Racial Differences, Liars, and the Risible Paywall

by David Sims

I LAUGH every time I browse a mainstream (read: controlled) media page and get blocked by a pop-up window that says, “Oops, you’re using an ad-blocker. To view our content, either whitelist us or pay a fee.”

Uh, no.

What I do, instead, every time, is click the “X” at the top right corner of the tab and close it.

Nobody needs the mainstream media anymore.

Even if they gave away their content for free, the only value it would have is letting you know which lies their Jewish bosses are pushing that day. Which, to be sure, is a useful thing to know. But since the general trends of those lies are already quite well known, the specifics aren’t worth paying for.

You can get better news from the growing alternative media.

CNN and MSNBC aren’t really news organizations. They are propaganda machines for the “liberal” globalist world order, with which the rest of the world is, or should be, at war.

And they lie to us to push their multiracial agenda. For example: In Houston, Texas recently, after the press had been blaming “a White man” for four days for the murder of a Black girl named Jazmine Barnes, the police arrested the killer — and he’s a Black man.

The Blacks, the leftists, the Jews (and the media they control, making them the most important) — do this every time.

Do you remember the Beltway Sniper (2002)? For weeks, the Blacks, the leftists, and the Jews were telling us all that the shooter was “a White man in a White van.” Then it turned out that the shooters were two Black men driving around in a Chevrolet car.

Do you remember the Atlanta Child Murderer (1982)? The Usual Suspects were saying it must be a White racist who was killing Black children in the city. Then it turned out to be a Black man named Wayne Williams.

But they’ll blame Whites every time that they think that they can get away with it. Tawana Brawley was a media-hyped liar. Crystal Gail Mangum was a media-hyped liar. They lied about George Zimmerman, too — fortunately, the jury saw through those lies.

The FBI crime statistics say that in 2015 there were 498,950 Black-on-White crimes and 88,050 White-on-Black crimes (combined violent crimes and property crimes). The ratio of Black crimes to White crimes was 5.667. The White to Black population ratio, in the United States, is five. Therefore, the typical Black is about 28 times more likely to commit a crime against a White person than a White is to commit a crime against a Black person.

When considering violent crimes alone, apart from property crimes, we get a similar picture. When the interracial violent crimes from 2012 through 2015 are totaled, there were 540,873 Black-on-White violent crimes, but only 92706 White-on-Black violent crimes. Blacks perpetrated 5.834 times more violent crimes against Whites than Whites did against Blacks. The typical Black was 29 times more likely to commit a violent attack on a White victim, as compared with the reverse.

Blacks are far, far more criminal-minded than are Whites.

In case you’re curious: The typical Mestizo “Hispanic” is 10 times more likely to attack a White victim, as compared with the reverse. The typical Black is 3.62 times more likely to attack a Mestizo “Hispanic,” as compared with the reverse. A Black is 15 times more likely than a White to be a member of a gang. A Mestizo “Hispanic” is 14 times more likely than a White to be a member of a gang.

Did the controlled media tell you any of these facts? Keep on closing those tabs.

* * *

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16 January, 2019 10:26 am

Dr. William Luther Pierce on The Mestizo Menace

Text and photo:

1 February, 2020 5:00 pm

I recall being on a radio talkback program> When I was asked where I received my information. I responded “Anywhere except the mainstream media!” I imagined my devious host’s turning various shades of purple and their devious brains exploding.