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The Tanser Study

CKM002764452fby Robert Thompson

WE HAVE been told that the reason that Blacks do not perform as well as Whites and Asians in school is due to “White racism” or a poor family environment, or poverty, or some other external, environmental reason. Well, we can never solve the racial problems in our schools or our society if we do not understand them, and this environmental theory of intelligence is a complete misunderstanding. It has been conclusively demonstrated that racial differences in academic performance are due mainly to heredity, not environment. One of the more interesting proofs of this is a Canadian study called the Tanser Study. (ILLUSTRATION: Dr. H. A. Tanser)

Before the Civil War in the United States there was a system by which escaped slaves were smuggled to the North. The system was called the underground railroad. I am sure you have heard of it. Now some of the people who operated the underground railroad felt it best and safest to get the freed Blacks out of the United States entirely, and so sent them up into Canada. Many of these Blacks settled around a town called Chatham, in Kent County, Ontario.

In 1939, Dr. H. A. Tanser, the superintendent of schools for Chatham, decided to do, as his doctoral thesis, a comparison of the intellectual performance of the Black students of Kent County with the performance of the Black students of Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. The study became a classic. Would you believe, Dr. Tanser found that the Blacks of Kent County were as far behind the Whites of Kent County as the Blacks of Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana were behind the Whites of Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. After one hundred years there was no improvement in spite of integration. The question has to be asked, if the intellectual inferiority of the Black is demonstrably not a product of environment, and you claim it is not genetic, then what does cause that inferiority? Inferiority it is, beyond any question, and the educational establishment knows that, beyond any question, though the educational establishment today will never tell you about the Tanser study. Look it up. Its official title is Kent County Negroes, 1939, it was published in Chatham, Ontario, Canada and the author is H. A. Tanser, T-A-N-S-E-R.

Since the Tanser study, there have been numerous other studies. May I suggest the fine book, Black Intelligence in White Society, as a starting place for reviewing the literature on this subject.

The results have never differed. The question is, why are we not told these facts in our newspapers, magazines, and television programs? These media outlets constantly promote the idea of racial equality, though, this equality can nowhere be found in fact. If they are so sure they are right, why do they suppress public information on the Tanser study and other studies which show that racial difference in intelligence are inherited and largely immutable. The failure to discuss these studies along with any evidence to the contrary, whenever the race issue or “civil rights” are discussed, constitutes a gross violation of intellectual honesty and a lie by omission on the part of the media and our schools. The only weapons the integrationists have in their intellectual arsenal are bookburning, brainwashing and intimidation, that is all they have, they have nothing else, and they know it. If they have anything else, where is it?

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Source: National Alliance

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26 September, 2015 5:45 pm

I worked in the offshore oilfields in the Far East in the 1970s. And I recall having to walk the so-called intelligent Asians through everything. They couldn’t build and offshore oilfield for all the tea in China. And that includes the Japanese too. The Asian nations are not that highly refined. Coming over and scoring high on a test and receiving a degree doesn’t reflect their progress. The Chinese, Japanese, etc. have been to themselves for thousands of years but need our universities and knowledge. Why didn’t they build their own magnificent oilfields and colleges….

George Wright
George Wright
10 October, 2015 8:23 pm

Well said. It has always seemed to me that the “great Asian cultures” excel at finding cheap ways to produce products developed in Western nations, but virtually never develop anything “cutting edge” on their own.

Former Darfur
Former Darfur
11 October, 2015 2:20 am

The Japanese do not develop anything really new, in basic concept but they do refine existing ideas like the oxygen torpedo, various camera designs, the Wankel rotary engine, and various electronic circuits. They are pretty good at analog but are not very good programmers so their digital skills are not remarkable. They dominated the camera business by combining the Leica shutter with the Contax lens mount and other mechanicals, and evolved into the Nikon F which was the only camera any self respecting pro photographer would use for years. I own several pieces of Japanese electronic test equipment and am pretty impressed.

The Chinese, though, just cheaply copy unless you go over there and micromanage them.