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Nature Does Not Produce Equals

by David Sims

CLAIMS OF EQUALITY BETWEEN diverse demographic groups should always be suspected of being politically motivated. In general, Nature does not produce equals. Nature isn’t required to do so. Nature has no built-in mechanism to ensure equality.

Often the degree to which one demographic group possesses a trait or an attribute won’t be much different than the degree to which a different demographic group will possess that same trait or attribute. But sometimes there will be a substantial difference. As with the (average) color of skin, so also does the level of (average) intelligence differ between the races.

Nature never has been, and still isn’t, under any obligation to ensure that different demographic groups will lack inequalities of which leftist ideologues disapprove.

Accordingly, inequalities that leftists don’t like do exist, and the disapproval of that fact by leftists matters not at all.

The leftist response has been to lie. And lie. And lie. To prevent the recognition of the fact of broad demographic inequality, the political left has erected a monumental structure of lies, and they might possibly even have invented new ways in which to lie, primarily to perpetuate their equality myth. Many of my articles here, and others featured on this site, discuss this issue in detail.

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Robert Speer
Robert Speer
26 February, 2022 8:25 am

The presumption of equality is far more of a prejudice than the presumption of inequality. It is a prejudice without evidence.

26 February, 2022 9:15 am

Ever notice how the “race is a social construct” claimants will also complain about the lack of non-whites in medical trials for pharmaceuticals? Or how they’ll marvel at the relatively small difference in the DNA of a chimpanzee relative to a human makes a huge difference yet the small differences between Whites and others does not make any difference?

Natman Whyt
Natman Whyt
1 March, 2022 3:36 pm

Hey David,

How far along are you on your Brenda Jones novel? I’ve read your previous articles on her and I think she’s the best fictional she-hero I’ve ever read about