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High Jinks on the High Seas

The Achille Lauro

by Revilo P. Oliver

ACCORDING TO the story that has been told a thousand times by the jewspapers and the boob-tubes, four young Palestinians “hijacked,” i.e., seized control, of a fairly large ocean liner, the Achille Lauro, which was carrying about four hundred passengers and a complement of which the numbers are variously reported, but which can hardly have been fewer than a hundred officers and crew. The four young men kept control of the ship until they were landed at the port of their choice.

There is, of course, something wrong with that story. A few determined men can take control of an airplane in flight because everyone knows that they can, intentionally or accidentally, cause the plane to crash and thus kill everyone on board. Control of the plane, furthermore, is centralized in one small compartment, occupied only by the two pilots and one or two assistants. An ocean liner, on the other hand, is a large vessel, securely afloat, and could be sunk only by a torpedo or the equivalent in explosives.(1) The captain on the bridge is in command, but only so long as he is obeyed by his many subordinates, many of whom are beyond his power, e.g., in the engine room. At least half of the officers and crew are off duty and in their own quarters. And the ship is a maze of rooms and corridors on several decks, which it would take a company of marines to patrol effectively.

A plane in the air can be totally destroyed by even a small hand grenade or, if it is at a high altitude, even by a pistol shot that pierces the wall of the pressurized cabin. A dozen grenades would have no appreciable effect on an ocean liner, and bullets from portable weapons would spatter harmlessly against its steel sides and partitions. The story we are told is not quite impossible, but is obviously incomplete. The four young men could have captured the Achille Lauro with the connivance of its officers. Alternatively, it is just possible that its officers were such a pack of cowardly witlings that they permitted themselves to be bluffed by just four men who could not have remained together. Officers in merchant marines are not subject to courts martial, but they are subject to tribunals that determine their fitness and license them for duty at sea. If the officers of the Italian ship supinely let four young landlubbers take command of their ship, we shall probably next hear of them when they are peddling fruit from hand-barrows on the streets of Naples.

The very beginning of the story is strange, but let’s assume that everything happened as we are told it did. What did the four Palestinians then do? Why, they killed a Jew — just one Jew, mind you — and that one a crippled Jew in a wheelchair, which they supposedly pushed over the side of the deck into the sea. At this point, the story comes apart at the seams.

The Palestinians, for reasons that American boobs seem unable to understand, are aggrieved because God’s Chosen Predators have driven them out of their own country, massacred their countrymen, killed their families or reduced them to wretched penury, and are trying to exterminate their race — in Palestine now and eventually throughout the Near East. The Palestinians are at war with the Master Race, and if the four men had killed all the numerous Jews aboard the Achille Lauro or at least a score or two of them, that would have been entirely in keeping with their character and purposes, and everyone who has a brain that works would understand, whether or not he approved of their treatment of their enemies.

We are told, however, that the Palestinians killed only one Jew, a cripple in a wheelchair. Only one, so that attention would be concentrated on him. A helpless cripple, so that his death would seem most reprehensible and pathetic to Aryans.

At this point in the play, the mask falls off and we see a grinning Jew behind it.

It is only natural for Palestinians to want to kill their implacable enemies. The four young Palestinians — if they are Palestinians — are brave men, ready to give their lives for their nation. It is true that brave men can also be stupid. But it is unbelievable that they could be at once so clever as to select as their victim the one Jew who would perfectly serve to arouse a maximum of animosity against them in Aryan countries and at the same time so stupid as to kill him ostentatiously.

The killing — if it took place — was obviously contrived to exploit a racial peculiarity of Aryans.

It is a characteristic of our race — and only of our race (2) — that we innately prize a sense of personal honor that makes us instinctively believe that only a fair fight between equally matched opponents is honorable and that victory procured in any other way is a disgrace to the winner. In obedience to this psychic imperative, innumerable Aryans have risked and often lost their lives: They were impelled by their racial peculiarity to give their opponent an equal chance to win, to defeat them, if he prove superior in courage and skill.

This distinctive trait of Aryans runs through all our literature and history. In the great epic of our race, opposing armies stand as spectators while a Greek hero and a Trojan hero fight a duel to death. No Greek intervenes to save Patroclus; no Trojan intervenes to save Hector. That would have been dishonorable, and honor is more, much more, than life, even more than a nation’s fate. And all our later epics (3) turn upon duels between champions. In the partly legendary history of Rome, the Romans and the Albans let the issue of the war be determined by personal combat between the three Horatii and the three Curiatii, while the opposing armies watch the triple duel and loyally abide by its outcome. In Mediaeval literature, Christian paladins confront Moslem champions, and everyone knows the Arthurian code of duels between armed knights that was perpetuated in tournaments, in which even friends fought for honor. And for many centuries the code of personal honor, inherent in our racial soul, was stronger than all the supernatural terrors threatened by holy men (4) and all the police powers of absolute monarchs: Gentlemen fought duels by a punctilious etiquette, even in defiance of both church and state, until social changes made some duels obviously “unfair.”

Deeply implanted in our racial psyche is the absolute conviction that a man forfeits his honor by overcoming or killing a man who is unarmed or crippled or otherwise greatly inferior. An Aryan who slays a weaker man or who kills by stealth or treachery instead of open combat (5) has done violence to his racial soul and become a villain, contemned by honorable men. That is the aristocratic code of our race, which other races, such as the Jews, regard as proof of the irremediable fatuity and childishness of our race, a proof of the stupidity that makes us a species of inferior mammals, fit only to be the subjects of more clever races: If you wish to eliminate a man, do it in the most convenient way, the one that involves the least risk to yourself; if you do it by deceit and treachery, so much the better: that is proof of your superiority.

Since Aryans have that racial eccentricity about honor, they regard killing a cripple as far more reprehensible than killing an able-bodied man. Aryans furthermore are prone to compassion, a noble sentiment (in our estimation) so long as it does not become fatuous, and our females have been excited to a kind of mawkish sentimentality about all persons whom it is now customary to call, by a silly euphemism, “disadvantaged.” That makes it obvious that the reported killing on the Achille Lauro was designed to exploit what other races regard as our racial weakness. If the young men really were Palestinians, you may be quite sure that they were commanded, directly or indirectly, by one of the cunning minds with which God endowed his Master Race.

But now let’s take the story as it is told and go on to Act III. The four Palestinians, of their own feckless accord, threw one of God’s Own into the briny deep. A rational American would ask, What of it? The Palestinians are at war with the invaders of their country, and their capture of the ship was a ruse de guerre, such as has always been recognized as legitimate. It is true that at one time “international law,” the rules by which civilized nations regulate relations with each other and tried to attenuate the horrors of war, forbade the killing of unarmed civilians, but the British and Americans, beginning in 1915, repudiated international law and by 1942 completely effaced the distinction between soldier and civilians and openly boasted of their advance to barbarism. Americans in particular commonly gabble about pacifism and such nonsense, but when they run berserk, they adopt the ethics of the Apaches and Comanches, to whom they once thought themselves morally and culturally superior. Only by the most odious hypocrisy could Americans today disapprove of the killing of enemy civilians. They set the example.

When the United States was a nation, Americans had some self-respect. A few, who have read something of recent history, even remember the ultimatum that Theodore Roosevelt sent to Morocco when an American citizen was kidnapped by a brigand and held for ransom: “Perdicaris alive or Raisuli dead,” with, of course, the implication that an American cruiser could shortly be off the coast of Morocco to present other arguments, if necessary. But that was long ago, and Americans have now learned to feel for themselves the contempt with which the rest of the world regards them. The Jews attacked and tried to sink an American naval vessel, and they did kill 34 American seamen and wounded 171 others, while an American fleet nearby, under orders from Washington, did nothing to interfere with the Jews’ sport. It is true that the occupation government tried to prevent the American public from finding out about the attack, but the news soon transpired, and Americans were not in the least perturbed. They evidently regarded the killing of 34 officers and men in their navy, and the wounding of 171 others as just a good joke on the dopes who think they are serving their country in the armed forces. To be sure, the killers belonged to that Holy Race before which Americans habitually cringe, but our compatriots have repeatedly regarded the lives of their fellow Americans as worthless when the aggressors belonged to races which they have not yet recognized as superior to their own. (6) If Russians, for example, had seized a passenger ship and killed fifty Americans, our Ronnie would have said “Tush, tush, they really shouldn’t have done it and I am going to write a letter to chide them,” and the American public would have shrugged its shoulders for a minute while waiting in suspense to find out who won the current football game. So why should they have become perturbed because Palestinians killed a Sheeny, whether crippled or not?

Were they really perturbed? I doubt it. Even today, after all the artful work by experts in preying on our racial peculiarities and in whipping up mindless emotions, I am told that when intelligent men who know one another gather in their coffee shops, bars, and clubs, and are sure no spy is eavesdropping, the general attitude is, “Why raise a rumpus because some Arabs (7) threw a kike overboard?” But, of course, Americans are now being taught that what they think has little or no relation to what their rulers make them do.

Well, let’s grant that killing the Jew was an outrage. It properly concerned just three nations: the Jews, the Palestinians, and the Italians, who had a legitimate cause for indignation because the sovereignty of their territory, which extends to the decks of their vessels, had been violated. It is true that the Jew, a citizen of Israel by his race, is said to have held, by a special privilege accorded to God’s Darlings, a concurrent citizenship in the United States, but, as we observed above, it has been many years since American citizenship meant anything.

Most Americans, their little brains stuffed with Yiddish righteousness, have long been accustomed to their government’s sanctimonious meddling in other nation’s affairs, and to going berserk from time to time in holy wars, but until recently they have abstained from open and notorious piracy, having been kept ignorant of crimes secretly committed by their rulers on the high seas. The Jews, however, used the reported incident on the Achille Lauro to order their shabbat goy in the White House to drop all dissimulation. The old ham actor, foaming at the mouth with a case of induced hydrophobia, ordered the American navy to become pirates in the manner of Blackbeard, Captain Kidd, and their kind.

Although the United States had not declared war on Egypt, American warplanes swooped down on an unarmed Egyptian airliner and forced it, at gun’s point, to land in Italy. That is simply piracy under international law, according to which Italy should have seized the American airmen, put them on trial, and hanged them when they were convicted of aggression against an unarmed passenger liner in time of peace.

Egypt properly demanded redress and, when it was refused, would have been entirely justified in declaring war on the United States, if it had the power to oppose the world’s outlaw nation. The United States is still officially an independent country, although the whole world now knows that it is just a Jewish colonial possession. If anyone still had doubts about that, he was convinced when the Jews’ stooge in Washington howled at Egypt and addressed to the President of Egypt a letter said to have been couched in the billingsgate which, however familiar to gutter-snipes, is never used in communications between civilized or even semi-civilized nations. The Egyptian President, having some self-respect, is said to have put the insulting verbal garbage in the wastebasket, unread.

The pirate nation naturally expected the Italians to be as lost to human decency as itself or, at least, to be overawed by the brute strength of the twentieth-century golem. (8) Having violated the sovereignty of Italy by invading its territory with warplanes that forced their Egyptian captive to land, old Ronnie expected the Italian government to submit to him just as unarmed wayfarers commonly submit to brigands. He ordered the Italians to hand over the four young men, who had been passengers on the plane, to the Israelis, to be tortured to death if they are Palestinians or rewarded if they are Jews. To the senile mime’s chagrin and fury, Italy, under Premier Craxi and what is probably the best government the nation had since the American invasion and occupation in 1945, considered herself an independent and sovereign nation. What was even worse, Premier Craxi actually said aloud that the Palestinian people are human beings and have a right to be reluctant to be exterminated by the Yids.

The “American” Ambassador to Italy is a kike, said to be one of the most disgusting specimens of the breed. According to Jim Taylor, the only American journalist who dares to disclose news that has not been approved by the Kosher censorship, Maxwell “Mad Dog” Rabb, is an uneducated and coarse lout who can scarcely speak English and lapses into Yiddish jargon when he is excited. An American who has met the uncouth alien who disgraces the United States in Italy says that he was reminded of what he was told by the officers of the Swedish steamer Gripsholm when he crossed the Atlantic several times on it. The Gripsholm had been used, as a neutral vessel in the 1940s, to carry hordes of international parasites, each of whom had doubtless been gassed and incinerated several times by the wicked “Nazis,” to the United States to complete the occupation of that country. The Swedish officers said that after the ship had carried so many cargos of Jews, they almost despaired of being able to clean the vessel of the filth and stench and make it again fit to carry civilized passengers. It had to be fumigated, scrubbed with antiseptics, entirely refitted, and repainted before it could be returned to normal service.

According to Mr. Taylor, “Mad Dog” Rabb spent two hours in screaming insults at the Italian Foreign Minister, Giulio Andreotti, in the name of the American people. When the Italians refused to cringe, the C.I.A., the agency that is often indistinguishable from the Mossad and, equipped with unlimited funds extorted from the taxpaying animals in the United States, works ceaselessly to incite and finance assassinations, insurrections, and terror in all countries of the world that do not acknowledge Jewish dominion, went to work to undermine and overthrow the government of Italy and obtained an initial success by procuring the resignation of Premier Craxi. What greater damage they will inflict on Italy to punish that nation for not coming to heel when Jews speak is still uncertain.

Under international law, which was observed by all civilized nations until the world’s great outlaws, the Americans become Apaches, repudiated all the conventions of civilization, Italy has the obvious and exclusive right to try the four young men for a crime committed on Italian territory. Yahweh’s Pet Bandits, who have openly avowed their intention to make Jerusalem the capital of the world Yahweh gave them, so that dissident American serfs can be hauled to it for exquisite torture, naturally demand that the four young men be handed over to them. Their ostensible reason is that Italy no longer imposes a death penalty, but it is more likely that the Israelis are afraid that the young men, if tried in Italy, will confess to the way in which the show was arranged.

Old Ronnie boasted that his act of piracy would teach the world a lesson. It did. It ended the world’s last hope that the United States might become again an independent and civilized nation.

There is, sad to say, another chapter to the nauseating story. The pantaloon in the White House is going to bestow the Congressional Medal of Honor, our highest military decoration, on the crippled Sheeny whose wheelchair was reportedly pushed overboard on the Achille Lauro. This, needless to say, is a calculated insult to every American who was given the Congressional Medal for some heroic deed, and a calculated insult to all Americans. It is intended to remind them of their serfdom. But at least the shabbat goy should be consistent.

If a Yid deserves the Congressional Medal of Honor because he was used to feed the fish in the Mediterranean, each and every one of the 6,000,000 darling Kikes whom the nasty “Nazis” gassed and incinerated over and over again is far more deserving of the medal, which would, of course, be bestowed posthumously on those who have died in the United States, and their graves should be decreed National Shrines. And the Congressional Medal is even more deserved by each and every one of the 800,000,000 of God’s Chosen whom the nasty Romans slew in the tiny town of Bethar.

Yes, indeed, let’s be just in bestowing the Congressional Medal. It is certainly deserved by the brave Jews who planted the bomb that blew off the legs of Alex Odeh in Santa Ana, California. He was an Arab, born in the United States and therefore an American citizen, and he was a Professor of History in one of the state colleges of California, but his death, reported in the Orange County Register, was given a few lines on back pages in a few newspapers and ignored by all the rest. Suppression of the news, however, should not prevent us from honoring the Jews’ heroic exploit, which almost coincided with their trick on the Achille Lauro. And the Medal must also go to the valiant Jews who burned down the Institute for Historical Review and bombed the home of Professor Ashley, even though they regrettably didn’t succeed in killing any White pigs.

Most indisputably of all, needless to say, the Congressional Medal of Honor belongs to the doughty Jews in their squadrons of fighter planes, (supplied by taxpaying animals in the United States), who, with cannons, torpedoes, napalm bombs, high explosives, and machine guns attacked the virtually unarmed American vessel, killing 34 American officers and men and wounding 171 others, thus teaching American nitwits who owns their country. And the Congressional Medal of Honor that is bestowed on Jews should not be the dinky little things that were given to lowly goyim who thought they were fighting and dying for their own people. As is only proper, the Jews’ Medals should be solid gold and the size of a dinner plate, so that Americans can see them in the distance and be ready to make proper obeisance before their masters.

As for Americans who now have the old-fashioned Congressional Medals, they can sell them to some collector of curios. That would help them pay their taxes, and, I think, would also make them feel better.


(1) A score of armed men could have sunk the ship by opening the sea cocks, but the sinking would have been a slow process, requiring half an hour or more, depending on the structure of the hull.

(2) There are certain analogies in other races, notably in the bushido of the Japanese samurai, but the determinants in the racial psyche are quite different.

(3) Unless, of course, one extends the term ‘epic’ improperly to include all long poems on noble subjects, such as the magnificent work of Lucretius.

(4) It is worthy of remark that the Jesuits, the most supple of theologians, devised a proof that the duels of gentlemen were sanctioned by Christianity: Since personal honor is of the soul, and Yahweh created souls, He must approve whatever is necessary to keep those souls unblemished. It is also likely that our racial feeling played some minor part in a famous incident during the Renaissance in Italy, although the Italians had by that time accepted both stealthy assassinations by hired bravi and treachery, such as that which Machiavelli admired in Cesare Borgia. When the Pazzi conspirators decided that it would be best to assassinate the Medici brothers while they were at the altar in a church, they thought it proper to hire priests to do the killing. The holy men, having little professional skill in such work, bungled the job: They slew Giuliano, but permitted Lorenzo to escape.

(5) It is true that in the family feuds recorded in Icelandic sagas, it is permissible for a man to take an enemy by surprise and slay him, but the code requires him immediately to make public announcement that he did the killing, and thus invite the other clan to take him off his guard, if they can. But if he tries to escape responsibility for the deed, he will become a despised outcast. Even a plebeian society had its code of honor — in early Christian Iceland as in the Sicily of the Cavalleria rusticana.

(6) The precedent was set by the American Kerensky early in the proto-Communist operation called the “New Deal.” When an American was killed in a riot in Havana, the foul thing merely grinned, flourished its long cigarette-holder, and remarked that he didn’t care: Who did Americans think they were, anyway? Americans abroad soon became accustomed to the novel principle that their government owed them no protection. There was an especially disgraceful episode a few years ago when an American who was fighting as a mercenary soldier in Angola was captured by a horde of niggers and mongrels belonging to the Communist government that had taken over the country that belonged to the Portuguese. The anthropoids announced that they would execute the American, and the President of the United States so demeaned himself as to beg them not to do it: They naturally thumbed their noses at the Americans. Now if the United States had still been an independent nation and a world power, there were just two attitudes that an American president could have taken. He could have assumed that the American, by serving as a mercenary, had forfeited his citizenship, so that no notice could be taken of his plight. Alternatively, he could have held that the man was still a citizen of a powerful and self-respecting Aryan nation. In that case, he would have demanded the release of the American, and at the same time several aircraft carriers would have started for Angola, and would have protested when the American was shot. There were five cities in Angola well within the range of planes from the carriers and especially suitable for incendiary bombs. Atomic bombs, I need not say, should not have been used, since the fall-out from them might have harmed elephants in the jungle and other valuable forms of mammalian life.

(7) The Palestinians are Semites with some admixture of other blood, but they are not Arabs just because they speak a dialect of Arabic.

(8) According to Jewish tradition, a golem (GLM) is an anthropoid monster fashioned out of clay and animated by magic. The first golem was Adam, made by Yahweh, and several hundred miles tall until an apple from the tree of knowledge started him to thinking; he was cut down to more moderate size (c. 35 feet) when Yahweh punished him for having ceased to be an idiot. During the sixteenth century quite a number of learned rabbis learned how to make a golem out of clay and animate it by writing any one of Yahweh’s names on a piece of paper, which was then put in the forehead or breast of the gigantic figure. The monster was used to do menial work and kill goyim, but in most tales, especially the celebrated one about Great Rabbi Loew of Prague, when the golem enjoys killing, it runs amuck and even turns on its creators, so that the rabbi who made him has to retrieve the piece of holy paper in some way and thus make the monster lifeless. The last golem of that kind was made by Rabbi Jaffe in Grodno (northeast of Warsaw) around 1800, but “neo-Nazis,” who are so wicked they don’t believe the Holohoax, disbelieve that story, too. Fashioning a golem out of millions of Americans instead of clay is a modern improvement. It remains to be seen whether the monster the Jews have now created will eventually run amuck.

* * *

Source: Liberty Bell magazine, January 1986

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Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
7 February, 2021 10:27 pm

I remember Achille Lauro very well from 1985.
A few years later, the Jews created a “docu-
drama” out of it:

Good ole boy Karl Malden starred as the jinxed
Jew. They jerked a few tears out of the Goyim
over this one.

David R. Westerlund
David R. Westerlund
8 February, 2021 9:08 am

Your story of the American psych regarding god’s chosen is ~funny, but so true. We (USA Americans) are a nation of sheep led by jew (plural) shepherds in 2021.

Problem for us sheep: The jew keeps us divided. Four of us at dinner, 2 being a U.S.Marine aboard the USS Liberty in June 1967 and wife at their home in July 2020, they both wore face masks in their own home. They believed the 6 million WWII tale.

Gertjan Zwiggelaar
Gertjan Zwiggelaar
8 February, 2021 9:49 am

The International Parasite is a very well organized, hive minded, soulless, chameleon alien which functions like a single organism with numerous tentacles. Or, like a fungus whose rhizome is under ground and its fruiting bodies are the blood sucking vampires who slither about hither and thither creating mayhem and murder. The Jew’s day starts at midnight, which is when all vampires wake up and start their day under the moon; under Luna. Hence, Jews are moon people which makes them lunatics by definition. Indeed, the Entity’s tentacles have been well studied and it has been determined that the parasite’s tentacles can exhibit any of 230 identified psychopathies; indeed many Jews are in therapy to deal with their messed up psyches. Schizophrenia is one of the identified mental problems often seen… Read more »

Reply to  Gertjan Zwiggelaar
9 February, 2021 3:11 pm

Greetings Gertjan. Shame on me! I thought it was just about Life insurance. I had visions of the victim and his wife living in the land of bilk and money but discovered that the Semitic Syrians found and returned Leon’s corpse to the USA. I had visions of a usual false flag operation involving peudo-Palestinians and complicity by the victim and his wife who had a terminal illness – they were both about to depart anyway – why waste a good crisis? Shame on me again!