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kas_0001890by Kevin Alfred Strom

I APOLOGIZE for the gap in updates on the site this weekend, but I’m in the process of securing and training some additional editors and volunteers to keep National Vanguard humming along with new articles and classic essays even when I have to attend to other business, as I did this weekend.

I appreciate those who have been sending us intelligent comments — and the software developers who have almost, though not completely, enabled us to have a relatively open comments system yet filter out that ubiquitous bane of the ‘Net, comment spam. Our apologies for the occasional worthless spam message that does get through.

Thanks for your patience, and I appreciate all the letters and calls from those who appreciate and enjoy our work. Thanks also to those who have been getting the word out about us!

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Ann H.
Ann H.
2 November, 2010 8:42 am

Thank YOU and all the writers and people who make this site possible, Kevin. Let’s hope National Vanguard can keep growing and get even bigger than it was before the bastards shut you down. We know why they did that. They LOVE pro-White groups that scream “kill” and racial epithets or wear bizarre costumes or are led by illiterates; and they love dead-end groups that never mention the main group working to dispossess us. National Vanguard is none of those things.

2 November, 2010 10:12 am

Kevin: Please…no need to apologize. I for one am most humbly grateful that this forum is available and accessible to us. I especially appreciate the focus on our underlying philosophical and spiritual issues. Recent essays in this regard have touched me where I most need the healing, as I hope they have for others of our Folk who seek deeper understanding and moral courage.

22 June, 2019 10:27 pm

I know this article is quite dated, but Kevin has been one of my heroes for over 20 years.