Compliant, Obedient, Vaxxed, Infected, Dead Nineteen

by David Sims

FOR ALL THE good it did, which is to say almost none, the “anti-covid” steps taken by the world’s governments and the World Health Organization might as well never have been taken. The coronavirus had its way with us. The pandemic is over, and what remains is an endemic disease that will never go away: a new disease, like the common cold, that is beyond the power of humanity to eradicate.

Fortunately, the effects of covid are mild in most people, and nearly everyone recovers. And, if a recovered person has been wise enough to refuse all of the experimental vaccines, he has a natural immunity to being re-infected by the coronavirus that is stronger and more enduring than the weak and temporary immunity that the mRNA vaccines may offer, and without any risks of side effects that those vaccines are known to have.

A natural immunity often lasts a lifetime. The vaccine immunity doesn’t. A natural immunity is broader, in terms of the variant strains of the pathogen, than the vaccine immunity is. A natural immunity doesn’t have side effects, such as blindness, sterility, blood clotting, heart swelling, skin sloughing, or death. Some people taking the vaccine will experience those things.

The vaccine immunity drives the evolution of coronavirus, causing new variants, resistant to the vaccine, to appear. Natural immunity does that, too, but not as quickly or as much.

It’s obvious that what Big Pharma is doing is exploiting the coronavirus, and the panic over it, to transfer the wealth of the general public to themselves.

The result of our wrong manner of dealing with the coronavirus has been the crippling of our economy. Inflation has been put into high gear, especially when it comes to fuel and building supplies. Small businesses have gone bankrupt. Unemployment has risen much. There is new worry about scarcity of food and goods. New “crimes” have been invented to restrict and inhibit decent people, while evil-doers have been let out of prison and corrupt prosecutors have refused to try them for the crimes they commit after they’ve been turned loose.

If you voted for Joe Biden, then your foolishness should have become clear to you by now.

The coronavirus panic was cynically exploited by leftist officials and by the pharmaceutical industry from the very beginning. It isn’t impossible that the pandemic was engineered for their purposes.

The leftists, in government, in the media, and their street thug minions, wanted more control over the lives of ordinary citizens. The drug companies wanted trillions of dollars in profits from the sale of “vaccines” of dubious worth and of doubtful safety.

In the recent past, the big drug companies have been fined billions of dollars for false claims about drugs and about medical equipment. They’ve been caught putting asbestos in baby powder. They’ve lobbied for, and have received, immunity from civil lawsuits arising over any deaths, illnesses, or injuries caused by their covid-19 vaccines. Only a fool would trust them to do the right thing, this time.

Naturopathy doctors have the right idea, in regard to covid-19. The sensible thing for society to do, when it is threatened by a pandemic of this sort, is protect the vulnerable (old people, people with respiratory illness), but otherwise ignore it. Let the disease circulate through the part of the population in which symptoms seldom appear and in which the survival rate is above 99.9%. That way, you quickly gain herd immunity and the pandemic threat is abated. The disease becomes just another kind of cold or flu.

Drugs and vaccines that “leak” (i.e., don’t destroy the pathogen entirely) only cause the virus or bacterium to evolve into variants that resist the drugs and the vaccines. Additionally, these treatments prevent or postpone the rise of natural, more effective, and longer-lasting herd immunity. In other words, they do more harm than good, when applied to the population generally.

And that is true even when the drugs or vaccines don’t have harmful side effects, such as causing heart swelling, blood clotting, skin falling off, blindness, and sterility.

The “experts” and the “authorities” have gotten everything wrong, if the well-being of the public were their concern. On the other hand, they’ve done almost everything right if robber-baron tyranny were their true objective.

Big Tech, like Jewish-run Facebook and Jewish-run YouTube and their allies, are censoring anyone who disagrees with Big Pharma’s narrative on covid. Those Big Tech executives, like YouTube’s Jewish head Susan Wojcicki, aren’t medical experts — but they pretend that they are, so that they can justify censoring accurate information from real experts, like Rand Paul.

Recently, Senator Rand Paul, who is a real doctor, published a video on YouTube, in which he explained why wearing masks doesn’t protect the wearer from others, nor protect others from the wearer. It was a statement that echoed a claim that Anthony Fauci made about a year earlier.

But it goes against the population control narrative of Big Tech and Big Pharma, so Wojcicki censored Senator Paul’s video. Thus do the elitists protect the lies from the truth.

Are the anti-covid vaccine-engendered imitation spike proteins cytotoxic; i.e., do they damage cells? The man who invented mRNA technology, Robert Malone, and other medical experts, have said yes. Some presumptuous journalists, all of whom lack the competence to judge the matter scientifically, have “fact-checked” these experts, and they say no. Which side should you believe?

Red Ice recently published a video showing hundreds of headlines of news articles about people dying within 48 hours of getting a covid-19 vaccine, many of them asserting that the timing of the death was only a mysterious coincidence. The experts were all scratching their heads about the heart problems, the blood clotting, the seizures, the sudden onset of blindness, the bruising, the skin falling off, and so forth. “Reactions to the vaccine are extremely rare,” says one expert. On and on the parade of articles goes, coming from around the world, but selected for being published in English. We might assume that there are other articles, pertaining to still more vaccine reaction incidents, written in Spanish, in French, in German, in Italian, in Portuguese, in Croatian, in Bulgarian, in Russian….

Meanwhile, in Ireland the covid-empowered tyrants have begun committing murder by withholding certain kinds of medical care from unvaccinated persons.

And in Australia, children are being taken from their parents, transported to a sports stadium, and confined there until they are forcibly injected with a covid vaccine. The political authorities voice unctuous assurances that all the children will be safe and will be returned promptly, that the forced vaccinations are some sort of wonderful opportunity that the Australian people should be grateful for. Meanwhile, some of the children in the stadium are suffering side effects from the vaccine, fainting, etc.

The trouble that the Australians are having in resisting tyranny stems from the fact that they have no coordinated resistance. I’ve heard the situation called social atomization. Each individual member of the public thinks he’s alone, all on his own against the mighty state and corporations and NGOs, that nobody will stand with him, and therefore his situation is hopeless and the only reasonable course of action open to him is compliance, obedience, submission.

Change that, and you can beat the predatory elite. Until you change that, you cannot.

* * *

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23 August, 2021 6:41 am

Unz featured the same article (I don’t do AmRen since they always delete my comments… at least the jew Unz has never deleted one that I know of). I commented: Fred protects the jew with every opportunity. I’ve pointed this out here a few times already.Why does Fred do such? Why does he ignore history (this ain’t the jews first rodeo)?It is evident that Talmudism dictates the jews’ minds (whether they are religious or not). It is this self-superiority mindset driven from their centuries of Talmudic brainwashing.But no. With Fred, it is simply that whitey is jealous of all their smarts and money-making abilities. Of course he has known a few (I bet he knows MANY). I bet that he understands their power and this is the reason for his… Read more »

Reply to  BuelahMan
31 August, 2021 11:35 am

Who…is the “Fred” to whom you are referring?

Reply to  Servenet
1 September, 2021 6:53 am

I’m not sure how this comment was posted in this article (I can’t imagine I did, but perhaps I had two Nat Van articles up at the same time and erroneously posted my comment here).

Should have been here:

23 August, 2021 12:27 pm

I’d say the coronavirus hysteria is entirely a fabrication from the creators of the holocaust fairy tale. That’s the power of mass media today and how easily humans are manipulated and put in line.
The whole thing was done for societal control and all the push for vaccination could be just for dramatic effect or it could very well be something much more sinister, who knows.

Tim t
Tim t
Reply to  Titus
23 August, 2021 5:12 pm

The NWO and its puppet bill gates are up to the most sinister of plans to take control

23 August, 2021 8:39 pm

Somebody commented on a photo of a cargo plane filled with Afghans headed to the US for resettlement, asking “Where are their masks?” This got me to thinking about the extent of covid in Afghanistan. So I did some checking. I found that, while California and Afghanistan each have roughly 38 million people, California has had 65,000 covid deaths while Afghanistan has only had about 6000. Further, about 60% of Californians are vaccinated whereas only 2% of Afghans are vaccinated. I know that the statistics out of Afghanistan are somewhat uncertain. But they are not off by a factor of 10. If you look at the data for new cases, they peaked around New Years Day, several months before significant numbers were vaccinated. So the vaccine cannot be responsible for… Read more »

Tim t
Tim t
Reply to  guest
24 August, 2021 1:06 pm

Our govt lie thats all they do CDC lies UN and WHO are completely told by the lying politicians what to say and least of all most all satistics they release are false this genetically engineered virus and the savior vaccines are Not the answer more than a billion ppl will die mostly from the shots

Reply to  guest
30 August, 2021 8:07 pm

Those numbers are complete bs.
Ever since March of 2020, all other causes of illness and death have miraculously disappeared and EVERYTHING has been counted as having been caused by the Kung Flu.
The main target are White countries – North America, Europe, Oz, NZ – the rest of the world have to play along so that Whitey doesn’t get suspicious in time to save himself from the sterilization killshot.

Research Chemist
Research Chemist
26 August, 2021 9:05 pm

IN SEARCH OF SOMETHING THAT DOES NOT EXIST   I am in agreement with the late Nobel Laureate Kary Mullis who maintained that the aids virus (HIV) did not exist.  In fact no one has even been able to establish the existence of any virus, and no one has ever been able to isolate the so-called Corona Virus in pure form such that it could be examined by electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction techniques. If I am wrong please cite the reference which clearly shows how the virus was isolated in pure form.   In point of fact when anyone cites a paper that suggests the SARSCoV-2 virus has been isolated, check the methods sections. If the researchers used Vero cells or any other culture method, you know that their… Read more »

Jim Laffrey
Jim Laffrey
Reply to  Research Chemist
29 August, 2021 3:31 pm

Correct. Very good comment. From HIV to now, crypto-jew Fauci has been in on all the “virus” lie fear-porn production. Kary Mullis, of course, knew what he was talking about. And he said Fauci has no problem looking into cameras and lying and lying. A continuing irk for me is the ongoing production of articles and videos by apparently fellow Whites who are supposedly wise to jewry AND YET write and talk as if the supposed virus exists and a supposed pandemic has occurred. By the time these numbskulls get up to speed (if ever), there will already be one or more new hoaxes by the jews that these dupes will fall for. This ought to suggest to us that we must shun the dupes. They are ball-and-chains. They serve… Read more »

Reply to  Jim Laffrey
30 August, 2021 8:01 pm

A bunch of whiskey has passed under the bridge since, but I used to frequent a blog/forum called Chateau Heartiste, which positively swarmed with Christcucks who saw Jewish conspiracies under every pebble and behind every grass blade – but were completely, utterly, hopelessly blind in all three eyes to the biggest Jewish conspiracy of them all: Cuckstianity. And who would attack you in the most rabid, underhanded fashion if you as much as dared to suggest that muhJeebus wasn’t real (and an Anglo Hu-wyte Male to boot) or that muhBahble wasn’t the cast iron, set in stone, eternal truth. Dey wuz da rill Djoos, you see…..
And yes, they will fall for the next hoax, too.

James Clayton
James Clayton
28 August, 2021 7:30 pm

Interesting, the Nation of Islam’s website and research website links to anti-vaccine articles. Their online addresses are at the end of the Andrew Hamilton piece based on a Counter Currents article, here:

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
29 August, 2021 2:51 am

From Day One, the issue was never
about a non-existent virus…it was
(and is) all about power and control.

30 August, 2021 8:03 pm

There is no new ‘virus’. It’s the frickin’ flu.
ALL the rest is lies, spin, propaganda and fear porn to the nth power.

31 August, 2021 11:31 am

She does well enough in the video. But it is interesting, that she utilizes the expression “medical apartheid.” Is it possible at this juncture of tyranny-madness that one shouldn’t nit-pick? What I mean is that the whole mental/spiritual collapse in the West is due to a RACIAL gestalt beginning with the cultural/social trends of “equality, civil rights,” race-indifference or blindness, sympathy/altruism towards non-Whites with the most worthless and pernicious groups receiving the greatest advocacy, etc., all with the purpose damaging and ultimately destroying the White race along with all that pertains to it. My guess is that this otherwise intelligent and sound-of-instinct young woman would be completely approving of all the anti-racist trends and moves of the past two generations. And this is the great Jewish trick – go ahead… Read more »