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EssaysThomas Dalton

by Thomas Dalton, PhD. ON March 10, Texas effectively eliminated all restrictions related to the Covid pandemic.  The shutdown ended, restaurant capacities were restored to 100%, and perhaps most significantly for everyday life, mask mandates were lifted.  Masks are the most visible, and the most…
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by John Massaro I THINK it’s safe to say that nearly every visitor to this site believes next to nothing that comes out of the mouths of politicians and journalists. So let me begin this discussion by stating that, in my opinion, this so-called corona virus pandemic is not a medical event but a media…
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David SimsEssays

by David Sims THERE’S A LOT of media hoopla just now over a new strain of coronavirus that is more infectious than the original that causes covid-19. They speak, now, of a coming covid-21 pandemic, a new worldwide health emergency that will require more and longer lockdowns everywhere outside…
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David SimsNews

Nurse Tiffany Dover fainted on live TV 17 minutes after receiving the new rushed-to-market vaccine, hundreds of millions of doses of which have been purchased from Big Pharma with taxpayer money. by David Sims PEOPLE WHO have gotten the COVID-19 vaccine are getting sick and/or fainting. Medical “experts”…
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