After Them, the Deluge

by Robert Stuart

TUCKER CARLSON got in trouble once for saying that immigrants were dirty and they littered. But we all know it’s true. If you don’t believe me, you should have gone to the beach at Long Beach, California pre-Covid. In World War 2, fearing Japanese subs, they built a monumental underwater structure called the Breakwater off Long Beach. It’s still there. The side effect is that the normal water circulation does not take place. Go to the beaches north or south of Long Beach and you’ll see crashing waves and clean blue water. Go to Long Beach and you’ll see a placid brownish lake filled with putrid and unclean liquid. You’ll never see a White person in that “water.” But on any given day you used to always see Mexicans wading in, usually wearing their jeans. Once Covid passes, these dirty brown people will be back chest-deep in the dark brown muck. In their element, you might say.

In any event, it looks like thousands and thousands of Mestizo invaders are marching their way to “El Norte” again, heading up through godforsaken places like Guatemala. We’d like to say “barbarians at the gate” but the barbarians have been inside the gate for a long time now. Plus there’s no gate.

It looks like some Central American countries and Mexico currently have bigger brass ones than most Americans do and they are greeting the rampaging wetbacks with tear gas, batons, helmets.

Good for them.

But how long will they hold out? How long before international Jewish organizations make them buckle?

Joe Biden says that, for now, he’s not going to change the one good thing Trump did, enlisting Mexico to assist in stemming the ever-present tide. But how long before Alexandria Cortez wets herself on the floor of Congress and he buckles? How long before his mongrel VP speaks out of school and he buckles? After all, Biden has promised the worthless of the world the sun, the moon, and the stars. And he’s the guy who was part of an administration that “built cages.” And eventually swearing that you’re reading Tales of the Reconquest every night is no longer going to cut it. They want the Aztec throat-cutters here, and they want them here now.

Ah, the browning of America. As the ever-thickening sludge at Long Beach proves, nothing can be improved by adding brown waste to it.

And about that “eleven million.” They’ve been saying “eleven million” since the Reagan Administration like they’re stuttering. It’s a number that is etched in stone for all time. It’s the reverse of the “six million.” The latter can never go down, and the former can never go up. It’s the Jewish first universal law of anti-White propaganda.

What is it really? 20 million? 30 million? 40 million?

God only knows.

In any event, once the Biden administration kicks into full gear, it will be a land rush. After them, the deluge.

And, sure, they’ll tell us that when they wave the magic wand and make all those Toltecs legal there will be “rules” — such as they will have to have been here for a certain length of time. Sure. When the sludge-swimmers show up with their fake documents that say they’ve been here since before the Alamo (when in fact they crossed the river negative five seconds ago), are the Bidenistas really going to hassle our little brown brothers and our little brown sisters over a small detail like a whopping lie? I for one don’t think so. They’ll tell them, Welcome to America amigo, this land is your land, this land ain’t our land.

And, of course, for that band of thousands of the worst that Central America can produce who are wending their way towards our ancestral homeland right now, they’ve always got a sob story:

The Honduran migrants are trying to cross Guatemala to reach Mexico, driven by deepening poverty and the hope of a warmer reception if they can reach the United States border. However, several previous attempts at forming caravans have been broken up by Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras.

By “warmer reception” they mean the granting of full citizenship and all its attendant rights, and the “right” to hate the White people who let them in. Welcome to America amigo, this land is your land, this land ain’t our land.

And then this:

The International Committee of the Red Cross said in a statement Friday that ‘The combination of COVID-19, social exclusion, violence and climate-related disasters that occur at the same time with a magnitude seldom seen before in Central America raises new humanitarian challenges.

Humanitarian challenges? I’ll tell you what a humanitarian challenge is. It’s when, not too long ago, a Mexican who had been deported three times stabbed five people, killed two, and bloodied up a church in California.

Now I assume that something as weak and wobbly sounding as the “International Committee of the Red Cross” is run by a combination of Jews, Christ Cucks, and Secular Leftists. They should ask themselves: Who are we to say that Nature is unwise, if her Natural Selection selects against the worst that Central America has produced? What damage do we do to all that is good and strong and ours — what damage do we do to the future — by “saving” these worst ones and bringing them to the towns and neighborhoods and countrysides where our children must live?

The 11-nation Regional Conference on Migration ‘expressed concern over the exposure of irregular migrants to situations of high risk to their health and their lives, primarily during the Covid emergency.’

Cry us a river. If they are people who can solve their problems, they will solve them. If they are people who can’t solve their problems or are of alien race to us, they need to be kept out of both our vicinity and our gene pool. For decades, sucker America has acted as a release valve for these benighted countries. They have a race-mixture problem that Nature (or Nature aided by eugenics) could have eventually solved.

But then we become the new, profoundly unnatural, “nature” for them by soaking up and incorporating their race problem into our own tottering country.

They off-scour their problems onto us, again and again.

Better for us — necessary for us — (and better for them too) just to cut them off now. Sink or swim. Race or mongrel. Learn or die. It’s the only way they’ll get any better. And if they don’t improve, so be it. Mixing and corrupting ourselves is unacceptable either way.

“Sometimes one has to migrate to seek opportunities,” said the Toltec, “and unfortunately my country is nearly destroyed right now.”

Our home is being destroyed, too. Scram, Toltec. Breeze. Now.

By hook or by crook, Joe Biden and Kamala Hateswhites are going to open the floodgates, mostly by crook. Word is that on his very first day in office, the Pretender will send “groundbreaking” (meaning nation-breaking) legislation to Congress to address the fact that this country is still too damn White. This will include of course the Keys to the Kingdom for the eleven million (20? 30? 40?) hardened criminals who have thought so little of us that they violated our sovereignty in the name of their filthy selves. They like to refer to these criminals as “people without legal status.”

Let’s see, I seem to have misplaced my “legal status.” As if it were a bureaucratic error. Was my legal status lost in the mail?

And much ballyhooed among the haters of the White race is the fact that this time, Biden and his mongrel VP will put forward this proposal without the usual fig leaf of also asking for more immigration enforcement. It’s all them this time, no us. They take, we give, they win, we lose. Not that the “enforcement proposals” ever meant anything anyway. That was how that senile old coot Ronald Wilson Reagan got snookered back in 1986, giving away the White store and supposedly getting “harsher enforcement” — but, lo and behold, the amnesty took effect and the the enforcement never did. Who could have seen that one coming? When it comes to “enforcement and security” regarding immigration, the check is always in the mail.

The main person gloating about there being no enforcement clause in this law to mitigate the inundation is a creature named Marielena Hincapie who is the “Executive Director” of the “National Immigration Law Center,” an organization dedicated to the extermination of the White race. Hincapie works closely with Rachel Rosenbloom, a professor of law at Northeastern University.

Hincapie serves simultaneously on the uber-Establishment American Bar Association’s Commission on Immigration and on the executive committee of the (Communist) National Lawyers Guild’s Labor and Employment Committee. She is, according to her “Huffpost” bio, “the youngest of 10 children, and an immigrant from Medellin, Colombia.”

Apparently Miz Hincapie was consulted by Biden staffers, but for all it was worth they might as well have asked the Chamber of Commerce.

And a Toltec, now a US Congressman, who needs to be deported himself named Joaquin Castro said those here illegally “should not have to live in fear of deportation.” I don’t see why not. Deportation is what is supposed to be done with unwanted aliens and foreign criminals. Had we a mind to, we could go a lot further than deportation.

And of course Biden’s new chief of staff will be a Jew: Ron Klain.

Klain said that Biden’s immigration bill will restore “humanity” to our immigration system. Ah “humanity,” the last refuge of scoundrels who hate us and want to see the civilization we created go under.

I can see “humanity” heading for our borders right now; and soon we’ll be able to see them heading for their local government offices to get the anti-White regime’s total seal of approval. The one thing that unifies them: their hatred of us.

Our children’s future dies when touched by the brown tide. Your son, your daughter dies when touched by the brown tide. All hopes of higher humanity, of higher anything, die when touched by the brown tide.

After them, the deluge.

* * *

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Prinz Edelhart
Prinz Edelhart
20 January, 2021 8:31 am

Although the Pedophile Select is too old to be a Boomer – he is a member of the Silent Generation, who do exhibit some signs of Boomerism, but not nearly as extreme – he sure talks and acts like one.
Every generation rebels against their elders and established norms to some degree, but the Boomers took this to insane levels.
They set out to annihilate anything and everything that wasn’t of them, and since that still wasn’t enough, they are still busy trying to rewrite history in order to create the illusion that nothing that they don’t approve of ever even existed in the first place.

20 January, 2021 9:22 am

It doesn’t matter what AOC, Harris or even Biden want. It’s whatever their jewish owners want.

Even to the end, despite being thrown under the bus by Netanyahu, Trump is STILL pardoning jewish scam artists including an accomplice of already released spy Jonathan Pollard – reportedly at the request of Netanyahu. Many of the rest were negro criminals.

Any view of how our non-natural world works that does not consider the pernicious effects of jews is doomed.

21 January, 2021 2:41 am

I wonder how the goverment is going to take care of them. Financially, it can’t support these illegals, plus the current ones residing in the States. If I break it down, from the 330million, subtract the elderly retired people, subtract that from the unemployed, subtract that from the welfare recipients, minus goverment employees, minus disabled/sick people and dwindle it the working class, you have maybe 22 to 20 million are providing for the rest of the population. So in hence, these leaders will be breaking promises and these pagan immigrants will do what they do best, destroy and kill. I got told from a guy that he met a Hindu/Pakistani who got 50,000 from the goverment so he can start his business and doesn’t have to pay it back they… Read more »

New World Ebola
New World Ebola
26 January, 2021 11:45 pm

Get active in your local communities and help the White awakening against the evil corrupt ZOG / media / banking parasites who want Europeans around the world genocided via mass immigration, miscegenation, sterilisation, etc.