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How It Goes with Our Ruling Class

Democracy dies in darkness.

by Douglas Mercer

SO SENILE OLD coot and complete non-entity Joe Biden has been implanted as our “President.” It’s “official” now and, as they say, the holocaust is complete.

This despite the fact that Donald J. Trump, billionaire, got the votes of seventy-five million red-blooded Americans, some who still think him a savior — and some who think in a choice between cutting off your hand and cutting off your head, you pick your hand.

And those were seventy-five million real votes, mind you, not ones dumped in the dead of night in downtown Detroit by Jews, Negroes, and their unspeakable White accomplices.

But then Washington, DC long ago slipped from American control.

It wasn’t that long ago that Biden had been left for dead. Sanders was surging, and they knew that a Jew just might be the one who could distance us at least a little from Israel. That, of course, they could not abide. And they were worried too that beneath all Sanders’ mouthing of anti-White rhetoric he really did seem, unlike almost all Jews, to care about the working class. And still in the race at that time there was that sodomite who looked like Howdy Doody, and that obnoxious and dowdy chick from Minnesota. Fearing the worst, the Gay Mulatto called those two and told them to drop out, that Jewish domination of the world was at stake. And they dutifully complied.

Then millions of Negresses put their dark and sinister stamp on the new Uncle Joe, and the Red Sea parted before him. He was the nominee. Just like that.

Then his Jew handlers put a lid on Old Loose Lips and locked him in a basement. They ballyhooed Covid into the modern plague and “early voting” became the thing. Of course that facilitates the grand larceny of an election, and sure enough on election night they found votes growing on trees; they had votes coming out their backsides, they did. When it looked perilous and Trump was surging early, they called a “time out” and had the by now notorious “midnight pause” — and then they went with the Plan. Dump votes, make up votes, see how many votes are needed and create more. Hell, they didn’t call Florida for Trump for days. Even Alaska was in limbo for a long time — supposedly.

And so they have their “President,” the perfect cipher.

Then the press ran interference for them; anyone who questioned the “legitimacy of this sacred democratic decision” was a traitor or worse. Twisted folk always get it twisted.

As more than one wit said, the Jew-controlled media are echoing without end, “free and fair election, free and fair, free and fair, BAWK pretty bird.” One is forcibly reminded of the original Uncle Joe’s “free and fair” press 80 years ago.

And Alzy Joe has come through for them. He’s picked as his Education Secretary a woman who says White people “spirit murder” little Black boys and Black girls. He’s got a bona fide tranny at a high level. And of course Jews, Jews galore, Jews up the yin yang and out the wazoo. He’s got a Jew in charge of the money, a Jew in charge of foreign policy, a Jew at Homeland Security. Jews, Jews, Jews, as far as the eye can see. Hell, the new Jew at the State Department said he will create an “LGBTQ Envoy,” sort of a roving fag who will roam the world preaching sodomy in our name.

And if anything should “unfortunately” happen to the old duffer, they have that vindictive multiracial banshee bent on White extermination at the ready to take over the helm at a moment’s notice. All their bases covered they have.

The Inaugural itself was a sight to behold, right out of Road Warrior. A garrison state it was, an armed and dangerous camp; troops arrayed in a mass of unbridled power. It had that “ghost town at the end of the world” vibe, subway stops were closed, bridges were closed, our liberty was closed. Watch out for the razor wire when you participate in this Great Democracy, bub. At the peak moment, Biden spoke to a sparse crowed ringed by the full might and main of the military and the security state. Lest any of you wondered who is ruling this roost: It’s not us, that’s for sure.

This was the culmination of a ruling class power play long in coming. It was around 1970 that our elites realized that they had nothing in common with us, the backbone of the country, who they see as unwashed White masses, hayseeds, rubes, and dangerous extremists — for loving a country that no longer existed and hadn’t for a while. They hate us, so they de-nationalized themselves; they hate us, so they de-nationalized the economy. They took their jobs to the dark-skinned helots overseas; they imported the dark-skinned helots to take our jobs here — it was insult and injury combined. They sent our sons and our daughters to die in pointless wars (not pointless to the Jews, though) and then they waged a war on Whites, our history, our heroes, our values, ourselves. They pilloried us from pillar to post, turned us into second class citizens in the country created by our forbears.

It really is an impressive phalanx that they have arrayed against us, a phalanx that has materialized while, sad to say, we were largely sleeping. Academia, media, blue states, NGOS, secondary education, professional organizations, Big Tech. (As to the last, timid people used to say never to pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel. So they would say also with those who can simply pull the plug. Being timid is a big part of the problem.)

Today we see this raw power on full display. They seem to distrust their own troops, though. And well they should.

The next stage of the game is that now they want to change the rule that banks have to be impartial in whose business they accept. They don’t like impartiality, they want banks to be the tip of their spear. Supposedly this will allow banks not to bankroll drilling in Alaska, or something like that. But trust me, they have their sights on you; they have their sights on me.

Janet Yellen (Jew) just said Bitcoin is a “haven for terrorists.” You see how it is.

That’s the playbook: Rob us of speech; rob us of access to money; rob us of our heritage; rob us of life.

That’s how it goes with our Ruling Class.

And what do we have? Money under the mattress? A voice in the wilderness? Better than that, I think. We have the truth. We have the unique and creative genius bequeathed to us by our ancestors.We have beauty beyond compare. We have the example of the new world begun by our kin in Europe in 1933. We have the legacy of William Pierce and others who kept the ideals of that world alive, and added to them. And we have an indomitable will.

And when I see the fear in our enemies’ eyes, I must admit I like our chances.

* * *

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20 January, 2021 1:53 pm

I always thought jews would prefer to be the string-pullers behind the throne. They certainly know their plans would not be popular when the consequences show up. Much safer to let the gentile take the blame.

I’m seeing that Israel has been moved from US European Command to Southern Command which includes the other middle eastern nations. I am wondering if Biden was going to wait for Iran to reject the revival of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or just go straight at Iran out of the gate as the decay of the US military accelerates.

Reply to  guest
22 January, 2021 5:36 am

Whatever the Jews who are pulling Dopey Joe’s strings are doing, it’s not good for Whites. We need a new order, one comprised of Whites only that act in our best interests. That order exists and needs your help. Its name? The National Alliance.

20 January, 2021 5:54 pm

Los EE.UU. actuales deben morir, la separación es la única manera.

20 January, 2021 8:54 pm

First guess: When the Pedo Bidet/Kabbalah Heifetz cabinet of horrors mandate sterilization VAXXX certificates to go grocery shopping or to use an ATM, bullets will start flying.
Eventually, at least the White cops and soldiers will get sick of mowing down their own people and switch sides.

brian boru
brian boru
Reply to  PrinzEdelhart
21 January, 2021 4:37 am

I wonder if they will? When there is very little opportunity to feed yourself and your families except by serving ZOG I’d say that the cops and other government gun thugs will happily continue to obey and shoot. It’s only when they are mowed down in turn by the oppressed whites that they will reconsider things. The jews and their minions have made peaceful change impossible and the whites still have their guns. For now.

Jim Puckett
Jim Puckett
20 January, 2021 9:36 pm

Joe’s angelic halo appeared in image after image . . . with an occasional devilish image revealing the tips of the eagles wings as the horns he attempts to conceal.

Lone Wolf SoCal
Lone Wolf SoCal
20 January, 2021 11:07 pm

I do believe the events of the last several months has removed the wool over the eyes of some of the sheeple. Those of us that are aware of what is going on need to be actively directing those people looking for answers in Our direction, especially before they fall back to sleep. The full force of the Establishment’s propaganda apparatus is in motion and we need to counter their message! There are going to be millions of people pissed off at the current situation and this is the perfect opportunity to get Our message out! We all need to get off our butts and help our brothers and sisters find Our answers! There are plenty of flyers and articles that can be downloaded from NA, NV and other websites… Read more »

Reply to  Lone Wolf SoCal
21 January, 2021 9:39 am

The way I see it is that their program as advertised cannot work. Their own supporters are leaving in droves the cities and states where it has been implemented. There are too many unfounded assumptions behind it such as negroes are at least as capable as whites. They are not even logically consistent. They will either have to double down and fail even harder or change their program and upset their supporters.

Patrick Pappano
Patrick Pappano
21 January, 2021 7:44 am

A fine, bracing article to start off the new normal. Janet Yellen said Bitcoin was the work of the devil? Huh? I wonder why she said that? To warn off her acolytes? To be a good citizen? Or, maybe, maybe, maybe, it’s their coin to draw off the rush to gold and silver.

Victor Arminius
Victor Arminius
21 January, 2021 10:56 am

It does infuriate me when the system calls itself a Democracy. The reality is white middle and working-class people are not in charge of jack s**t in this country! So when I hear them say democracy my brain translates it into moneyed oligarchy. However, it was a joy to behold Tulsi Gabbard ripping Chlamydia Haiirs a new one during the democratic debates. ( I felt Kamela needed a more African sounding first name and one more descriptive of her lifestyle. No longer can we say a woman cannot sleep her way to the top!) The United States has no concept of balance of power politics. It is like Oceania in that regard. Today the enemy is China, tomorrow it will be Russia. It takes a special kind of stupid to… Read more »

Reply to  Victor Arminius
22 January, 2021 10:15 am

I can’t see an army of noble mulatto eunuchs and dwarfish lesbian suffragettes beat those Prussian militarist Russkies or Chinks, trained by Germany to goosestep, rather than to snitch on the last straight white men not sacked from their ranks for potential Nazi-Soziism, given Putin is no Hitler…you only have not to be Commonwealthy.

Communism went west in its virulentest form from England and from East Germany as Trotskiism while the East ‘only’ underwent Stalinism, which is Nazi by comparison… Western Liberalism is, of course, the sick seedbed that awaited this Egalitarian virus.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
21 January, 2021 3:55 pm

You mentioned the “Covic19” scam-demic. You should know it has now replaced the Holo-hoax as the GREATEST fraud in ALL  of modern human history! I do not say  this lightly. Holohoaxing was introduced bit-by-bit…beginning with the television “docu-drama” quite aptly named “Holocaust,” in the 1978 viewing season. Over a period of many years, it finally subdued the  Goyim – as new Holy Gospel. It was all  carefully designed and engineered by  ((them)). Not so with the deadly killer virus! In  less than a year it has become the NEW Holy Gospel – complete with “covic-deniers” and finger-pointing invasion-of-the-body- snatcher-style…at ANYONE at anyone who  dare appear in public without benefit of face-diaper! Rumors coming out of DC have it that the New Keepers of this zoo of  Goys will mandate diaper-wearing within the… Read more »

Prinz Edelhart
Prinz Edelhart
Reply to  Walt Hampton
21 January, 2021 8:58 pm

Guess it depends on how you define ‘modern’.
Cuckstianity remains the biggest hoax in ALL of history.

theodore pretzel logic
theodore pretzel logic
Reply to  Walt Hampton
21 January, 2021 11:46 pm

well put

let’s see how brazen these scumbag criminals dare to get

at this point- going down swinging where these scumbags are concerned….is all that really matters

theodore pretzel logic
theodore pretzel logic
21 January, 2021 11:25 pm

mercer is on fire here.
his rage is burning in my breast….
and it’s pretty goddamn well articulated too…

just do not come to tell me that Mercer is a…………..