Our New National Alliance Radio Network Audio Player

by Kevin Alfred Strom

THANKS to everyone who’s written to us about our new popout audio player that we used for the first time on American Dissident Voices last week. Most of you like the fact that it keeps playing after the show itself is over, first a brief outro segment — and then segueing into our National Alliance Radio Network feed. (There are additional important recordings on it that you can select as well. And we’re also using the same player for our 24/7 radio network feed — see it near the top of the right column of this page. )

This player also solves the problem of people being unable to pause or rewind or fast-forward the player without scrolling to the bottom or top of the page, a major annoyance. And the new, separate window is easier to keep track of — so your sound is less likely to be in a “lost tab” among dozens. All in all, a significant improvement.

But a few have had problems. Some who use Firefox have had to go into their browser’s settings to allow popup windows for And, also on Firefox, if you want the player to autoplay when the new window is opened, you’ll need to go to your browser’s settings and select:

Permissions -> autoplay sound -> and then select “allow”

for the audio to begin the same instant the new window opens. You can, I believe, also click on the little crossed-out play icon in the address bar of the player to change the settings (see below).

[UPDATE July 2020: Firefox has made some changes. Visit for the latest tutorial on making Firefox work with our player.]

Some have wondered where the download link is now. It’s right there in the new player. It looks like a downward-pointing arrow resting on a horizontal line. Press it and you’ll be able to download the files. (In most browsers, after doing that, you’ll then have to right-click to initiate the download process — a left-click at that point may make your system just play the file instead of downloading it.)

This is a picture of the player when opened, as seen in Firefox. You can see the download arrow near the upper right, just below the word “stream” in this image.

Just in case some people have persistent problems with the new player, I’m giving you a link right here and now, which will take you directly to a repository which will allow you to play, or right-click and download, our shows: American Dissident Voices new direct download repository. There won’t be any files there until Saturday morning, however, when we upload this week’s show.

Thanks for listening, and keep spreading the word!

* * *

Source: Naional Alliance

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5 June, 2019 3:24 am

the new player sucks does not work in chrome or FF , just go back to the old player already there is not need for this