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James Morris: Change US Foreign Policy

by Kevin Alfred Strom

COURAGEOUS writer and increasingly visible American media commentator James Morris was again a guest on Iran’s PressTV today. Morris made it clear that the root cause of terrorist attacks on America is America’s slavish — and massively violent — support of Israel: both her brutal suppression of the Palestinian people and the Israel-inspired wars in the Middle East.

The plain fact is that — short of an actual genocide of all the peoples who have been victims of Zionism or who stand in solidarity with those peoples (probably half the planet) — there is no military solution which will “stop terrorism.” And it is also a fact that — short of stationing a jackbooted SWAT killer on every corner and in every kitchen — there is no security or police solution either.

As Rex Stout famously said through his detective character Nero Wolfe, if someone of reasonable intelligence is absolutely determined to kill you — you are going to be killed.

It is all so unnecessary. The solution is a modus vivendi with the rest of the human world that does not outrage decency or inspire the desire for terrible revenge on a massive scale. This is what James Morris is fighting for.

The Zionist fanatics are determined to build their slave world — based on a fundamentalism far more inhuman, lunatic, and frightening than that of Ahmadinejad or Pat Robertson — and they simply do not care if all Europe and America are destroyed in the process. We who do care need to devote our lives to removing them from power.

Read James Morris’s America Hijacked site

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Stratton Menvies
Stratton Menvies
3 November, 2010 12:33 pm

Congratulations, Mr Morris. You are showing the world that not *all* Americans are slavish worshippers of the false god Israel.