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by Revilo P. Oliver

IT IS A cardinal fact in the history of our civilization that when Christianity became epidemic in the Roman Empire, it had been made bitterly hostile to the Jews who had invented it. That fact is itself paradoxical, for the Fathers of the Church who peddled the cult to the mongrelized rabble of the civilized world had left in their “New Testament” a passage in which their Jesus, whom they identified as an incarnation or at least a piece of their god, specifically and emphatically stated that he was interested only in members of his own race, although he did modify that exclusiveness with the Ebionite doctrine that goyim who became faithful servants of the Jews would be admitted to the status of whining dogs and permitted to crouch on the floor behind their masters’ chairs and eat the scraps thrown to them when the Jews feasted and reveled after realizing their ownership of the whole world.(1)

The peddlers, however, did not have to invent very much. The Jesus or, more probably, the Jesuses who gave rise to the inconsistent tales in the “New Testament” were would-be christs who tried to found new sects during the chaos of internecine warfare among the Jews themselves, as the chiefs of various sects and factions strove for supreme power over the Jews in Palestine as a preliminary to rule over all of international Jewry. The internal warfare of the Jews is, of course, disgustingly familiar to every reader of the blood-spattered pages of Josephus. It should be remembered that systematic terrorism was invented by the Jews in the first instance to eliminate and intimidate rival Jewish factions, although the terrorism was naturally extended to goyim who got in the way.(2) And, as a matter of fact, the most nearly civilized Jews, called ‘Sadducees,'(3) were eventually exterminated.

In the anarchy that was common in Palestine when the Jews were left to themselves and Greek or Roman troops did not move in to maintain a minimum of order (often invited by a Jewish faction that wanted to use them against its opponents and then stab them in the back), each aspirant to mastery naturally denounced all his rivals as ungodly and disobedient to Yahweh (Ya’o), the big Jew up in the clouds. Such epithets as “synagogue of Satan” must have been hurled back and forth until they became almost commonplace in the frenzied polemics of the various factions. We may be certain that the agitators who were fused in the Jesus of the “New Testament” all spouted vehement denunciations of other Jewish sects, especially the one then in power, and that the obloquy reported in the Jewish gospels needed only to be touched up a little to attract the many inhabitants of the empire who hated Jews and were susceptible to novel superstition.

The Jewish religion thus adapted for peddling to the goyim contained the deadly poison of egalitarianism and the denial of biological reality by an absurd claim that human beings differed only in their opinions and could therefore be made alike by “conversion” and religious magic. The denial of race was, of course, acceptable to a populace already mongrelized, and probably facilitated dissemination of the new superstition. An escape hatch was thus always kept open for the Jews whenever they wanted to appear as a religion instead of a race. They could always be “converted” whenever they thought it expedient to masquerade as White men. And the Christians were always flattered when a Jew joined them. A merely typical example is a fifth century inscription in a church at Grado, an Italian city on the shore of the Gulf of Trieste: “Here reposes Peter, also known as Papario, the son of the Jew Olympius, and the only one of his people who was worthy to attain to Christ’s grace, and was fitly buried in this sacred edifice…”(4) (Note the common error of ignorant Christians, who mistook ‘Christ’ for a personal name instead of a Jewish title.)

Even Christians were not so stupid that they did not see that their religion was made in Israel, but the holy men invented an explanation that when Yahweh impregnated a virgin with a piece of himself, he intended to give his Chosen People a chance to maintain their superiority over the lower races, but when the Jews crucified him, he discovered what a fool he had been to oppress and outrage all mankind for so many centuries just to pamper that filthy bunch of ingrates, so he tore up his contract with them and made a deal with the goyim, promising to make them his pets instead, if they would believe the tales told by his dervishes. Christians could therefore have a pleasant assurance that Hell was going to stink with grilled Jews, but the cunning race took the precaution of adding a prophecy that they would eventually come galloping to Jesus and be forgiven, thus neatly preventing Europeans from improving their environment with pesticides.

Throughout the Middle Ages and the early Renaissance, the Jews were hated and accursed parasites who had perversely rejected their god and were going to be condignly sent to an eternal Hell, although it was also believed that leopards changed not only their spots but their very nature when sloshed with holy water and they asked Yahweh & Son, Inc., to forgive them. Thus when prudent monarchs, such as Edward I of England and Isabella of Spain, tried to clean up their countries, they could expel only Jews who insisted on openly practicing their peculiar rites, and were powerless against the swarms of Marranos who had infiltrated the church and, by marrying richly dowered Jewesses to venal noblemen, had polluted the blood-lines of the aristocracy.

When the Crusades, a noble European effort at territorial expansion, began for the professed purpose of reclaiming Palestine from the Moslems, eminent Christian warriors, the famous Godfrey de Bouillon and other noblemen, such as Clarebold de Vendeuil, Emicho de Leiningen, Guillaume de Melun et Gatinais, and Thomas de La Fere, thought it absurd to go to a distant land to fight people who claimed that Jesus had been only a prophet, not an incarnate god, while leaving bitter enemies of Christ, who called him a bastard and a fraud, behind them to despoil their lands and their families in their absence. When they tried to act logically on that premise, wealthy Jews were protected by the Church and by kings who had spent themselves into the power of the usurers, and the warriors were shunted off to the Orient in one way or another, but the official hostility of the Christian Church to Jews continued unabated.

Throughout the Middle Ages and the early Renaissance, Christianity was essentially based on the “New Testament.” Calvin(5) was the first to formulate a theology that was largely based on the “Old Testament,” and he was followed by the Puritans, for whom the “New Testament” was only a kind of embarrassing supplement they did not quite dare to jettison.

It was in Boston in 1886 that Rabbi Schindler, while smiling at the absurdity of some myths in their Bible, told a supposedly Christian congregation that Christianity was a Jewish cult and like a wayward daughter who would soon have to return home to her nice Jewish mama and ask to be forgiven. That prediction was accepted politely or docilely by his audience of Bostonian Brahmins, but it would have excited horrified indignation in practically every other Christian church in the nation. Schindler, however, was a true prophet.

He was right and now the cycle is complete with the publication of Dare to Believe by a Jew named Aaron (New York, Crossroads, 1986). Aaron is the Archbishop of Paris and a Cardinal in the Roman Catholic Church, in which he is said to be one of the most influential members of the hierarchy. He is officially known as Jean-Marie, Cardinal Lustiger. He is not a Marrano. He says that he remains a Jew, not only by race, but by religion, since Christianity is based on God’s Covenant with the Jewish people, who are the “historical [!] witness to God’s initiative,” and Christianity is merely a generous extension of the Jews’ divine privileges to other peoples. “The New Testament is incomprehensible, if it is not founded on the Jewish vocation, the vocation of Israel, the vocation of Christ to the pagans. This is a fundamental given [i.e., a premise] of the Christian faith.”

The lusty Cardinal rejects the Christian claim that old Yahweh, who had spent four thousand years helping his Chosen prey on other races, became peeved when they crucified part of him and canceled the deal he had made with them. He insists that “When God gives, he does not take back what he gave and promised.” Therefore, “The survival of Israel… is inscribed [sic] in the promise of God. God cannot deny himself.” That is logical enough, although I wonder how pious Aaron can so confidently ignore what is said to be one of the first lessons Jewish papas teach their scions: “Never trust another Jew.”(6)

Therefore, the holy man continues, Israel is not just a state like other nations in the world. It was divinely instituted, and so “Israel must perdure to the end of time, as witness to the promise of God, with its proper vocation of elder son.” It looks as though there was no hope for the Semites of Asia Minor, since the Jews, it seems, can count not only on their American serfs, but also on their cloud-borne accomplice in the welkin, who, they say, served them so well when they massacred the inhabitants of Palestine long ago, and will doubtless do as much for them again.

As Lustiger says, “Christianity is indissolubly linked to Judaism,” and the two cannot be separated. “Christianity consists in making the Gentiles participate in Judaism.” So now you know. What is more, there is nothing you can do about it. There is nothing more irrational, says this Prince of the Church, than resentment or dislike directed against the God-people from whom all our blessings flow.

Insufficient appreciation of the Jews, he admits, has been “a constant drift in the West: the desire to cut off its own historical roots.” Because, you see, some ignorant wights don’t understand that all our culture and civilization comes from the Jews, not from those nasty old Greeks, who tried to understand reality and began to use reason instead of faith. Reason is a very bad thing, because just look what it has done. “People thought that the power of human reason would be enough. And they discovered that everything can be turned upside down. Pacifist ideologies beget wars, theories about collective happiness bring the Gulag, liberalism enslaves the weak to the strong, the progress of science gives birth to the atomic bomb, and so on.” Obviously the thing to do is to obey Jesus, who enjoined us from taking thought for the morrow or any other time. Put your mind out in the dog-house and just do what your witch-doctor says. And don’t make any mistake about who are the right witch-doctors. The Jews are a “priestly people” and Yahweh has appointed them to be the priests of the world.

Scientific achievement always costs more than it is worth, as witness the American “conquest of the moon: the social price paid for this conquest remains an issue for a whole generation in the United States.” All knowledge must start from the fundamental fact that “At the beginning God created man in his image and likeness,” in witness whereof the Cardinal even cites the well-known episode in Paradise, when Adam hid in the bushes and God couldn’t find him and had to call out, “Adam, where are you?” — just as he later called “our father Abraham” to sire the People of the Covenant, the “priestly people… thanks to whom the whole universe is given back to the Father, creator of all things.” (“Given back” to Big Daddy? But who took it from him? How? But you mustn’t ask such questions — that habit of thinking will get you into trouble, if you don’t break yourself of it.)

So, you see, what we have got to do is get rid of our “Gentile mentality” and take advantage of Yahweh’s somewhat belated generosity, four thousand years after he scooted over the waters of the abyss to create heaven and earth, in finally making it possible for us to become “‘Sons of God,’ as are the children of Israel but in a different way.” Now we are at last allowed to benefit “from the gift made in the first place to Israel.” Christians are just a wild shoot grafted onto the great cultivated tree of Jewry, and they should know their place and revere their “older brothers, and the stock on which they have been grafted.”

The foregoing, I believe, fairly extracts the substance of this book, which, I need not say, is spread here and there through its 249 pages and dissolved in gallons of treacle about “the eternal wisdom” of the “Messiah-king,” the “creative and loving presence of God,” the “gift of the Spirit,” God’s “calling men and women of all races, all tongues, to share in the condition of Christ,” and the wonderful day when “Jesus resurrected” and sneaked out of town to a lonely place, where he “let the Twelve touch him” before he “ascended into heaven,” where “he is now hidden in the glory of God.” Such vaporous and vapid rant, words piled up for their shadowy connotation to stir sentiments without exciting thought, are, of course, the stock in trade of all fakirs of “all races, all tongues.” It’s designed to make the customer feel “the surge of the Holy Spirit” inside himself. The surge may be indigestion, of course, but he’s got to have Faith.

Although he uses the standard patter of “spiritual” sales-talk, Aaron’s book is a masterpiece of its kind. When he is descanting about how full of “love” old Yahweh is, he has to hope that none of his customers will read the Bible while awake, but Christians have for centuries demonstrated their ability to read the appalling record of their bloodthirsty god’s vile crimes while in a kind of hypnotic trance. Aaron’s deprecation of reason and rationality is a clever sleight-of-tongue that will conceal from inattentive readers the absurdity of blaming rational thought for the failure of a highly irrational attempt to produce by magic a world in which warfare will not be normal and continue so long as the planet is infested with human life. He might as well have blamed reason for the failure of astrology or cheiromancy to reveal the future. Elaborately systematic discourse based on illusory premises is merely sophisticated hocus-pocus, and “pacifism” and the rest of the “Liberal” pseudo-intellectual verbosity is merely old Jesus’s New Jerusalem without Jesus.

Aaron’s real skill is best shown by the art with which he conveys an impression of simple honesty, unassuming modesty, and earnest morality. And he is adroit in simulating candor while avoiding embarrassing questions. He frankly admits the racial basis of Judaism: “For a Jew, the feeling of belonging to a people is both very powerful and very fluid.” But he claims never to have studied the “Talmuds,” and implies that he has only a limited acquaintance with contemporary rabbis, so he cannot be expected to comment on the basic doctrine that Jews are the only human race, while goyim are merely animals like dogs and swine and are to be treated as such.

I have devoted so much space to Dare to Believe because it is an important book, perhaps the most important book exposition of Christianity published in this decade. Its major thesis, that Christianity is just a Jewish cult for goyim, is irrefragable, but that is well known now. The scarcely veiled assertion that the Yids are God’s Chosen People and divinely ordained priest-kings of the world is, of course, commonplace. The significance of the book lies in its author.

Adulation of Yahweh’s Master Race is obligatory for the loud-mouthed salvation-hucksters who peddle their hokum over the Jews’ boob-tubes. And we naturally expect rhapsodies about the “Judaeo-Christian” amalgam from clergymen who keep their eyes fixed on the main chance. Christians who retain a belief in what was “God’s word” fifty years ago have long perceived that their churches have left them stranded and homeless, and that, as their ordained shepherds tell them, they can either like it or lump it. But even Protestants recognize in the Roman Catholic Church the structure that was Christendom for the greater part of our history since the fall of the Roman Empire, and have, despite all dissent, regarded it as the greater and more solid part of Christianity today.

Lustiger is no mere theologian with a book to sell. He is a Cardinal, a Prince of the Church, and a highly influential member of the Sacred College. Now in his early sixties, he is eminently papabilis, as Cardinals say when they are thinking about which of them will have four aces in his hand when they play for the highest stake at the next Conclave. Some disinterested observers within the Church think it quite likely that Aaron will become the next Pope and perhaps elect to call himself Peter II, just to make it officially clear that Christianity, supposedly founded in the West by a grubby Kike from Palestine, is now securely back in the hands of its original owners.


(1) Needless to say, no such statement appeared in the gospels of the Christian sect which seems to have been the first to attract a large following of White people, the Marcionists, who rejected the ferocious Jew-god of the “Old Testament,” and taught that Jesus had manifested himself on earth to save mankind from Yahweh; other early sects roundly identified Yahweh with Satan. The Fathers of the Church were eventually able to show the logically anti-Jewish sects the error of their ways by refuting their doctrines with theologians’ favorite and most cogent argument, fire and sword. The learned Dr. David Hamblin made an effort to revive the Marcionist theology to provide a form of Christianity that was not inimical to our race. He foresaw the Judaization of all of the established churches, but could not interest clerics who shrewdly estimated what novelty would be most profitable.

(2) Since explosives had not yet been invented, the godly assassins specialized in stealthily stabbing men in the back when they found their victims in a crowd, making their escape in the resulting confusion by the tactic commonly used by pickpockets. From the curved daggers with which practiced terrorists could pierce a man’s heart through his back so adroitly that he often collapsed without uttering a sound, they were called “sicarii” by the Romans; they gave themselves the euphemistic name of ‘Zealots’ (Zelotae). According to the “New Testament,” one of Jesus’s apostles, a certain Simon, was such a terrorist.

(3) Sadducaei, a word probably derived from the name of some prosperous and decent Jew who showed himself receptive to the civilizing influence of Hellenism, and so was included by the Kike “canaille” in their venomous hatred of other races. Some part of the discourse of a rational Jew probably survives in the bleakly eloquent pessimism of Ecclesiastes; it is likely that the original text, before alteration and interpolation, contained an explicit denial of survival after death.

(4) HIC REQVIESCIT PETRVS QVI PAPA RIO FIL. OLIMPII IV DAEI SOLVS QVE EX GENTE SVA AD XPI MERVIT GRATIAM PERVENI RE ET IN HANC SCAM AVLAM DIGNE SEPVL TVS EST… The “que” is probably an error by the workman who made the mosaic inscription, since the author of the inscription was fairly literate. The “qui” in the second line should, of course, be “qui et.” “SCAM” is a common abbreviation of “sanctam.” Peter was buried in the church early on 14 July in a year that is uncertain because the workman omitted a word at the end. I assign the inscription to the early Fifth Century. The text may be found in “Notizie degli scavi,” Ser. VIII, Vol.I (1948), pp. 18f.

(5) As everyone knows, Calvinus was the name this heresiarch took in Latin, in keeping with the usage established by the Humanists; it was presumably a translation of the French Chauvin, but on official registers the family name is spelled Cauuin, which, pronounced as French, has a sound that suggests ‘Cohen.’ So far as I know, however, there is no proof that Calvin, as he is now called by an Anglicization of his Latin name, was a Marrano.

(6) The maxim is familiar to most of us as the climax of various humorous anecdotes, but when I remarked to a Jew, owner of a small chain of hardware stores, that I was astonished to see him serving as cashier in one of his stores, he explained that he had not yet replaced an employee who had left. He always hired “Christians,” by which he meant persons of our race, to handle money and accounts, because a Jew would always find some clever way to cheat the owner.

* * *

Source: Liberty Bell magazine, May 1987

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NEW ORDER needed on earth
NEW ORDER needed on earth
28 February, 2021 7:32 am

Тут как бе вообще лучше без жено мужских дней а то скоро появится день гермофродита и будут пляски тогда . Дни для жизни даны а не для того чтобы на них метки ставить тем более каждый день новый и не повторяет старый не на минуту. Так шо все эти дни до поры до времени . А опускаться перед бабой онанизмом при ней заниматься обнимать ее еще что то делать не стоит . С бабой жить надо и баба должна жить а пить и нарики употреблять может только . Ну понятно проституция . Дофамин то это тоже наркота причем тяжёлая . По этому главное это сохранять всегда холодный рассудок без разницы кто перед тобой женщина или мужчина . И важно ныне что католики что православные очень сильно возвеличили марию . Делать… Read more »

NEW ORDER needed on earth
NEW ORDER needed on earth
28 February, 2021 7:44 am

Several interesting links. Christianity is very patriarchal the fact that it worships the mother is just a fiction. Isis surrounded by eunuchs Isis who ate our children. Devil’s mother. in fact, this is a very big problem, since the same orthodox Christians have more images of Mary than all the images of Christ combined

Anthony Kimball
Anthony Kimball
28 February, 2021 1:20 pm

Oh to have a commentator with even a small percentage of Oliver’s education and verbal dexterity in 2021. There will never be another like him. Absolutely a giant among pygmies.

28 February, 2021 3:51 pm

Throw it all out, and start anew! Christianity is a jew front and it’s history only goes back to the 1500s, when both it and modern english were invented and then forced on the plebes by the kings, to control their populations. Every history book you’ll ever read came off a jew printing press and is disinfo specifically designed to keep your mind in receivership. We have a long way to go here getting all this conditioning out of your heads.

3 March, 2021 5:21 am

Jews were just one pagan tribe of Greek immigrants and refugees of the Sea folk tribes of the continent, chosen by an Egyptian outcast of the Atonist cult to continue that cult and war against other Sea folk and other local nations…almost every aspect of Judaism is Egyptian…as for Yahweh, the fiery god, that is Jove which is spoken Yowe because the Latin J is a jot and its v is a w. Judaism is a schizoid cultus and a psychoid miasma that needs flushing, because it houses both Zionism and Communism as Oliver says.