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mitt_romney_and_grandchildrenby H. Millard

THERE’S A TERRIFIC term making the rounds among Awakened Whites*: Cuck or Cuckservative.

The term comes from “cuckold” which in turn comes from cuckoo bird.

As you probably know, cuckoo birds have a reproductive and survival strategy that has them lay their eggs in the nests of other types of birds. Then, these other birds put in all the effort — waste their time and expend their precious energy — to hatch the cuckoo eggs. (ILLUSTRATION: Mitt Romney and grandchildren.)

When the cuckoo chicks hatch, they are often larger and more aggressive than the host birds’ chicks, and the cuckoo chicks out-compete the host chicks for the food supplied by the host parents which often starves the host chicks to death, and, if that doesn’t kill them off, the cuckoo chicks will often push the host chicks out of the nest to their deaths. The result is that the host birds are cuckolded: They work against their own best survival and reproductive interests, and instead help the reproductive and survival interests of the cuckoos. This is just one part of the Gene Wars that I write about often.

Now, to the point. Who is a human cuck?

Any White who miscegenates. Any White who adopts non-White children. Any White who helps non-Whites survive to make more like themselves. Any White who supports sending White kids to fight in wars that benefit non-Whites. Any White who works against White interests and who helps the interests of non-Whites.

This cuckoo chick, left, has parasitized its reed warbler "parent," right. Whites have also been parasitized, on many levels.
This cuckoo chick, left, has parasitized its reed warbler “parent,” right. Whites have also been parasitized, on many levels.

Here’s an example of a cuck: One who says they follow this or that religious belief system and that he or she would accept a non-White under his or her roof if they were the same religion — but who would not accept a fellow White under the roof if this White was not of that religion. Such a person may initially sound like an Awakened White but because they favor the non-White over the White they demonstrate that they don’t understand the fight we are in for our survival as Whites.

There can be no exceptions: Whiteness over all.

Here’s another example: one of former U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s sons adopting a Black child.

And, another: present U.S. presidential candidate Jeb Bush, who married a Mestizo woman and who produced children who his father, former president George H.W. Bush, once described as “the little brown ones.”

General examples from the political front also include those non-Jewish White politicians who do the bidding of Jews and who want to send non-Jewish White kids to fight for Jewish/Israeli/Zionist interests.

I’m sure you can name many cucks.

[Footnote: *I define an Awakened White as any non-Jewish White person who puts Whiteness before all else and who is consciously White all the time and who doesn’t apologize for being White, and who feels no guilt for being White, and who wants Whites to start breeding again (most importantly, by engaging in such breeding himself or herself) to win the Gene Wars. And, this is truly every White with these values, no matter their political or religious views or affiliations. If Whiteness trumps everything else, they are an Awakened White in my book.]

(© 2015 H. Millard)

* * *

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31 July, 2015 4:20 pm

Cuckold is Elizabethan/Shakespearean English.

“O, beware, my lord, of jealousy;
It is the green-ey’d monster, which doth mock
The meat it feeds on. That cuckold lives in bliss,
Who, certain of his fate, loves not his wronger:
But O, what damnèd minutes tells he o’er
Who dotes, yet doubts, suspects, yet strongly loves!”

30 December, 2020 10:29 pm

A few years ago I was astonished when someone i knew shot a cuckoo. Now I understand.