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Dead White Male

Integrationist Ryerson

by Douglas Mercer

EGERTON RYERSON is a dead White male, and they’ll never let us forget it. Just the other day our enemies were engaging in some sympathetic magic and treating his statue like a voodoo doll. But they weren’t putting pins in it.

We’re in for another round of White-hating hysteria because they found the remains of 215 underage savages buried at a Catholic school in Canada.

The discovery of the bodies was confirmed Thursday (May 27 2021) by the Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc First Nation. The Kamloops Indian Residential School operated from the late 1800s until 1977 and the Tk’emlups te Secwépemc said there were as many as 500 children enrolled at the school at one time. The children’s remains were found by using ground penetrating radar.

There’s zero — repeat, zero — evidence that White people killed these untamable tots. But you’d never know that by reading the controlled media. They play it the Jewish Narrative way, as always: murderous Whites, non-White victims.

The Pope expressed his sorrow at the find, though he stopped short of a full-scale apology, which is surprising as apologizing on behalf of White people is his number one go-to schtick. Getting on his knees for Jesus wasn’t enough for the old coot, now he has to get on his knees for the darkies.

Of course their first mistake was teaching these Brown little runts in the first place. It was the White man’s burden, don’t you know. But no “good deed” goes unpunished.

They surely were the White man’s burden, but trying to integrate them into a complex and sophisticated White civilization by teaching them English and Western culture is never the answer. You might as well let an orangutan monkey with fissile material. No, there were time-honored methods of dealing with them; we call them reservations. Once upon a time, the White man used to say, “Just give them some cow dung chits and set up a whiskey dispensary (low, low prices). Nature will take care of the rest.” Even that was not enough though. It’s a form of “integrating” them into your country. Nothing less than total separation will do.

But Ryerson and his ilk were deranged and he was something called a “Methodist,” that is, a “good hearted if stern” Christian, so he had to stick his finger in Nature’s pie and meddle with its majestic ways. Now his symbolic head is buried underwater.

Weak-kneed wishy-wishy and wimpish cucked Canada is now taking a collective knee. The descendants of those Brown stone age relics (why are there still any left?) are demanding justice aka unconditional surrender. And of course there are way more than enough stupid and sniveling White people to give it to them served up on a silver platter. This surrender platter will come along with complementary servings of their country, their heritage, their history, their heroes, their culture, their ancestors, and their race.

Bon appetit, stone age savages!

Back in the late 19th century Canada set up “residential schools” for Amerindians.

As Chief Superintendent of Education, Ryerson’s recommendations were instrumental in the design and implementation of the Indian Residential School System.

The bright idea was to take Indian kids from their parents, teach them about “Enlightenment ideals” and Jesus, and expunge their benighted culture. But leopards don’t change their spots, and flat-nosed Amerindian kids don’t care or learn much about the Magna Carta. Ugly truths are the ones to hew to.

It is estimated that at least 6,000 indigenous children died in these schools, after being abused. Justice Murray Sinclair, the chair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, has said that the number is just an estimate and is likely to be much higher. In the Truth and Reconciliation report, he has described the residential school system as ‘cultural genocide.’

Said cultural genocide was totally the wrong approach. You have to have total separation in order to survive for all time. They can’t, and don’t want to, and won’t live among us in peace. And even if they did, it would kill us, because mixing with them would make us something other than what we are.

The discovery — which prompted a national outrage — has led to greater scrutiny of figures like Ryerson and their role in Canadian history.

The statue, prominently displayed on the campus of Ryerson University, has come under renewed scrutiny after the discovery in Kamloops, B.C., of what are believed to be the remains of 215 Indigenous children at a former residential school.

The issue of Ryerson’s legacy came back to the fore last summer when the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis prompted anti-racism protests all over the world.

“Scrutiny” doesn’t get at it. It’s a whole nation donning a giant hair shirt, taking whips and flagellating itself until lurid pools of blood gather at its feet. It’s a whole nation shining savage’s shoes, ready to empty the nation’s treasury until it’s bled dry. Why, you can hear the high-pitched whine of White lefty and Christian wailing all the way to Minneapolis, where it syncs up with the deafening womanly wailing already going on there.

Couldn’t we have given them exclusive rights to casinos on the North Pole? Replete with cow dung chits and chips?

Seems sane and sensible to me.

And now of course the anathema will begin in full swing. It’s like they are trying to be rid of what they consider White contagion which they liken to a spiritual pollution. Screeching and howling of Brown people will be heard across the land. There will be “truth and reconciliation” confabs (the same name. by the way, used in South Africa before the killing of Whites really accelerated there), the requisite “racial reckonings,” the “coming to terms with the past.” Your country or your life! Morally squalid Whites will offer up both, along with their White sisters and wives and daughters.

According to Ryerson University president Mohamed Lachemi, the statue was pulled down about an hour after a ‘peaceful protest and march,’ which began at Queen’s Park and ended at the university’s campus.

What are we to Mohamed or Mohamed to us? Nothing, that’s what. But he’s the big time shot-caller now, boys.

In July, the school’s statue of Ryerson was splashed with pink paint.

Two campus publications have also opted to change their names to remove the reference to Ryerson.

On July 18, 2020, three people were arrested for splattering pink paint on the Egerton Ryerson statue — in addition to two others — as part of a demand to tear down the monuments. Black Lives Matter Toronto claimed responsibility for the actions stating that ‘The action comes after the City of Toronto and the Province of Ontario have failed to take action against police violence against Black people.’

Bet those Black defendants got off easy. Can we give you anything? Our country, for instance?

Now we see splashed across the Internet the disgraceful and shameful images of little White girls on the ground looking solemn and serious as they are injected with the civilization-breaking mind poison of “anti-racism.” They should be being educated as to how to be mothers of the next generation of our people — but instead they are wasting their very limited time on Earth “making amends” to their genetic inferiors.

The girls saw the memorial on the step of Vancouver Art Gallery which features hundreds of pairs of shoes, and were inspired, explained a group of the students including Phoebe Werner, Olivia Morabito, Sephora Andrews, Brooks Deschamps, Marley Anchikoski, and Sienna Honig.

So young and so misled. The crime being committed against them cries out to Great Nature, cries out for blood revenge. Why, it’s almost as if they are being removed from their heritage, learning a new language, and having their culture expunged.

Today when you are walking on the green belt you will see sets of footprints. The kids walked down from Begbie View Elementary and traced their own feet, adding hearts and the number 215.

Tomorrow they will be wearing orange t-shirts to school.

Like little obedient zombies, they have imbibed the lying virus given to them by their elders; nothing can ever be done for us to “reconcile” with that.

The union representing B.C. teachers said it is asking for school districts across the province to fly flags at half-mast next week in honor of the 215 Indigenous children found dead on the grounds of a Kamloops residential school.

The B.C. Teachers’ Federation said it will be working with its local unions to organize orange shirt walk-ins next week in honor of the children. orange shirt day is officially held in September each year to commemorate the experience Indigenous peoples endured in residential schools, to honor the healing of survivors and their families and to continue to work towards reconciliation.

Hundreds of pegs, each marking the possible site of a child’s remains, were staked out on the grounds of a former residential school in Kamloops, when Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc Chief Rosanne Casimir arrived at the site last weekend.

In Vancouver, 215 pairs of kids’ shoes now line the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery after being placed there Friday by First Nations advocates from the Downtown Eastside.

It comes as a response to the revelation that 215 children’s remains were discovered this week at the site of the former Kamloops residential school.

Howling, wailing, rending of shirts, and gnashing of teeth.

Orange t-shirts! Shoes! Anti-racism!

Where the White women at?

The young ones, who should be the pride of our race, are being led to their slaughter.

And then of course came that primal scene. The racial reckoning with that dead White male. The one where they dispose of the body.

Demonstrators splattered the statue with paint, then cut off the head of the statue, carried it to the lakeshore and lowered it by rope into the water.

And, trust me, as those unspeakable barbarians sneer and stare lasciviously as the severed head slowly sinks beneath the surface of the water, they’re not thinking about Egerton Ryerson. No, they don’t give half a flip about him.

They’re thinking about you and yours.

* * *

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Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
7 June, 2022 7:41 pm

Douglas Mercer explains the obvious:

You have to have total separation in order to survive for all time. They can’t, and don’t want to, and won’t live among us in peace. And even if they did, it would kill us, because mixing with them would make us something other than what we are.