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Hark, Hark, the Dogs do Bark!

by Revilo P. Oliver

THE JEWS HAVE set their dogs throughout the world to barking at South Africa, supposedly in indignation that the Aryans of that nation are dilatory in discharging their duty to turn their country over to savages and arrange for their own enslavement and the extermination of their accursed children. And while the terriers of the press produce a deafening uproar of “world opinion,” the hounds in charge of the various Jewish colonies snarl and bay, decreeing “sanctions” wholesale.

There is nothing novel about the attack on the White population of South Africa. In the United States, the pulpit-punks who work the Jesus-racket claim credit for having led it. The Religious News Service, under date of 13 October, distributed a feature article by Janelle Bussart reporting the vain little shysters’ boasts that over the past fifteen years they, by low intrigue and a kind of blackmail to which the Mafia would have hesitated to stoop, harassed and bluffed a large number of American corporations into “disinvesting” to put pressure on the South Africans to commit suicide. They admit that no more than a tiny minority of stockholders yielded to their yammering, and that they succeeded only because the managers of the numerous corporations were so craven that they permitted themselves to be bluffed by the meddlesome pests and their little mobs of thoughtlessly vociferous dupes. Having thus given expression to their malice, the witch-doctors took pride in their dirty work, exhibiting the righteousness syndrome that so often inspires or conceals the vicious Bolshevism that makes Christianity today so deadly that our race cannot long coexist with it.

The con men of a vapid superstition found their natural allies, of course, in all the “Liberal intellectuals,” who, while they may not believe that Jew- boys can walk on water or have a ghost as their daddy, have the Christian hatred of all superiority and the Christian love of everything that is debased, degraded, deformed, and degenerate, and cling to a blind faith that a god in whom they do not believe will fulfill his promise that “the first shall be last, and the last shall be first,” in a glorious eversion of all human civilization. They have been squawking about “apartheid” for years.

But why such magnified uproar at this time? Why the flurry of “sanctions” decreed by the stooges in so many governments of what still are theoretically Aryan nations? It is ostensibly to “put pressure” on the government of South Africa. But why such impatience? As I pointed out in these pages in December 1983, the stupid majority of South Africans adopted a new constitution that guaranteed that they would soon follow the Rhodesians into terror, agony, and death. And in May 1984, I gave evidence that showed how deeply the minds of that South African majority had been rotted by the Judaeo-Christian superstition, which is racially as deadly as is kuru to individuals. Furthermore, everyone who reads S.E.D. Brown’s admirably courageous South African Observer knows that P.W. Botha, who heads the government, is merely the creature of the big Sheeny, Oppenheimer, who, according to the British press, shares with Armand Hammer (on whom see Jim Taylor in the October issue of Liberty Bell) the privilege of entering the Soviet Union at any time without a passport, and of being royally welcomed as a great benefactor of the Bolsheviks. So why should the world-destroyers bring pressure on their own agent in South Africa?

The answer, of course, is that the concerted circumlatration by their dogs is intended, not to coerce Botha, but to defend him. You need not be told that, if you perpended the article in the October issue of Liberty Bell, “Myths That Will Destroy South Africa,” written by a man who has an unrivalled knowledge of all of the southern part of the African continent, savage as well as civilized. The South Africans are being induced to commit suicide by a bundle of gigantic deceits, comparable for their audacity to the Jews’ great Holohoax.

As that article made clear, South Africa is even now in a position in which she can not only defy her enemies but profit greatly by so doing. She can force the corporations that want to “disinvest” to sell their holdings in South Africa for a fraction of their value, and their patents and other claims to their products can be confiscated and the various goods manufactured in South Africa for the profit of South Africans. As for “sanctions,” the obvious answer to them is an embargo on the strategic materials the Jewish colonies have to buy from South Africa. And as for insubordinate Blacks, the South African police and army can send them running to the border at a speed that might be record-breaking. And Whites who are sick with the righteousness syndrome can be escorted to the airports. There is no physical or economic need for national suicide.

As a nation, the South Africans are collectively being driven to their doom in a state of delirium induced by superstitions and hallucinations, and the more intelligent ones perceive what their government intends. If they are English, they probably hold the British passports they were permitted to retain to facilitate their escape when the time came, and many of them are fleeing from the doomed country as fast as they can dispose of their property there, although most of them probably mooned over the darling and “oppressed” savages and decried “apartheid” and “bigotry” in past years, when they could be both “intellectual” and confident that it couldn’t happen there.

The intelligent Dutch, however, have no place to go, and they are belatedly offering concerted resistance to the government that is betraying them. Despite all the exertions of professional liars in the press, some of the government’s lackeys have been defeated in elections. The influential organization known as the South African Bureau of Racial Affairs is planning and demanding the establishment of an all-White state (oh, horrors!) that will leave the savages to their own devices in their own territories. And, above all, the new organization known as the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging, with its paramilitary units called Brandwag, has the Jews and their hirelings worried.

Now it is true that the time to extinguish a fire is when it is a small blaze in a wastebasket, not when a whole room of the house is ablaze and flames are issuing from the roof, but South Africa has not yet completely passed the point of no return, as has the United States, where the CIA-FBI-Mossad complex, with its apparatus of trained perjurers, prostituted courts, and mercenary terrorists, quickly suppresses any practical tentative of serious dissent, generally by outrages that are concealed from the public in one way or another by their press and boob-tubes. Botha dares not risk a civil war at this time, so he must rely on his masters to exert “pressures” that he can pretend to resist and thus convince South Africans that he is really on their side or, at least, that they shouldn’t “rock the boat” in the contrived “crisis.”

In the meantime, one has only to read the South African Digest, the government’s propaganda sheet for Americans, to see that there has been no remission of the offensive war against our race by that government. The issue dated 26 September, for example, contains on one page, seriatim, five items of which no one can miss the import.

(1) The Jewish government of the United States is rushing in money to finance university scholarships for 137 niggers, confident that South African “educators” will respond to a fast buck as enthusiastically as do their American counterparts.

(2) Amid great rejoicing, a nigger was awarded the degree of A.M. at the University of the Orange Free State, in the heart of a region in which Africaners are predominant. His learned thesis was on how to set up an anti-White educational system in his “homeland,” which is almost entirely financed by the big-hearted and numb-brained Whites.

(3) The “educational” racketeers in South Africa are preparing to decree “compulsory study of a Black language in White primary schools.” White children must have their minds defiled with a savage jargon so they can plead for mercy when a high-minded savage rapes them or starts to beat them to death in the interest of what our big brains call “social justice.”

(4) The government is going to “take over control” of the private schools to force them to accept niggers and Jews in preference to White boys and girls. No White child must be denied the privilege of being mauled by savages and debased by force or influence to the lowest level of humanoid life.

(5) A grinning mulatto has been elected to the South African chairmanship of something called “Aisec,” said to be the “world’s largest student organization,” with four hundred branches in sixty=five countries and an agit-prop apparatus in twenty-five universities and technical schools in South Africa.

These little signposts occur, one after the other, on just one page of the periodical I have cited. They all point in the same direction and toward the same destination, the mass-grave our Christianized race dug for itself. Fuit Ilium.

* * *

Source: Liberty Bell magazine, February 1987

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2 February, 2021 8:43 am

I find it interesting that Australia went into full-on Kung Flu house arrest mode relatively shortly after efforts were made to accept White South Africans as refugees.
Carloyn Emerick might say ‘it all goes together’……

Reply to  PrinzEdelhart
2 February, 2021 3:24 pm

Greetings Prinz. During the previous several decades Australia’s Jewish MSM has vigorously promoted two agendas. They support converting Australia’s environment into financial instruments that the international lenders can seize and they support the opening of Australia’s borders. The present Prime Minister was chiefly responsible for halting the people smugglers who allowed 50,000 boat people to enter Australia illegally during the previous Australian Labor Party’s watch. The MSM, ALP, Greens and other leftist parties had intended the issue of refugees from wars to open the borders to Asia and Australia’s dissolution into the ‘Asia-Pacific’ region, and said “Nothing can be done about the arrival of boat people.” Ministers Scott Morrison and Peter Dutton proved them wrong by stopping the people smugglers and the influx of boat people. Many of the ‘boat… Read more »

4 February, 2021 12:01 am

Well, in all fairness Christian are as much human as you and I, doesn’t mean Christian is the root cause. During the 1912 Rebellion of the Boers second Boer War, ministers refused to let in those that fought in that war inside the church because they kept quoting Romans 13 about rebelling against their leaders, but as Nicolaas Van Rensburg pointed out, that it was the leaders who had crucified Jesus. Anyhow, the leaders of South Africa, had sold out its people for a few gold coins from England, and were promised power and fame. Willem de Klerk, that dirty scoundrel was the worst of the worst. Now they are pushing out the farmers and handing it to Negros… I was reading somewhere that the U.S. government is forcing the… Read more »

Reply to  Geli
8 February, 2021 2:19 am

Great article: highlighting the use of big corporations to sanction a sovereign people. South Africa was never one nation. The Boere Republics were separate states. Today South Africa has 13 Kings and one Queen as well as tribal leaers chieftans and paramount chieftans of the various and diverse tribes. & of the 13 Kings have been found illegitimate but until they die they receive millions per anum with the cost to state in billions. Chief are a separate legal group that adjudicates tribal matters. I am remiss to the idea of the bible there is one Law in the Land for the Israelite as well as the foreigners. So as a white South African I get to pay for a tribal leader to have 18 wives with 18 BMW’s. Is… Read more »