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Extinguishing the Lies

by John Randolph

IT’S BEEN SAID that disease was what allowed the White man into the Americas and what kept him out of Africa, and that’s true to an extent. Disease decimated the Indians and paved the way for the conquest of the continent, hard fought as the battles were. But in Africa malaria kept us out of the interior long enough for the White man to grow soft. Blacks can’t run the place, though (except on a simian level), and are mired in AIDS and rape — so it the continent may well end up in the hands of the Chinese.

The tragedy of the continent of Africa is that the White man, in almost all places, was only able to plant a thin upper crust of rulers and administrators, but was never able to truly colonize it. And the tragedy of Africa is that just when the White man in his millions should have been pouring in, almost all of Africa’s White leaders were high-tailing it out of there with 30 million pieces of silver in tow. “Human liberation” and “self-determination,” don’t you know.

What could have been a great White bulwark is now an unworkable mess that will be preyed upon by international elites. It didn’t have to be that way.

There is no doubt that Afrikaners got to what is now the country of South Africa long before the Bantu, and the San peoples only occupied a limited part. By the logic of Black and Brown activists, that means that the Afrikaner has an eternal right to the land; the Bantu are latecomers and immigrants, colonists. But forget about that. We only possess what we can defend and the only right that matters is the right of conquest. Get weak-kneed and wobbly, and soon you lose it all — including your life and your children’s future.

Several years after the collapse of White South Africa, the wife of the last White president of that country (who cucked on an industrial scale) was raped and killed by a Black savage. So much for Black/White “unity”; so much for rainbow ideology. “Kill the Boer” is not just a slogan there; it’s an injunction. When naïve race cuck Amy Biehl was murdered by the savages she foolishly was helping, they said “one settler, one brick.” Savages are not known for their delicacy.

But the cucking began long before that. The entire Western world world sold the White man out in South Africa and Rhodesia, to the West’s eternal shame. In 1960 White race criminal Harold MacMillan, the Prime Minister of what had been a cradle of White civilization, Great Britain, said that in Africa he “detected the winds of change” — by which he meant that a great outpouring of “equality” and “democracy” was coming to bless us all, but which really meant that Africa would soon revert to being the “dark continent” in the worst sense of the phrase.

And not content with the depredation of the border-opening Hart-Celler Act in 1965, Robert Kennedy went to Cape Town for something called “The Day of Affirmation” and gave a speech which would become famous (infamous) as the “Ripple of Hope” speech. Unhappy with his first draft of the speech, Kennedy handed it over to some Jews in his entourage (Adam Walinsky, Richard Goodwin) who unsurprisingly made it much harsher on Whites. The White man must go — that’s what those American Jews thought and said.

But even with such attacks by international liberalism and Jews, the Afrikaners held sway for decades. These were a tough, no nonsense, clear-eyed people. Simply speaking, they knew what was theirs and told the world they were willing to defend it — at the precise time when the rest of the White world was losing its collective mind and soon its collective existence.

And one can see the bitter-ender and dyed-in-the-wool nature of these Afrikaners from the very beginning. When these Dutchmen came to the land they knew that they were surrounded by untameable savages.

But they also had an instinctive feeling that they could be felled by ideology, by ideas, by mind poison.

In Europe around the turn of the 19th century the idea of “human liberation” spread like wildfire. It was a hollow promise and may yet be the death of us all.

The slogan of the alleged “Enlightenment” (which really brought a Dark Age) was “dare to know.” It should have been “begin to cower.” This movement spread stupid and suicidal ideas such as “universal peace” and “the brotherhood of man.” Even arch-White-man Ludwig Beethoven got swept up in the madness.

It was of course but a step from this moral rot to “all men are created equal.” We know where that got us.

Being an outpost, peopled by hard, practical, and sternly religious men, on the very edge of European Civilization, such books and ideas took some time to arrive in South Africa. The horrors of the “Enlightenment” did not reach there until the 1830s. When the never-say-die hard core of these men got wind of it they knew right away that it was bad news blowing, and they recoiled from its presence.

To mark the occasion an Ultra sect of the Afrikaners immediately began to call themselves “Doppers” so they and their descendants would never forget their rejection of the poison. Think Ben Franklin in his nightcap using a tong-like instrument to clip out the the flame of a candle. The Afrikaners had those devices, too. In their language it was called a dopper.

Extinguishing a fire they were, and extinguishing that fire’s distorted, unholy light. Eventually the Afrikaners were betrayed by their church and their leaders, and the fire consumed their country.

But the war is not over.

All men are not equal.

Extinguishing the lies.

* * *

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NEW ORDER needed on earth
NEW ORDER needed on earth
27 February, 2021 2:42 am

All that I see from Christians is, by and large, the cult of Isis Mary and, of course, stirring up panic over the Savior. Yes, Christians sometimes correctly think that Jews use magic at least Kabbalah and build it all into society. But seeing ordinary Christians, it is difficult to say that one of them can say that at least he will say that his race means something. Most of the Christians are passionaries. Especially those who either crawl on conspiracy forums or generally just go to any church. In this case, Christians differ little from Jews who are waiting for their Moshiach. Everything is imprisoned in hysteria around the shepherd’s savior To the Jews their own to the Christians. Christians don’t do anything. Apocalypse is a time of fatalism… Read more »

27 February, 2021 9:46 am

Their christianity was their undoing. They probably worshipped the jews among them as God’s chosen people. Instead, they should have kicked them out.

27 February, 2021 2:41 pm

judeo-christian-islam (((abrahamic))) religions are very complex psychological/philosophical/metaphysical MIND WEAPONS and it takes a long researched, highly critical, big-picture epiphany to get out from behind this terrible mind trap. Whoever created these fake reality systems was a great military genius, because they are false worldviews, hiding the endless war dichotomy between all the different nation states, religions, races, and have set us up to be conquered time and time again, by this warcult who calls itself a jew. The real truth is this planet has been locked in endless warfare from the rise of the first nations thousands of years ago and the only thing that has changed is weapons technology has gotten better and better. We live as “free” individuals today only through the collective efforts of our armies, weapons… Read more »

NEW ORDER needed on earth
NEW ORDER needed on earth
Reply to  jimmy
28 February, 2021 7:54 am

Тут как бе вообще лучше без жено мужских дней а то скоро появится день гермофродита и будут пляски тогда . Дни для жизни даны а не для того чтобы на них метки ставить тем более каждый день новый и не повторяет старый не на минуту. Так шо все эти дни до поры до времени . А опускаться перед бабой онанизмом при ней заниматься обнимать ее еще что то делать не стоит . С бабой жить надо и баба должна жить а пить и нарики употреблять может только . Ну понятно проституция . Дофамин то это тоже наркота причем тяжёлая . По этому главное это сохранять всегда холодный рассудок без разницы кто перед тобой женщина или мужчина . И важно ныне что католики что православные очень сильно возвеличили марию . Делать… Read more »

NEW ORDER needed on earth
NEW ORDER needed on earth
Reply to  jimmy
28 February, 2021 8:06 am

Dude, our main threat is matriarchy. There are many men on the right, because only a man is interested in procreation. For whores-goddesses, children are a commodity. The more we exalt the female ego, the more vulnerable we are to the manipulation of the enemy by women. The white race lives with matriarchal Christianity without noticing that the threat comes from it. Society is divided into two types of masses: male and female. It’s like a brain. They’ve captured one of our halves of the brain Matriarchy is not a type of power, it is a social phenomenon associated with the inability of the male part of the population to cope with what women dictate everywhere and everywhere. This is a manifestation of weak will in front of the female… Read more »

Reply to  NEW ORDER needed on earth
4 March, 2021 2:49 pm

yea, ok “dude” Bottom line is whoever controls the weapons, controls everything else so I guess we’ll conclude the debate on the battlefield. same as it always was. it never matters who’s right, only who’s left…oh btw, whats up with the russian post above?

Robert Speer
Robert Speer
4 March, 2021 7:15 pm

Equality is the entropic death of any society that embraces it. It is as unjust to treat people who are different the same as it is to treat people who are the same differently.

Victor Arminius
Victor Arminius
8 March, 2021 11:41 pm

A few observations are in order. A sad fate of irony is the more white an area is the more liberal it is. Scandinavian nations were the number one donors of the African National Congress. Even today majority-white New England states are the most liberal of all. One assassination doomed South Africa when the architect of Separate Development was killed. South Africa also sacrificed Rhodesia in the hopes it would placate the West. In the end, they voted of their own accord to grant blacks the right to vote so that the embargo against South Africa as regards international sports was lifted. I do recall at the time one Afrikaner professor has a plan to at least carve out an all Afrikaner Ethno-State before empowering the black majority. He was… Read more »

Reply to  Victor Arminius
9 March, 2021 3:09 pm

Greetings Victor. Before it became Zimbabwe, Rhodesia under Ian Smith was one of the most prosperous countries in Africa. Rhodesia had a two stage voting system where those who had attained sufficient level of income and level of education were able to advance to the upper lcategory. Sensible and fair. Gradually all Rhodesians would have attained the upper category. The international liberals thought this unfair because it was not ‘one vote per person’. The responsible ‘irresponsible liberals’ can now witness the utterly predictable outcome of their sport boycott that permitted gullible illiterates to vote.

Victor Arminius
Victor Arminius
Reply to  Truthweed
9 March, 2021 11:18 pm

The concept of a multiple franchise whereby people can earn additional votes based on merit, service, talents, and service to the state is an ideal that Robert Heinlein has toyed with in several of his novels such as Starship Troopers.