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by Tanstaafl IN THE same way the Jewsmedia presents Michael Brown and George Floyd as exemplars of White “racism”, it presents Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson as exemplars of White supremacism and nationalism. The absurd weakness of the exemplars the Jewsmedia selects to support their narratives…
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by David Sims YESTERDAY, TUCKER Carlson threw some light on the habitual and extreme lying from the “mainstream” media… as if this weren’t something that we already knew. It’s good to hear his acknowledgement of his industry’s duplicity though. One thing…
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When one of censored conservatism’s spokesmen suggests that securing his children’s future might require ditching and “blowing up” capitalism and the current System, you know the times they are a-changing. AMERICAN POLITICS are increasingly divided and violent. The…
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David Frum by Douglas Mercer TUCKER CARLSON said he didn’t care about Ukraine, that if it came to it he’d root for Russia. And so he let slip the dogs of war. The American establishment lost its collective mind. Jewish David Frum had already said that Carlson’s nationalism did not…
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by Hadding Scott THE SELF-PROCLAIMED conservatives of the Republican Party have a sickening tendency to try to minimize controversy by not challenging the sacred cows that the anti-White left sets up for us all. Thus we hear, for example, Rush Limbaugh speaking in reverential tones of “Dr.…
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Editor’s Note: Below is a superb piece of journalism about professional Zionist warmongers Max Boot and Bill Kristol taken from Tucker Carlson’s new book Ship of Fools: How A Selfish Ruling Class Is Bringing America to the Brink of Revolution. There is one major thing missing from Carlson’s
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