Racial Purity: Necessary for Jews, Forbidden for Whites


introduction by Kevin Alfred Strom

THE VERY ESSENCE of the Jewish state is racial-nationalism: the state exists to serve the interests of that biological entity known as the Jewish people — and no other. However, organized Jewish power, dominating all the nations of the West through Jewish ownership of media and financial institutions, forbids White nations to practice our own racial-nationalism. (ILLUSTRATION: A sign in Israel designating one side of the road (a narrow sliver) for Palestinians (pedestrians only, no cars allowed), and the remainder of the road for Jewish pedestrians and automobiles.)

Since racial-nationalism, either implicit or explicit, is a necessary condition for our survival, the Jewish power structure is therefore committing genocide.

Here is a list of six significant actions taken by Jews in Israel to preserve the racial character of their population:

1. No-Sex Contracts: In 2003, an Israeli company importing Chinese workers required them to sign a contract agreeing not to marry or have sex with any Israelis. No legal action was taken against the company, as Israel has no laws protecting workers from such demands.

2. Birth Control Without Consent: For years, the Israeli government was injecting Ethiopian Jewish immigrants with birth control, “often without their knowledge or consent.” When the practice was exposed in 2013, it was ordered to be halted.

3. Deporting Non-Jews: Anyone in the world with Jewish lineage can move to Israel and claim citizenship. But if you’re not Jewish, things can be dicey. Many refugees from African conflicts have fled to Israel to claim asylum. Israel has locked many of them into massive camps in the desert. It has granted asylum to 0.07% of those seeking it, deporting many others. NPR recently did a story on some refugees who were deported, only to be slain by ISIS.

4. Stripping Palestinians of Land Rights: The Israeli Supreme Court recently laid out two decisions essentially allowing Israel the right to demolish Palestinian communities within Israel itself — not the Occupied Territories — to clear land for Jewish Israelis.

5. Discriminatory Marriage Laws: In the United States, marriage is one of the ways a spouse can gain legal entry through a green card and citizenship. Israel prohibits its citizens from marrying Palestinians in the territories, by refusing to recognize their spouses as citizens. Israel also has no civil marriage law, leaving the institution in the hands of religious clerics who work to prevent interracial marriage.

6. Right Of Return, For Jews Only: The most systematic policy designed to maintain a Jewish majority is the Law of Return. Under this law, Jews can come to Israel from anywhere in the world and claim citizenship, but Palestinians expelled after various wars from homes that were in Israel cannot. The double standard was expressed by Ghada Karmi and Ellen Siegel, a Palestinian woman and a Jewish woman who met in London in the early 1970s. They have posed multiple times with these signs over the years:
These laws, norms, and practices form a matrix with one goal: to maintain a Jewish majority in Israel.

* * *


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28 May, 2015 7:15 pm

We need some information on the population explosion of Jews after 1939.

Please include an article, since my information is not completely accurate.

I recall, but I am not certain that George Lincoln Rockwell stated that the world wide Jewish population in 1935 was 15 million and after WWII it was 18 million.

The Jews always use the holocaust as an excuse for all Jewish-nationalist laws and policies in Israel – since so many of God’s little darlings were killed by the evil Nazis they must be free to stock the world with more Jews. It would appear that their own sources of information – Encyclopedia Judaica – contradict this argument, if Rockwell was correct.

George Linehart
George Linehart
28 May, 2015 7:39 pm

I like the way Edgar Steele put it. His figures might need further research, but his wit really skewered the master fakers:

“In all of German-occupied Europe, there were 2.4 million Jews. After the war, 3.8 million Jews applied for Holocaust reparations. Tragically, the remaining 6 million were lost.”