Increasing Regime Incompetence, Example 8,942: Emergency Alert System Calls for Evacuation of LA and “Eastern North Pacific Ocean”

AN IMMEDIATE EVACUATION NOTICE from the Emergency Alert System (EAS) that interrupted regular television and radio programming in the Los Angeles area Wednesday, telling the entirety of Los Angeles County and the “Eastern North Pacific Ocean” area to evacuate due to a fire, was sent “in error” by increasingly non-White Los Angeles County, the Ventura County Sheriff said. The erroneous alert also was transmitted by NOAA Weather Radio stations.

However, the L.A. County’s Office of Emergency Management told the media that the message was “properly formatted” and should not have “triggered an EAS evacuation” but it didn’t have an immediate answer for the “root causes” of the incident. “Affirmative Action” and “equity” policies have drastically reduced the number of competent White managers and employees in California’s and Los Angeles County’s infrastructure. “Hiring technicians, engineers, and managers based on criteria other than competence — such as being Brown or Black — makes the Establishment increasingly unable to achieve its goals or even function in a coherent manner. This is bad news for residents in the short term, but good news for racial separatists who oppose the existing Establishment and wish to replace it,” according to Kevin Alfred Strom of the National Alliance.

The erroneous alert, which repeated “Eastern North Pacific Ocean” a dozen times, reads as follows:

A civil authority has issued an IMMEDIATE EVACUATION NOTICE for the following counties or areas: Eastern North Pacific Ocean; Eastern North Pacific Ocean; Port Conception to Guadalupe Island, Eastern North Pacific; Los Angeles, CA; Eastern North Pacific Ocean; Eastern North Pacific Ocean; Eastern North Pacific Ocean; Eastern North Pacific Ocean; Eastern North Pacific Ocean; Eastern North Pacific Ocean; Eastern North Pacific Ocean; Eastern North Pacific Ocean; Eastern North Pacific Ocean; at 5:08 PM on AUG 31, 2022 Effective until 8:08 PM.

“Clearly, someone with no idea of how the Emergency Alert System works had his hands on the controls this Wednesday,” Strom, a former broadcast engineer who coordinated with EAS for 16 years, added. “Remember, this is the same system that is supposed to warn us in case of nuclear attack or other serious emergencies.”

The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) issued the following statement:

The National Weather Service (NWS) Los Angeles/Oxnard transmitted a Non-Weather Emergency Message (NWEM) via National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrator (NOAA) Weather Radio on behalf of the County of Los Angeles per the request of Los Angeles County Fire officials to support Evacuation notifications related to the Route Fire, a brush fire in the Castaic area.

The agency said the alert was “properly formatted for dissemination via Weather radio” in the target area through “close coordination” between the county and NWS and “worked as advertised.”

In response to the OEM statement, Strom noted, “It’s also evident that the Office of Emergency Management is covering for the incompetent person responsible for this by outright denying that the message they issued was totally nonsensical. The tragedy is that apparently the nonsense message went out instead of the real warning that had been intended. How many were injured or possibly killed or had their property damaged because the real warning was never sent? Total denial of reality in such a serious case is a strategy we’d expect from a government hostile to its own people, or a government in an advanced state of decline, or both.”

* * *

Source: Media reports and National Vanguard correspondents

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3 September, 2022 5:55 am

California will destroy itself, atleast I hope that’s the case. One can’t really expect the sorts you’d want to survive inhabiting such a locale if they choose to live in areas plagued by massive wildfires, mudslides, earthquakes & reliance upon other states for potable water. Granted in the fire scenario smart individuals can do necessary maintainence to their property in order to be safe from the fires (no shrubs/trees within fifty feet of any buildings) & have filters scrubbing soot from the home air intake…but why put yourself in that situation especially when property is priced way beyond its value? That is all minor in comparison to the nanny zio state. Some say family or a job is keeping them there so they “have to stay” but a wise individual… Read more »

Reply to  Forsaken
3 September, 2022 11:26 pm

You might find this thread interesting.