UK: Ex-Muslim Ally of “Tommy Robinson” Attacks Scottish “Racism”

Maajid Nawaz speaking at a Zionist rally in London.

MAAJID NAWAZ is the political establishment’s favourite ex-Muslim. Co-founder of the ‘anti-extremist’ Quilliam Foundation, Nawaz had been a member of the Islamic fundamentalist faction Hizb ut-Tahrir during his years as a student in London, but he later became a high-profile defector and critic of HUT and of what he portrays as a broader Islamist movement.

During 2013 Nawaz forged a curious political alliance with Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, alias ‘Tommy Robinson’, founder of the English Defence League, and promoted ‘Robinson’ across the mainstream media following the latter’s split from the EDL. ‘Robinson’ later claimed that he had been on the Quilliam Foundation’s payroll for about six months.

Maajid Nawaz (above left) with onetime ally ‘Tommy Robinson’

Both Nawaz and ‘Robinson’ are enthusiastic supporters of Israel, and Nawaz became a Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate. During 2016-2018 there was a legal dispute between Nawaz and the American ‘anti-racist’ organisation Southern Poverty Law Center, after the SPLC labelled Nawaz and his Quilliam group “anti-Muslim extremists”. The SPLC eventually apologised and paid Quilliam more than $3m.

However Nawaz continues to be a controversial character, with some critics doubting the veracity of his stories about the reasons for his embrace and rejection of Islamism. H&D readers can judge for themselves — all we can state for certain is that Nawaz’s account of having been persecuted by rampaging Combat 18 gangs during his youth in Southend is obvious nonsense. As with so much ‘expert’ commentary on the ‘far right’, it is self-evident fantasy, as many H&D readers who actually know the history of C18 etc. will instantly realise.

Now Nawaz has launched an attack on the “racism” of Scottish nationalists, including some within the impeccably liberal, multi-racialist SNP. He writes:

Violent hostility to outsiders and critics is in the DNA of nationalists, whether on the Left and Right, as anyone who has debated with SNP can testify to. When that outsider has different colour skin the rage seems to be heighted [sic].

While H&D is no friend of the SNP, it is obvious that what Nawaz really objects to here is not so much Scottish independence (which many of our readers would oppose equally passionately). What Nawaz really hates is the politics of national identity, cultural identity, and racial identity. With one exception of course. He absolutely loves Israel.

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Source: Heritage and Destiny

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27 May, 2020 10:15 am

The manipulative and cunning Zionist shape shifters play both sides. They pit various groups against each other and forge fake disposable ‘friendships’ whenever doing so furthers their Zionist goals.
PS; this is a very revealing site. No wonder it is subject to filtration (censorship: it does not appear in search results) if you use Google as the search engine. I was researching Animal Welfare and Ecological Conservation in National Socialist Germany, having been sickened by a youtube video showing horrendous livestock (pig) cruelty in an Asian (possibly Chinese) slaughterhouse.

Reply to  Gary
27 May, 2020 6:16 pm

Greetings Gary. Those evil Narzies legislated for the protection of animals and the environment as soon as they achieved government, and many human welfare provisions that we now accept as usual.

29 May, 2020 7:37 pm

I always wondered how Robinson made money. I see it now. I thought he was wishywashy, like Alex jones. It was fustrating to listen to him, and honestly, anybody fighting the way he has is really countertuitive. It’s more like blaring whitenoise, sometimes you have to turn them off to get some peace.

3 June, 2020 5:47 pm

Jews and Arabs are Semites. The old expression ‘scratch a jew and you get an arab’ is true SUNNIsemite, JEWISHsemite, SHIITTEsemite, kissing cousins.. judeo-christian is an oxymoron …… judeo-ISLAMIC is accurate Israel and the world center of Islam, Saudi Arabia, are allies. Sharia law is copied from Halacha law. The hijab and its variants – a Jewish tradition rooted in Judaism and propagated by Islamists Jewish men cover their heads in humility/modesty to god as do women. TAQIYA is copied from “LASHON HORA (HARA)” It is the Jewish speech code against speaking ill of “your coreligionists” and it states that they must not lie to or speak ill of “Jews in good standing” but lying to GOYIM and herem-Jews (excommunicated) is okay. When you understand their morality/speech-code you will understand… Read more »

Gerald Goldberg
Gerald Goldberg
9 June, 2020 3:48 pm

3 ABRAHAMIC CULTS OF DEATH ALL JEWISH CULTS ARE DEATH CULTS BOTH CATHOLICISM/PROTESTANTISM & ISLAM ARE SECTS OF JUDAISM! THEY ARE THE 3 ABRAHAMIC CULTS OF DEATH, WHICH HAVE DRENCHED THE EARTH WITH THE BLOOD OF THEIR VICTIMS! If you take photos of the victims of Jihadic Muslims and place them on top or below Jewish Bible Jihadic verses, like Numbers 31:13-18 etc, you will see for the first time, the genocidal mindset of the Jewish “god” and his Chosen People! Then you will be able to understand why the other 2 sects were and are able to commit the atrocities they have done! FATHER OF ISRAEL DAVID BEN-GURION QUOTE: “We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation, and the cutting of all social services to rid Galilee of its… Read more »