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Death of a Con Man

Harold A. Covington

by Kevin Alfred Strom

HAROLD COVINGTON, who died this week, does not deserve to receive accolades or be remembered as a comrade. He was not a comrade.

He consciously sought to ruin our cause and the good fighters who were and are fighting for it.

He was a talented writer — and an unscrupulous liar. His migration ideas weren’t original with him.

I almost never talk about him, because the endless online fighting promoted by such as he serves the purposes of the racial enemy, as it probably is intended to do. But I must address him, since the historical record must not be falsified.

Harold Covington was either working for the enemy or had profound mental and moral pathologies beyond almost anyone I have known in this life — and I have known a few doozies.

Covington published a forged letter over my signature back in the 1990s in which “I” denounced Dr. Pierce and resigned from the National Alliance. He published several such forgeries in my name. He has also published forged letters over the signatures of many other good people, some of them of my personal acquaintance: Evelyn Hill, Ron Doggett, Fred Streed, Carlos Porter, Gerald Sprouse — a totally dishonorable act for which I do not believe there should ever be forgiveness, no matter what his other talents may be.

In my case, I believe he issued the forged letter in retaliation for my tracing another forgery of his back to his IP address — a totally fake Associated Press article he published “exposing” my friend (and now National Alliance Chairman) Will Williams, a man of utmost courage and integrity, as “actually” being “FBI Special Agent James R. Finchley.”

I published my factual findings. This enraged Covington, leading to his retaliation — which he also used to hurt Dr. William Pierce. Making up falsehoods about Dr. Pierce was another of his obsessions.

In the case of revisionist writer Carlos Porter, when Porter exposed a letter forged by Covington that was purportedly from him (Porter), Covington began making the bizarre claims 1) that Porter had actually died years before (from “acute alcoholism,” Covington said), on a date that even preceded Covington’s forged Porter letter ( ! ); and 2) that the denials of authorship were being made by someone who was “impersonating” Porter — a person who was probably Kevin Strom, Covington insinuated.

In the case of William Pierce, my friend of decades-long standing and one of the most genuine, authentic people I’ve ever known, Covington claimed that Dr. Pierce was a “federal informant,” that the National Alliance was a “scam” designed to help Dr. Pierce “retire on hundreds of rolling acres in West Virginia,” and made many other false, harmful, and unsubstantiated claims — all made up out of whole cloth, like nearly all his accusations.

Covington falsely claimed that the founder of the Church of the Creator, Ben Klassen, whom my friend Will Williams knew well, was a secret Jew and homosexual who would lure young skinheads into his church, rape them, and then murder them with impunity to hush them up. Ask yourself what kind of a man would create, publish, and publicize such lies.

Covington publicly accused Will Williams not only of being an FBI agent, but also of being “John Doe Number Two” in the Oklahoma City bombing case. Williams took him to court over that and won a significant judgement — the only one of Covington’s victims to do so, to my knowledge.

One could write a fair-sized book debunking all the lies and forgeries Harold Covington has committed, many of them obviously designed to sow discord and distrust among those fighting for the only cause worth fighting for. Some of them are very well documented here by Hadding Scott:

If our enemies were not paying Harold Armstead Covington in silver, they owe him a debt of deep gratitude. It is they who should be offering tribute to him. We should not.

Back in the 1990s, when I first exposed Covington’s forgery campaign, the Con Man wrote to me and threatened retaliation if I did not shut up. When I refused, he replied with a two-word email: “It begins.” His lying defamation of me has been nearly continuous since then. But now, not only for me but for all his other victims: It ends.

* * *

Ingrid Zundel on Harold Covington
from the Zundelsite (1999)

June 13, 1999

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Just a few days ago, I wrote:

I have often heard Ernst say that where our opposition gets the upper hand on us is in intrinsic tribe cohesion. The Chosenites stick to each other – we, sad to say, do not.

Those of us who struggle, write and publish openly as activists against historical vilification, using our own names, putting our action where our true, not just professed, priorities are, have had to deal with something that is very ugly: Vicious character assassination attacks that come from within our own ranks.

As often as not, smears out of the blue come from people who don’t have the guts to use use their real names and hide behind a pseudonym – or two or three or four! – and seem to think that makes them safe to hurt and badmouth other people who are trying their darndest, and then some, to serve and to further a cause.

Just a few days ago, for instance, I learned of someone – not exactly a friend of Ernst Zundel’s – who is writing under the cyber pen name of What will we get from such a malefactor, who undoubtedly chose this web address, knowing that the Zundelsite is parked at Webcom? Your guess is as good as my guess. The man was a teacher. He is intelligent and writes well, but never having succeeded in building up an audience or a following of his own for his writings, he is reduced to this?

These people are the bane of our movement.

My first “trial by fire” with this sort of thing came a few years ago from a fellow who called himself “Winston Smith” and claimed to be the leader of the “National Socialist White People’s Party.” He, too, writes exceedingly well and knows all the right words – but not the song, alas! This is true of most of these people – they are intelligent and use words like stilettos.

The incident that triggered his ire against me was not itself of great importance – small things will set these people off like rockets – but for a year or so I had to put up with intermittent sniping from this “Winston Smith”.

Before too long, it was revealed his name was Harold Covington – a man Ernst had warned me about because he has had the inside information on Covington since the 1970s. Covington left a swath of broken friendships, relationships, ruined political groups, lovers – and children by various women in different places. This is another hallmark of what I call “The Syndrome” – these people don’t have many friends. They move into relationships initially with skill and charm – and then they begin to destroy with a vengeance.

More was revealed about this Harold Covington. Among the items was his own admission that the so-called “Party” existed of exactly three people – and it seems he was counting himself.

Recently the patriotic movement in the USA and around the world was upset by what was promoted as an Associated Press article of a deep cover penetration in right wing organizations, naming Ernst Zundel and David Irving as people compromised.

I called Ernst, and he said no such infiltration had taken place – that it must be a concocted article. No such person as the one described or named in the article ever visited the Zundel-Haus.

Here is the text of the full article. For someone who loves the art of writing and practices the craft to earn a living, I thought the style seemed oddly familiar – and sounded just like Covington. I even told Ernst so.

Here is that article [Although the forger intentionally omits Will Williams’ name, the details are such that anyone familiar with Williams or the National Alliance would immediately know that it was he who was, according to the article, “really” “Special Agent Finchley.” — Ed.]:

Source: Fox News

FBI Agent Penetrated Into The Heart of Darkness 5.11 a.m. ET (9: 11 GMT) June 5, 1999

By Wendy Nakamura, Associated Press

WASHINGTON DC (AP) ó For almost fourteen years, he lived in a world of hatred, bigotry, and violence.

He attended Klan rallies and meetings of buttoned-down intellectual racists in business suits in the most upmarket hotels. He met and hosted Holocaust deniers like German- Canadian Ernst Zundel and British author David Irving. He was there at cross-burnings and street marches, waving a picket sign or a Confederate battle flag and always shouting the loudest of any among his White supremacist cohorts. He drank beer with Skinhead gangs, swapped jokes with them about African-Americans, Hispanics, and Jews, and heard them plot hate crimes and racial assaults. He cruised the Internet, posting racist messages to computer bulletin boards and newsgroups, making contacts with neo-Nazis and nationalist extremists the world over. He infiltrated the inner councils of almost every top hate group in the United States and even in Europe. He even filed a libel suit against another White supremacist who claimed he was an FBI informant.

But he was.

Last month FBI Special Agent James R. Finchley, a decorated Vietnam veteran and “one of the best and bravest men ever to graduate out of Quantico” according to a former instructor at the world-famous FBI academy who knew him and trained him, came in from the cold at last, after successfully carrying out the longest-running deep-cover infiltration of any criminal or terrorist underworld in the history of American law enforcement.

Finchley’s fourteen years in the White racist underground produced only a handful of actual prosecutions, but “that wasn’t his primary mission,” according to the former director of the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit at Quantico, Kenneth M. Lanning. “He was there to listen and learn, and the wealth of information he obtained for us is beyond price.”

“It is not too much to say that we now know virtually everything there is to know about organized race hatred in this country. These guys [White supremacist activists and leaders] couldn’t go to the can without us knowing about it,” Lanning said.

FBI Director Louis Freeh was not available for comment, but U. S. Attorney General Janet Reno told a reporter, “We usually do not make any public statement on covert operations of this nature until all criminal cases associated with an investigation have been brought to a conclusion, but I will say that Special Agent Finchley displayed uncommon courage, resourcefulness, and initiative in a very complex and often dangerous situation.”

Finchley’s cover was so deep he is reported to have actually married one woman who was involved in a White supremacist group he wanted to penetrate. On that occasion he went to St. Petersburg, Russia to meet and bring to America a Russian woman who was to be the “mail order bride” of a nationally known White supremacist leader who was banned from entering the country because of his views.

Finchley was so taken with the woman that he persuaded her to marry him instead, allegedly in order to keep her out of the clutches of the racist leader. Soon afterwards he and his Russian wife amicably divorced and Agent Finchley arranged for her to get a green card and relocate to Florida.

Justice Department sources are close-mouthed about many of the details of Finchley’s fourteen-year odyssey into the murky underworld of racism and hate. “There are still some loose ends to be tied up, and once this gets out there are going to be some very angry White supremacists out there,” said a spokesman for the Department.

The source refused to say whether Agent Finchley had been moved into the Witness Protection Program or what measures were being taken to prevent retaliation by Finchley’s former comrades in the racist movement.

Possibly the most bizarre event of Finchley’s long- running undercover operation was when he was accused of having been involved in the Oklahoma City bombing as “John Doe Number Two” by the editor of a racist newsletter who had long suspected Finchley of being a Federal agent. Finchley took an absolutely unprecedented step: he sued the editor for libel and obtained a 110,000 default judgment when the defendant didn’t show up in court to try the case.

“I don’t know if he’s been successful in collecting any of the money the judge awarded him,” said Lanning.

It was not long before Vincent Breeding of the National Alliance put out a press release explaining what apparently happened. Here is that press release:

Fake News Article Source Found

NNA featured an article yesterday detailing a fake news article entitled: “FBI Agent Penetrated the Heart of Darkness”. After a detailed search of the AP Wire, Fox (the supposed source) and other news agencies, including calls to AP’s Washington DC and NYC offices (who are very interested in who wrote this story for legal reasons), it was found to be a fraud intended to ruin the reputation of a devoted activist to our Cause.

This article was posted and e-mailed using a not-so-anonymous Hotmail address. Well known radio personality and author Kevin Alfred Strom ( traced the IP address of the original Usenet posting of this message. He found that the author was the well known forger, liar, and possible FBI agent (see Harold Covington, who was the former “leader” of a bogus Internet organization using the stolen name of “NSWPP”. This is not the first use of forged or fake messages by Mr. Covington who had one time posted a fake resignation letter attributed to Kevin Strom (see

NNA and virtually every patriotic leader, activist and organization on the planet have universally condemned Harold Covington as a psychopath and a compulsive liar. Covington pops up periodically to distract and attract new racialists who don’t know his background. Those who run across him are subscribed to his Internet ranting against their will and subjected to 20, 30 and sometimes 100 messages a day of attacks on various racialists and Nationalist organizations.

The Internet is a powerful weapon against our enemies as it allows us to reach millions with our message. It is also a powerful weapon in the hands of our enemies who know how to disrupt our progress and subvert our aims. Now is the time to focus and work harder than ever toward our goals. Don’t give our enemies the satisfaction of sitting back and laughing at our follies while they march us toward oblivion.

Vincent Breeding
NNA Editor

I debated long and hard with myself whether it was a good idea to run these two juxtaposed pieces. In principle I don’t believe in “tratsching out”, as we would say in German, the emotional problems of marginal, imbalanced people who are unfortunately drawn to our cause. It seems that they mistakenly believe that this is the place where cheap thrills can be found. They could not be more mistaken.

Ernst and I have often talked about what might be the best policy in neutralizing these harmful elements. There seems to be no best policy, for people without conscience are like human pin balls, following most any whim. Anything can set them off – and invariably will. This is why the ADL, the FBI, CSIS and the RCMP often use them as their main “mining” ground for intelligence information. They do not care, for the Cause means nothing to them, in spite of polished words. Their egos and emotions must be thrilled. They get high just on the rush of hurting somebody with impunity. Ernst’s take is that they have to be pulled up like weeds – and shunned like stinging nettles.

In general, I have said, again and again: “Let’s get along. Let’s guard against those infights! They hurt more than they help.” But now and then there comes a point where one must take a stand. I am taking a stand – and I say that to do this sort of thing and circulate that kind of fraud is shameful and destructive – and its author knew it to be!


* * *

Kevin Alfred Strom’s tracing of the forgery
from Usenet (1999)

[Context: A correspondent had referred to Covington’s forgery alleging that Will Williams was actually “FBI Special Agent James Finchley,” calling it the “Fox article,” since the forgery purported to have been an AP article published on Fox News. That correspondent then expressed doubt that the forgery originated with Harold Covington. This was 1999, and almost everyone was using dial-up modems.]

by Kevin Alfred Strom

I don’t know what you mean by the “Fox” article.

If you mean the fake “Finchley” article, then I must respectfully disagree. The IP tracing was about as conclusive as one could want, short of an actual confession. As I wrote earlier:

I will forward to you three messages as attachments immediately after I send this message.

The first message is from Covington, admitted to be his and signed by him, posted at 23:35:09 on 11th June, 1999. (IP address

The second is a copy of the Finchley article, from a phony email address called “Anti-Covington Alliance,” posted at 23:38:18 on the same day, three minutes after the previous message from Covington. (IP address

You’ll note that the IP addresses of these two messages are precisely the same, as are the headers indicating the mail client and ISP used. Since it was a dial-up circuit at UUNet that was used, this means that Covington did not drop his modem connection between switching identities. The only other explanation is that somehow another person managed to connect to the same modem that Covington was using three minutes before. This is unlikely, since there appear to have been more than 200 modems at this particular point of presence — see message three for proof. (Covington also used exactly the same IP address when dishonestly forging replies to his own postings, pretending to be people who were either agreeing with him or arguing with him.)

The Finchley article was also posted six more times that day, within a ten-minute period, under various titles, all with the same IP address and header information as the second one I am sending. I can forward these other six if you’d like.

The third message is another from Covington, posted the next day. (IP address This message shows that the number of modems at this point of presence was over 200. It is quite unlikely that anyone trying to implicate Covington could somehow have 1) known when Covington would drop his connection, or 2) been able to connect to the same modem in a bank of over 200 modems, especially within three minutes.

Now, I admit, there is a bare possibility that I am wrong. The IP address information for articles posted by Covington under his own name immediately before and after the “Finchley” forgery was sent match exactly those of the forgery itself. And the IP block, local dialup, and ISP used for all of Covington’s articles for months before and months thereafter all match the forgery, too. Occam’s Razor tells us that the most likely explanation is that Covington posted the forgery. And that conclusion is strengthened when you consider that he has been proven — even more conclusively — to have posted other forgeries.

Let’s look at the only possible scenarios in which my conclusion is incorrect.

For example, if all the articles that purported to come from Covington on his e-list and on Usenet, for months before that forgery and for months afterward, were all fake and actually not from the Con-man, then my conclusion that Covington transmitted the “Finchley” piece is unlikely.

Also, if the forger had the ability to access precisely the same dialup circuit as Covington (and many such circuits are connected to a single access number), minutes after Covington dropped his connection, and then — by some fantastic coincidence that the forger would not have been able to anticipate — Covington had re-connected to that same exact dialup modem a few minutes after the forger dropped the line, then it is possible that Covington did not transmit the piece.

But, unless you are willing to accept such a wildly unlikely train of coincidences, you must accept my conclusion.

Furthermore, it is indisputable that the article is a fake. It was never carried by AP, nor by any newspaper. A Google search on “Associated Press” and “Wendy Nakamura” turns up only one racialist newsletter which innocently reprinted the forgery, and Ingrid Rimland’s exposé of the affair. The forgery could serve no possible purpose but to buttress Covington’s bizarre allegations against Will Williams, which it did to a “t,” as they say.

In certain other forgeries which Covington committed, not only was exactly the same dialup circuit used for his pieces under his own name and those under forged names, but the timestamp in the headers (generated by Covington’s own computer) showed a slow but steady drift away from the timestamp provided by his ISP at the time, Netcom.

What, I ask you, is the likelihood of someone who is using the same ISP as Covington, someone who is using the same dialup circuit as Covington in the same town, someone who is posting in the same threads as Covington and supporting his allegations, and someone who is using a computer that is, within a fraction of second, showing the same time error as Covington’s, not being Covington?

Even if I had no expertise in the tracing of these forgeries by Covington, I would still know — absolutely — that he is a fraud. He has repeatedly posted, under his own email address and name, without any concealment, false claims about me (such as his repeated claims that I resigned from the National Alliance), forged letters over my signature, and claims about others that I am certain are false (such as his claim that Carlos Porter is dead).

Now the Internet and especially Usenet are wild and wooly places sometimes, and, as you state, there is quite a bit of forgery. Why I should I be so concerned about Covington’s?

Because I have sacrificed twenty years of my life and many things which are very precious to me for this racial Cause of ours; because I care very much about those men and women who have been awakened and changed their paths in life to do something about the plight of our people; and because I know beyond any doubt that this man is an utter fraud whose purpose is to defame good people.

* * *

Source: Author

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  1. George Wright
    25 July, 2018 at 6:28 pm — Reply

    Covington was an enormous P.O.S. who did a great disservice to the White race with his divisive lies and deliberate campaign of misinformation. The only way he could have served the cause he claimed to champion was to have died in his crib as an infant. Goodbye and good riddance.

  2. Arvin N. Prebost
    25 July, 2018 at 6:39 pm — Reply

    Thanks for the warning, Kevin.

    For many years, I have thought of ordering the books by this man. “The Hill of the Ravens” sounded interesting.

    I know that frustrated artists sometimes engage in impish behavior–and it is usually mostly mind-games—but this guy sounds like a psycho who did real damage in the real world.

  3. 25 July, 2018 at 8:16 pm — Reply

    No one did more harm to the pro-White cause over the last four decades than Covington. His long-awaited death is a great benefit to us all.

    Good riddance – and may his memory fade fast!

  4. JimB
    26 July, 2018 at 5:52 am — Reply

    I never knew any of this history until now, but I was always leery of the man and didn’t trust his movement one bit. For one thing, his character, or lack thereof rather, was a major red-flag for me. He threw racial epithets around constantly, fitting perfectly the ADL’s portrayal of White racialists: fat, unshaven, low-IQ and low class, vulgar, beer-swilling “Kluxers”. That was my most immediate impression of the guy after listening to only a single broadcast of his.

    Now, I don’t like talking negative about the dead, but dead or not, some things have to be discussed honestly. I believe Mr. Strom’s account of the things this Covington creature did… and I tend to concur with the assessment that if he wasn’t directly working for the enemy, then he at least had profound mental and moral pathologies.

    I won’t say “good riddance” about his death, but I will say that I’m glad it didn’t happen at this critical time in our struggle to someone actually important to this movement.

    • 26 July, 2018 at 7:42 pm — Reply

      I never knew any of this history until now… I won’t say “good riddance” about his death, but I will say that I’m glad it didn’t happen at this critical time in our struggle to someone actually important to this movement.

      “This movement?” Are we talking about the same movement?

      Kevin Strom, Martin Kerr, Hadding Scott, Metzger, Klassen, Pierce, Tyndall, Zundel and dozens of other sincere racial nationalist leaders have been sounding the alarm about Tubbo for decades now.

      “Big Lie” Covington is finally dead. Good! Beware of those who associated with him or who think he was harmless, like I just saw here:

      “Leaders of the Balk Right – Roper, Covington, Dr. Hill, and Kawczynski…”

      Huh? “Purity?” Is the balk-right the latest new “Movement” since the alt-right died? Messrs. Roper, Hill and Kawczynski should be warned that the Covington stain is high near impossible to remove short of amputation. Anyone who spends an hour or so perusing articles at this blog will learn everything he needs to know about the late Mr. C.:

      Thanks again, Hadding, for your service and for building that informative blog.

      • JimB
        28 July, 2018 at 10:41 am — Reply

        Mr. Williams, yes I was referring to THIS White Nationalist movement. Which, unless I’ve completely missed something, includes all of the folks you mentioned, including yourself and myself and a whole lot of other people. As for whether or not Covington was a part of this movement, for better or worse, that’s a matter of perspective… and I think Mr. Strom’s (judging by the article) is pretty clear. And, unless you didn’t understand my post, mine is pretty clear: I believe Kevin Strom, I believe that Covington did all of the things Strom said he did, and I myself didn’t consider Covington to be a beneficial participant to White Nationalism, much less a leader. So, do you have a problem with the semantics I used, with tacitly including Covington as a movement-persona even though he was poison, or for categorizing National Alliance as White Nationalist? I’m afraid that I don’t understand why you singled-out that section from my post, or questioned Axis Sally’s. We’re here commenting about this article Mr. Strom published, acknowledging that Covington was a putz and showing support for the National Alliance and National Vanguard.

        • 29 July, 2018 at 12:08 pm — Reply

          JimB: I don’t understand why you singled-out that section from my post…

          I suppose I was surprised that you wanted to comment about the well-documented “Movement” con man who is the subject of this thread when you admit you are unaware of his well-documented rap sheet. The purpose of Kevin’s “Death of a Con Man” is to make people aware of the scoundrel and of his misdeeds, and warn them of his type.

          Covington was a sworn enemy of the National Alliance, the sponsor of National Vanguard, but you probably wouldn’t know that, being from some other arm of the White Nationalist movement besides NA. WN is a big tent and NA is the alternative for many White race-thinkers in that tent, particularly those independent-minded truth-seekers who do not claim to be Christian patriots.

          Kevin will feature “The Perils of Hobbyism” here as a separate article instead of our just linking to it; Dr. Pierce gives his perspective on whether or not HAC was part of our movement — NOT! Feel free to comment under that, if you wish. So can Axis Sally. We appreciate your support for NV. I hope you and other NV commentators will commit to being official supporters of NA, which entitles you to our snail-mailed internal members BULLETIN each month.

          • JimB
            29 July, 2018 at 11:04 pm

            “I suppose I was surprised that you wanted to comment about the well-documented “Movement” con man who is the subject of this thread when you admit you are unaware of his well-documented rap sheet.”

            I’m surprised that you were surprised. I had just read the story, so, yes, I commented. Not everyone has knowledge about the history of this guy or his dealings with other White Nationalists. I never cared enough about finding out much about Covington, to be honest. I pretty much determined that he was a slob from my first listen to him on Radio Aryan. And I’ve only been reading National Vanguard (and listening to ADV) for a couple of years.

            “…you probably wouldn’t know that, being from some other arm of the White Nationalist movement besides NA.”

            I’m not “from some other arm” of anything, really. I have only been aware of the Jewish Problem for a couple of years. Before that time, even though I didn’t like blacks and was what people might call a “racist”, I was pretty oblivious to groups like NA. But having listened to my share of ‘conspiracy-theorists’ like Alex Jones some years ago, and always wondering who these “globalists” were that he was always going on about, I finally, through seeing some comments from “red-pilled” folk, got it and began seeking out more truth.

            “We appreciate your support for NV. I hope you and other NV commentators will commit to being official supporters of NA…”

            I’ll definitely consider it. Have for quite some time. I’m just a bit leery of becoming entwined with NA, to be perfectly honest. You guys have had your own share of scandals, some pretty bad. Not saying I believe that anyone was guilty of anything, mind you, but I’ve been down many a road in my life and I’m very careful about who I crawl in the sack with. Plus I could never be a “believer” in this Cosmotheism stuff. I get the science part (evolution, eugenics) and do in fact see eugenics as something vital to the upward evolution of our race, but I don’t buy the “God” side of any religion or cult. Plus I’m not fond of Kool Aid.

            Have a nice day, Mr. Williams.

  5. Axis Sally
    26 July, 2018 at 7:05 pm — Reply

    It matters not whether one speaks negatively or positively of the dead because the dead have ceased to exist. It is the deeds of the living we should judge. In dying, HAC has in effect committed his life’s deeds to marble as his own epitaph–and a shameful one it is indeed.

    The lesson we Aryans can learn from his career is that we must be careful whom we subsume as “white.” Isn’t it interesting that Jews and mischlings are attracted to white nationalism in general, and National Socialism in particular, e.g., Frank Collin and Harold A. Covington? I think they regard it as something beautiful and unattainable (for them) which they may defile by their own participation–similar to the Negro strategy. Beware of the untermenschen!

    Vale Harold! Thanks for the memories–and the laughs!

    • 26 July, 2018 at 8:05 pm — Reply

      If you enjoyed laughs with HAC and have fond memories of the SOB, Miss Sally, then it’s apparent you never personally felt the sting of his poison pen. He enjoyed having fans of his libelous fictions, mostly hobbyists, who didn’t care that any character he might have had at all was lower than a snake’s belly.

      “Big Brother loved ‘Winston Smith’.” (HAC’s alias for a while during the 1980s).

      • Axis Sally
        26 July, 2018 at 8:50 pm — Reply

        I esteem it an honor to be castigated by a man of your stature, Herr Williams. However, thou doth protest too much. My intent was facetious–my meaning being that HAC’s cumulative writings and actions over his lifetime were self-lampooning. It was not my purpose to minimize the damage he did to those of you within the movement who were his targets, or to the movement itself.

        It is notable that, in their eulogy of HAC, the remaining apparatchiks of his Northwest Front admitted he was the only one within the NWF who didn’t have a day job and could devote his full time to the delusion. Therefore, the NWF will inevitably fade into oblivion along with the memory of its founder, if that is any consolation to you.

        As to the ugly implications of “hobbyism,” I prefer not to rise to that bait.

      • NewCastle
        29 July, 2018 at 2:26 am — Reply

        But how will you collect your judgment now tho?

        • 29 July, 2018 at 2:36 pm — Reply

          For the record, I settled with the practically judgment-proof professional smear artist the week before accepting the position of National Alliance Chairman back in 2014. I knew I wouldn’t have time from then on for my Tub-thumping hobby. He owed me $250,000 by then for the personal defamation lawsuit that he lost. We both signed an NDA, agreeing not to disclose how much he had to pay me. I suppose that now that the SOB has departed I can say it was $8,000 in cash, and that was after he had declared bankruptcy to avoid execution of my judgment. He never informed his suckers that he had declared bankruptcy. That money helped me immediately to pay off a pressing portion of my predecessor Erich Gliebe’s debt, owed by NA, Inc. — debt that by then I was responsible for.

          • NewCastle
            30 July, 2018 at 6:25 am

            I only care about saving the white race from extinction – nothing more, and nothing less. Yet it seems that those of us who DO care and end having soooooo much of our time wasted in fighting those who are at least ostensibly on our side. Full disclosure: for what good it will do, I just posted a detailed defence of our Mr. Strom over at the Renegade Tribune. (The bottom line is that I think he’s not guilty. Admittedly my views may be biased because of my respect for him as a writer and broadcaster. Maybe I’d think he was guilty if he sucked! lol) I’ve also gotten into it, and am planning to sue, (((Mike Enoch))). My underlying beef w/ him is that he is defending one of the shows on his network, all of the hosts of which actively and aggressively promote miscegenation, which is where I draw the line. I hope you agree w/ my sentiments on the issue, and I’m glad you were able to get something. :)

          • 31 July, 2018 at 9:47 am

            NEWCASTLE: I’m glad you were able to get something [out of the libel judgment].

            Of course KAS is “not guilty” of anything. Just evaluate motives of a those who claim he is. The Jews and their collaborators in DOJ thought they could silence him, yet here he is, still putting out the urgent National Alliance message, as strong as ever.

            Never heard of (((Enoch))). Seeking relief through the courts against some Jew is tricky, especially considering your stated reasons for wanting to. Think the counterproductive lawsuit all the way through and forget it. Ignore (Enoch))), whoever he is, and work productively for your race.

            Probably the best thing I squeezed out of Tubbo was to finally shut him up, using the defamation judgment. You might have noticed that he ceased criticizing me and the National Alliance in 2014 after signing our NDA at settlement. He was subject to a $10,000 fine each time he spoke or wrote anything derogatory. He knew that I would have ended up owning the copyrights to all of his fantesy novels, which were about the only things he cared about.

            The con man is history. Eyes forward.

    • 29 July, 2018 at 10:44 pm — Reply

      Your defection and subsequent revelations about him were pretty important in reducing Tubby’s influence in our milieu.

      Do you think that it is fair to say that HAC’s perennial accusations, that persons hated by him were Jews and sex-perverts, or otherwise had terrible secrets, was a projection of his own faults?

      I am really fishing for explicit information here, if you have it. But maybe he didn’t trust you enough to let you know such things.

      I know that a very detectable sample of the people around Covington were sexual deviants and criminals and Jews. One of Tubby’s very Jewish-looking supporters tried to engage me in conversation at the 2012 Stormfront conference. At the very least, one has to say that he seemed to attract bad types, whether or not it can be demonstrated that he was one of them.

      • Axis Sally
        30 July, 2018 at 12:25 am — Reply

        Sorry I cannot help you, Hadding. I am aware now that Covington had a confederate who called herself Axis Sally, but I am not she. I chose my moniker before I knew of this fact. I thought of changing it to avoid the disreputable taint it had acquired thereby, but decided to stick with it and do what I can to rehabilitate the nom de guerre and honor of a great National-Socialist lady, Mildred Gillars, the original Axis Sally.

    • NewCastle
      30 July, 2018 at 6:31 am — Reply

      Was (((Frank Collin))) sincere tho? Srsly, I thought he was a secret agent tho?

  6. passerbypieton
    26 July, 2018 at 8:10 pm — Reply

    The wiles of Tubbington were exposed by the late John Tyndall in articles published in the 1990s and in his autobiography “The Eleventh Hour” yet certain UK podcasters prominent in the “Movement” insist on eulogising him. Makes you wonder if they’re just thick or if there’s something more serious afoot with them.

    Nihil de mortuis nisi bonum? Nah!

    • 29 July, 2018 at 7:49 am — Reply

      Tubby seemed to have an easier time fooling people on other continents who could not know firsthand how irrelevant he was here.

      • NewCastle
        30 July, 2018 at 6:33 am — Reply

        ^^^ Ja, this!

    • NewCastle
      30 July, 2018 at 6:29 am — Reply

      You’re talking about Sven Longshanks. Nah, I doubt he knows any of this. *I* didn’t know any of this while he was alive; and I admit now that, in my ignorance, I would occasionally d/l and listen to HAC podcasts. If nothing else, he had a great speaking voice!

  7. Jack Halliday
    27 July, 2018 at 5:43 pm — Reply

    Andreas Donner (a sort of right hand man for the Northwest Front) is following in the footsteps of the great Tubby Lumpkins by continuing attacks against Kevin Alfred Strom. I think he is proving himself a perfect replacement for his lord and master.

  8. 27 July, 2018 at 11:47 pm — Reply

    My last commentary on anything new that Tubby said was in January 2014.

    I just didn’t see him as a worthy target after that.

    For a while, Harold Covington was the most aggressive and unscrupulous self-promoter in a relatively small milieu (Bill White having left the scene).

    Alt Right media developed and people with bigger mouths and more energy appeared. More entertaining shows appeared. Covington became more and more irrelevant. Nobody talks about him anymore.

    I guess the Indian Summer of Harold Covington’s relevance was in 2015 when he made some statements about Dylann Roof that served the Jews’ agenda and got him on TV, despite the fact that Roof in his manifesto had specifically dismissed Covington’s Northwest idea as “beyond stupid.” Jewsmedia were happy to overlook this for Tubby’s benefit, but people who read the manifesto would know.

    Ouch, that’s gotta hurt.

    What could Covington do to make people notice him after the fiasco of Unite The Right, with Christopher Cantwell regularly taunting the government from jail?

    Maybe distress over his growing irrelevance, the failure to force all attention on himself by any means necessary, contributed to his death.

    • Travon Martinberg
      30 July, 2018 at 11:39 am — Reply

      I’d doubt Dylan Roof was an expert on the Northwest Front, which is described on its website as “a political organization of Aryan men and women who recognize that an independent and sovereign White nation in the Pacific Northwest is the only possibility for the survival of the White race on this continent.” I’ve posted a similar nation-building idea here, but more flexible geographically, based on a resurgence in migration driven by climate-change improving agricultural sustainability of higher latitudes of N. America that are now sparsely populated, with the loss of white majority in its current population centers regardless of such migration. The northwest alone is geographically confining. as well as currently occupied by some of the most liberal whites you’ll find. Conversely, to forge a white nation with the entire US, with or without Canada, as its borders is nearly impossible considering demographics and immigration, white cuckservativism, the power of venues where jews dominate such as media, academia and law, and limited membership growth and public support of the National Alliance (NA). Politics is death. Does the NA have a policy on forming bordered nation(s) on this continent based on apolitical scenarios, or plans to address a response to ecological changes that might provide a window to such a migration?

      • 31 July, 2018 at 1:13 pm — Reply

        You seem like somebody who took Harold Covington way too seriously.

        • Travon Martinberg
          31 July, 2018 at 11:06 pm — Reply

          I never visited the Northwest Front website until 7/30, and once there only read the headline I quoted. If anything, I’m disturbed the concept wasn’t taken up by far better leaders than HAC (based on what I’m reading), since recent events portend that there will be nature-driven migrations, regardless of white nationalism; the crisis is far bigger than a dead man’s misdeeds. About 97% of US farm managers are white, and they will lead it their way unless the National Alliance (NA) steps up and scientifically convinces them that “this time we must be racially selective in who can live among us and who must stay in the [burning, drought-ridden, surf-flooded] multicult zones; world civilization’s future is at stake”. NA leaders have open disdain for civic nationalism; therefore, the US and Canadian borders should not mean anything; these men should be planning bordered ethno-states within N. America as there is virtually no chance that all of the US can be made 100% white – it never was. That leaves that one choice, which has to be designed now. Here is a timely commandment for the Cosmotheists: “We must SECURE the existence of our people and a FUTURE for white children.”

          • 1 August, 2018 at 3:54 am

            The whole concept of forming a breakaway racial state is an unrealistic fantasy in the foreseeable future, especially the way Tubby proposed to accomplish it, through violent insurrection.

            When the Southern states seceded, it was an act of their lawfully established state governments. Once it turned into a violent conflict they were doomed.

            Tubby was promoting something that is far removed from any useful activity that can be done right now. The only activity that Harold urged people to do in the present was to move to the Northwest. Then what? Nothing. Polish your firearms and wait for TSTHTF.

            The lack of any orientation toward practical activism in the present is why, I believe, a number of Tubby’s followers became frustrated and died in violent shootings, or more often immersed themselves in drugs and alcohol. In the present, Tubby offered them nothing practical to do. On the other hand, it is likely that some were attracted to him precisely because he allowed them to participate in a fantasy without requiring courage in the here and now.

            To the extent that the energy and resources that went to Harold Covington could have gone to more realistic pursuits, he was a drain; through his smearmongering, attention-hogging, and promotion of wrong strategies he was a detriment, to the racial cause that he pretended to support.

  9. Ralph Viola
    29 July, 2018 at 10:56 pm — Reply

    This article is great. As a 20-year member of our cause, I’ve seen and heard a lot. Anyone that is anyone from that era or beyond knows about HC. It is imperative that this article reach others that are unaware of his antics especially if you are, or plan on being, a part of Cosmotheism or the National Alliance.

    • 31 July, 2018 at 9:18 am — Reply

      The so-called Northwest Front still has an active blog with a couple of dozen of HAC’s anonymous suckers eulogizing the political saboteur and professional smear artist.

      That’s the way it is. At least we can be assured that HAC’s fans aren’t him anymore, praising himself with some of his dozens of Internet personas, his “sockpuppets.” Links found here for some of these accounts of his silly practice:

      Sockpuppetry: former collaborator Corinna Burt [aka ‘Axis Sally’] says that Covington spends a lot of time on it.
      Sockpuppetry: Bob Rudisill is Harold Covington
      Sockpuppetry: Covington is caught using multiple identities on VNN Forum
      Sockpuppetry: Matt Parrott on Harold Covington

      Dr. Pierce would lament the death of Covington for one reason only: because he served a purpose in drawing away some of the kookier elements of the “Movement” that he didn’t want anywhere near our Alliance. He said about as much about the demise of Aryan Nations and Matt Hale’s Church of the Creator in an April 2002 speech to National Alliance members he had invited to, what turned out to be, his final Leadership Conference. See that speech of his, here:

    • George Wright
      3 August, 2018 at 6:14 pm — Reply

      Well said, Ralph.

  10. James Owen
    30 July, 2018 at 8:22 am — Reply

    His physical appearance and political activities suggest to me that he might have been a cohn man.

    • 31 July, 2018 at 1:07 pm — Reply

      HAC had a maternal grandfather named A.B. Glass who owned a mattress-factory and left Harold $90,000.

      So, it seems that he had some Jewish ancestry through his mother.

      He always denied Frank Collin’s Jewish ancestry, even though the fact had been published by UPI as early as 1970. Just a few years ago when Deanna Spingola interviewed him, he was still denying it. So, he has a demonstrable pattern of concealing such facts.

      • 31 July, 2018 at 3:28 pm — Reply

        HADDING:So, it seems that [HAC] had some Jewish ancestry through his mother.

        If he wasn’t a Jew he sure acted like one and could pass for one. His nickname in racist circles back in the 1970s wasn’t “the Rabbi” for nothing. But my research into his supposed Jewish background years ago was never conclusive. I recall that it turned out his mom had worked as a secretary at some Methodist church. That didn’t prove or disprove anything. It’s doubtful Mrs. Covington would have revealed her Jewishness on her application for employment at that church.

    • DDDDDuane
      11 September, 2018 at 9:18 pm — Reply

      “cohn man”…..HA HA!!!!
      Just a “cohenincidence”…..

  11. JM/Iowa
    31 July, 2018 at 2:35 am — Reply

    Thank you for instructing us in hobbyism as demonstrated by HAC. His exceptionally poor character as indicated by his smears, gossip, and wrecking-ball antics provides the best education in the kind of people that should be shunned.

    Other gossiping and arrested-development types should take note! We want you around less than we want non-Whites in our living space, your toxic behavior is doing our self-appointed enemy’s (the Jews’) job for them.

  12. Jim
    31 July, 2018 at 2:59 pm — Reply

    He looks like a ghetto jew rabbi.

  13. 2 August, 2018 at 10:59 pm — Reply

    I spoke with HAC only once, briefly, on a group Skype chat, and, well, he did atleast have a rich, resonant, melodious, baritone voice.

    Indirectly, I learned he was also a shameless liar. This was back in 2008, and from a fine Australian comrade, Steve Stevens, of Australian National Action. He ended up visiting me in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and told me his story.

    He had been touring the United States at the invitation and suggestion of said HAC in order to promote his own idea of using parts of the overwhelmingly white and right-wing State of Queensland, Australia (where the anti-immigrant politician and senator Pauline Hanson also has her strong base — ) to promote it as a kind of white-homeland area for Aryans worldwide.

    Steve is a very, very nice guy, very pro-white and anti-J, and has suffered lots of persecution, plus, as he related, a premature, massive heart attack — while in the pink of health, in his very early 40s, and, I think, also a family man — due to, in his view, a Deep State poison attack.
    Anyway, I liked him immediately.

    Well, HAC had lied to him that “his Northwest Front people” would pick him up at the airport in various US cities, and that Steven could then speak to crowds of HAC followers about Queensland.

    Steve was simply stunned when, after spending $1500 for a ticket, and flying 16 hours, literally no one whatsoever, no one at all, was at any airport. He was incredulous that there were no followers, no groups, and not even a handful of anybody to greet or hear him after he had booked all kinds of flights.

    He was basically in total shock that a comrade would or could lie like that to another folk comrade.

    But he, I, and my WN gf Margi Huffstickler did have a great time with our new “mate” Steve, and, while walking through Pittburgh, he bent down and touched a white substance on the pavement, and, being from hot and sunny Queensland, asked me:

    “So is this what they call ‘snow’?” ;-)

    Anyway, the late Harold Covington has, IMO, some truly serious karma. To screw over a Steve Stevens with his megalomanic boast of having all these supporters nationwide was just impardonable, unforgivable.

    • 3 August, 2018 at 9:18 am — Reply

      Yes, HAC seemed to have his greatest success in fooling people on other continents, especially Australia and the UK. Some of these people would get very irritated if you told them that the “Northwest Front” was mostly Harold Covington’s sockpuppets. (Then there were the Photoshop images of normal, healthy families posing with his NF tricolor flag.) They wanted to believe that the Northwest Front was a real, significant movement, and they were far enough away that common sense could not inform them to the contrary.

      What really baffled me was when I found out that there was a psychiatrist who used to support the National Alliance, who became a major backer for HAC. Is this the proverbial insane psychiatrist?

    • Truthseeker
      3 August, 2018 at 1:00 pm — Reply

      Mr. de Nugent: you claim you met “Steve Stevens” of “Australian National Action” in 2008, yet the following link (below) indicates this group became extinct in 1991. Was he a time traveler? If he wasn’t, and instead you meant he had visited the USA in the late 1980’s, before “Australian National Action” became defunct, then that also doesn’t hold up to scrutiny, since Covington’s “Northwest Front” did not then exist and therefore Covington could not have promised Mr. Stevens to have NWF “comrades” pick him up at various US airports. That is, unless Covington and his group were themselves time travelers.

      In short, your thoughts are either too garbled to make sense of, or you aren’t telling the truth. Now, for the record, I never knew or even spoke with Covington, was a member of the NWF, or in any way supported his efforts. Even so, when people like you make claims that don’t make any sense, then you need to be called on it. So either respond in a more precise and factual way, or have others here dismiss your comments as so much nonsense – as I have.

      • 3 August, 2018 at 5:56 pm — Reply

        I stand by the gist of my story, and those who know me know I do not lie.

        I had not heard of Steve before he called me, and we put him up for the night, and only know what he told me.

        I retell the tale only as I recall it from a decade ago.

        Yes, maybe that name, “Australian National Action,” is no longer used, but Steve was still using an email with Australian National Action in it in 2015, when I last corresponded with him.

        I never followed Covington, so was aware that his following was not called “the Northwest Front” back then.

        Names of organizations come and go — American Nazi Party becomes National Socialist White People’s Party in 1967 becomes New Order in 1984 — and sometimes because infiltrators and COINTELPRO-paid, divide-and-conquer types go in and destroy them and slander real activists.

        Maybe you know something about this lucrative occupation.

      • 3 August, 2018 at 10:05 pm — Reply

        PS And what motive would I have, Senor, to slander Saint Harold, with whom I had absolutely no real dealings, either positive or negative?

        And as I stated, I have also had very little contact with “Steve Stevens.”

        My motive in relating this anecdote was to lay out how this prominent WN acted like a true, classic psychopath, and he is certainly not the only one in our ranks.

        As my article lays out below, psychopaths tend to elbow their way upward in all kinds of organizations, and then delight in causing serious harm to other people — the innocent, the kind, the helpful, and the trusting.

        We see them slandering others inside WNism, and of course we saw them among the bolsheviks, among leading Republicans and Democrats, inside the Catholic Church, and obviously among “the Hooks.”

        • 16 August, 2018 at 9:54 am — Reply

          Addendum and update [(16 August 2018]

          I sent a copy of my blog on all this [] to Steve, and heard back from him as follows:


          Steven [] [JdN: I can ask Steve to email you, if still skeptical, to confirm this email and the Covington experience he had.]
          John de Nugent

          16 Aug at 8:15 AM

          Dear John,

          [I] just read your article about HAC. Sorry, our Internet has been cut off for two weeks — so did not know. Was so kind of you to remember me from 2008.

          As for Pauline [Hanson, the Keep-Australia-White political leader], after 20 years striving in the July 2016 Federal Election she got three senators elected, including herself. One, Dr. Malcolm Roberts, was later expelled from the Senate on false charges and a third quit to join another Right fraction.

          At the recent West Australian by-election (see 2018 results, attached) ALP got 32% and LNP 34%. [Real, all-out] WN/NS parties got 2.6%!

          Despite all, we struggle on. Your eternal Kamerad,


      • DDDDDuane
        11 September, 2018 at 9:35 pm — Reply

        Sorry Truthseeker….Your allegations that John De Nugent is lying do not make much sense…..If “Australian National Action” did cease to exist in 1991 does that mean Steve ceased to exist as well?
        I have read a bunch of John’s writings over the years and he has always striven for total accuracy and honesty….
        A few years back I criticized John in a nasty way online for having a negro acquaintance in the Pittsburgh area and John called me out on it….(apologies again John for referring to you and Deanna Spingola “n!99er lovers” that time….It’s simply a fact that Whites with negro acquaintances frequently wind up dead )…..

        • 12 September, 2018 at 7:41 am — Reply

          Thanks, comrade. I have had two honest, diligent black supporters who told me to my face 1) they believed in the superiority of the white race and 2) they wished they were white. That is exactly what they both said.

          Also, the ADL published a poll in 2009 showing blacks are the most antisemitic segment (29%) of American society.

          This webpage on how blacks view Jews might be a real eye-opener:


          This does not blind me to the bad 2/3rds of blacks, whose crimes, low-IQ stupidity, deficient self-control, and oversexed behavior I have decried on my website for eleven years now.

          Here you can see some of the three thousand negative mentions of blacks on my website:

          In fact, as Martin Kerr could verify, I wrote an article for his and Matt Koehl’s “White Power” monthly newspaper, the organ of the Rockwell NSWPP, way back around 1979 under the nom de plume “Arthur Grogan” — because my father was threatening me under Jew pressure on his business — laying out that the blacks have a lower IQ, deficient frontal lobes, higher testosterone and race-specific diseases as well.

          As for “Truthseeker,” whose pseudonym certainly seems to contradict his posts, he hounds me all across the Net with lies, and I think, he does so for this tawdry reason — because he is IMO likely Carlos Porter, and has a deal with the authorities to forestall his arrest in the EU for hate speech:

          Just how DOES Porter get away with living in EU countries and yet openly using the “n-word,” denying the Holo, and blasting blacks? Other comrades go to prison for less……

          I wonder what the quid pro quo is, but I think I know it. ;-)

          As for “Steve” of the onetime Australian National Action, he has written to this very web page on August 31 to post his confirmation of what I initially said about our encounter:


          AUGUST 31, 2018 AT 7:48 PM — REPLY
          Dear Kameraden, I would like to vouch for my dear Aryan Bruder, John de Nugent. I met John briefly over the phone whilst touring the US in 2008 hoping to recruit for our Settler Scheme to Nu Queensland. He had heard I was in DC meeting Volk for four days so asked me to Pittsburgh as I was on the way to Detroit (not knowing it was a non-white town I had been invited there to speak). I was given a bed for the night, a tour of the CBD at 11 pm and great kameradship with Hohn and a Finnish ally. I got a lift back to my bus and never made it to Detroit – thank Yah! John has always been a trustworthy and faithful friend to all who know him and to me these past 10 years.


          So, “Truthseeker,” I await your retraction about the existence of “Steve.” ;-) Meanwhile, I’ll read “War and Peace” by Tolstoy (1,300 pages) and then reread it three more times while I await your apology. ;-)

          Or are you the defamer Covington, visiting us from Hell by séance via Whoopi Goldberg, as a still malevolent “ghost”?

          • DDDDDuane
            12 September, 2018 at 9:17 am

            Hilarious response to Carlos Porter, John…
            That last jpeg article you posted from Carlos’ site (partially lambasting you) indicates he’s a good writer with generally very solid views similar to my own…..
            (Strom, Porter, DeNugent….Many talented Pro-White writers around here…)…
            This sort of fits in with the subject of this article above….
            Does anyone here remember Ronald Reagan’s
            Eleventh Commandment : “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.”
            Unless someone is a total psychopath (like it seems part jew Covington was) it is best to refrain from nasty, ad hominem attacks on other Pro Whites… Debating the few issues we disagree upon is always open….

  14. Walt Hampton
    4 August, 2018 at 1:51 am — Reply

    The American Bolsheviks call this human scum “useful

  15. 4 August, 2018 at 11:35 am — Reply

    JimB on 7/29: I’m just a bit leery of becoming entwined with NA, to be perfectly honest. You guys have had your own share of scandals, some pretty bad. Not saying I believe that anyone was guilty of anything, mind you, but I’ve been down many a road in my life and I’m very careful about who I crawl in the sack with. Plus I could never be a “believer” in this Cosmotheism stuff. I get the science part (evolution, eugenics) and do in fact see eugenics as something vital to the upward evolution of our race, but I don’t buy the “God” side of any religion or cult. Plus I’m not fond of Kool Aid.

    Have a nice day, Mr. Williams.

    Why, thank you, JimB. We’re getting off the topic of the dead con man. Good! Enough has been said about him and his “scandals.”

    You’re probably not National Alliance material, considering your comments about Kool Aid and Cosmotheism being a cult. I’d recommend the Freedom From Religion outfit (FFL), except that those atheists promote both race-mixing and LGBT.

    Many who follow and support our National Alliance understand what Dr. Pierce’s Cosmotheism is all about, or at least they have open minds to try and understand it without rejecting it as just another spooky Semitic cult with some anthropomorphic deity. Those who agree with what KAS explains to them in today’s ADV broadcast are the ones we are trying hardest to attract:

    Cosmotheism accepts the reality of the divine, of God, but it also accepts the undeniable evidence of science. It has no truck with supposedly ancient and “inerrant” holy books — but instead asserts that physics, mathematics, and genetics are the real words of God. Cosmotheism tells us that living things, including ourselves, are part of an ever-evolving whole. Cosmotheism teaches that this whole — that the universe itself — is becoming conscious, and that our race is in the vanguard of that evolution. Cosmotheism also shows us that racial divergence and separation are integral, essential parts of this evolutionary process and that life as we know it could not exist without them.

    Cosmotheism is an idea that can build a whole new world for us, a world in which our survival is a given, a world filled with infinite possibilities for our advancement.

    We who are awake to our race’s great peril and even greater potential have a responsibility to our children and our children’s children and to all the generations to come. As the philosopher William Gayley Simpson told us, it is our duty “to hang stars over a people, and to lift up their eyes thereunto; to set high lands before them, and to lay out a path by which they may climb thither.”

    Cosmotheism is our best hope. It is an idea which can lift up our people’s vision from the filth to the stars, and show them the higher ground to which we can ascend.

    That is the mission of Cosmotheism. That is the mission of the National Alliance. That is the mission of this radio program.

  16. Walt Hampton
    5 August, 2018 at 5:24 pm — Reply

    Excellent! Underscored perfectly!

  17. Travon Martinberg
    6 August, 2018 at 2:11 pm — Reply

    The part “that the universe itself — is becoming conscious” throws me. The laws of nature have been unchanged and universal since the Big Bang except where directly correlated to the expansion of space .e.g. the speed of light was slower due to time compression. Since evolution is counter to semitic religious dogma, to our politicians, did that quoted text have to be added to Cosmotheism’s to show it’s a religion in its own right?

    • DDDDDuane
      11 September, 2018 at 10:23 pm — Reply

      Travon, I do not know much about Cosmotheism (I am mostly a deist currently…)but I will be studying this concept on this site….
      Maybe another way to look at “the universe itself — is becoming conscious” is the “collective consciousness” of our race…. (and realizing it’s current state of subversion through jew media)….
      As far as evolution goes….my current view is that what we view as evolution is mostly “survival of the fittest”…..(and obviously THAT natural process is being subverted as well…..)….The sculls of extinct apes found in Africa are unlikely to be the ancestors of the White race…
      I’m sure my current views will “evolve” through further study here….

  18. 31 August, 2018 at 7:48 pm — Reply

    Dear Kameraden, I would like to vouch for my dear Aryan Bruder, John de Nugent. I met John briefly over the phone whilst touring the US in 2008 hoping to recruit for our Settler Scheme to Nu Queensland. He had heard I was in DC meeting Volk for four days so asked me to Pittsburgh as I was on the way to Detroit (not knowing it was a non-white town I had been invited there to speak). I was given a bed for the night, a tour of the CBD at 11 pm and great kameradship with Hohn and a Finnish ally. I got a lift back to my bus and never made it to Detroit – thank Yah! John has always been a trustworthy and faithful friend to all who know him and to me these past 10 years.

  19. DDDDDuane
    11 September, 2018 at 9:11 pm — Reply

    About 10 days ago on his daily morning Rense radio show Don Black alluded to this deranged moron dying but I didn’t know who he was referring to ( he didn’t state his name…)….It seemed the deranged moron was at it until the end….
    He was reporting that Don Black’s death was imminent in his final weeks….Then the deranged fat slob goes and croaks himself….
    (I would guess his demise was something fat related…)….
    This guy was such a prolific liar I wonder if he ever attempted to keep track of all his insane postings….

  20. Jim
    9 October, 2018 at 6:51 am — Reply

    Covington looked like a kosher Neanderthal.

  21. 13 July, 2019 at 11:50 am — Reply

    was “Sven Longshanks” just trying to be in every possible podcast and radio show possible or did he not know this when he appeared on “Radio-Free Northwest” radio? Without even listening to any of those radio shows, just reading the descriptions, it is obvious that the “Northwestern Front” is borderline ridiculous and at the very least extremely short-sighted.

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