UK: ‘Tommy Robinson’ Heads for Bankruptcy Despite Mountain of Donations


STEPHEN Yaxley-Lennon, better known under his alias ‘Tommy Robinson’ as former leader of the English Defence League (EDL), was yet again in the headlines for the wrong reasons recently.

The EDL grew rapidly after its creation in 2009 as a reaction against ‘Islamist extremism’. Never a membership organisation and never having any form of constitution or accountability (despite large amounts of cash swirling around), the EDL nevertheless managed to organise mass demonstrations on a far bigger scale than anything 21st century nationalist parties could manage.

Based on an alliance of football hooligan ‘firms’ rather than a political structure, the EDL included many good lads but also numerous petty criminals such as Yaxley-Lennon looking for a fast buck.

There is of course a certain group with many generations of experience in exploiting such petty criminals and their greed: so it was no surprise that ‘Tommy Robinson’ became the most devoted cheerleader for Israel in the (broadly defined) nationalist movement.

But the wheels came off a few years ago, and for some time ‘Tommy’ has seemed an increasingly desperate shadow of his former self. He is presently being sued for libel in a case that we cannot discuss for legal reasons, and recently told a court that he couldn’t afford legal representation due to imminent bankruptcy.

Recent stories in the press detail the vast amounts of cash that ‘Tommy’ has burned through in the past decade.

While Heritage and Destiny has little knowledge of these particular allegations, we have warned readers about ‘Tommy Robinson’ for many years. If our movement is to rebuild itself as a credible force in the post-Brexit, post-Farage era, we must look on the sad saga of ‘Tommy Robinson’ as an object lesson in how not to do things.

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Source: Heritage and Destiny magazine

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9 April, 2021 10:10 am

ANY sympathy for Israel is a red flag. FL governor Ron DeSantis says many things that I agree with. But the guy is a total Israel whore having actually held a cabinet meeting in Israel as well as the obligatory prayer at the Western Wall which should immediatelt disqualify any person from public office in the US.

Reply to  guest
10 April, 2021 10:52 pm

“…is a total Israel whore….”

Name ONE (politician)…that isn’t.

mortal goyal
mortal goyal
Reply to  Servenet
11 April, 2021 4:30 pm

jim traficant!

course, they wound up liquidating him.

Reply to  guest
22 April, 2021 10:05 pm

So right there. I believe here in Britain you must get approval from The British board of deputies to stand. We need to be active in politics in some way, but not exposing the Jewish role in this could be a mistake. The World must know Whites are targeted for extinction.

9 April, 2021 12:44 pm

Those who are not part of the solution are part of the prob-
lem. Here one can confidently speak of the willing helpers
of the destroyers, who erect a façade behind which there is
nothing else than controlled opposition (what once was do-
ne by the Fifth Column). Their task is, of course, to create
discord between religions / cultures, although the cause of
the unnecessary clash is clearly the “multicultural” agenda.

Prinz Edelhart
Prinz Edelhart
13 April, 2021 9:46 pm

The only British politician (or similar) I am aware of who came close to the truth was Nick Griffin, formerly of the BNP.
He might have gotten all the way to the bottom of things had his Christcuckery not held him back.

Reply to  Prinz Edelhart
22 April, 2021 10:09 pm

His open denial of the holohoax damned him to the end. If someone who had been “clean” headed the BNP, they would have soared.

Reply to  DASREICH
23 April, 2021 6:23 pm

If someone clean heads any ‘alt right’ or similar party or organization, they will be dragged into constitutional court, jailed and/or assassinated.

13 May, 2021 9:08 am

It’s funny that Alex Jones has had Tommy Robinson on his show, getting every sucker who wants a few minutes of publicity to bolster Alex Jones image, and suckers to buy his products. Somewhere is an article claiming that Tommy Robinson is Jewish. Joe Rogan is said to be Jewish and Alex Jones brags of being friends with Rogan for 20 years. A video of Alex Jones show him cavorting, dancing and singing with a big smile on his face with a group of Jewish males. I believe Alex Jones is Jewish and he has the face to show it.