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The Racial Awakening of the German People, by Dr. Rudolf Frercks – Part 1

This booklet was originally published, with the approval of the NSDAP, in 1935. The edition on which this translation was based is dated 1942. It will be posted here in about ten installments. Translation by Hadding Scott, 2014.


The Delusion of Human Equality

THE liberal age’s picture of the world is based on the one important premise, an assumption promulgated as dogma in the French Revolution of 1789, that humans are by nature equal. Human reason (Vernunft) was allegedly the very thing that would unite all humans on the Earth and make them ready — some sooner, others later — to take part in the great ideal global culture, with its blessings and its peace. The laws of logic, so it was said, were everywhere the same, and were valid not only for Europeans but also for Negroes. That however implied the duty of educating humans more and more into clever beings guided only by calculation (Verstand). The appeal was directed to the individual and to the insight given to him, whereby he was supposed to overcome the dark drives of emotion and of the will to live, which stem from an earlier stage of development and are unworthy of a modern man.


As a result we find in the bourgeois world the private citizen who lives far from the political affairs of the state, pursues only his cultivation into a harmonious and knowledgeable world-citizen, and is at home to the same degree in New York or in Paris. In the Marxist world it is the proletarian who proclaims himself in solidarity with the class-strugglers of all countries and lives in the faith that the one big global world-revolution someday will bring a distribution of goods that is decent and just for all workers of the world. From this thinking arises in the life of the state the liberal party-system, which in the 19th century advanced its claims against the conservative forces of hereditary nobility, but itself inwardly rejects the state as a whole and after 1918 finally began gradually to treat the state as an object of plunder for particular interest-groups.

The Mirage of Eternal Peace

The individual, liberated from all ties to family, clan, and nation, represents the center of the world. As a free “personality,” untroubled by the downward-dragging forces of a dark destiny, he is supposed to follow the path of pure knowledge, which will make him ready as an enlightened and knowledgeable creature to live together in a great federation of humans governed only by reason, where humanity’s ancient dream, eternal peace, will be realized. A great fantasy truly, for the realization of which many millions of humans have made the ultimate sacrifice. It was an entire century’s faith in progress that caused the thought and action of humans, the culture and politics of states, to be placed at the service of this striving directed toward unity in all fields. In politics Pan-Europe was the goal, which was supposed to be followed by the United States of the World. International world-economy, world-literature, and international scholarship mark other stages on this path.

In 1918 the final goal was believed to be closer than ever, and the realization of these dreams was expected from the League of Nations. Addressing the global community in Geneva, Gustav Stresemann called for a European postage stamp. Marxism and Jewry rejoiced. What would folk mean to them? At most a transitional stage on the way to the world-republic, or, in case an explanation was necessary, an aggregation of individuals that accidentally live in the same space and thus necessarily speak the same language….

To be continued.

* * *

Source: National-Socialist Worldview

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23 September, 2021 9:14 pm

Pro-German, or even Nordic, does not mean pro-White. The broad brush against White Slavs may prove ultimately fatal.