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There is still a risk from this virus, but is it being exaggerated and used to impose arbitrary regulation and control? And the suggestion that “treatment” that causes sterility and feminization in men might be effective is truly frightening. by David Sims AS MARK TWAIN said, it’s…
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The ADL headquarters building in New York City, one of many such ADL offices around the country. Clearly, this Jewish group is in desperate need of public money to help fund the wonderful and absolutely vital services they unselfishly provide to the people of the United States. But, guess what? “It’s
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Andrew HamiltonEssays

by Andrew Hamilton TIM WALZ (D.), the odious governor of Minnesota, has issued a decree that everyone in the state must wear masks in public to avoid having the police called on them, generating a permanent electronic criminal record, and paying mandatory fines. Consider it a template for what is happening…
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There has been sharp disagreement within racialist circles over the appropriateness of the COVID-19 lockdown and the scientific justifications behind it. Occidental Dissent has been leading the charge against opponents of the lockdown as ignorant rubes and embarrassing conspiracy theorists
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American Dissident VoicesAudioKevin Alfred StromRadio

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 9 May, 2020 by Kevin Alfred Strom A FEW MONTHS AGO my broadcast was titled “Don’t Get Sick,” and it featured our National Alliance Health Warning #1 and Health Warning #2. This week we introduce National Alliance Health Warning #3 —…
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