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Monstrosity in Montgomery

The “National Memorial for Peace and Justice” in Montgomery, Alabama. Mark our words: Soon our enemies will categorize even Blacks duly charged, tried, and convicted of horrific crimes as “victims” worthy of being memorialized. Everything we ever did will be judged as “wrong” and worthy of punishment, including our very existence.

by Douglas Mercer

APPARENTLY Montgomery, Alabama is the mecca of “civil rights” in America, a place where “important” things happened to destroy the country lock, stock, and barrel. Now the Black-worshipping city is a major highlight of something called the “Civil Rights Trail,” where many stations of the dark cross can be bowed to by the “guilty” traveler. Our enemies can travel down this via dolorosa and visit sites of “White infamy” where these insidious witnesses genuflect before the harbingers of the complete and total end of our race. That is, the city is a cesspool of “Black power” and a power center of White genocide.

The capital of Alabama represents an important place in the fight for voting rights, with the Alabama State Capitol Building having served as the end point of the third march for voting rights from Selma. In this city, not only can you visit museums and memorials commemorating the Civil Rights Movement, but you can also explore Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s church, the site of Rosa Parks’ arrest.

It looks like it’s boom times for Black “civil rights” grifters and for all the haters of White people. The site in Montgomery is expanding, and there is a lot of money sloshing around for this kind of putrid and lying rewriting of history. And millions of suckers go to see what is for all practical purposes the gallows under construction.

More than a million people have visited the National Memorial For Peace and Justice in Montgomery, Ala., since it opened four years ago. It’s a project of the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) that remembers thousands of lynching victims. Their names are etched on 800 steel blocks — one for each US county where racial killings occurred. The monuments hang from an open-air pavilion on a hilltop overlooking the Montgomery skyline. Now the memorial is expanding.

What a scene, eh? It’s like cloister where White people can retreat and ponder long and hard just how bad they are, how bad everything White is. One can get out of the muck and mire of a crime-ridden Black city and clear your head and breathe in the clean air of White guilt without any distractions.

59% of the residents of Montgomery are Black; 28% are White. 

You know what that means. Unfortunately you can’t keep crossing to the other side of the street because it’s filled with Blacks whichever way you go. And we assume that any White man or woman who can move out has moved out.

Unsurprisingly, a crime is committed in this un-fair city every 45 minutes (tick tock, says the jailer). Montgomery, Alabama, in addition to being one of the stations of the Black cross for “civil rights,” is a Black crime hellhole. Montgomery gets a “D” rating for violent crime and property crime. The “D” grade means the rate of crime is much higher than the average US city. Montgomery is in the 13th percentile for safety, meaning 87% of cities are safer and 13% of cities are more dangerous.

Civil rights! Integration!

Clearly these are two things which have failed as miserably as your average Black in a remedial algebra class. 

No wonder all those monuments on the hilltop are there; it’s to distract us from Negro crime sprees down below (as the bodies pile up). Perhaps they should have used those millions to buy home security systems and really effective firearms for the remaining Whites. Or plexiglass for the liquor stores, even if plexiglass is known to be “racist.”

The Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) is committed to challenging racial and economic injustice, and to protecting basic human rights for the most vulnerable people in American society. EJI works with communities that have been marginalized by poverty and discouraged by unequal treatment. And in 2018, we opened the National Memorial For Peace And Justice in Montgomery as part of our national effort to create new spaces, markers, and memorials that address the legacy of slavery, lynching, and racial segregation, which shapes many issues today.

“Peace and Justice”? There’s no peace in this city, and now that the authorities are forbidden from touching a single nappy hair on the head of a Negro, there is no justice either. 

What this hilltop monstrosity is is racial terror against White people. They drag us through the mud of the mud people’s supposed suffering, as if it mattered anyway. This is part and parcel of the evil reign of the tyranny of guilt. The truth is this: Sometimes the law equivocates; sometimes laws and procedures designed for civilized White men were twisted to allow a murderous non-White to escape justice; sometimes our governments and authorities were corrupt and refused to serve justice. Sometimes we, the people, must serve justice clean and rough and true.

The truth is that the White people of this time were in a bad spot; they had millions of Negroes loosed on them and they did their level best to combat the terror thus unleashed. It would have been far better if the Blacks had not been there, but, being there, they needed to be dealt with in a draconian fashion. They understand nothing else. More recent times have shown what horrors lenience brings. Perhaps it was grim necessity, but necessity it was, and they did not shirk or shrink from their duty. That so few today see this clearly, and so few have a good word for these people, says everything you need to know about our sad time. 

As the estimable writer who goes by the nom de guerre Hamburger Today cogently put it:

This monument is no different than if Whites put up a monument listing all the names of the victims of Black-on-White crimes. In fact, I think we should put up monuments all over the US that say ‘A Negro violated the rights of a White person at this spot’ and give the date. How do you think Negroes would feel about that?

Why are ‘lynchings’ such a special crime, but Negroes raping and murdering are not? The monument is a one-sided record designed to incite violence against Whites as an act of ‘reparations’ or any such other half-baked idea that enters the head of a Negro or impressionable White. If you’re White and don’t feel terrorized by this monument, you’ve been desensitized to anti-White racial hatred as part of the larger project of demoralizing Whites in order to commit genocide against them. This monument is an act of racial terrorism against Whites. It’s the only reason it exists.

True indeed.

EJI is excited to announce a new expansion of the National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery, Alabama. A major new sculpture and nearly 50 marker monuments that document racial terror lynchings in the United States will now be accessible to visitors. The marker monuments detail specific narratives about lynching violence and recognize communities around the country who have memorialized these local histories.

Lynchings have, for some reason, been plucked from the trash can of history and are big news now, even though more White people were lynched than Blacks — a fact you never hear about. They not too long ago made a movie about that perennial sob story of Emmett Till, and earlier this year the criminals in Washington passed a law called “The Emmett Till Anti-Lynching Act.” This bill made lynching a federal hate crime. They can’t shut down our border or keep our jobs here, but they can pass a law against something that hasn’t happened for half a century — and get up on their soap boxes and parade their “virtue” for the cameras, the Jews that own the cameras, and the “God blesses those who bless Israel” fools who are watching at home. Only three congresspersons voted against this bill. (The only thing which would achieve unanimity among these fools is a resolution stating the Jews are gods on earth and deserve to have their every wish fulfilled.)

The thing you need to know about these non-White lynching victims who are now commemorated, memorialized, revered, exalted, and martyred is that they were, almost to a man, criminals; they committed crimes against White people, often against White women, and the justice system for whatever reason could not be or was not trusted by the outraged public, and so good and decent men took matters into their own hands. What these criminals were most decidedly not were “good boys” who had seen the error of their ways and were “turning their lives around”; in fact the day they died they were as guilty as they’d ever been. Lynching was thus, for the most part, extrajudicial justice meted out righteously; it was a form of social hygiene and a last-ditch moral prophylactic. 

We think it’s important that truth and justice work become local and that every community that has witnessed the horror of lynching reckons with that history through memorialization.

You can see by the recent efflorescence of Black crime what it must have been like in those days; the Negro can’t change his colors. Communities now face the horrors of Black crime, but now the cops are taught just to let things slide, and woe betide the White man who would think about going vigilante today. A “hate crime” would be the least of it. Why, there have been women who have merely called the cops on a Black male and had their live turned upside down. When people see this kind of thing often enough, they get the message — the message being: Just leave the Negro criminal alone and try to keep your head down in the meantime. Indeed, there is so much Black crime now that it is said that the “Black Lives Matter” movement taken as a whole, with its Floyd effect following on the Ferguson effect, has been calculated to have caused more Black deaths that all the lynchings in America combined. Maybe all those “White supremacists” that the SPLC tells us are hiding under our beds ought to re-think their attitude toward the “BLM” agents of chaos; from that angle at least they have done some yeoman’s work. 

Is there any American social problem that removing millions of Blacks from the streets wouldn’t solve? 

EJI has also erected steel duplicates of nearly 50 marker monuments. The sculpture, Arise, dramatizes the work of local citizens helping their communities remember and reckon with history.

Their statues go up even as ours go down; you ever notice that?

The way the icons of this country have changed, it makes you think a revolution has taken place — because it has. Even the suggestion that grim-visaged Harriet Tubman might replace the noble profile of Andrew Jackson on the trading stamps we’re forced to use for money is a fire bell in the night.

The National Memorial for Peace and Justice, which opened to the public on April 26, 2018, is the nation’s first memorial dedicated to the legacy of enslaved Black people, people terrorized by lynching, African Americans humiliated by racial segregation and Jim Crow, and people of color burdened with contemporary presumptions of guilt and police violence.

Blacks love the victim card; it’s what they know. The fact of the matter is that from the day they were set free, Blacks have caused colossal and intractable problems for White society, in terms of dysfunction, crime, the creation of horrible and dangerous neighborhoods; it’s not a mystery at all why every major American political figure of the mid-nineteenth century was dedicated to recolonization: to shipping them back whence they came and to undo the primal blunder; so that the continent could be wiped clean of the looming menace of their presence.

These great men had seen the Negro as he was and is, up close, and they knew with a boundless conviction that no amount of nonsensical blather about “equality,” no amount of education, and no passage of time, would ever make a stitch of difference and render the Negro able to participate peacefully in an advanced and increasingly technical civilization; that if attempts were made to integrate Negroes into this society, the White majority would be hounded and harried for as long as this abomination lasted. Nothing that has transpired since that time has proven them wrong in even one particular. 

What the White man did to the Blacks when he held the reins of power was done not out of malevolence, but out of self-defense, self-preservation, and the hope that some way or another the White world could survive. So for Negroes to trumpet their victimhood rings hollow; it is they who have been and always will be the victimizers, as a glance at the crime news on any given day shows beyond any question.

My words sound strange and upside-down only because we live in a strange and upside-down world. But the moment a person clears himself of the indoctrination and sees clearly what he can see with his eyes, without fear or guilt, he will see that my words ring true. 

Six million Black people fled the South as refugees and exiles as a result of these racial terror lynchings.

Did you say six million? Will Jews sue for copyright infringement? They have proprietary rights to the phrase “six million” and think even Negroes should get their own number.

The Memorial for Peace and Justice was conceived with the hope of creating a sober, meaningful site where people can gather and reflect on America’s history of racial inequality. EJI partnered with artists like Kwame Akoto-Bamfo whose sculpture on slavery confronts visitors when they first enter the memorial.

This is anti-White propaganda intended to make its White victims “reassess their Whiteness” and sap their will to even exist. The statues are meant to further demoralize a consciousness already prepared for the final coup by a lifetime of anti-White Jewish media programming; here a White man must put down his defenses, here a White man is walking into a church-like Black “sacred space.” Whites are intended to contemplate their own “inherent evil” here, which will lead to a resolve to abjure their race and work for the benefit of other races.

Set on a six-acre site, the memorial uses sculpture, art, and design to contextualize racial terror. The site includes a memorial square with 800 six-foot monuments to symbolize thousands of racial terror lynching victims in the United States and the counties and states where this terrorism took place.

What is this place? What is this monstrosity? A chamber of horrors essentially alleging that American history was nothing but a chamber of horrors.

And, proving the reality of all those billions of dollars that the anti-White corporations fed into the Black machine in the wake of the George Floyd drug overdose, you see that our enemies, like this nest in Montgomery, are flush with cash; anti-Whiteness is a growth industry. They are adding exhibits, adding wings.

They are annexing the country.

We call this new section Community Reckoning, says EJI founder and Executive Director Bryan Stevenson. It’s the way in which communities are asking localities to kind of reckon with this history — to remember, to talk more honestly and more thoughtfully about what this history represents.

When you hear “reckoning,” think railroading, because that’s what they mean. They want you to “come to terms with the past” — but what we need is to celebrate it. They want “truth and reconciliation,” but we only need truth. They have no interest in reconciliation, and neither should we: Our differences are irreconcilable, and we should get a divorce. Never forget these are rapists, arsonists, and murderers that that they are honoring here under the cover of “victim status.” Never forget that all of their perfumed talk about Black “humiliation” is a front for Black savagery. 

The group is touring the country with a sculpture called Blank Slate by the Ghanaian artist Kwame Akoto-Bamfo. The monument is on display in Montgomery at the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Civil Rights Memorial Center.

Looks like the Southern Poverty Law Center (the progenitor of “Hatewatch”) is in on the Montgomery Action as well — surprise, surprise, the Jews and Negroes being the one-two punch which it remains unclear if America will be able to survive. This piece — with the appropriately Boasian name of Blank Slate — has a board on which people can (electronically) write, supposedly whatever they want. Presumably “Black is the color of crime” would not be allowed.

His outdoor sculpture Nkyinkyim Installation, dedicated to the memory of the victims of the transatlantic slave trade, is on display at the National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery, Alabama. The work is directly connected to a larger installation of the same name made up of over 1,500 portraits of Africans in the Diaspora.

“Diaspora” is a rather high-sounding name for the Blacks who are flooding our world. It can be tightly argued that, completely under their own steam, no sub-Saharan Black would have left his accustomed habitat until at least the middle of the 20th century (if even then). That is, due to their ignorance and ineptitude, they were stranded in the jungle, swinging from the trees. And as for the transatlantic slave trade, my guess is that in all of the text at the museum, in all of the explanations of what happened, no mention will be made of the central role of Jews. Because the point is not only not reconciliation, it is also not truth — it is using these proliferating anti-White venues as cudgels for power.

It’s a towering piece in which four figures are stacked to represent the historical suffering of African Americans. An enslaved man in shackles is at the base, supporting a Black Union soldier, a noose around his neck. Above the soldier is a woman with a baby on her back. She carries a beacon in one hand and a sign in the other.

They really are laying it on thick; they know how to pluck the heartstrings of White guilt; they play it like a lute. This is a people who have contributed absolutely nothing to world culture, to world civilization worth the price of what they have destroyed, but have ridden on the back of their betters into the modern world. It looks like these people’s only resource is guilt inducement. The elite among them have been well-trained by the Jews and have learned all too well that their people’s greatest resource is their “past pain and suffering” — capital which is growing day by day. And they are not one bit hesitant in investing it in the — so far — fertile fields of White cowardice and guilt.

Montgomery is full of Confederate monuments — the city bills itself as both the Cradle of the Confederacy and the Birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement. And there’s rich history around nearly every corner — the state Capitol steps where Jefferson Davis took the oath of office as president of the Confederacy and where former Gov. George Wallace declared segregation forever are just a block from the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church where the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was pastor and helped lead the Montgomery bus boycott.

This is the crux of it; this is the either/or; this is the battle: Which way, White man? 

Lynchings, in addition to being just reprisals for specific instances of Black crime, were a method of achieving peace through strength. 

Modeled on important projects used to overcome difficult histories of genocide, apartheid, and horrific human rights abuses in other countries, EJI’s sites are designed to promote a more hopeful commitment to racial equality and just treatment of all people.

The Holocaust, apartheid — the models: The museums which spring up, and the literature which accrues around these events is really startling; it is as if an entire civilization which had been strong and confident and forward-looking and ascendant had suddenly become paralyzed by the “costs” of its unprecedented success; as if at the very moment of its crowning achievements, the civilization had changed its mind, stopped on a dime, and in fit of remorse and mortification said: No, we should not have won; it was wrong to have won; now we must atone for it; now we must consign ourselves to oblivion to make amends; now we must cease to exist in order to make it right. 

And that’s what sites like the one in Montgomery are all about; this is the end they seek — to render the White race defenseless and vulnerable and thinking always: How can we fight in an evil cause?

Thus it shall be — until enough of us join the National Alliance, and build our strength; until we greet that golden morning when we will say to our would-be replacements and would-be executioners: To Hell with you! — and restore the old spirit of the race, the spirit that was always the marvel of the world, which brooked no opposition and apologized for nothing.

* * *

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Robert Ferrara
Robert Ferrara
3 May, 2022 11:03 am

Such a racist world, that we live in. The fact that they build these gruesome edifices, is proof positive, that they have never had it so good.

Nat Sosh
Nat Sosh
Reply to  Robert Ferrara
3 May, 2022 3:50 pm

spot on.

these s$&t-creatures truly have no idea how well we allowed their useless lives to turn out. Not a clue.

With the jew, persistently whispering in their big, dense, flappy elephant ears ….it will continue to get incrementally worse.

Hey….thanks again…jew.

3 May, 2022 2:05 pm

It’s like cloister where White people can retreat and ponder long and hard just how bad they are, how bad everything White is. One can get out of the muck and mire of a crime-ridden Black city and clear your head and breathe in the clean air of White guilt without any distractions.”

True. Just ask SpongeKike SquareKikes – they know EVERTHING!!

Nat Sosh
Nat Sosh
3 May, 2022 3:59 pm

A most excellent post here from Mr. Mercer…again…who is seriously becoming my *favorite* writer of the last 50 years.
Just bursting with that juicy racial realism and Kike-awareness that makes a rational man smile.

He sorta summed things up in the beginning of the piece , for me anyway:

*they drag us through the mud of the
mud people’s supposed suffering ,
as if it mattered *or matters* any-

It doesn’t .

These sub-saharan ,dark american monsters….nor their filthy Number
6 Nosed jew handlers.

Not in the least.


Props to the Merc.

3 May, 2022 10:10 pm

He who pays the piper calls the tune.
As long as our filthy, treasonous politicians support the domestic use of foreign debt currency, (which consequently is poised and sold to us as “American Dollars”), we the unsuspecting and ignorant, ultimately deserve what is coming to us.

Frederick Ford
Frederick Ford
4 May, 2022 1:21 am

you know this very sense of judgment isn’t rooted in reality. In fact, I found an article that explains the human moral structure and what it really means. It should debunk this very idea of Black being moral victims and white people being evil.
Human Life & Philosophy: What is Morality? (

Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Reply to  Frederick Ford
4 May, 2022 10:18 am

Frederick Ford: …[T]his very idea of Black being moral victims and white people being evil… Jaysus F. Christ, Fred! What sort of morality has you capitalizing Black and spelling white with lower case? Do you do that consciously? National Vanguard is simply the online magazine of the National Alliance, the organization that Mr. Mercer encourages his readers here to join — yet I am unaware if even one of the commentators I see above is a supporter, much less a member of our Alliance. It’s as if you folks come here to be entertained rather than become part of the solution. I perused the article you linked to and find its anonymous author’s conclusion about morality to be little more than typical, counterproductive bullshit: I do not in any way… Read more »

Rommel 41
Rommel 41
5 May, 2022 6:40 pm

A ‘problem’ that calls only for the bulldozer as solution.
In fact, let’s make that a movie title: “The Bulldozer as Solution”
Yes, I like it ! Let’s begin pitching it around Hollywood soon :)

14 May, 2022 6:38 am

Why is there not a sign in Atlanta on the spot where Mary Phagan was killed by the jew Leo Frank???

Greetings from germany.