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by Giuseppe Furioso TO THE Editor: In today’s Times (Feb. 28, 2016) we are shown the faces of some 503 individuals, who according to reporters Haeyoun Park, Josh Keller, and Josh Williams are, “the most powerful people in American culture, government, education, and business.”…
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Science is on our side. DR. FRANCIS CRICK (pictured), Nobel Prize winner and co-discoverer of DNA: “We need to get rid of our liberal preconceptions. Men are not born equal, this is something which has not yet got through to the politicians, and it is by no means clear that all races are equally gifted.”…
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by Kevin Alfred Strom FOREIGN AFFAIRS, the journal of the self-styled elite’s Council on Foreign Relations, is often where new ideas are floated before their forcible implementation on society at large. Their latest piece, “How Institutions Perpetuate US Racial Inequality,”…
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