Huge Invader Riots in Calais: “It’s Like the Walking Dead”

Migrants in Calais

Riot police forced to use tear gas on stone-throwing crowd chanting ‘f*** the UK’ who tried to board ferries bound for Britain

HUNDREDS of rioting migrants swarmed Brit cars and lorries at the flash-point port of Calais — in scenes described as “like The Walking Dead”. (ILLUSTRATION: Two migrants create a makeshift roadblock with traffic cones as they flag down a lorry heading for Calais port)

Crowds pelted cars with stones, slashed tarpaulin on lorries and charged through clouds of stinging tear gas in a terrifying episode reminiscent of the popular zombie show.

The drama on Monday saw two migrants briefly arrested on suspicion of throwing objects during the frantic skirmishes but both were released without charge.

Incredibly, astonished onlookers even described seeing migrants jumping into the sea in an effort to swim out to ferries in the freezing water.

Three men lie on top of the HGV
Three men lie on top of the HGV

Frightened Becky Weatherley, 23, said: “It was terrifying. They were like the walking dead — hundreds of people running at cars.

“We were coming back from a music festival and drove past the jungle camp.

“There were hundreds of people there screaming and coming up to the gate and must have kicked it down.

“About 400 of them ran out next to the car. They were jumping on the lorries and trying to open all the doors.

“That’s when the police threw tear gas into the road — it was all around our car.

“We quickly wound up the windows so the gas didn’t come into the car.”

Tear gas ... An approach road to Calais port where riot police used tear gas on violent mob
Tear gas … An approach road to Calais port where riot police used tear gas on violent mob

The music events planner, of Seaford, East Sussex, told how the migrants put orange cones down in front of cars to stop them in their tracks.

And when the traffic ground to a halt they attempted to rush HGVs bound for Britain while their terrified drivers took shelter inside.

Becky said: “The police had guns which fired rubber bullets and were shooting them at the migrants.

“They had to use the tear gas — it was the only way to control the crowds.” The Sun yesterday exclusively told how a mob shouted “f*** the UK” while hurling rocks at a terrified footy fan driving back to Britain by car.

It is believed the migrants targeted the congested roads as Three Lions fans and crowds from the Le Mans 24 Hour motor race returned home.

The extra traffic caused congestion bringing lorries down to a slow enough speed for the groups of desperate men to attempt to board.

And witnesses claimed the flash sports cars from the world-famous event were among those targeted with stones and bricks.

Aviation analyst Alex Macheras was coming back from the high octane race when rioting hit the approach roads to the ferry port.

He said: “It was utter chaos — police were outnumbered and migrants were throwing bricks at cars, including motorsport race cars like Porsches that were travelling back from Le Mans.

“It was scenes of violence and was out of control enough to close both access to the Port of Calais, and then the Eurotunnel — with no information being given other than tweets from operators.

Debris ... Crowd threw stones at police protecting Calais port
Debris … Crowd threw stones at police protecting Calais port

“I was stuck waiting for over ten hours, to be told that there wasn’t any chance of reopening either the port or the Eurotunnel as the migrant situation was out of control.

“Both EuroTunnel and Port of Calais were hesitant to make it clear online as to what was really happening.

“However they had no choice once we had began tweeting the violent clashes taking place.

“Migrants were jumping into the water next to P&O ferries, and teargas was being used by the French police who were completely outnumbered.” The horrific violence was the worst seen in at Calais since French riot police, bulldozers and demolition teams cleared a section of the jungle camp.

Simon Ward, 42, from Hampshire, said: “I was lucky not to get hit by rocks but they did damage a few cars.

“They were falling short of where I was in the queue by about 6ft.

“There were two police alongside me firing tear gas so they may have been aiming at them as well as generally rioting. “The worst of it was just going up the hill alongside the squatter camp.

“A lot of them had got past the first fence and were inside the second fence alongside the road shouting at the police and motorists.

“There were probably around 250 to 300 standing on the bank outside the shanties waiting to make their move.

“It was scary stuff for families with young kids particularly when some were running between vehicles trying to get into the HGV trailers.”

* * *

Source: The Sun

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25 June, 2016 10:57 am

No problem for the French to send their army to depose or install some dictator in Africa, but they can’t remove these invaders at Calais?

Kevin Alfred Strom
Kevin Alfred Strom
Reply to  NR
25 June, 2016 1:32 pm

I suspect that petty nationalism is one factor, at least for those French who don’t welcome the creatures with open arms. At Calais, most of the invaders are plotting to leave France, so why not just leave them to their own devices and let the Brits handle them?

As to the paid employees of the Jews at the highest levels of the French government, most of them wouldn’t remove an invader who was strangling and raping their own daughters — at least not without checking with Moishe first.