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Idiocracy Meets Animal Farm: An Interview with Jeronimus, part 1

American Dissident Voices broadcast of February 3, 2018

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

TODAY WE ARE going to be speaking to a very original writer and thinker who goes by the nom de guerre Jeronimus. He has a creative vision of White people reclaiming their destiny through what he calls “Idiocracy Meets Animal Farm: A Political Theory of the 21st Century.” It’s an ambitious vision that involves more than just surviving — it involves retaking the levers of power of our society by Whites.

Now, first — Jeronimus, welcome to the show.

J: Thank you for having me on, Kevin.

KAS: Can you tell us a little bit about your background; why do you care about White people? — and why should we listen to what you have to say?

J: I have distilled down certain ideas in the past 18 years. I asked these questions: We Whites seem not to have cultural and political power like we should — power that suits us. There’s a kind of a tension there — like a gradient. Like sometimes when you have one area where it’s dry and one area where it’s wet, and that creates a gradient. And the water really wants to go from the wetter area to the drier area. Similarly, we feel a power gradient. We feel the pain of having our politics and our culture hijacked and used against us — in very petty, mean ways — ways that are obvious and enraging at the same time. So my questions, which I kind of asked to the Universe, are, “How do we get our power back? What do we do? What’s going on?”

I knew the answers as early as the 1990s. In 1995 — and here’s where I’ll tell you an important moment of my life story — I was living in the Boston area in a boarding house with, among other people, a couple of Chinese physicists; one of them an Artificial Intelligence guy at MIT and the other a physicist at Harvard, and he’s a post-PhD. So these guys are way up in the stratosphere. They would laugh at me and at another American guy who lived there.

They would ask, “Why are Americans so dumb?”

Well, I knew a second language, so I was good at that — but I wasn’t good at math. But I should have been. I should have pushed myself way back then; I regret that. The other American got mad when they said that. But I said, “You’re totally right. I should be in the physics department somewhere, or engineering.” I totally could have done it and I should have done it. I failed myself. And a lot of us did.

I’m a veteran. So I was able to go to the state university with tuition waived. And that was a real eye-opener for me. What I saw there was that White American kids are unprepared for the pace at which they teach math and physics. So they end up getting flunked out, and they end up in English and psychology. So they don’t get a good job. But the people who end up graduating with a degree in physics or engineering or chemical engineering — they get scouted. They don’t just get a job, they get scouted. And the rest of kids aren’t even really aware of that.

I later discovered that the best way to learn math is self-teaching. Art Robinson, who’s on YouTube, home schooled his kids — and he made them teach themselves. And they learned all of Newtonian physics and calculus by age 16. And Art Robinson says that 100 years ago, the smart kids all just did that. Henry Ford, for example, knew Newtonian physics and all the topics in calculus by the time he was 16 or 17 years old. And that was just a high school education back then. What is now a BS in physics was just a high school education for the smarter kids around 1900.

KAS: So American kids are getting trash degrees, while Asian kids are getting the really valuable, useful degrees.

J: Yes. And the Asian kids come from conservative, traditional cultures — the kind of cultures that you and I would advocate for. And we can’t have that — we’ve been deprived of that. American kids have been purposely dumbed down with this scheisse culture. And it’s on purpose.

You really see it — you really feel the pain of it — when you see the Asian kids from the conservative, traditional societies who got a proper education. You know, they weren’t educating for “equality” over there. They sifted out the smart kids and the dumb kids. And they told the smart kids, “You’d better learn math or you’re going to be a disgrace to your family.” And these kids end up doing quite well, while American kids lose out. They end up getting in debt for a trash degree, as you said, instead of a STEM degree.

If they had been better prepared — if they had shown up on their first freshman day of college already knowing calculus and physics, they would have been fine. They would blast right through those subjects, with As. We can do it. It’s doable. Home schoolers do it all the time. The Robinson Home Schooling people are going to be ruling this country in 20 years, I swear to God.

KAS: What is the Robinson Home Schooling system?

J: Art Robinson is a professor of physics in Idaho. He had six kids on a farm in Idaho, and he home schooled them. His wife died, so he said, “I can’t really help you too much, so you’ve got to teach yourself.” And they did. It worked really great. So his system is mostly self-teaching — very little tutoring, very little help from teachers. You just teach yourself. And when they do that, they end up spending a lot more time on it, because they’re not depending on someone else — they’re not following the lead of some teacher; they’re self-teaching and self-directing. And they end up putting in way more hours: They do two hours of math a day, five or six days a week, from eight years old to eighteen. So that’s, what, 12 or say ten hours a week, 500 hours a year — so in ten years that’s 5,000 hours.

KAS: So White people should train their kids to get the basis for a STEM degree way before their college years. And they should home school their kids. And the kids should get STEM degrees. How do you put this all together as part of a strategy to help White people?

J: Okay, good. Now I’m back on track. My ideal would be this: Get an apartment building in the city. I know some people say something like, “I want to home school on a farm in New Hampshire.” I say, no way. Let’s do it like the Hasids do — in a city; you have all the services of a city; you have all the sources of income. But you do have to own a building, because rents are high.

So you have to gain a foothold in a city by owning a building. My big idea is that the building will be a place where White families are subsidized so that both parents can stay home with the kids — both parents, not just the Mom. Both parents should focus on home schooling the kids.

KAS: Wow. You’re going to need a financial angel to make this happen.

J: Right. They’re out there. If the right person hears this idea, then it’ll happen. And I sure as Hell am going to try to be that financial angel myself, though it’s a tall order to be sure.

KAS: So, you buy an apartment building — and it’s basically invitation only. And if you qualify, if you meet the standards and are willing to obey, I assume, a set of rules — then you get free housing in a place like Boston or San Francisco or similar metropolitan area. Why the big city?

J: Because then you can take the kids to the best martial arts classes, the best foreign language classes; you could even have “language nannies” over — get this; you could hire elderly Chinese women and Russian women who don’t speak a word of English and have them over to talk to the kids in their own language, and install five or six languages at once, at a native speaking level. That would be just one example. There would be really good Kung Fu classes, gymnastics, any kind of tutoring you might want. There are all kinds of opportunities in the cities that you don’t have out in the countryside. You get the best of every kind of educational opportunity.

And I realize that we’re really missing out on that. I lived in Moscow, Russia for six months. I saw the ten-year-olds there who were trained to play the violin and cello and other instruments were good enough to get into an American urban orchestra. They’re that good. They sound like pros when they’re like ten or eleven years old. Their gymnasts are the best gymnasts; their physicists are the best physicists; their chess players are the best in the world — the Russians really “have it.” When I was there, it really opened my eyes — this is what American kids are missing.

I actually took violin lessons from a lady who graduated from the Moscow Conservatory and who taught kids, too. And five of her students went on to the Moscow Conservatory, which is amazing because that’s really hard to get into. They didn’t just have connections; they had to pass an audition. It’s the hardest audition in the world.

KAS: Many White nationalists are doing the opposite in that they’re saying, “We need to start an intentional White community,” but they’re doing it in Leith, North Dakota.

J:  You want to be a sort of “other” community — but in among other people, so that you don’t appear “weird,” if you know what I mean. Like the Hasids, but you don’t wear the funny clothes and stuff. You form an intentional community in the city, and you have a benign attitude towards the other people, but you’re not of them. You don’t have a bad attitude toward outsiders.

When our kids grow up and they are superior in so many ways, that will make them separate automatically — they’ll sift themselves out. If they get to a certain age without being messed up, and after being raised to be very powerful, they’ll be very unlikely to fall down, very unlikely to go backwards.

KAS: How do you prevent the children from being negatively influenced by all the garbage culture and the other negative influences in the city? Not only are they centers of learning, but they’re centers of degeneracy also.

J: Remember, both parents are staying home with them all day. So you’re keeping them busy with healthy stuff. And if you have an apartment building with a group of ten or eleven families — there’s your tribe. When you have a tribe — when you have a whole bunch of your kind of people, you have the confidence of being in a tribe. There’s something about being in a group of 20 or 30 people — I think 150 is the maximum for a tribe. Here’s something I’ve noticed. The Puerto Ricans don’t separate their families to pursue a career. They all hang out in the same area. So you know all your cousins and the like. That gives them a huge social advantage. They’re able to move among us and be their own separate tribe, and use that “tribalness” to their advantage.

KAS: So I assume that this group of people who are invited to this building, to this first colony you create, are going to have to sign on to an ideology also, like a White nationalist ideology — and so teach their kids, and agree to have their kids educated in that way.

J: Yes. But it’s based on eugenics. You put it to them in this way: “Wouldn’t you rather be pretty than ugly?” You know what I mean? You don’t have to be really strict or act like, “Oh my God, I’m really afraid you’re going to betray us.” You can’t act like you’re afraid of betrayal. It would be kind of like, “if you want to go be ugly, you can go be ugly. If you want to go hang with ugly people, you can go hang with ugly people.” That’s all. It’s free will.

Being in the city, if they’re going to go, it’s right there. They can go. They’ll see it around them all the time — and they’ll say, “Nah.” I think it immunizes them against it. Because it’s an everyday “whatever” thing. I think our eugenic families will be the most interesting thing they know. By far. Our little tribe will be the most interesting thing in the whole city — we’ll have to keep people from coming and gawking at us.

KAS: [laughter] So you have this community. And you’re raising your kids up to value their tribe — their tribe’s beauty, their tribe’s achievements. The parents are high-investment parents who are home all the time —

J: Yes. And maybe have a business on the side, you know —

KAS: Okay. But you also talked to me earlier about how these White children could end up taking over the Deep State from within. In other words, taking over the power structure. Now that’s a really unbelievably ambitious goal. Explain that.

J: This theme has been iterated a few times in real life and in fiction. Orwell’s Animal Farm has a story line in it in which a litter of puppies are born to Bluebell. And as soon as they’re weaned, Napoleon takes them away and trains them to be his own Praetorian Guard. And then, at an opportune moment, he chases out his enemy Snowball — chases him away forever, using the puppies who by now have grown up into attack dogs.

The trend I see in America is the great dumbing down. Idiocracy isn’t 500 years in the future — it’s now. And that is tragic, but it’s also a political opportunity for people who are not Idiocrats to just go in and take over. Because the smart and competent people are dying off — literally dying off. They’re just going to leave it to us. I think they’re just going to give us power voluntarily, just to keep the lights on.

Honestly, that’s how I see it playing out. I don’t see a big violent war or anything. I see them saying, “Take it. We messed it all up. There’s no water to drink. The grid is down.” And the strong men, the hard men, will come in and fix it. And we’ll say, “We’re not taking this sh** anymore. We’re not taking this anti-White bullsh** anymore. That’s over.”

KAS: The idea is to get some power. Right now, pro-Whites have none.

J: The problems in the future are going to be to our advantage.

You know about r/K selection theory, right?

KAS: Yes. Explain it for our listeners in case some of them aren’t familiar with it.

J: Well, “r selection” means you have a lot of offspring, but you don’t really do anything for them. Like an oyster throws out 100,000 eggs all at once. Whereas a gorilla will have one baby gorilla and take care of it for like four years — so that’s extreme “K selection” in animals.

Now with humans, you’ll have bad parents who don’t take care of the kids, and maybe they have lots of kids, and they’re relatively r-selected. And they don’t really care about them. And then you have people who really care about their kids, and put a lot of investment into them, and they’re more K-selected.

The thing is, in this culture today, they’ve made r-selection “cool,” and K-selection “uncool” — and have hugely disadvantaged the K-selected White boys. And that’s the genesis of the 4chan “beta uprising” they talk about. Now the beta males, the K-selected guys who would be good family men, are awakening in political anger, and standing up to fight back.

Really, the K-selected individual is the superior individual. The K-selected animal is the gorilla, the tiger, or the lion: They take care of their young. They try to keep their young alive. For example, I really admire the warthog.

KAS: Really?

J: Yes, the African warthog. They get eaten and eaten and eaten, but they just keep fighting. They just keep having baby pigs and keep surviving on that brutal savanna. The crocs eat them. The lions eat them. The cheetahs eat them. But they fight back! I really admire the warthog spirit.

Also, there’s a great YouTube video, The Battle at Kruger. A juvenile buffalo gets separated from the herd by some lionesses. And they’re chowing down on this juvenile Cape buffalo, but it’s still alive. And eventually the other Cape buffalo come and they push the lions out of the way. They scare the lions away. and juvenile buffalo survives and walks back into the herd — and lives to fight another day.

I really like to watch scenes of survival — where the will to live is strong in the animal kingdom. It’s a source of inspiration to me — the warthog, the Cape buffalo, the gorilla that takes care of its young really well.

So K-selection is our strength. And when our kids — who will be very smart and go to Annapolis and go to West Point and go to the Air Force Academy, and get in the CIA, get in the NSA, and so on — that’s power. And it’s the K-selected people who go on to those places, not the r-selected people.

The biggest thing they did to us was convince us that K-selected wasn’t cool anymore.

KAS: Well, they forced the K-selected people to subsidize the massive birthrates of the others, therefore they had fewer and fewer children and had fewer resources to devote to them.

J: And I’m not hearing the “alt-right” talk about eugenics. But I think eugenics needs to be a big part of the conversation.

So ultimately this idea — of both parents staying home — is also very important. Eugenics is potential, but you also have to cultivate it properly. You could have a very bright child, but born in bad circumstances and that could mess him all up. For example, I could have been a mathematician. When I was in third grade, I could find prime numbers into the tens of thousands. Had I lived in Soviet Russia, or NSDAP Germany, they would have said, “This kid is really good at math,” and they would have taken me out and had me be a mathematician or a rocket scientist or something. But in America, it was just, “Oh, isn’t that funny?” These were the hippies, you know, in the 70s. “Look, isn’t that nice. He’s cute. He can do all those prime numbers. Wow.” And they didn’t do anything about it.

KAS: Well, we’re individualists. We have no tribe, basically.

J: Right. So you subsidize both parents to stay home. They home school the kids, who will have calculus and physics by the time they’re 16. They’ll go on to MIT, Annapolis, West Point, and so on. and they’ll get into the Deep State — and hopefully do stuff that we like. We’re not going to tell them what to do. They’ll have to figure that out on their own. All we can do is give them the best advantage.

* * *

We’ll continue our interview with creative White strategist and activist Jeronimus next week, right here on American Dissident Voices.

* * *

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  1. James Clayton
    3 February, 2018 at 1:17 pm — Reply

    Libraries and librarians in public schools were more help to me growing-up than public school teachers. I particularly enjoyed and had my horizons broadened by reading SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN. Subscriptions may include digital archives back to 1845. And a free first issue of their space and physics magazine is currently available to those on their e-mail list.

  2. 3 February, 2018 at 2:35 pm — Reply

    I commented on this idea beneath another article. One thing I didn’t mention there regarding purchasing an apartment building was the challenge of rent control/rent stabilization municipal regulations. In cities all across California (including LA, San Francisco, etc.), New York and other states, the city dictates your maximum allowable rent (MAR) for each unit you own. This pricing control is a socialist attempt to keep rents “affordable” and is supposed to prevent gouging. Landlords are only permitted to raise rents between 1%-3% per year, and the city gets to choose what that rate is from year to year.

    When you purchase a multi-family structure, you purchase the existing tenants right along with it. In many cities, you cannot simply kick them out and install the tenants of your choosing. In a rent controlled city like San Francisco, your building will always have very long-term tenants who have lived in the building for several decades, sometimes 30-40 years. According to the city’s rent control regulations, these people do not live under the terms of your new lease, but remain under the terms of the lease they signed when they moved in, regardless of how many times the ownership of the property changes. Based on a 1%-3% restricted rent increase at the city’s discretion, this means you will have many tenants in your newly purchased apartment building often paying 50+% below market rent because they’re yearly increase is based on their rental rate from 1963 or whenever they originally moved in. Outside of a huge portfolio, it’s impossible to make a property like this cash flow.

    Even worse, it’s all but impossible to remove these people from your new building to make way for the intentional White community. Rent Control regulations HEAVILY favor the tenant. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to remove any tenant under rent control for anything other than non-payment of rent. The only way to get them to voluntarily move out is to buy them out individually. Believe me. No one is going to move for $10,000. They won’t even move for $100,000 or even $300,000. Why? Because you can’t even buy a house in the LA or SF area for that amount of money, and to move into another apartment elsewhere not under rent control, that money would be consumed in only a number of years paying full market rent. From personal experience, I can tell you that rent control tenants are there to stay.

    In regard to Los Angeles, any multi-family structure built before 1978 falls under rent control. It may sound like the solution is simple. Just buy a property that was built after 1978. Easily 75% or more of the apartment buildings in that city are pre-1978 structures, and you can tell when you walk into them, from the glazed tile kitchen countertops to the 45-year-old wall heaters. Anything built after 1978, especially if it is to house 20 or more families is simply be out of reach. Only four years ago, I managed a 32-unit rent controlled property in Santa Monica, CA that sold for $10 million…to a Chinese investor, of course.

    I’m not raining on your idea, just sharing because there is much, much more to think about in this regard.

    • 20 March, 2018 at 3:09 am — Reply

      You cannot do that in SF or LA, but it is possible in places like Vancouver or may be Toronto. I know here in Vancouver, building owners can do what is called as ‘renoviction’. That is eviction on the pretext of renovating the building. So you start with a seed fund of about 10-15 million dollars to buy a rental building of 10 – 20 families and do a ‘renoviction’ and have your ‘tribal-home’.

  3. cc
    3 February, 2018 at 9:33 pm — Reply

    I don’t see White people in North America moving forward until they escape criminal government, criminal establishment and institutional violence. All of the above is protected by those who write the dictionary of law.

    A sharp racial adjustment is in order.

    Natural Selection also known as ‘survival of the fittest’ decides who stays and who goes.

  4. Axis Sally
    3 February, 2018 at 10:20 pm — Reply

    Mr. Jeronimus has an intriguing idea here, and I wish him all the luck in the world toward it’s success, especially if he indeed decides to bankroll it himself, BUT (the most tragic word in the language) is it really in Aryans’ best interest?

    The premise of his plan seems to be his misunderstanding of a metaphor drawn from Orwell’s Animal Farm, viz:

    “Orwell’s Animal Farm has a story line in it in which a litter of puppies are born to Bluebell. And as soon as they’re weaned, Napoleon takes them away and trains them to be his own Praetorian Guard. And then, at an opportune moment, he chases out his enemy Snowball — chases him away forever, using the puppies who by now have grown up into attack dogs.”

    We all know Orwell rose to the Marxist bait as a young idealist; later becoming disillusioned. We can see that Animal Farm is a parable based on the history of the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. Reviewing the symbolism of that parable: Farmer Jones represents the European aristocratic Romanov ruling dynasty; the pigs are the leaders of the revolution against Jones i.e., the Bolsheviks; the farm animals are the peasants stampeded into revolution by the Bolsheviks; the farm is the territory controlled by the State; going to extremes, Snowball=Trotsky; Napoleon=Lenin/Stalin. Snowball is not so much an enemy as an obstacle of Napoleon’s in his secret plan to make himself tyrant of the farm. He must seize the dogs while puppies and INCULCATE THEM WITH HIS VALUES & IDEOLOGY in order to have his “Praetorian Guard” to catapult him into power. Mr. Jeronimus fails to mention the scene later in the story where the pigs, waxing in power over the others, hold show trials where the broken animals confess to fictional crimes, and the same attack dogs leap forward to rip their throats with their teeth in front of the cowed animal slaves. Are those dogs going to “take over (Napoleon’s) Deep State from within”? Of course not.

    Mr. Jeronimous seems to value highly two core values of Marxism: materialism and power, i.e., power over others, i.e., tyranny—that is what Animal Farm is all about. He also seems to admire the two most successful Marxist regimes: the former Soviet Union, and China. Oh, and the Hasidic Jews. Doubtless there are useful things we can learn from these cultures. That we should home-school our own children goes without saying; and you don’t need to lecture Aryan women on K-selection strategy in child rearing—we’re already wired that way. But he wants to set-up a hot-house within one of the major Enemy controlled cesspits where Aryan parents can rear their children with the object of preparing them to compete for STEM degrees at Karl Marx university? Or to become Praetorian Guard attack dogs for the Enemy state? Why should we hire hire elderly Chinese or Russian women to “install” those languages in our children? Shouldn’t we start with the Mother Tongue, Deutsch, so they will have access to our literary and philosophical heritage in its native language? What need have we for Kung Fu? Gymnastics? Do we really want to send our children to the Moscow Conservatory so that they can become propaganda subjects for the Enemy regime, in order to make it shine in the eyes of the world? This transcends “idiocracy,” this is madness!

    Mr. Jeronimous apparently has a weak grasp of history, otherwise he would know something similar to his idea has already been done, and on a much larger scale than he envisions. I mean National Socialist Germany 1933-1945. We led the world in everything; the arts and humanities: painting, sculpture, music, architecture, literature, philosophy; our science and technology were sine qua non; even economics: our people were prosperous and content while the rest of the world foundered in economic depression. We did it on our own, and were hated for it. It took the three largest Enemy vassal states nearly six years to wear us down in a war of attrition. As a result, we Aryans have exchanged places with the Jewish race as a diasphoric people. We no longer control territory we can call our own, and the Enemy is systematically dismantling what remains of our culture. Why try to reinvent the wheel? National Socialism elevated our people from the depths of defeat in the past; it can do so again, but with a different strategy of implementation. We cannot re-fight the last war.

    Judeo-Christian and/or Marxist materialism with the aim of hegemony within the Enemy juggernaut is not the answer. We Aryans are a deeply spiritual people. Our Führer was unique in human history as a political leader who founded a spiritual movement, National Socialism, in order to raise his people out of slavery. We must remain steadfast in His principles. We must reject materialism and in its place practice asceticism. We must strive for spiritual awakening, and pass on that goal to our offspring. We must realize that we are at war, and plan accordingly. We need to take steps now to migrate and establish Aryan communities in areas economically and militarily uninteresting to the Enemy so that we may remain relatively unmolested while we regroup, renew, and resume evolving the race. We must certainly withhold our intelligence, creativity, talent, and labor from the Enemy’s regime, and let it wither and die on the vine.

    Herr Strom, I have admired you from afar for a long time; I am amazed and disappointed that you would enable the expounding of such nonsense.

    • 9 February, 2018 at 8:14 pm — Reply

      National Vanguard is a magazine for racially-conscious Whites. It explores many events and ideas that its editors think its readers should know about. When William Pierce was its editor, he even ran a lengthy piece by a racialist Christian arguing that embracing universal Christian morality was best for us as a people — a counterpoint to WLP’s own editorial arguing the opposite.

      Dr. Pierce once told me that he’d be willing to pay full-time wages to a man who did nothing but come up with ten really creative ideas every day, even if only one idea a year of his really panned out. Jeronimus is a creative thinker and a self-starter, and I think it’s a tonic to listen to the possibilities his thoughts open up, even if we take a different path or differ on how we’d handle the details.

      Axis Sally’s idea of a redoubt in Hyperborea is another jolt to the consciousness that deserves to be visualized and considered, even if we don’t ultimately take that path. I see little or no harm to our race or to our Alliance in some Whites making such attempts. No one said that we all had to go those ways. A growing pro-White colony of stratospheric-IQ high achievers in Boston or New York City? A network of racially conscious Whites building the framework of a new state in our far northern fringes? Bring’em on — and a hundred others, too.

  5. 4 February, 2018 at 10:18 am — Reply

    Sure Animal Farm isn’t a perfect, complete analogy, but homeschooling white kids to be STEM proficient, polyglot physically fit attack dogs for their race is the idea.

    I was in military intelligence and I have been around people with big financial and political power. I’m trying to find a way for our Cause to have more power.

    If you have a better idea for taking back financial, cultural and political power, let’s hear it.

    What we don’t need is more of the same old purity spiralling.

    • 4 February, 2018 at 1:03 pm — Reply

      Please don’t propagate the Marxists’ new meme-du-jour, “purity spiraling”. It only denigrates exactly what we’re trying to do. Purity is in fact the central pillar of this entire movement. If not, why are we even here discussing these things? It’s certainly not to welcome Puerto Ricans or Chinese into your proposed White intentional community. You should certainly know this by now.

      • 5 February, 2018 at 8:43 am — Reply

        Purity spiralling is exactly how to get absolutely nothing accomplished. It’s a valid criticism of White nationalism 1.0.

        I’ve been in this cause since July 2000, when we had an Alliance picnic at a park in Massachusetts with Will Williams. I learned a lot of good things from the old timers and a lot of respect to people like Will and Dr. Pierce and Billy Roper and KAS for keeping the flame alive.

        But now that I’ve been in this thing for 18 years I have standing to come up with my own analysis and my own plan of action.

        You can nitpick my implementation, but can we all agree on this one thing?

        The best use of White nationalist resources is to help good White families do the best possible child raising?

        For example — suppose all we did was fund raising so that white kids in good families had:

        1. Proper nutrition and hygiene
        2. Medical care and regular visits to the dentist.
        3. Physical fitness and MMA training
        4. Home school math tutoring and classical literature/history

        Suppose we did absolutely nothing else — no podcasts, no web sites, no propaganda outreach at all, but we did the above 4 things really well.

        Can you agree that these 4 things for white kids from racially loyal families, would be the best work the WN movement could possibly do?

        There is too much ego and self serving in the Movement. I’m definitely not a Christian (I’m a Buddhist actually) but the idea of a being a humble servant for the alleviation of the suffering of racially loyal white families is a meme I support.

        Besides the utopian apartment building commune idea, a variation is that we financially support racially loyal homeschooling families wherever they are, and pay for math tutors who help with math via skype video conferencing.

        I actually have a really great math tutor, an Armenian-American physicist who is not a WN but doesn’t hate us, and he would do Skype tutoring on the cheap (20 bucks an hour) as a charity for impoverished white families. I red pilled him with the “poor persecuted white people” meme and it works like a charm, I diverted his liberalism to sympathy for OUR PEOPLE.

        Another thing I’d like to mention that I figured out over the years. Whites are naturally kind people. WN 1.0 goes against this grain. I don’t use the “hate meme” unless someone is already primed for it.

        Instead, I emulate the jews — I use the persecution meme, except I apply it, quite easily and naturally, to whites.

        Back to my Armenian math tutor. He self describes as a liberal (except on the gay question, he opposes all gay shit). He thinks poor blacks and muh Holocaust, though I red pilled him on the jews minimizing the Armenian genocide too.

        I told him true stories of white girls getting propagandized into race mixing and getting stuck with half black bastards and having a horrible life. I wasn’t like, “I want to kill that coal burner” but more like, “The poor, poor girl, her life is so horrible! She could have had a white child with a white father and a nice white family, instead she’s a single mom in public housing on welfare, my heart aches for her and her parents.”

        I’ve taken the steely determination and uncompromising attitude of the Alliance and hid it deeply inside my heart. To ordinary white people, I present myself as a soft, kind hearted person with sympathy for poor, deluded and persecuted white people.

        This is what I call WN 2.0. I hope you guys will consider it, it’s way more sustainable and effective.

        One last note — my kind of WN’s are less likely to ever turn against the Cause than the “tough guys.” Every turncoat, from T.J. Leyden to Christian Picciolini to the tattoo face guy who pals around with daryl lamont jenkins now was a “tough guy” who presented himself as menacing and according to themselves, committed racially motivated violence and then felt bad about it afterwards.

        Think of Christian self described “servants” at the soup kitchen. That kind of WN, servants for the alleviation of the suffering of white families instead of for Christ, will never betray the Cause, and will actually get real stuff done!

        • 5 February, 2018 at 1:22 pm — Reply

          By simply and redundantly reiterating your entire interview in this response, you failed to explain why disparaging the necessity to put race first and foremost in the movement as “purity spiraling” isn’t counterproductive and even suicidal. How can you smear the central tenet of the movement in such a way and still claim to be genuine in your intentions? It seriously calls your credibility into question.

          I wasn’t rejecting your plan outright, but presenting legal and logistical challenges that you clearly have not thought about. I don’t expect you to be familiar with some of them. That’s why I provided the information, so you could perhaps amend your plan accordingly, and share a revision later. Unlike you, I’m not going to pull rank and tell you “how long” I’ve been in the movement, which is probably longer than you’ve been alive. Such nonsense accomplishes nothing and is merely “loyalty spiraling”. You can take my well-intentioned information or leave it. It’s your choice, but don’t ever use the term “purity spiraling” to describe anyone or anything about this movement because it only helps the enemy and brings your true intentions into question in a movement that’s already riddled with too many subversive personalities. Best to you.

        • 6 February, 2018 at 11:17 am — Reply

          Jeronimus: Purity spiralling is exactly how to get absolutely nothing accomplished. It’s a valid criticism of White nationalism 1.0.

          I’ve been in this cause since July 2000, when we had an Alliance picnic at a park in Massachusetts with Will Williams. I learned a lot of good things from the old timers and a lot of respect to people like Will and Dr. Pierce and Billy Roper and KAS for keeping the flame alive.

          But now that I’ve been in this thing for 18 years I have standing to come up with my own analysis and my own plan of action.

          Hey, Jeronimus. I thought that was you as I was reading the ADV transcript Saturday. I remember that picnic up in Massachusetts. Has it really been 18 years? The NA Local Unit that came about following that small gathering of members who had been attracted to NA did some excellent Alliance-building until losing confidence in the NA’s leadership at some point after the death of the Founder. They dissipated — disappointed, demoralized like many others.

          Neither KAS nor I ever lost hope that the Alliance would reemerge at some point, returning to the Piercean ideology and organizational model that had attracted us and many others, including, I take it, you and Mr. Roper at one time. The Cosmotheist world view is not the only aspect of NA that folks find attractive.

          We have a couple of the more enduring, loyal former members of that Boston-area Local Unit who have been meeting monthly with newer members who have joined NA since I became Chairman, along with matchless Kevin Strom as Media Director. Kevin is the de facto voice of the Alliance’s Cosmotheist world view, or religion, that, in the Alliance’s case, is exclusively for Whites.

          We wish you well with your citified, home-schooling plans and in the Buddhist community, but our Alliance will not be going that route, thanks. We also wish Mr. Roper good luck in radicalizing the Christian Identity community.

          Ten or so years ago old Alliance friend told me, “Will, you’re too hung up on White nationalist orthodoxy.” He meant that as criticism but I immediately took it as a compliment. My old friend had compromised on his previously-held hard line National Alliance beliefs. I didn’t blame him; he had a wife and children and a job, and Dr. Pierce had died.

          My job as current NA Chairman has become more a firm holding of our uncompromising, race-centered Piercean orthodoxy. The Alliance has been fighting off adversaries for over three years — some, the usual Jew “hate” watchdogs, but surprisingly, also many so-called White nationalists, including former Alliance members, who either do not like me or Kevin or other key members; or who coveted remaining Alliance assets and who would prefer that the Alliance go “Big Tent,” be more Christian-friendly for broader appeal and faster growth, or even become a political party. All I have to ask myself from time to time in order to hold that hard line and not compromise on the important stuff is WWWLPD?

    • Axis Sally
      6 February, 2018 at 6:40 pm — Reply

      I do have a better idea, Mr. Jeronimus, to which I have briefly alluded in another thread of yours. I must say, you have inspired me to devote more attention to its implementation—I thank you for that.

  6. cc
    4 February, 2018 at 2:11 pm — Reply

    I subscribe to the words of Axis Sally.

    White students must be taught by people they identify with. People of their culture. Compulsory education originated in New England — the New Englandization of America. There are White people in this country not of their persuasion.

    There are higher objects than money and display, and exhibiting the grossest materialism and physical power.

  7. cc
    4 February, 2018 at 3:17 pm — Reply

    ANIMAL FARM illustrated that revolutionaries oftentimes replace government that rules in the insolence of power with one equally despotic.

  8. cc
    5 February, 2018 at 11:04 pm — Reply

    In the natural world, the cause is reduced to two words — White separation. Racism is not rocket science.

    White girls who bed-down with the color hordes develop a death look in their face. A slow perish. Misery and ruin. They give birth to monstrosities.

    Anthropologists define race mixing as gene altering.

  9. Titus
    10 February, 2018 at 6:11 am — Reply

    I started writing a comment before reading others, but i see several people think as i do, the interviewed sounds naive at best. Of course any iniciative is welcomed, specially if one can pull it up, and communal living and “homeschooling” could be a solution to those trapped in big cities, at least in those countries where homeschooling is legal. ;)
    The notion of taking back the system while it is still possible (if it is), is worthy, because we don’t really know how the situation will evolve, it looks like it cannot get much worse without inciting a reaction, but we shouldn’t underestimate the power of gradualism.

    The notion of both parents at home raising as many children as they can while having paid expenses is often what many ultra-orthodox jews have in the US and Israel, through welfare programs and regulation loopholes. This system also serves as an eugenic program aimed at fostering talmudic intelligence since the best students become rabbis, and then marry the daughters of other rabbis/successful people, and so on. That has probably been the ideal jewish system for millenia, and it is today working at full throttle thanks mostly to the US goyim. Its going to be hard to compete with them at this point although it may be necessary.
    But, after listening to the interview i feel the Amish have a better chance at regenerating society than the interviewed, for several reasons:

    It is hard to get enough of the europeans of today to gather and work towards this goals or towards any ideal even if the funding exists, and thas a big if, because it currently doesn’t. There seems to be a lack of fanatics at this time within the general population. Good luck finding worthy europeans willing to follow your plan, maybe as conditions deteriorate and the bulk of the people see the future that lays ahead there is a wider response, or maybe there is none and we are up to a slow buildup over centuries, or maybe we just end like India, Rome, etc.

    Advocating for cities has several problems. Cities are the bastions of degeneracy, multiculturalism and jewish propaganda. At all levels of education and specially at higher and elite education the indoctrination is rampant and the pressure to conform is stronger than one may think. It wouldn’t be rare for many of this homeschooled to completely adopt the system ideologies or descend into degeneracy, drugs, homosexuality, etc. I know of several traditional enough students who went to the US to study on elite universities on full scholarships and came back with “filipino looking wives”, your plan doesn’t take into account peer pressure after homeschooling. For example, the more liberal the “Amish” denomination the higher the percentage of defectors, this probably has to do with the very genetics of the people in the liberal denominations but also with the higher exposure to the mainstream culture.
    Furthermore big cities are spiritual death compared to the small town/countriside.

    Another error is thinking that “polyglot STEM graduates” hold any power in society or that you can break ethnic monopolies just by showing up. Breeding a conscious european elite is hard enough, but that is not the hardest thing to achieve, and it would be just the start. Creating an european elite just so they can run the system for few shekels would be counterproductive.
    The jews know how hard it is to gain control of societies, so i dont expect them giving a political enemy any help, and things can get very bad very fast for any minority group the jewish media deems dangerous.

    You are also very wrong in thinking the jews are going to relinquish their power, most people will rule over manure heap rather than allow others to rule, specially the jews, since they are a parasitic race and can’t survive on their own.

    Also drop Budism, and embrace Hitlerism/Cosmotheism.

    PS: I may just be oblivious about it but there seems to be a lack of orthodoxy and established corpus, maybe we need religious doctrine, rules, dogma, and something widely accepted as the white man’s holy book, compiled and easily accessible.

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