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Human Sacrifice: Still Practiced in Black Africa

Ritual-killing-Wealth-management-Personal-and-national-DEvelopment-Recipes-for-wealth-building-CopyAfrican student in US states it is an “accepted practice” — as is the stoning to death of “witches.”

TEACHING ANTHROPOLOGY at a small college, I sometimes have foreign students talk to my class about their native cultures. West African students are in great abundance. Often their speech is so poor and disorganized that, interesting as they sometimes are, I am inclined to doze. (ILLUSTRATION: More information on human sacrifice in modern Africa can be obtained from the article Uganda: In the Land of Human Sacrifice from Newstime Africa)

Nevertheless, one day during an otherwise incomprehensible talk I suddenly became aware that this particular Nigerian student was talking about human sacrifice. He mentioned it only briefly, but I made him explain himself at greater length. Once on a country road he said he had come across a body ritually decorated. All the traffic was making a wide detour.

I asked other African students about this. One said that in his town human sacrifice for religious purposes was an accepted practice. Another admitted that the public officials in his area once announced that after 10 p.m. anyone caught in the streets would be ritually sacrificed. Witchcraft is another thing. Virtually all my African students, whether or not they have been raised as Christians, believe in witchcraft. A Nigerian student told me he had himself seen a “witch” stoned to death. She was a witch because she had made a confession to that effect.

EDITOR’S NOTE: For those sheltered souls who find this level of primitivism hard to believe, steel your souls and watch this incredible video documentary about modern Liberia, at the end of the article “Cannibalism Still Stalks African Conflicts.”

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Source: Instauration magazine, September 1978

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    12 March, 2016 at 4:50 pm — Reply

    Working for the mining industry on the African continent is a very eye-opening affair, even for those who are lucky to have been assigned fly-in/fly-out rosters. It was during one of these visits that I got my first glimpse of Congoid behaviour. Prior to that my only experience with blacks had been Australoids, who I am happy to report do not engage in cannibalism or if they do they do a good job at hiding it. I cannot speak much about African-Americans known colloquially to my American cousins as the “Great North American Pavement Ape” but I have been told enough to believe that given the right opportunity they too would also find eating one another an acceptable practice. For those of you who think the only difference between whites and blacks is skin colour I recommend the following trip. Spend one week in Monrovia and then spend the following week in Reykjavík. If you are still not convinced about the inequality of man well spend a week in Harare and then spend a week in Perth (Australia). If you are still not convinced and you would like to add a bit of diversity to the itinerary spend a week in Tokyo and then have the following week in Port Au Prince. If this trip does not convince you about the inequality of man you are either lying or you are blind – take your pick.

    When on the African continent it is good practice to carry a gun, and it will never be mentioned in the recruitment brochures – mining companies do like to be political correct. Of course it is a different story when you arrive in Africa. You sleep with your gun. You shower with your gun. You eat with your gun, and yes you may even have sex while wearing your gun – the metal one of course. Like American Express you do not leave home without it – your gun that is! Life in Africa is cheap – most mishaps can be handled with a carton of cigarettes or a few Euros or a few greenbacks. The police are totally corrupt and inefficient and will allow you to do anything provided you can give them what they want – which is not much by western standards. And this will be the norm in white countries when the minorities rule.

    To be fair I am alluding to things that happened years ago – it is much worse today!

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