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Andrew Tate: The Grift Intensifies

The right-wing webzine The Gateway Pundit apparently loves Andrew Tate.

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 29 July, 2023

by Kevin Alfred Strom

I SPENT SEVERAL hours of my life this month that I’ll never get back studying the mixed-race “right wing” masculinity grifter Andrew Tate. It’s not a punishment I’d ever want to inflict on an innocent person.

I have seen grifters, fakers, loonies, and liars before — possibly no one except Revilo Oliver has studied them more than I — but sleazy “high yellow” mulatto Andrew Tate really takes the bloody biscuit.

A former kickboxer, self-help “guru,” and shameless self-promoter, Tate has skyrocketed in notoriety in recent days because, after being charged with rape and human trafficking in Romania, where he is under house arrest pending trial, he was given a “softball” interview to top all softball interviews by Tucker Carlson, of all people, who has forever tarnished his image by doing so — and tarnished it in many more ways than one: 1) by merely associating with this piece of Congoid-infused filth; 2) by implicitly approving of Tate’s sexual exploitation and psychological abuse of young White women; 3) by implicitly approving of Tate’s financial exploitation and psychological abuse of young White men; 4) by lying by omission by failing to bring up Tate’s numerous (and easily discoverable) admissions of his abuse, exploitation, and scams — such intentional lying by a man who positions himself as a courageous truth-teller is particularly outrageous; and 5) by contributing to the attack on real masculinity, which attack is actually strengthened by having the grotesque and disgusting mixed-race and race-mixing sex abuser Tate as one of its supposed opponents.

If you can stand two and a half hours of Tate and Carlson and their smarmy grins, so proud of themselves as really putting one over on the pigeons, I’ll embed the interview in the text version of this broadcast. In it, Tate severely tones down his sick belief system, and adds in a long litany of mostly true right-wing talking points he’s recently “discovered” so he can grift for new supporters. Like all right-wing grifters, he of course leaves out naming who is responsible for the outrages he mentions. Don’t fall for his game.

Andrew Tate looks to be about 10 to 20 per cent. Negroid. His mother is reportedly an Englishwoman who married a light-skinned and unusually intelligent “African-American” chess champion, Emory Tate, himself the son of a high-achieving American Black, also named Emory, who was an attorney.

According to the UK’s Times newspaper:

Young women working at Andrew Tate’s online sex business in Romania were allegedly tattooed with the words “owned by Tate”.

Tate moved to Romania while being investigated in the UK for an alleged rape and throttling, it was reported yesterday.

Romanian police have said that the social media influencer known as the “king of toxic masculinity” recruited young women with the pretence of romance before forcing them to perform for sex cams.

Let me break in here and add that during the entire Tucker Carlson interview, Carlson lets Tate get away with alleging that these were simply girls he recruited by “being nice to them” to “make Tik Tock videos” from which no one made any money at all — no mention of Jewish-run OnlyFans, where “his” young girls performed sexually for male masturbators who were solicited for money, sometimes in the five figure range and at least once in the six figure range, in the vain hope and belief they will have some kind of “relationship” with the performer, or will somehow “rescue” the performer based on “sob story” scripts that the performers recited to the male victims on Tate’s instructions — no mention of Tate’s own sex cam site — no mention of the fact that Tate himself admitted that more than almost all. of the money extracted from his male victims went to Tate. Back to the Times:

The investigation began after a 22-year-old American woman said she had been held against her will in April last year. The American and other women working for Tate’s online sex operation were said to have had tattoos reading “owned by Tate” on show while appearing on camera, police sources said.

Sebastian Vieru, who has been Tate’s partner in other businesses, dismissed allegations that Tate forced women to work in his online sex operation. “When you have 100 girls of your own you do not have to force any woman to do anything,” he said. Vieru said he had seen Tate arrive at nightclubs accompanied by “20, 30 beautiful girls”.

Vieru said he believed that Tate had wound up his sex cam operation some time ago, but said it had been a “perfectly legal business” in Romania. He said he was not surprised that some of the women had had “owned by Tate” tattoos as it was normal for women to have tattoos of their boyfriends’ names.

Tate, now 36, who found fame in 2016 as a contestant on Channel 5’s Big Brother show, denies wrongdoing.

It has now emerged that he was expelled from the show when producers were told by the police that they were investigating allegations of abuse a year earlier at Tate’s online sex business in Luton, Bedfordshire [England].

One of the alleged British victims told Vice World News she had been throttled by Tate at least five times, and saw him choke other employees on at least ten occasions. She also claims to have watched Tate rape her friend.

Let me break in again and say that in the text version of this broadcast, I’ll include a video recording juxtaposing Tate’s own admissions, made when he was riding high and charging some 100,000 gullible young men $50 per month each to be “members” of his “Hustlers University” (where the “PhD” you “earn” is openly referred to as a “Pimpin’ Hoes Degree”) with the very different story he told to Carlson. (That’s an income of $5 million per month on top of what he was making by milking his sex cam performers and their “fans.”) More sophisticated anti-White grifter Jordan Peterson, in the same video, offers unbelievably weak criticism of Tate when he admits that some of the things he does are “a bit on the pimpy side.”

Tate to Carlson now — versus Tate to the world only a short time before.

In the same video you can see footage of Tate beating a woman who was kept in one of the dormitories where his sex slaves performed and were kept against their will.

Back to the article:

The woman, who was 20 at the time, said Tate had been “really charming” when he met her but she was required to work for £15-an-hour in a dingy flat. “As soon as he handed me my money, I forgot about him hitting me and everything else,” she told Vice. “It just got worse over time. He got more verbally abusive, more physical.”

Police took four years to pass their investigation to the Crown Prosecution Service, which then declined to authorise charges.

The alleged victim told Vice News: “I have been very frustrated by the British police and court system for a long time, they could have stopped him from doing the exact same abuse to these women in Romania.”…

Tate has boasted of using the “loverboy” approach to recruit women for his online sex business. On his website he described how “over 50 per cent of my employees were actually my girlfriend at the time and, of all my girlfriends, none were in the adult entertainment industry before they met me”….

Statements from alleged victims and witnesses include claims that Tate identifies “vulnerable people and exploits their need for affection, trust, stability, creating the impression of a close relationship and thus removing any suspicion that the victims might have.”

Tate says he was raised a Christian, but promoted himself as an atheist (his self-worship might have disqualified him from that title) during most of his grifting and scamming and abusing years, then announced just last year — probably when he knew the heat was on from the Romanian authorities — that:

I am no longer an atheist. I am an orthodox Christian. For that reason, I go to church twice a week.

At the same time, he then claimed to donate some $20,000 per month to the Romanian Orthodox Church — just a few months before declaring in another patently self-serving move that he had “converted to Islam” and was “studying the Koran daily.” Sheesh.

Andrew Tate, with the help of a lot of media hype purportedly criticizing him but really publicizing him, positions himself as the opposition to feminism and the demasculinization of the young men — overwhelmingly young White men — who have been dispossessed and damaged by the present Jewish system that misrules us. Tate is also helped by controlled opposition or fake opposition “right wing” media, like Tucker Carlson, the Gateway Pundit, and many others.

Tate goes way, way beyond the usual right-wing liars who give us daily doses of outrage and anger but never identify the real enemy — the Jewish power structure — who is committing them.

According to Tate, masculine honor apparently involves letting a mulatto have unlimited sex with hundreds or thousands of young White girls — and Tate openly admits that one of his sex partners and “hoes” was recruited when she was 15. According to Tate, young White men can restore their shattered lives by learning how to lie to girls and inducing them to produce pornography in order to exploit other White males and taking all their money. Here is a “savior” for White males that the Jewish power structure can fake-attack with abandon, all the while quite pleased with the “solutions” he offers, and equally pleased with the strengthening of their anti-White-male coalition he produces by making the opposition to that coalition look dirty and ugly by association.

Nothing is more sacred and important than the sexual relation between White men and White women. Nothing is more wrong than turning that sexual relation and the ecstasy it can bring into a commodity of individualistic pleasure that can be sold in the marketplace by any clever Jew or mulatto or degenerate capitalist.

As far as I’m concerned, anyone, even platform providers, who induce White girls and women to engage in “cam girling,” legal contract or not, and no matter what the “arrangement,” should be arrested, duly convicted, and punished with the most painful death allowable by law. The same goes for any non-White — and Tate is most definitely non-White — who so much as touches a White woman or girl. The same goes for anyone who exploits the knightly instincts and sexual desires of young White men for sordid financial gain, while purposely withholding from them the real reasons why they have been abandoned and abused by the System. We can build a new nation in which these criminals get everything they deserve. Let’s do it. Let’s join the National Alliance.

* * *

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Nom De Guerre
Nom De Guerre
29 July, 2023 12:16 pm

This has been the most disturbing radio show I’ve heard so far, but that bastard needed to be put on blast as a cautionary tale for the rest of us. Now, I’m getting a clearer picture of the reasoning behind the stricter membership requirements excluding those who are addicted to pornography.

Artphart Nomo
Artphart Nomo
29 July, 2023 1:24 pm

So many with any proportion of Negro blood seem to be so good with words! They also seem to be over-sexed. Any White woman who falls for such nonsense deserves what she gets, which is being shunned for life by all decent White men and women. No sympathy.

Reply to  Artphart Nomo
23 August, 2023 7:53 am

No, Arphart.

White women are meant to be protected and guided. Letting them go free on their own account it is also part of the jewish social brain washing of post ww2.

A creature like Tate would have been caught and executed at the spot. Actually, he wouldn’t even have been born since his mullato parent would never have been close to an English woman.

The current system has been designed that way and so we must look forward for its demise while protecting our young white girls and boys from it.

23 August, 2023 8:14 am

Thanks to Mr Strom for exposing this piece of filth.

It is no surprise that it came from England. The government there is as pro white racial suicide as the one in the USA, if not more extreme.

The anti white system empowers non white and mixed race monsters to prey on the exploitation of white men loneliness at the expense of white girls sexuality and youth.

It’s despicable beyond words, and Mr Strom is right. Anyone who associates with creatures like Tate has tarnished its reputation permanently, and that goes for Carlson as well.

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Jamie
23 August, 2023 6:43 pm

Mr. Strom advises that we don’t fall for Negroid Tate’s grift and I can see you haven’t, Jamie. It’s sound advice coming from a committed Cosmotheist, I couldn’t do better. I’d also like to repeat what is said at the end, the “action we can take” advice thats also right: “We can build a new nation in which these criminals get everything they deserve. Let’s do it. Let’s join the National Alliance.” All healthy White men and women worth of our race can do this, it’s a matter of screwing up the moral courage and the will to power each of us has innately. To do otherwise is to squander life and adopt what’s commonly seen in some brown populations known as a “manana” mentality. It’s not White, and it’s… Read more »