Generation Europa: Anonymous Journalist States “Migrant” Invasion of Europe Is Centrally Planned and Organized


I ACCIDENTALLY happened to come across a journalist from Europe (I won’t say where she was from as I want to protect her identity) who is currently writing an article about the European “refugee” crisis. She told me she had journalist friends from Sweden and Germany and that they are secretly reporting news to her because they are not allowed to speak the truth of what’s really going on. She said “they are not allowed to write about the refugees because they cannot afford to lose their jobs.”

She said the journalist from Sweden confirmed that half of the journalists (including him) out there in the country are forced to cover up the crime and rape stories because somebody is threatening them with serious consequences if they report the truth. The truth seems to be much worse than we have been told and things are just getting out of control.

She stated that large numbers of male refugees have some sort of “contract,” meaning they are personally “assigned” to come to Europe, given new phones for them to use, and are given all the routes which are specially designed for them to follow. All of these “refugees fleeing from war” are carefully prepared for their journeys and told which country to enter. She said somebody is organizing this all very well and providing the “refugees” with necessary money and material for the journey. She could not say what exactly they are assigned to do in Europe, but it’s very disturbing and she’s a bit afraid to write an article about that.She personally advised me to not believe the newspaper and the TV as even the reportage is all carefully planned. She asked me to spread the word and tell people to be careful and to not be “sheep” — as there is something big happening out there that has been hidden from us. In her own words: “Europeans need to wake up.”

There… I just felt like I needed to warn my fellow brothers and sisters. It’s obviously a well planned invasion; it’s important to keep informed through all means and stop believing the “mainstream” media once and for all. Once you hear this from a journalist directly, it is very scary.

* * *

Source: Generation Europa via Vanessa Neubauer

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