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Let the Assassins Commence

by Robert Stuart

“GAY” FRENCH sex pervert and chronic denizen of San Francisco bath houses Michel Foucalut once said “society must be defended.” He was being sarcastic of course. He didn’t want society to be defended; he wanted society to collapse. He wanted it to collapse in the way his poor immune system finally did in the face of the onslaught wrought by his sexual deviance. That is, totally.

Foucault did make one good point, however. He said that ideologies were just masks for weapons used by society’s warring tribes. All is warfare — racial warfare. Words and ideas are just tools to defeat the other side.

Legend has it that when France was debating formally abolishing the death penalty, a deputy stood up in the cheap seats of France’s National Assembly and shouted out: Que messieurs les assassins commencent! (“Let the assassins commence!”)

Without the just, ultimate, and legitimate deterrent of the pain of death, he was telling us, it would be a field day for the criminal element. Nothing that has happened subsequently has proved him wrong.

In the highly perverted city of San Francisco, reporting any property crime considered to involve a loss of $999 or less gets you a shrug and a laugh. The police won’t even look into it. Got the window of your car smashed? Your electronic devices stolen? You can fix that for under a grand, pal, so you’re out of luck. It was probably a Negro who did it anyway. So take a knee White taxpayer, and just consider it a down payment on the repara-ma-rations.

Not too long ago (2018) a vile Jewish creature named Chesa Boudin was elected to be the district attorney of Sin Francisco.

Chesa Boudin

Boudin is the spawn of Jewish parents who were members of the criminal “Weather Underground.” His Jew mother was a bank robber, and his Jew father was a murderer — so he was passed off to other Weather Underground members, the Jewess Bernadine Dohrn and the always notorious Bill Ayers. Out of the muck and into the mire.

Boudin’s great-great uncle was a Marxist “theoretician” and his grandfather once represented Fidel Castro. Norman Rockwell this was not.

In a campaign video when he ran for office, Boudin had the gall to try to pull at heart strings by saying that when he was a child he “had to go through metal detectors to give his parents a hug.” Guess what? The families of the people his father murdered? No hugs.

Boudin ran on a platform that White people were evil, and Black and Brown criminals would have the run of the city. Boudin campaigned on a promise to arrest ICE Officers for doing their jobs, and a promise to create an “immigrant defense unit.” He also said he’d subsidize all legal defense for all illegal immigrants. And of course he’s for “restorative justice” and “decarcertaion,” the latter being Jew-speak for springing Black criminals to attack and kill more White people. Two days into his term Boudin fired seven prosecutors, presumably because they wanted to prosecute. During his tenure Boudin dropped all charges against a creature named “Jamaica” who had hit policemen over the head with a liquor bottle — because innocent angel “Jamaica” was injured in the altercation. “Jamaica” is Black and “Jamaica” is now free.

This is why the multimillionaires and billionaires of San Francisco have walls, gates, attack-hardened homes, and private security teams. They approve of Boudin and lecture us about “racism” from their tony and secluded feudal redoubts.

Not to be outdone in the treason department, this past November Los Angeles got its own “let’em all run free” district attorney, this time in the person of one George Gascón, who came to our shores from Communist Cuba in 1967.

Gascón has said that “the memorial day killing of a Black man by Minneapolis police laid bare the inequities of the two-tiered system of justice.” No mention was made of the multitude of his victims.

Gascón continued, saying “the murder of George Floyd this summer was a horrific reminder that too often our profession has failed to hold its own to the same standards we impose on the communities that we are sworn to protect and to serve.” An immigrant from Communist Cuba takes a knee for a filthy, violent Negro criminal and gets elected for it. Only in America. He’ll protect and serve only the scum of the world.

George Gascón (second from left)

Gascón has called for banning sentence enhancements — which will lead to the release of tens of thousands of non-White criminals. Gascon will eliminate cash bail entirely because it purportedly “criminalizes poverty,” while failing to mention it rids our streets of dark-skinned detritus. He will no longer seek the death penalty, which in his view is “racist” — of course. (Though really, the fact that Blacks are genetically possessed of an incurable murderous rage problem is not “racism,” it’s biology.) He will also re-sentence those already on death row to life in prison, allowing them to elude their just deserts. And, under a government filled with Gascóns and Boudins, we all know that “life in prison” means “a lot less than life in prison” — if you’re a member of certain special protected classes.

It will be a legal clearance sale: everything must go; all the people of color must be free!

Well, well. We’ve heard of the Ferguson effect, and the Floyd effect: The police and society drop their guard so as not to enmesh themselves in accusations of racial bias, they stop applying the law, and crime goes through the roof.

We already have the Boudin effect. Now we’ll have the Gascón effect.

For California criminals it will be party time, bro! They will soon murder, rob, and rape with impunity.

Society will not be defended.

Raymond Chandler told us:

The French have a phrase for it. The bastards have a phrase for everything and they are always right.

Let the assassins commence.

* * *

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25 December, 2020 12:04 am

In 20 years– or less– this will be in your area should Whites decide to sit and do nothing. But it needn’t be.

Whites can use their time and resources to form communities based on the program of the National Alliance. I have a strong feeling that those who don’t or won’t may be fending for themselves in a sea of hostile non-Whites and their degenerate white collaborators.

Reply to  JM/Iowa
25 December, 2020 8:31 am

You’re absolutely right. I hope that in a few years time I can physically join a community of like-minded Whites, but in the meantime I will spread the message of our cause.

Prinz Edelhart
Prinz Edelhart
Reply to  JM/Iowa
25 December, 2020 6:34 pm

I think it will be less than 20 years, in fact, we’re lucky if it’s more than 20 months. I’m certainly thinking of moving, this area has never been more than maybe 50% White, but that wasn’t a problem until about 5-10 years ago. It’s becoming more and more of a problem every day. Henrik and Lana of Red Ice like to suggest the northern Prairies and Mountains – MT,ID, ND, SD, WY, maybe UT as a White ethnostate homeland where one stands a reasonable chance of becoming part of a homogenous White community, but I remain skeptical. For one thing, much of that is some VERY cold and desolate land, growing things there ain’t easy, you may not see a single tree for hours on end and it is… Read more »

Reply to  Prinz Edelhart
29 December, 2020 12:56 am

Actually an oklahoma white man has figured a nice way to grow even lemon trees in greenhouses using the even temperature of the earth below with pipes underground.No reason why that could not be replicated even more north