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Brown Apex Predator

Krishanti Vignarajah

by Douglas Mercer

MARTIN LUTHER hated the Jews but what did he think of the Sri Lankans? He probably didn’t think of them at all, but if he had he wouldn’t have thought much of them. But now a big wig wog from that country is living in America, has been educated at our expense at all our “best” schools, has worked in the White House and the State Department, and has taught at Georgetown. She’s now so far burrowed up the bunghole of the “American” ruling class that she’ll never cross paths with an average White man ever again. But if she does, you can be sure that she’ll “smell the Trump voters.”

The American heritage makes them sick to their stomachs.

Lutherans came from northern Europe and immigrated to the northern United States. It was there they lost what remained of their minds and decided that their God believed that being White was an evil thing.

And now, to add travesty to farce, a woman with an odd and unpronounceable name is the chief predator in Martin Luther’s legacy organization, the Lutheran Church. She’s not a Christian but that won’t stop her from killing you in the name of Christ. That the Lutherans and their fellow travelers are some of the biggest anti-White cucks on the planet is well known; they’d sooner slit their own throats than speak well of White people. And this unspeakable assassin named “Krish” is now running one of their pillars of the Great Replacement, something with the baleful and ominous-sounding name of Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services. When those Christians put their shoulders to the wheel, they can really wreck a nation.

How did it come to this pass? Well, the relevant texts seem to indicate that the unknown persons who jotted down the putative comings and goings of Jesus of Nazareth were in agreement in that he had a really big heart.

It’s been killing us ever since.

Krishanti Vignarajah (what?) is not one of those immigrants who don’t work, live off of our welfare system, clog up our hospitals on our tab, and from time to time take out a knife and kill White passersby. No, she’s not that — she’s infinitely worse. She’s an apex predator at the apex of an evil system of replacement, dedicated exclusively to replacing White people in their American homeland. As such, she’ll bring in hundreds of thousands and then hundreds of thousands more immigrants and refugees who don’t work, live off of our welfare system, clog up our hospitals on our tab, and from time to time take out a knife and kill White passersby.

No, she doesn’t personally drain our resources in the usual way — she has a job. But her job is to bring in millions of fellow Brown rats who will drain our resources and collectively consign White people to exile status in their own homes.

Which is worse? She is — by far, infinitely far.

It’s not even close. She is not only in the belly of the beast, she’s the beast itself. Anyone who has ever seen her grimace will never again believe in human rights or an international future.

Vignarajah is a Brown wog immigrant who works for a Christian group dedicated to importing hundreds of thousands more Brown wogs. She comes from one of those s—hole countries we’ve been hearing so much about. The Internet claims that Sri Lanka has “a rich cultural heritage” but I don’t even need to any research to know that’s not true — Homer is a rich cultural heritage, what they have is Brown people talking in a dog language.

Typical is this:

A food shortage brewing for several weeks, coupled with an economy marred by depleted foreign exchange reserves, has pushed Sri Lanka to the brink of a crippling crisis. The federal government was forced to announce a state of emergency last month.

So much for the Sri Lankans. But as for the evil Sri Lankan who is trying to replace us, there was a war going on in her homeland so some “nice, respectable, Christian, and humane” people thought it a nice and respectable and humane idea to bring her in, give her hope and succor, educate her, and shoot her to the top of our managerial class.

Big mistake. We have the worst ruling class in the history of ruling classes.

Given this, do you think that she reasons that all the good she has been given is due to White people and perhaps she should respect them and help them thrive? Perish the thought. she thinks they are are bunch of goddamned “racists” who want to keep her ilk out, and who therefore have to go. Why, when she flies over us she thinks she can smell us from the plane.

If she has her way, you can be sure that in a hundred years — when Sri Lanka has its umpteenth crisis in a long and sorry history of umpteenth crises — no one from there will be plucked out and given a jolly good time at Oxford. Because Oxford and environs will have returned to a primeval state of vegetative growth, which is always what happens when the undermen revolt.

Krishanti Vignarajah (huh?) is now the head of Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services (LIRS). She has hijacked the church of Jew-hater Martin Luther. Her base salary is $232,000 per year, which is good scratch if you can get it. Nearly all of that $232,000 is paid by you, the upstanding White citizens of this formerly White country. So in effect I was wrong earlier — she does drain our resources. She drains our resources in order to drain even more of our resources in an exponential and ramifying cascade of resource-draining. She uses her perch and all the money we give her to replace us in our homeland. It’s a good gig if you’re Hell-bent on revenge. And you can be sure that this black widow spider is dedicated to just that.

The money that keeps the lights on at LIRS is almost completely paid for by taxpayers. No one ever said being dispossessed wasn’t expensive.

They force us to pay for our demise. How does that make you feel?

Hopping mad, I’d wager. And fighting mad, I hope.

Hell, the White men of the colonies had some picayune taxes slapped on tea and stamps and they went to the mattresses, picked up their guns, and started shooting.

They respected themselves and viewed the least infringement as as act of war.

If they were right, then what are we looking at?

* * *

The second child of Elyathamby (?) and Sothy (?) Vignarajah, Krishanti Vignarajah has been called a prominent Maryland resident, and one of Maryland’s “Top 100 Women” and “Top 50 Influential Marylanders” by The Daily Record. She arrived in the United States as a young child when her parents fled civil war in Sri Lanka. She was a 2002 Marshall Scholar at Oxford where she received an M.Phil. in International Relations. She returned to Yale Law School where she served on the Yale Law Journal.

Of course the former Krishanti now goes by the cuddly Krish, sort of like Trish but with genocidal overtones. Trish is someone you’d be pleased so see your fine son marry, whereas Krish hates White people and wants Jews to continue to rule America.

Krishanti Vignarajah is married to Collin O’Mara, president and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation. Their wedding was officiated by senator Chris Coons.

These are the perverted rituals of our elites, who use assortative mating as an assassin’s blade.

Race-mixing Collin O’Mara once said:

Today is both a heavy day in the history of our country and an unsettlingly normal one. Our justice system has consistently failed to deliver justice for generations and the murders of George Floyd and far too many innocent Black Americans and people of color have only underscored this fact. This reality has caused Black Americans and other people of color immense pain, suffering, and trauma every time they see their people murdered and every time the justice system fails.

These two are stars in the anti-White firmament, wedded in connubial malfeasance. Their fortune is secured — they think — in a non-White future. In a White future, not so much. In the latter they’d be rounded up faster than you can say the day of the Jew is come and gone.

Back from college for a summer, Vignarajah worked for Senator Sarbanes. She has practiced law at Jenner and Block in Washington, DC; she has clerked for Chief Judge Michael Boudin on the US Court of appeals for the first circuit. She taught at Georgetown.

A Brown thing, burrowed deep in the bunghole of our ruling class.

Before the White House, she served as Senior Advisor at the State Department under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Secretary of State John Kerry, where she coordinated development and implementation of multiple programs including those concerning refugees and migration.

Working in Michelle Obama’s office, Vignarajah focused on issues related to entrepreneurship, private sector investment, infrastructure, women’s issues, engagement with youth and religious communities, climate change, and budget development and execution.

Vignarajah ran for governor of Maryland in the 2018 primary election, finishing fourth. She gained some national attention because had she won she would have been the first woman, immigrant or person of color to be elected governor in the state.

You can bet the powers-that-be have big plans for their Krishanti. They’re grooming her for the final onslaught on their enemies. They’ll pull the pin on her and roll her into all our homes.

* * *

You can see why they want this woman with “impeccable” credentials to be at the center of the vortex of the racket they call “immigration, refugees, and resettlement,” also known as the Great Replacement. It is a vast and sprawling web of government agencies, churches, and non-governmental organizations geared toward transforming the demographic landscape of America. This web has its lay people, its priests, its bishops, and its popes. The Krish thing is now one of the bishops, one of the big shots in the enterprise — the kind who will surely get called to Congress to fulminate scathingly if a president ever wants to cut the system of replacement down by five per cent. (The size he should cut it down to being zero.)

In 2019, Krishanti Vignarajah became president and CEO of the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service. During her tenure there, the refugee resettlement agency filed litigation against the Trump administration, challenging the legality of Executive Order 13888, which seeks to give state and local officials the authority to opt out of refugee resettlement in their jurisdictions.

That was one of the decent things Trump did: permitting governors of states to reject the influx of refugees, to secure their living space at least a little bit. Amazingly, some Republican governors (like the maleficent snow queen Kristi Noem of South Dakota) rejected this gift outright, said No thank you; keep them coming. But if Vignarajah has her nefarious way, locals would have no choice, the Federal Government could simply Bigfoot them and tell them not only would they be getting an invasion force flat out, but they’d have to like it as well. It’s unclear if she wants the feds to mandate that governors greet the planes full of Brown people on the tarmac on their knees and apologize for slavery to them en masse, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

This issue of indiscriminate refugee resettlement is a sensitive one for the Krishanti Vignarajahs of the world, as she and her friends think it is one of the great linchpins of their plans. They don’t necessarily want to bring in more hordes to California and New York; that’s a redundancy in terms of dispossession (you can only kill a place one time). But they are keen as Hell and full of fire when it comes to dumping “refugees” into the heartland of this country. The jewel in their crown of horrors is sullying the “too White” places, places that need some brown-colored enrichment to their way of thinking — places like Idaho and Montana. That is: Any place where the White man can still breathe free is in their cross hairs and on their radar, so they can begin to erode the last bastions and redoubts of Whiteness at the pureness of their source.

And if these governors can defy our federal benefactors on the issue of “refugee resettlement,” what’s next? States with walls? States policing their borders? That can’t be, they say — so they heap moral anathema on them, say it’s illegal to boot, and try to nip what they deem “racism” in the bud.

In an interview with NPR, Vignarajah described the policy as cruel and shortsighted, and noted that refugees that have been waiting to be reunited with their families for years may be forced to settle hundreds of miles away.

Everything for the poor “refugee”; all hail the plucky Brown hero! Imagine the “poor” refugee who, though he didn’t hit the genetic lottery, certainly hit it big when he was invited into the great White jackpot country — who then starts bitching because he (temporarily) lives a few hours away from third cousin Rajahmahindopop. Why, the way the Jews have set it up in our mobile and rootless world, that’s true of most White American families as well, and if anyone ever moaned about it, I for one never heard it. But the poor refugee must be coddled, cradled, cuddled, and then coddled again.

Vignarajah also spoke out against the Executive Order in a Baltimore Sun op-ed entitled, “The courts should declare Trump’s refugee order unconstitutional.”

Now here the Brown Queen of Replacement comes into her evil own. Why, she took off enough time from her ethnic activism at Yale Law School to remember that governors can’t do something if it is unconstitutional, at least that’s what she recalls the Comsymp professor with the George Floyd bumper sticker on his Volvo going on and on about. Apparently she’s a real expert, believing that the Constitution (which today has all the relevance of used toilet paper insofar as its actual intentions go) requires that White people be racially swamped by violent Brown criminals, Third World misfits, and eighty-year-old Brown men married to prepubescent girls still playing with dolls. It’s right there in the Constitution’s fine print, though it was overlooked by White racists for 200-plus years. In fact, to hear Patrick Henry tell it, that’s all James Madison would ever talk about — it was in Article 9, subsection 4d , that no state may reject the offer of taking in genetic inferiors, and must freely give them nice accommodations in mid-level hotels, food, clothes, health care, apologies, “relief” checks without end, and unlimited access to White females.

Yes sir, the pint size philosophe checked for us, and sure enough, all of that was in the document.

How could we have missed it?

Apparently there is no survival clause in our great national document; it’s not so much a suicide pact as a murder instrument, and Krishanti Vignarajah will wield it like a bloody knife, just like the dragon and hatchet lady she is. She may present as a well-coifed and perfectly-scented member of the “elite,” but you can be sure that under those designer suits the bitch is a stone cold killer.

When a lawsuit was filed that put an injunction on Trump’s reasonable order, she crowed:

This injunction provides critical relief. Those who have been waiting for years to reunite with their families and friends will no longer have to choose between their loved ones and the resettlement services that are so critical in their first months as new Americans.

Ah, the fabled New Americans. Whenever the word “new” is placed in front of California or Virginia or America you can be right sure you’re about to get hosed.

About the old ones she couldn’t care a flip. And why should she? We are not her people, nor is she one of ours.

* * *

Baltimore—Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service is excited to announce the appointment of Krishmanti O’Mara Vignarajah former Policy Director to First Lady Michelle Obama, as President and Chief Executive Officer, effective February 13, 2019.

She was the first factotum for the nation’s Second Dude.

Since its founding in 1939, LIRS has worked to uphold the uniquely American ideal that welcoming immigrants from across the globe with open arms is essential to our nation’s progress and prosperity. Bold action is needed to ensure America remains the shining city on the hill and a bastion of hope for those yearning for a better life. Krish’s embodiment of these timeless American values inspired LIRS to appoint a next generation leader — the second refugee and first non-Lutheran in its 80-year history — to lead its efforts to protect the rights and create opportunities for vulnerable refugees and migrants.

All the glittering clichés come out, all the bastardized bromides: America is that “shining city on a hill” that attracts the darkies of the world like flies to rotting flesh, like lice to those Jews in Poland we’ve heard so much about. America is a “bastion of hope” for the so-called “oppressed,” so we must become part dumping ground and part sewer for all the racial waste of the world. These are the “American ideals” and “timeless values” that make it “essential” that we surrender our country and our children’s future to ungrateful insects who hate us more and more every day.

“In an era of family separation and animus towards immigrants seeking a better life, Krish Vignarajah is the perfect person to lead LIRS — one of our nation’s foremost immigration organizations. As an immigrant who fled a civil war and went on to serve in the State Department, Obama White House, and across Maryland, Krish uniquely understands the challenges and opportunities facing refugees and asylum-seekers. She will be a tireless champion for all who seek a better life,” said US Senator Ben Cardin (Ranking Member, Senate Committee on Foreign Relations).

Let me check… Yes!

Benjamin Louis Cardin was born in Baltimore, Maryland. The family name was originally Kardonsky before it was changed to Cardin. Cardin’s grandparents were Russian Jewish Immigrants. His grandfather was Benjamin Green. Cardin and his family attended the Modern Orthodox Beth Tfiloh Congregation near their home, with which the family had been affiliated for three generations.

Enough said. QED. Jews are hostile parasites. The verdict’s been in on that one for a while.

“A refugee herself, Krish represents the promise of the American Dream and understands better than anyone the importance of LIRS’s work. When she was 9 months old, she and her family escaped a civil war and built a life in Maryland. Krish is exactly the kind of once-in-a-generation leader LIRS needs right now,” said LIRS Board Chair Bishop Michael Rinehart. “In the wake of unprecedented challenges to US refugee resettlement and immigration policy, the LIRS mission — to protect, embrace, and empower those we serve — the selection of Krish is an embodiment of the Lutheran commitment to be a church for the sake of the world. Today, we have the opportunity to extend and embrace the gift and energy of a leader who came to this country as one of the most vulnerable.”

The Bishop might also tell us other fables, such as the one that goes “for the sake of the world God sent his only son.” But we know that for the sake of Germany, and all Europa, the gods sent a Führer, which is all the difference in the world.

“For the past 80 years, LIRS has been the national leader in supporting immigrants and refugees beginning their American journey and I am honored to lead this storied organization at a pivotal moment in our nation’s history,” said Krish. “At a time when too many refugees and asylum-seekers are unsure whether they will be welcome in America, I am committed to ensuring that all immigrants seeking a better life in America are afforded the same opportunities as my families received to pursue their dreams.”

A storied organization? She’s talking about the lore of destruction. It will go down in eternal execration.

“LIRS is nationally recognized for its leadership working with and advocating for refugees, asylum seekers, unaccompanied children, immigrants in detention, families fractured by migration and other vulnerable populations. Through 80 years of service and advocacy, LIRS has helped over 500,000 migrants and refugees rebuild their lives in America.”

There they stand; they live to serve the Other.

Martin Luther was unavailable for comment, but rumor has it he was seen retching in the corner.

* * *

Because of her perch in the constellations of the self-styled elites, Krishanti Vignarajah is permitted the luxury of taking to op-ed pages of major newspapers and filling them at will with screeds full of pablum purveying her poisonous and predatory propaganda. She speaks of celebrating “World Refugee Day” and our “moral responsibility” to take in non-Whites without limits. She invokes George Washington in support of “welcoming the stranger to our bosom.”

The “refugees” have a day? Our “moral responsibility”? This is utter madness, and you can bet no dirty refugees will ever darken the streets of the tony neighborhoods where she and her well-heeled husband live. As for George Washington, he surely didn’t contemplate Mexicans and Congoids and felonious fellahin among those we would welcome to our “bosom.” The Enlightenment had infected those gentleman’s minds, but it had not rotted them all the way through. It was George Washington, after all, who signed the bill restricting American citizenship to Whites only. And you can bet your last dollar that when the time comes, the abominable Krish will be leading the charge to eradicate the last remaining vestiges and traces of the name George Washington from our public spaces. He was a White “racist,” after all.

“Amid the worst global refugee crisis in modern history, in which nearly 80 million people have been displaced, the United States has reduced its admissions by 85 percent in the past three years — establishing a shameful all time low admissions ceiling of just 18,000 vulnerable men, women and children this year, a far cry from the historic annual average of 95,000.”

Has she mentioned that these refugees are vulnerable? But really, 18,000 is a rookie number. Zero on the other hand is a nice round number, and where things should be headed before staying there forever. You can be sure, though, that that 80 million figure makes her mouth water profusely into her drool bowl — such possibilities, so many chances to bring in the fatal spawn.

“These figures stand in stark contrast to the spirit of the Refugee Act, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. Signed into law by President Jimmy Carter and faithfully implemented by President Ronald Reagan, this bill formalized the resettlement system as we know it today. It may surprise some to learn that the US has resettled more refugees under Republican administrations than Democratic ones.”

It doesn’t surprise me at all; not one little bit. The uber-genial Regan was always a soft touch with that “exceptional nation” crap of his — and the Bushes, well, the less said the better. The last we saw of the younger one he was walking around telling anyone who would listen that this is not and has never been a White nation. All of which goes to show that the spirit of the Refugee Act is the Jewish spirit of revolutionary destruction.

“As that historic legislation moved through Congress, my family and I were fleeing ethnic and religious persecution in a Sri Lanka on the brink of civil war. My parents, with only $200 to their names and two small children, found safety and eventually prosperity in America — a country that afforded me the opportunity to get an education, work in the White House, and eventually lead Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, one of the largest refugee resettlement agencies in the nation.”

The ever-present hard luck story of the plucky immigrants and the bootstrapping refugee.

When Ted Cruz ran for President on the strength of shopworn and way past its sell date Reaganism, I recall that he used to repeat over and over again that when his father came from Cuba, he had a hundred dollars pinned on the inside of his underwear. And he also kept repeating: If America falls, where will there be to flee to? As if that’s our purpose.

America has fallen. America has failed. There is nowhere to flee to. They have us surrounded and will pick us off one by one in a mopping up action.

“Let us remember that those fleeing for their lives are not simply defined by the misfortune that has befallen them. When they arrive in America, they are transformed. They become our neighbors, friends, customers, small-business owners, taxpayers, our children’s classmates and our fellow congregants. They demonstrate the promise of the American Dream.”

It’s hard to believe she believes this pollyana drivel; more likely she knows it serves her better than the truth — which is that they become the mooches, the leeches, the rapists, the thugs, the carjackers, the knife wielders, the welfare recipients, the haters of our race, the cheap-labor scabs, the insatiable invaders who drive up rents and housing prices, the cloggers of our freeways, the befoulers of our emergency rooms forcing our elders and children to wait, the Democrat voters, the Republican showpieces and corrupters who “prove we’re not racists,” the engines of our demise.

“The argument for refugee resettlement is not simply a moral one either. The economic contributions made by refugees have consistently outweighed the costs. Refugees contributed 21 billion in taxes in 2014 and and over a 20-year period, a refugee contributes 21,000 more in taxes than the initial investment to resettle them on average.”

What were we thinking? We can’t afford not to bring them in! Heck, we may lose tons of money on each refugee and immigrant we bring in; but look on the bright side — we make it up in volume.

“On World Refugee Day, we remember with pride America’s legacy of welcome and how refugees continue to strengthen communities, states and our nation. I ask you to make this day special by reaching out to leaders in Congress to tell them you support the US continuing its long legacy of freedom and opportunity. It’s up to each of us to push back against those who would shut our golden doors, fan the flames of hate and make America less than it can and should be. Refugees need us, but we need them just as much.”

To them, anything other than a supine people in the face of the complete transformation of one’s nation is an act of “hate.”

Who let her in again?

* * *

She seems unconcerned that the aliens we have let on our soil are disease-ridden and are a danger to those who are forced to help them. The great big dementia patient who now lives in the White House is forcing us all to take the shot, is raining down a tyranny on us that makes what the British did to the colonists look like a tea party. He is forcing us to jab up — or, you can bet, soon we’ll lose our bank accounts, our social media accounts, our jobs and soon our lives; eventually you’ll have to submit or he’ll put a round in you. And yet you’d think that with this crazed hysteria over the equivalent of a bad flu going round, they’d be extra cautious about brining in aliens who have who knows how many viruses; but if you think that, you’d be wrong. As far as they’re concerned, virology can go hang when it comes to pushing White people aside. If you’re Brown they’re down.

“Even more so now, as Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has confirmed at least 9 positive cases among detainees in the facility and 23 cases among personnel, according to the private prison contractor, CoreCivic, that operates the detention center.”

They made a bogus big deal about soap regarding the National Socialists as well.

“If they want to wash their hands more frequently or with liquid soap per the CDC’s handwashing recommendations, they must use their commissary accounts – that is, if they have any money at all. Those fortunate enough can buy basic supplies like soap or toothpaste at more than double, or even five times the price they’d pay outside. Only some have the opportunity to earn money by working at their detention facilities, often for a salary of $1 per day. Migrants literally cannot afford the soap to keep themselves safe.”

Of course they could have stayed home. And I’m not just saying. At this point, on this issue, so many people have lost all perspective — but it strains reason that people would break into your country and then forthwith feel they have the moral authority to accuse you of immorality for failing to ensure that every last little need or want of theirs was met.

Isn’t the onus on them? When exactly did we become the bad guys?

And in the spirit of that big Jew hit man, Rahm Emmanuel, they want to let no good crisis go to waste. Covid!

We have to let thousands upon thousands into the interior, there to squat and loiter and hunker down until one day the dam breaks and the great big Gringo in the Sky punches their eternal ticket in the form of “legal status.” Why you have a better chance of getting rid of termites with a water pistol than you do, with the present laws, of getting rid of illegal Mexicans hiding out in our country. Getting cockroaches out of apartments in the Detroit ghetto is a thousand times easier.

Short of powerful, effective fumigation, that is.

Apparently when it comes to the border they want no borders at all.

“Leaders, from former ICE acting director John Sandweng to medical experts for the Department of Homeland Security, have been calling for the release of the nearly 32,000 migrants in ICE custody to help mitigate further outbreak. In late March, 3,000 medical professionals sent a letter to ICE urging them to reduce the detention population. It responded instead by increasing the number of detainees by 700 within that same week.”

Let them in, they say — they know we’ll never find them. Until they get called in to enroll and get their papers and citizenship cards, of course. Then and only then we’ll know exactly where they are. Just follow the track of the welfare payments.

“Migrant detention centers are, as many have called them, tinderboxes. Close quarters, substandard hygiene supplies, and a failure to adhere to CDC recommendations means that the spread of the virus in these facilities is nearly inevitable. Just this past summer, a mumps outbreak quickly spread through 57 facilities across the US — and already, 267 migrant detainees and 123 ICE personnel have tested positive for coronavirus nationwide.”

The amazing thing is that they respond to the tinderbox problem by recommending that they be let out into our country; it never occurs to them not to bring them here in the first place.

The way they make it sound it’s like the those lice-infested Jews in Poland that the National Socialists had to deal with, the ones they had to take to the de-lousing centers.

“No more than 700 migrants have been released from ICE detention across the country — with hundreds of men and women above the age of 60 still in custody. Why can we not show compassion to the tens of thousands of migrants with no criminal record?”

Sorry, we got rid of compassion for invading enemies many miles back down the road; it is lying squirming and dying in the ditch there, along with sympathy and caring for people who want to kill and rape you. As a very and justly famous man once said: Our patience has its limits and they’ve exceeded it long since.

“Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service is proud to stand with these migrants in the fight for their lives. The coronavirus pandemic is a time of unprecedented uncertainty for all of us, but it is a time, too, for us to acknowledge and embrace our shared humanity.”

We don’t share anything with them, certainly not anything as nebulous as “humanity.” The only thing we share with them is a living space — for the time being. But that can change in the twinkling of an eye should a strong man appear.

* * *

“So many people are asking how they can help the Afghan allies and families arriving in the US.”

It’s funny, but I don’t hear anyone asking that. The people I’m in touch with are outraged that we are even contemplating inviting them into our decaying country; believe that it’s sheer lunacy; and will only serve to accelerate the decay. The people I know are asking how we can keep them the Hell out — or, once the foul deed is done, how to get them the Hell out. Or, barring either of those, they’re asking where’s the gun and ammo shop and what are housing prices in Idaho.

Now it’s true that the Obamas, the Bushes, the Clintons, and the officials who worked for them have set up an organization together called “WelcomeUS,” which plans to facilitate this Afghan invasion. But I don’t consider them people but rather reptilian overlords.

“Former Obama and Bush administration officials are launching a new organization aimed to help streamline the process of resettling the roughly 65,000 Afghans forced out of their home country and now making the United States their home. Former President George W. Bush and former first lady Laura Bush, ex-President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State and first lady Hillary Clinton, and former President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama are honorary co-chairs of the organization.”

The Web site for WelcomeUS says “Let’s Welcome Our New Neighbors.” Our neighbors, not the neighbors of the three presidents and their families. The site also instructs you on “how to become a welcomer.”

There is no welcome mat for the likes of them, or their facilitators, in my home.

“So grateful for the volunteers helping us catalogue the tremendous outpouring of support for our LIRS donation drive for Afghan refugees. This is what a community coming together looks like #RefugeesWelcome.”

Krishanti Vignarajah is working round the clock on behalf of her fellow displacers and invaders. And like a soap opera scriptwriter, she ladles it on thick with the hard luck stories.

The Afghanistan debacle is paradigmatic of our time; the ruling elite wage a pointless and stupid war, and wage it badly. We shouldn’t have been there, they shouldn’t have helped us, we shouldn’t have promised them a thing, we shouldn’t be bringing them in. Our mid-level elites screw up everything about a country like Afghanistan and then, to assuage their guilty consciences, they dump the leftovers on us. Not on themselves, mind you — but on us.

Such is the fate of a country when the leaders of that country have absolutely nothing in common with those whom they lead.

The fact is that among those who make the decisions on whether to bring the Afghanis in, and everyone who has a platform to argue for it — none of these people will ever be affected one iota by the decision they are making. It’s a sweet deal if you can get it, just crap all over the place all the time and walk away knowing some other poor sod will be cleaning it up .

“Operation Allies Regugees as the Biden administration has dubbed the effort, will first relocate approximately 700 Afghan allies along with their families — about 2,500 in all — who are in the final steps of the visa application process to Fort Lee, Virginia to complete processing stateside. “18,000 Afghan applicants are still languishing in the bureaucratic labyrinth that is the Special Immigration Visa (SIV) application process. It remains to be seen how the administration intends to keep its promise of protection to this vast majority of applicants with no imminent hope of reprieve from the growing Taliban threat. There are countless additional would-be applicants in desperate need of protection who do not meet the requirement.”

Countless. Like numberless grains of sand they are; we’ll catch up with them in the next census when Whites plummet once again.

“Congress must move quickly to modify burdensome requirements for allies. Fortunately, there is broad bipartisan consensus on the issue, as evidenced by the House of Representatives’ overwhelming support in passing ALLIES ACT last week. It is critical that the Senate swiftly advance parallel legislation, such as bills proposed by Sens. Patrick Leahy and Jeanne Shaheen, both of which would lower the work duration requirement from two years to one, streamline the application process, allow for the resettlement of family members of deceased applicants, and increase the program’s visa cap.”

Swiftly, swiftly, modify the bureaucratic requirements, cut the red tape, lower the work duration requirement, streamline the process, increase the cap, move heaven and earth, do everything we can, work tirelessly, leave no stone unturned, go the extra mile, let nothing stop you. When our elites really want something (and they really want more non-Whites) it’s amazing how quickly they can move in a single direction. The last time they ever put that much effort into helping regular Americans is by now lost in the mists of time.

Everything in our power. Each and every. Heaven and earth.

“We must do everything in our power to quickly relocate each and every ally to US territory, where they can be processed, vetted, and cared for humanely — and where their human rights will be upheld by international and domestic law.”

Just so we’re clear: We allow a foreigner to come in and shoot to the top of our society so she can tirelessly advocate on behalf of foreigners.

It seems like more people should be disturbed by this scam; to let your enemy come in and dictate terms while the war is still going on.

* * *

“As heart-wrenching images of children wrapped in mylar blankets and crowded into makeshift enclosures transfix the nation, it’s easy to lament the emergency and offer platitudes about securing the border. Decades of disinvestment in immigration infrastructure, inconsistent government policies fluctuating between treating immigration as a criminal or humanitarian issue, and limited appetite to address the root causes of migration abroad, have all led us to this paroxysmal point.”

If paroxysmal is a sudden intensified attack, that is indeed where we are; but her solution is to build up what she blithely calls “immigration infrastructure” — which is exactly the web that she is in the center of now, the constellation of private organizations that lobby for more immigrants and then reap the benefits of more immigrants; and no one asks — who benefits?

Not us, of that you can bet your bottom dollar.

“This year, we expect more than 100,000 unaccompanied children to seek refuge in the United States. This year’s surge of unaccompanied minors isn’t an aberration. We saw similar spikes in 2014, 2016, and 2019 — during both Republican and Democratic administrations — and in every case, our nation failed to adequately respond.”

The nation did indeed fail to respond — it should have put the military on the border and get them back to some 19th-century-type work: building fortifications and ethnically cleansing.

“Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet solution to an emergency that was years in the making. The organization I lead, LIRS, has spent two decades caring for unaccompanied children and reuniting them with their sponsors, and we have developed solutions that we must consider implementing at scale.”

We have solutions, too; the time has come when only the final one will do.

What they propose is really what is already going on, they just want it ramped up — and it has worked well; it has worked for them, but it certainly has not worked for the White people of this nation.

But there is a silver bullet solution, that aforementioned deployment of the military. Everyone knows that we could solve this problem. Making our will to solve it the dominant will is a goal worth living for.

Krish’s boondoggle is that she lobbies for more money for organizations like hers. She’s in the thick of it when it comes to replacement, and for LIRS she must be the gift the keeps on giving, a “fresh new rising superstar” with the right skin tone, the non-fair-haired girl for the craven cognoscenti who pull the levers on the torrents of money that are spent. And she’s got the stink of the Obamas all over her. Here she’ll appear before a congressional committee, there she’ll make a discreet phone call, appear at a conference, and soon the noxious web of “immigration infrastructure” grows and grows in a self-perpetuating maze. It is Bureaucracy 101 that once an organization is built and expands, the “need” to use it grows along with it. That’s what all that office space in Northern Virginia is for; that’s why so many of the richest counties in America are near Washington, DC — though, to the discerning eye, they don’t produce anything but dissolution and decay.

For example.

“The near-term solution is for the federal government to significantly invest in strengthening and expanding smaller, family-centric care models. Through our transitional foster care system system, for example, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service trains and supports foster families who can provide a safe, loving home until children are reunited with their US family sponsor. In the past weeks, we have seen a significant uptick in foster family applications. The administration should leverage the generosity of thousands of families across America who are willing and able to open their hearts and their homes to children in need.”

If an administration ever leveraged the rising level of justified White anger in this country, we could do some real nation-building for a change. But as it is, “significantly invest” means they are going to pick White pockets. They are going to rob Peter to pay Pedro. They want us to pay for our own genocide, and they’re not shy about it. They relish it the way racketeers relish the shakedown at the point of a baseball bat.

“The Biden administration also wisely reinstituted the Central American Minors program, which historically provided a legal pathway for certain children to reunite with their lawfully present parents in the US, and has committed to improving the program’s application process and eligibility requirements. This effort would include building greater refugee in-country processing capacity across the region, so that presenting at the border is not the only way to seek their legal rights to humanitarian protection.”

Building greater capacity so that we give these invaders more and more ways to get in and stay in. The acronym of this is CAM, though it should be SCAM. It allows invaders already here to send for their invader children in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. The Golden Door must be opened even further, they say, our border become an even more porous sieve. “In-country processing capacity” demands it.

“The thousands of unaccompanied children at our southern border is a humanitarian emergency that can only be managed through strategic investments and forward-thinking actions. We must learn from the many, many mistakes of the past and adopt proactive policies, build sufficient asylum infrastructure, and attack the root causes to prevent this precarious situation from persisting. For the sake of thousands of vulnerable children, we have no choice but to act.”

The black widow spider works indefatigably around the clock.

* * *

These people are apex predators and in Krishanti “Krish” Vignarajah they have their veritable number one Brown barracuda. She’s an inhuman missile that has been launched at America’s heart. They bilk, they milk, and they exploit. They foster carnage, and all from the tony precincts of their gated neighborhoods in the most desirable neighborhoods. They have created, and work within, a systematic racket of Satanic intent; they are the slime-ridden, venomous snakes our society harbors within. Time for, as they used to say in the 1930s, some Dutch Cleanser.

“Congregations across the country are discerning how God is calling them to respond to the needs of migrants and refugees through EMMAUS: Congregational Discernment. If your congregation is interested in learning more…”

Self-genocide in the name of Jesus Christ. The Romans knew that exotic cults from the East were a mortal peril to the state. They have been proven right in spades. Look around at all the spades and the murder, rape, and degeneracy they get away with in the Lord’s name if you still have doubts.

LIRS’ Twitter page has a picture of ecstatically smiling coffee-colored cretins. The Lutherans brag that they helped halt deportations to Haiti; that they want to “evacuate our allies now”; they promote DACA; they claim “refugees” are “resilient and industrious.”

“We need volunteers to furnish apartments, stock fridges with culturally familiar food. We need English tutors and drivers to get families to appointments.”

They pull out all the stops for the marauding invaders and won’t let anything stop them. They are Hell-bent — literally.

“Just as our nation welcomed 130,000 Vietnamese people after the Fall of Saigon, we today are writing the history book our grandchildren will read in terms of what kind of welcome these children and families receive.”

We’ll see who writes those history books. I’ll wager these race enemies will have a prominent place in them as a cautionary tale of what goes wrong when you let emotionally and morally incontinent people into your continent and given them laurels and power.

“Congressional Democrats have released the first draft of the immigration provisions of their budget reconciliation bill, which would allow Dreamers, TPS beneficiaries, farmworkers, and other pandemic-era essential workers to apply for permanent US status. If you’re looking for a way to support our incoming Afghan allies and their families, LIRS helps provide them with food, housing assistance, clothes and other basic needs as they settle into their new home.”

It really is an orgy of genocide; a squalid conspiracy against us. These “people” man a vast machine dedicated solely to our replacement. They hand out 1.1 million green cards per year, giving each and every one of them a foothold in the country from which it will be nearly impossible to separate them. They perform 750,000 naturalizations per year, handing out the most valuable piece of paper in the world to some of the least valuable people in the world. They bring in “refugees” galore; thousands of illegal aliens attempt a crossing of our border each and every day, and many make it; upwards of 30 million people are currently in this country illegally awaiting the word to “come out of the shadows” and be “normalized” and to be granted “legal status.” They have “immigration infrastructure,” they have churches, they have fellow travelers in the media and in the corporations and deep in government agencies pushing it all along, they have multiple misreadings of the law on their side, they have innumerable multiple-bed homes, they have relative homes, they have foster homes, they have offices in your city and mine. All in all, they preside over a massive machine intended to kill us and replace us, all the while being funded by us; they preside over it to make sure it’s well oiled and that, whatever the vicissitudes of the political landscape, nothing stops its dull roar. And Krishanti Vignarajah, the Brown starlet of the Establishment, the dark star of the ruling class, this former “refugee” who has been showered with all the prerogatives of an ascendant fifth column, this murderess in flower-print dresses and red pant suits, now crawls on her belly, slithering at the nexus of this Web like a black widow spider, shooting out filaments of insidious lies and spinning her evil web, red with our blood.

She’s a nation-eating harridan, Hell-bound and just arrived from the heart of the primordial ooze, and she doesn’t have our good in mind.

To know who rules over you, simply take a look at this Brown thing with the primitive feature and an ersatz vocabulary cribbed straight from Roget’s; she’ll be out there telling you to be “moral” you need to bring them all in, bring them all in to their “new home.”

The one you used to have.

Krish O’Mara Vignarajah is the President and CEO of Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services, the the nation’s largest faith-based nonprofit dedicated exclusively to serving vulnerable immigrant communities.

No, she’s a Brown apex predator. Though, I suppose, in the end, if end it be, it amounts to the same thing.

* * *

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Mencken's Ghost
Mencken's Ghost
20 September, 2021 1:39 am

This is her race-mixing husband by the way.

Reply to  Mencken's Ghost
27 December, 2021 10:40 am

Looks like an image from the avalanche of current, ‘pro-diversity’, propaganda based media advertising, created by any number of Globalist advertising agencies. This is what such advertising agencies are really selling now – mixed race social engineering, rather than the actual consumer items in the advertisements.

Franklin Ryckaert
Franklin Ryckaert
20 September, 2021 9:30 am

This is what inevitably happens if you “resettle refugees” from the Third World into White countries. Krishanti Vignarajah with her husband and child:

comment image

Douglas Mercer
Douglas Mercer
20 September, 2021 10:00 am

Krishanti Vignarajah of Maryland and Collin O’Mara, the former secretary of the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, met Dec. 28, 2014, in Tel Aviv, Israel. They were attending a Schusterman Foundation leadership seminar that included a trip through the Holy Land.

bryan o'driscoll
bryan o'driscoll
20 September, 2021 5:56 pm

I certainly appears that we will have to go through the fire. Nature cannot tolerate such suicidal and degenerate behaviour in any life form for long. It’s not even the fault of these non-whites. They’d be fools not to take advantage of us when we let them. We tolerate the intolerable. We have allowed ourselves to be brought to our present plight. A hundred and twenty years ago we ruled the world and could have taken the whole planet for ourselves if we wished. The rot was in us though and we fell hard. If we survive the ordeal ahead then there will have to be a new type of white man. One who will never allow such a fall again.

Reply to  bryan o'driscoll
22 September, 2021 8:18 am

We will need a total mental dejudaisation, in short a purge of all the kosher Isms and then the removal of every Mosaic building and its tribal cultists.

21 September, 2021 8:43 am

What the author fails to mention is that in 2009 the national convention of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America voted, by the slimmest of margins, to allow same sex marriage and the ordaining and rostering of practicing gays and lesbians within the church clergy. Thousands of people left the Lutheran Church. Church buildings completely emptied out and closed up shop. Congregations couldn’t pay the bills. A lightbulb lit up above the head of the presiding Bishop at the Chicago headquarters. So, the Lutheran Church went into the immigration business. What better way to make some easy money? It sure wasn’t coming in at the collection plates on Sunday morning. The jewification of the Lutheran Church was complete. In fact, if you do your homework you will quickly discover that… Read more »

Reply to  Karen
22 September, 2021 8:19 am

This is the destiny of Christianity-it is a prebolshevist cultus with God as its alibi.

22 September, 2021 8:15 am

I’ve seen better looking trannies although they do rely on make-up…as for Christard’s they are not white even when they’re white…there’s nothing like a beauteous monobrow.

Josef Tone
Josef Tone
23 September, 2021 1:43 am

I’m guessing that they live in a still White majority area. I have never lived in an area that was majority White, nor have I attending any school or toiled at any job which was majority White. However I live surprisingly close by to such an area, where I spent a good amount of time. I consider it a blessing, as I can be sort’ve normal for certain periods of time. I think my subconscious mind pretends that I have some special passport to cross some imaginary border to visit there because of my beliefs. As the sarcastic saying goes, “I wish that I was a non-white. Maybe then I could afford to live in a White neighborhood.”

1 October, 2021 10:29 pm

Although I do not agree with them, I understand mixed marriages in a multicultural society. They are unavoidable.
Nevertheless, why would anyone stand to be part of a mixed marriage where one partner openly despises the ethnicity of the other.
That is unequivocally beyond absurdity.

27 December, 2021 10:31 am

Sri-Lanka, the former Ceylon, is a small island state off coast of India, and is inhabited by two ethnic sub-continental Asian groups, the majority Sinhalese, and the minority Tamils. They HATE each other, and fought a violent ethnic based civil war for many decades, until early 2000’s when the military wing of the separatist Tamils were more or less defeated by Sinhalese Army. A sort of peace exists there now, but they still loathe each other. This is background of the woman who deigns to lecture others about race, ethnicity and creating society of mixed groups??!!