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The Great Jewish Lie of “Equality,” part 1

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 14 October, 2023

by Kevin Alfred Strom

JEWS MAY NOT be a very inventive or artistic race by our standards, but they do have a real talent for false religions and ideologies, and for using their phenomenal skills of networking, acting, and mimicry to make these false belief systems “go viral” and infect as many victims as possible. And they have thus infected the minds of millions.

As captive peoples fight Jewish oppression and occupation in the Middle East, as we’re seeing today in Gaza, those peoples are hobbled by a religion with deep Jewish roots that denies race. As Whites fight an entrenched Jewish establishment for our existence in our parts of the world, we too are hobbled by a religion with deep Jewish roots which denies race. We are also hobbled by Jew-created quasi-religions like Communism and equalitarianism, which also deny racial realities. We can’t win while the Jewish mind-virus frames how we view reality and morality.

One of the greatest and most dangerous lies that the Jewish establishment injects into our minds is the lie of human racial equality. This “equality” lie is dangerous because it leads, ultimately, to racial mixture and racial mixture can easily lead to the extinction of our people (and indeed of any people who practices it). The idea of racial equality has been made by the Jewish media into a kind of religion, a dogma which is only questioned by the “evil” and the “immoral,” and in some countries it is a de facto crime to question it. The Jewish-sponsored “hate crime” laws are a step in that direction here in America.

It is tragic that, for many White people today, the idea of racial equality has been drummed into their heads almost from birth to the point where it is accepted as an axiom, an assumed part of the nature of reality. Racial equality is thought of as being so obvious that only the most ignorant uncivilized yahoos would ever question it. White people who believe in this lie of racial equality don’t realize that they have been conditioned to believe in it unquestioningly, religiously — and that this has been done to them specifically so that they will not reason about it — because the lie of racial equality cannot stand the light of day, and a few minutes’ reflection will suffice to show how utterly absurd a lie it is, just as absurd as the many Jewish lies I’ve exposed in earlier programs.

In a recent series of articles on National Vanguard, “America’s Rising Tide of Incompetence,” it was shown that in the US justice system and academic establishment — both being institutions ostensibly devoted to truth — it is now simply assumed that the human races are “equal”; and thus any differences in their performance is “proof” of “discrimination” and “racism”:

By the 1960s, the systematic selection for competence came into direct conflict with the political imperatives of the civil rights movement. During the period from 1961 to 1972, a series of Supreme Court rulings, executive orders, and laws — most critically, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 — put meritocracy and the new political imperative of protected-group “diversity” on a collision course. Administrative law judges have accepted statistically observable disparities in outcomes between groups as prima facie evidence of illegal discrimination. The result has been clear: Any time meritocracy and diversity come into direct conflict, diversity must take priority.

Reality is very, very different from these equalitarian beliefs. Racial equality is a fantastic delusion, belief in which is equivalent to belief in leprechauns or “orgone accumulators.” There is not a whit of evidence for it. It is essentially a religion. Not only are races and individuals manifestly not equal, but equality of any kind is quite rare in the real world when we get above the molecular level. Race is omnipresent. Equality is non-existent.

The “equality” faith can take several forms, though its votaries, realizing that exact definitions are anathema to what they “know in their hearts,” usually gloss over the differences:

Variation 1. The belief that all human beings, and all races, are actually “equal,” and that only the naughty environment and wicked “racism” make it seem not to be so. If only we could make everyone’s environment precisely equal, and enslave or kill all evil “racists” and other noticers of facts, everyone’s blessed “equality” would finally shine through.

Variation 2. A slightly less nutty variant is the belief that, while it is admitted that races and individuals are not equal, there is some “moral good” in attempting to make them so, and in pretending that they are in fact so, and in punishing those who refuse to pretend.

Variation 3. If type one is the stupidest variation on the “equality” faith, then this is the craziest: the belief that, although we see evidence of individual and racial inequality all around us every day, in some unseen, “higher,” or “spiritual” sense we are all “equal.” This seems to posit some undiscoverable, unmeasurable, and possibly magical “something” which exists in some other dimension or “plane” of existence, and which is believed, oddly enough, to inhabit all humans, even the most degraded or defective, yet is possessed not at all by other animals. Though no one has ever seen this magical “something,” the believers “know in their hearts” or “just feel” that it “must be true.”

The equality religion is truly insane. And its insanity infects other religions and particularly infects those who falsely believe that they have liberated themselves from religion.

The really interesting question is: how long of a run will this particular faith have in the West? The real test will come probably decades hence, when the consequences of multiracialism — that is, societal breakdown — may cause the Jewish billionaire media elite to lose much of its current power to indoctrinate and persecute. Personally, I don’t think the “equality” nuttiness has enough staying power to survive even a generation of hard reality absent daily indoctrination from media and social media.

One of the most moronic assertions made by “equality” believers is that the only difference between the races is skin color. How utterly absurd. Imagine Whoopi Goldberg painted white. Would she look like a White woman? Hardly. Imagine Apollo painted Black. Would he look like a Negro? Ridiculous. Skin color really is only one racial difference — among many.

Silhouettes of the major races, in which skin color cannot be distinguished, are easily identifiable.

Negroes and Bushmen and Australian Aborigines are different racially, but their skin colors are essentially the same.

The lightest Japanese and some Europeans have similar skin colors, but are quite different racially. The American Indians and modern Egyptians have similar skin colors, but belong to totally different races. Many Hindus and Mestizos are indistinguishable as far as skin color is concerned, but they certainly don’t belong to the same race.

Forensic anthropologists are able to make racial identifications based on only a few bone fragments.

Skin color has little to do with it.

Not too many years ago, the “equality” votaries were claiming that not only were the races genetically different, but they were different enough so that interracial crossings invariably produced what is called “hybrid vigor.” “Hybrid vigor” is a concept, useful to plant breeders, who noticed that the first generation of crosses between plant subspecies often had longer lives and greater stamina than the parent plants. Despite the fact that this effect has never been noted in humans, the concept was hijacked and used to tell the boobs, in effect: “See, race-mixing is good for you! Racially-mixed offspring will be smarter and stronger and longer-lived than racially pure children! ‘Hybrid vigor’ means that we should mix the races because of the genetic difference between the races!”

But now the Jewish media claim that the “hybrids” weren’t hybrids at all since “race does not exist” and, in their own words, “the genetic differences between individuals are greater than those between ‘races.'” They claim that race is purely a human mental construct, an idea with no physical reality at all. If race does not exist, as they now claim, where in Hell did the “hybrid vigor” come from? Of course, both their vigor claim and the “there is no such thing as race” claim are blatant lies, so why should they be consistent as long as the dupes have short memories?

The fact that their successive positions are absolutely contradictory does not even embarrass them. Perhaps, like religious zealots, they do not even notice the paradox and, even if they did, would dismiss it since reason and logic and even truth are irrelevant when one is fighting for “moral good,” as many of the “equality” believers sincerely though stupidly believe themselves to be doing. But the Jewish authors of the lie know it is a lie. They are not stupid enough to believe in the equality religion that they created for us, unless, as Revilo Oliver pointed out, they have a mentality in which “truth” is defined as “whatever is good for the Jewish people.”

Actually, the words race and subspecies are synonymous. Without the branching of species into races, and the eventual branching of those races into separate species, life as we know it could never have developed on this planet. It is ridiculous to assert that this process has not happened to humans, or that it has somehow magically ceased to happen.

Some with an ideological axe to grind, or a stain in their own background, will make much of the fact that the boundaries of the races are not hard-edged. This is true, but irrelevant.

The boundaries between pre-man and man were also not hard-edged when we were diverging from our pre-human ancestors. That racial division led to a very significant speciation indeed.

And I am sure that few would assert, because the Earth’s atmosphere possesses no hard-edged boundary with the emptiness of interplanetary space, that the atmosphere does not exist or that it is identical to a vacuum.

Next week we will continue our exploration of the false quasi-religion of human equality.

Are you beginning to get the sense that you have been lied to by experts in the field — for your entire life? I hope so. One of the purposes of my life is get you to understand that simple, basic fact of your existence. It will change how you perceive everything from this point forward. It will make your perceptions more accurate. It will help you reason, perhaps for the first time, accurately from those perceptions. And you are not alone in your awakening. The men and women of the National Alliance are with you. Our hands are extended out to yours as you begin to ascend the upward path.

* * *

This week’s program was based on several essays by Kevin Alfred Strom, edited with additional new material for broadcast. You’ve been listening to American Dissident Voices, the radio program of the National Alliance. This program is published every week at and Please write to us at National Alliance, Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA. We welcome your inquiries and your financial support in spreading our message of hope to our people. We also welcome your applications for membership in our community of the conscious. Once again, that address is Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA. Thank you for your help.

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Nom De Guerre
Nom De Guerre
14 October, 2023 3:32 pm

One cannot preach lies about “equality” between human races and at the same time enforce, let alone accept, rules favoring so-called “protected classes “. Who gets to decide who’s in or not in these discriminatory protected classes anyway? I might not be wrong if I guessed it’s the Jews. Who comprise the so-called protected classes? One thing for sure, it is not us! These policies involving the “protected classes “ have unfavorably affected my ability to get and keep a job. This policy has affected my livelihood, thus preventing me from being as financially independent as I could otherwise be, and for some of us, it has led to underemployment, as we’re overlooked in favor of the lesser qualified and often lazier underperforming nonwhites. Even as kids, some of us… Read more »

Wolf Stoner
Wolf Stoner
16 October, 2023 8:28 am

This truth needs to be spread as widely as possible. The main test for any theory is its compatibility with reality. All Jewish ideas are very attractive on the surface but contradict the reality. To believe them is like consuming narcotics. It makes feel good but it destroys. On the contrary, the ideas that call to cope with real tasks are unattractive but only they can bring salvation for society.

Goy Schmecklestein
Goy Schmecklestein
16 October, 2023 10:54 am

Equality is the most pernicious and destructive of all Jewish lies. This is the foundation of all of their myths, unless of course it has to do with their “chosen” status with the Jewish god.

Wolf Stoner
Wolf Stoner
Reply to  Goy Schmecklestein
17 October, 2023 2:45 am

Yes, in essence, all Jewish ideas are based on the same set of lies. Equality being the core of all their lies. They attract rabble by promises of equality in order to subvert existing social structure. But after it was subverted, Jews take privileged positions for themselves. Very simple but effective. But at some point it starts to backfire. When the whole planet is subverted, there is no place to escape. Now Jews start to reap the consequences of their actions.