together and create what could be called a “ten year plan.” The plan is this: In ten years, all of their mortgages will be completely paid off, and they will own their homes outright. They will then sell their homes for full market value, take all of the cash, and donate it to the religious charity formed by those ten families.

How much money will they have? Quite a bit! The average single family home in Massachusetts is — today — valued at $306,000. Multiply that by ten — and you get a cool $3,000,000 in seed money.

Property in places like rural Kentucky or Wyoming is comparatively inexpensive — and a well-heeled religious organization can easily purchase a square mile of their own land for $1M or less; leaving $2M available for equipment, raw materials, insurance, etc. With the ten families now employed exclusively on building their monastery and having donated all of their tools and so forth to the religious order, labor expenses won’t exist. If timbered land is chosen, and a simple saw mill purchased, the costs of materials will be dramatically reduced. So that initial $3M will go a very long way! Long before those funds are exhausted, the monastery will have founded one or more outreach ministries such as heirloom seedlings, custom woodcrafts, publishing or even Internet hosting in order to gain income. With none of the sect members having any debts or taxes to pay, and with the monastery being self-sufficient in terms of food, fuel and shelter — cash requirements will be extremely modest. In addition, these White families will be in an environment conducive to reproduction since they will no longer be subsidizing Third World birthrates.

More families may hear of the project and wish to join. And a square mile of land can hold quite a few people in self-sufficiency if well-stewarded. Every family who joins does so in the same fashion: paying off all their debts and donating the sale of their home to the religious order.


Practical Problems: Solved

I hear two objections. The first is “What about health insurance?” The second is “Nobody can pay off their mortgage in ten years.” Humbug.

About health insurance. I just got off the phone with a major insurance carrier, because my employer’s insurance offerings would cost me about $1000/month. It turns out that this major provider offers insurance to families for about $300/month as long as the family pays the first $1000 out of pocket, $20 co-pays thereafter and 20% of the bill up to the first $3000. After that — the insurance company pays everything. The bottom line is that, with the religious organization setting aside $3000/family ($30k) — health insurance costs are quite reasonable and will certainly be easily provided from the proceeds of their outreach ministries.

The mortgage is a more difficult nut to crack, because every case is different. The bottom line is that, when I looked at my own family’s budget under a microscope, I discovered that we were wasting money left and right. I saw my wife paying $150/month to get her hair done, myself paying $14 every six weeks, and my daughter paying about $50 every six weeks. I bought my wife a couple of good books on doing hair, some supplies and instruments, and let her use me as a guinea pig. I admit that the first haircuts weren’t stellar — but a year after this, we have literally saved $1,000 in hair care alone, so I don’t care if anyone laughed at my first haircut. I started packing lunches every day instead of buying a sandwich at the local deli — which saved another $1,800/year. One of our cars was pretty expensive — and it didn’t make sense since my wife hardly drives anywhere — so we ditched that and got a used van for $600. It had a problem with a relay that I fixed myself for $25. Between payments, registration and insurance — we saved $6,000/year.

Hand holding seedling

My wife is legitimately concerned about pesticides and genetically modified foods — so she only buys organic and free range food. That stuff is ridiculously expensive — but I think her concerns are legitimate. So I asked her to list the different sorts of organic foods that she buys. She buys a ton of broccoli, carrots, apples, potatoes, and meats; with lesser amounts of peas, greens and other fare. We used that list as the basis for rehabilitating three neglected apple trees on our property, plus planting an intensely worked Square Foot garden. I also went down and renewed my hunting license so I could put some free-range organic meat on the table without getting into the business of raising livestock. The weekly grocery bill went from $150 to $70. That’s another $4,000/year.

These are just basic things. My own circumstances may be different from other people, but the same principle applies. If you look carefully at your spending, you too will find thousands of dollars available.

What to Do With All This Money

What do you do with those thousands of extra dollars?

For simplicity’s sake, let’s pretend that this is your situation.

You owe $500 at 24% interest with a minimum payment of $25 to a department store. You owe $3500 at $19% interest with a minimum payment of $225 to a major credit card. Your spouse owes $4700 at 7% interest with a minimum payment of $100 on a student loan. You owe $12,500 at 9% interest with a minimum payment of $400 on a car. Your spouse owed $8,000 at 12% interest with a minimum payment of $300 on a car. You owe $170,000 at 9% interest with a minimum payment of $1,100/month on your home.

Pretend that after tightening up your budget, you have found $500/month. So the first thing you do is pay off the department store charge, cut it up, and throw it in the trash. Now that is paid off, and you have $525/month to apply toward debt reduction. The next thing you do is add the $525 to the $225/month major credit card payment — which is paid off in five months. So just six months into this plan — you now have $700/month available for debt reduction.

You take that $700, and add it to the $300 on your spouse’s car — which is then paid off outright in eight months. So 14 months into the plan, you now have $1,000/month to apply to your debts. You add that $1,000 to the $400/month on your car for a total of $1,400, so in nine months that car is paid off, and so 23 months into the plan you now have $1,800/month to apply to your debts. You add that to the $100/month for the student loan — which you pay off in less than three months. So 26 months into the plan, you have $1,900/month available to pay off debt, and the only thing left is your mortgage.

You add that $1,900/month to your $1,100/month payment for a total of $3,000/month — which means that even with interest, your mortgage is paid off in another 60 months.

So in 8.5 years you can absolutely be completely debt free, and own your house outright.

This exact same thing applies to everyone with just minor changes in details. If you want your freedom — you can have it. It just takes discipline and a clear vision of what you are trying to achieve and why. As long as you are absolutely dependent on an employer who will fire you if your name gets in the newspaper — you are not free. Freedom doesn’t come from increased income — it comes from decreased financial needs. A family that owns its home, vehicles, and means of producing food outright has extremely modest cash requirements — no more than $10k/year, which can be easily satisfied working standard retail jobs intermittently.

Along the way, over those 9-10 years of owning everything in your life, if you find that you need to replace your car — go out and buy a used one for $600 or $1000 in cash. Learn how to make minor repairs and home upgrades yourself.

We Can Do This

So — there you go. The idea of a religiously-based White community is not just pie in the sky. It is 100% achievable. We, the intended victims of a parasitic system, can destroy it in a very short time just by withdrawing our sanction. We don’t have to put up with what is happening. We don’t have to contribute our energy and intellect to a system whose ultimate goal is our genocide. That ravenous monster only exists because we feed it. It’s time to cut off the food.

In so doing, we will increase our freedom as activists, increase our reproductive potential, plus lay the groundwork for physically existing White communities.

* * *

Source: John Young

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James Clayton
James Clayton
12 March, 2021 5:27 am

Once I was fraudulently-induced to mortgage my home and, shortly thereafter, I ordered prepaid ten (10) copies of Billions for the Bankers… receiving instead 100 copies with a kind note stating that, after meeting me, the one fulfilling the order was convinced that the extras were a good investment because I’d probably place them effectively. Billions for the Bankers — Debts for the People : Sheldon Emry : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive I set to work making principal prepayments stamping each Postal Money Order “Endorsement acknowledges regular monthly payment # ____ and principal prepayment numbers ____________________________________. ” I put a thin line through each payment on a copy of the mortgage provided by the lender and realized that I’d essentially saved the interest portion of… Read more »