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The White Commander

Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria: “Get out, racists!”

by Saxon Day

IN THE 1950s when the American government was looking for a site to build the proposed United States Air Force Academy, legendary patriot Charles Lindbergh was on the advisory panel.

They ultimately selected Colorado Springs. When they struck ground, they must have had such high hopes. But like so much in American life, since that time the Academy has gone to Hell — a particularly horrible kind of Hell.

The year was 2017 and Donald Trump had just been elected and inaugurated. On the day he was inaugurated, Jewish-controlled journalist Chris Matthews referred to Trump’s slogan “America First” as “Hitlerian.” We can only wish, of course. But in the context of what turned out to be closer to a typical Republican presidency than even Ted Cruz might have wished, such Hitler references were gratuitous at best. But they certainly set the media tone for the next four years; it did not take long before a Trump official who wanted to curtail immigration was being called “Baby Goebbels.”

Perhaps it’s helpful to point out that the way that you know that Trump is not Hitler, and this official is not Goebbels, is that the people who said such things are still walking around loose.

Such is the ideological — and hysterical — background to a September day in 2017 when the cadets at the Air Force Academy were suddenly assembled.

The cadets likely thought right away that something very important had transpired. Had we been bombed? Was it another 9/11? Had the FSB occupied the Pentagon? Such thoughts as this must have gone through the assembled throng’s heads when, as the superintendent (who we shall call the White Commander) took his place at the podium, a veritable phalanx of “brass” followed him in. They soon began to flank him, some standing near him, some lining the walls of the room on either side. Indeed, the cadets probably felt surrounded, hemmed in, and enveloped by the full might and authority of the Force. A ripple of nervousness shot through the crowd.

A discerning eye might have noticed that to the White Commander’s right were three women. In the middle was an angry-looking Black female who looked like she would have been a handful, even to a cadet, in a dark alley.

As the tension grew. the White Commander spoke. Some “racial slurs,” he said, had been written on a message board down at the prep school.

So that’s what this is all about? Racism?

The White Commander then began to light into his charges, to berate them. He was almost screaming. And he seemed to be reveling in pouring opprobrium on them. He demanded that they be outraged at these “racial slurs” — or, he said, they should “get out.” He shouted that they should be, must be, “outraged as human beings” — whatever that means. A snarling and scornful look was in the White Commander’s eyes. His voice and demeanor dripped with contempt and hatred for his own cadets.

The brigadiers, the colonels, the generals, and all the officials with them looked intently at the cadets, somber, grave; they all seemed to be wordlessly saying that the most heinous of all crimes had been committed: racism.

The White Commander said he did not have to remind them (though he did) of the backdrop to all this: Ferguson, Charlottesville, the NFL protests

Here the White Commander slipped out of his depth, for of course the White Commander had no earthly idea that the first two of his “backdrops” prove the exact opposite of what he was trying to say: Ferguson was a case of a police officer doing his job perfectly — and the media lying about it; the second is a case of Antifa disrupting a lawful assembly and the Virginia authorities setting up and railroading the White patriots — and the media lying about it.

That the White Commander should know facts easily accessible to anyone over seven years old with two good eyes is apparently too much to ask. As for the NFL protests, millionaires complaining when violent, feral Blacks are from time to time justly shot dead by the police leaves one wondering what the issue is.

But for the White Commander, the “specter” of racism in Ferguson, in Charlottesville, and in even the mildest opposition to Colin Kaepernick was very, very real. They were the moral equivalent of “Germany in the 1930s” — that is, powerful and irrefutable totems of the Stations of the Anti-White Cross. They are talismans belonging to the Brown and the Black and they hold a religious meaning which can never be questioned, except perhaps by devils in human form who should be exterminated immediately.

And, with these references, the White Commander had them where he wanted them. Without any shame, he added that nothing should ever hinder the “power of our diversity.”

He intoned that “we are all races.” He piously mouthed the words “Diversity is our strength.”

He did not say that discipline is our strength, or courage, or loyalty, or any other of the warrior virtues. No, “diversity” is our strength, a thought that never occurred to any American general from Washington through Patton. At the end, he seemed to be in a kind of emotional ecstasy. The kids got the message. All men are created, you know the thing. The White man has got to go.

The White Commander was done.

It says more than a little about the depravity of our political life that the video of the White Commander laying on this blood libel on White people, obnoxiously spewing forth his mindless anti-White drivel, went viral nearly instantaneously. The White Commander became an instant celebrity, an instant “hero,” on all the anti-American channels.

The consensus among them was that finally, finally, here we have a White man standing up for decency in Trump’s America. Standing up for our little brown brothers, for the queers and the migrants. Mexicans are never rapists, after all, and they only send their best. Perhaps, just perhaps, democracy won’t die in darkness. Perhaps when this cold night of White supremacy has passed, the tatters of the Republic can be slowly re-stitched together by good men like this, men who not only hate their own kin, but hate them passionately.

Some of you know by now that it was all a farce, a travesty, a lie.

Those anti-Black “racial slurs” on the message board at the Air Force Academy prep school? They were a hoax. When the officials finally got off their communist high horse and looked into the matter objectively, it took them but a quick minute to discover what any of us could have told them: A Congoid cadet wrote the anti-Black words. Imagine my shock.

Could any reader of National Vanguard have seen this coming from 10,000 miles away? Even Mr. Magoo could have seen it. But “big man” and military officer White Commander could not see it when it was one foot in front of his face. Neither could the colonels, the angry academics, or the White reporters who get Jewish paychecks. No, they all sit on high in their White-hating citadels and don’t bother to investigate before going off half-cocked with their vile slanders on White people; they had found “racism” that required stamping out; they needed to prove their “virtue” and impose it on us all — and that was all that mattered.

What really happened was that someone had fabricated a blood libel on the White race. A Black did that. And the White Commander gladly propagated the blood libel.

Having learned that his entire “viral” speech was a baseless lie, he didn’t care. No one on his side did.

After all, this “hate crime” — the posting of a word on a message board — is something that could have happened. And that is all that matters. That’s all that matters when creeping, or galloping, but always menacing, “fascism” is upon us. That’s all that matters when White people are starting to wake up.

You would think that when the White Commander got caught out in his hatred of Whites and in his abetting of a lie he would have apologized. You’d think that his superiors would be mortified by his moral preening in a false cause.

You would think that they would have busted him down to private, stripped him of his bars, or simply dishonorably discharged him for his brazen lying — or court martialed and shot him when the guilty verdict came back. But none of this happened; he continued to be the leader of the cadets — leading them, I think it is safe to assume, to their perdition. His lies, his foolishness, his unjustified venom, and his idiotic posturing were not even speed bumps on the road to his complete lionization. That it was all a lie was neither here nor there.

When it got wind of this story, the Jew Anti-Defamation League (it should be called the Anti-White League) had the gall to give the White Commander an award. So, instead of being disgraced by the egg all over his face, the White Commander was invited to receive his award at a gala event in the rotunda of City Hall in the degenerate city of San Francisco. This despicable ceremony was also attended by the Asian mayor of that city, Ed Lee, and by a man named Gascon who recently became the attorney general of Los Angles by running on a platform which promised to de-criminalize crime. And, of course, also present was the Grand Reptile himself, the leader of the ADL: Jonathan Greenblatt.

The most interesting thing about the award that Greenblatt bestowed on the White Commander was that it was said to be an award for “Americanism.” Time was when this word would have summoned up images of mother and apple pie — of honesty, integrity, uprightness, fairness — and White people.

But no more. Now the notion of “Americanism” has been hijacked by our enemies to mean a commitment to denouncing, suppressing, and crushing all things White — a hate they have codified in what they call the “American creed” of pluralism, mass immigration, and never having or expressing forbidden thoughts. “This is who we are,” Americans! — or so they want us to think.

This is what you get when you allow the scum of the Earth into your White paradise.

When asked, the White Commander sloughed off all questions about the pesky fact that the “hate crime” hadn’t really happened. He was still in the glow of his Jew award. He said it didn’t really matter either way what really happened. Sinking to a vile new low, the White Commander said “Regardless of the circumstances under which those words were written, they were written, and that deserved to be addressed. You can never over-emphasize the need for a culture of dignity and respect ― and those who don’t understand those concepts aren’t welcome here.”

The White Commander does do one thing very well: take orders. Even implicit orders. When a Jew grunts something about yet another “evil White man” — Fully on board, Sir! The proposed eventual extinction of our race? — Fully on board, Sir! The putrid “rainbow” ideology of sodomy and sex-mutilation? — Fully on board, Sir!

As for us, the regular White guys who built and still keep this country running, he wouldn’t wait too long to slit our throats if there was a nickel in it. Or a pat on the head from Jonathan Greenblatt.

* * *

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Anthony Kimball
Anthony Kimball
23 December, 2020 5:25 pm

Race traitors such as this Silveria clown would be among the first to be dealt with on that great and longed-for Day. Really, it can’t arrive soon enough.

mortal goyal
mortal goyal
Reply to  Anthony Kimball
24 December, 2020 1:23 pm

yes-that would be a CHRISTMAS MORNING i could get behind….

they are coming to take it.
we “mine’s well” do something …like soon.

Reply to  Anthony Kimball
26 December, 2020 8:24 am

Race traitor or just another crypto jew?

Prinz Edelhart
Prinz Edelhart
23 December, 2020 9:30 pm

Cucks gonna cuck.

23 December, 2020 10:03 pm

This despicable “defender of our freedom” is now retired collecting his pension.

By the way, some 70 cadets at West Point were accused of cheating on an exam. About 58 admitted to doing so. And don’t forget all the military commanders who publicly claimed the war in Afghanistan was going great while admitting among themselves it was a circus. Can’t jeopardize that pension and the post retirement gravy train as a defense contractor, think tank analyst or media commentator.

Saxon Day
Saxon Day
Reply to  guest
24 December, 2020 9:16 am

Good points, all. Also, recently an American envoy admitted that he routinely lied about how many troops were in Syria. He would claim to high officials that there were less than there actually were, this was meant to try to stop Trump from bringing our troops home from Syria.

Reply to  Saxon Day
24 December, 2020 9:03 pm

The drive to make the military diverse is taking its toll. The Navy can’t pilot their ships without collisions. They may be in for a rude awakening once Biden attacks Iran.

brian boru
brian boru
24 December, 2020 4:17 am

All the white cadets should have stood up, walked out and resigned. Unfortunately, honour and courage are in short supply these days. This piece of trash general is worse than the jews whose boots he licks.

mortal goyal
mortal goyal
Reply to  brian boru
24 December, 2020 1:25 pm

people aren’t made of moral courage like that anymore Sir.

millennials are Jew -bred and Jew-poisoned…very few exceptions.

Reply to  mortal goyal
25 December, 2020 12:20 am

And how about you, Mr. Goyal? Are you endowed with the moral courage spoken of here?

Reply to  brian boru
25 December, 2020 12:18 am

I wonder how many posters here at National Vanguard have the honor and courage to send this magazine’s sponsor, the National Alliance, a donation to support this organization that’s bringing you this article..

Better yet, who has that honor and courage to actually join us?

Will W Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Will W Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Reply to  JM/Iowa
27 December, 2020 2:18 pm

Sadly, not many. They like being entertained, and educated by our volunteer writers, but some do like to post their comments, mostly anonymously. To me that’s moral cowardice, the opposite of moral courage. Thank you for joining the Alliance, Jim, and thanks to the others here who have joined with us and participate in Alliance-building. We know who you are, and none of you are lamenting the state of “our” military here above Jim’s comments. Mack: As a soldier waiting for my contract to expire, I can’t emphasize how much this article is on point… I sometimes wonder if I’m a coward for not openly stating my admiration for Hitler‘s heroism and just taking the dishonorable discharge. At least then I’d know I’d have done something meaningful for my people.… Read more »

Patrick Pappano
Patrick Pappano
24 December, 2020 6:12 am

I watched a video of the speech. Lt. Gen. Silveria made an impassioned plea to accept diversity in all things but thought. When it comes to thought, only one selection is acceptable, diversity is our strength. I don’t know if that includes miscegenation or rejects it, that isn’t clear.

mortal goyal
mortal goyal
24 December, 2020 1:18 pm

another indoctrinated American general-
mind awash in Marxist sh**…

cadets armed with ‘diversity’ as they
fight for Big Jew-
weakened and unfit …


most excellent article here.
the kind of writing that could “turn” the
average wishy-washy fence-sitter, and remind him 2+2 still equals 4.

thank you.

25 December, 2020 2:42 am

Excellently written and insightful. As a soldier waiting for my contract to expire, I can’t emphasize how much this article is on point. “Diversity is our strength” is the Army’s motto. Indeed, a passive observer would conclude that alleged racial discrimination and sexual assault were the military’s most existential threat based on the fact we have weekly briefings to shove anti-white male propaganda down our throats. Chinese female commanders, obese sergeant majors from the Congo, squad leaders from Puerto Rico – The absurdity knows no limits. I sometimes wonder if I’m a coward for not openly stating my admiration for Hitler‘s heroism and just taking the dishonorable discharge. At least then I’d know I’d have done something meaningful for my people.

Saxon Day
Saxon Day
Reply to  Mack
25 December, 2020 8:38 am

Thank You for the information, that is eye opening. In 1976 William Westmoreland said that there are probably some women who can meet the physical demands of our military academies but they’d be freaks and we’re not running our military academies for freaks. Now of course not only do they have to be females but black as well. Very sad.


Reply to  Mack
25 December, 2020 11:05 am

Probably not worth it to speak out at this point. I would do all I could to discourage whites from enlisting.

I used to have to frequently fly into Columbia SC for business. Often there would be a group of new Army inductees on their way to basic training. If I ever had the chance, I would have tried to talk them out of it. But these kids were kept away from the rest of us.

Incidentally, these kids looked more like Glee Club than warriors.

Andrew Eldritch
Andrew Eldritch
Reply to  Mack
25 December, 2020 2:18 pm

Mack my suggestion to you is to start going to medical. Go to medical and report things like back pain and migraines. Report that you are depressed.

This way you will be eligible for VA Disability.

Currently I get aprox $3500 a month for the exact issues. Sure beats working a job I would hate.

pj dooner
pj dooner
25 December, 2020 12:23 pm

Here’s another one from last week. A cop drew a swastika on another cop’s car and it was Police Chief Picariello’s chance to lick jew boots::

“Picariello said he has been in contact with the Anti-Defamation League of New England and “will engage their invaluable training programs and resources for every member of the Marblehead Police Department.””

27 December, 2020 7:27 am

Ironically, they get away with this brazenly outspoken hatred because they fear no comparable hatred from Euro Racists, which is that thing they most fear…also Juden cannot live in a simple binary society, nor expect every able Euro-goy to join their cannon-fodder armies, and so can’t afford to offend the motley rainbow orcs who do join. By the same token it is domestically dangerous to have an army of aliens if Europeans just leave their own armies but…it is also a personal secession that must lead to civil war and to the collapse of liberal Delinquency…an alternative is to match that illegitimate parasite Liberalism with not equal but superior hatred…there were maybe a handful of Americans in the Waffen schutz staffel in the last world war and they were exemplary… Read more »

Last edited 26 days ago by Stefan
27 December, 2020 2:10 pm

I’ve said it previously: If it looks, sounds like, and flies with other crows then it’s a crow. And yes, I’ve seen a white albino crow.

Swamp Lejeune
Swamp Lejeune
27 December, 2020 7:37 pm

Mr. “Diversity is our strength” Silveria is a panderer and virtue signaler of the highest order. A supposed military man who behaves like the weak corporate leaders and politicians in America. Saying whatever drivel it takes to get good press and get promoted in our new, PC military.

As a vet of some years, I refuse to call this man by his military title “General.” I’m sure he was OK when he was a young maverick and pilot. But in his later career, apparently he didn’t have the stones to stand up to the crap that is destroying our country and military. Very sad.

Last edited 26 days ago by Swamp Lejeune
Anonymous coward
Anonymous coward
29 December, 2020 8:02 pm

A general from the branch of service that is laughed at by the other branches, trying to come off as some tough guy on promoting and defending the whole diversity lie. I find humor in this where others may not. He came off as a emotional moron and maybe doesn’t have the self-awareness to realize it.

Reply to  Anonymous coward
29 December, 2020 11:35 pm

Regardless of service branch, generals are mostly political careerists and partly bureaucratic functionaries– and they really don’t laugh in derision at the members of other branches.

Lower ranking military members generally don’t either, though exceptions from the less intelligent and loud of mouth exist. It doesn’t pay to be a grunt in a combat zone and put down the guys providing air strikes on your opfor that would otherwise be breathing down your neck with your death as his intent.

30 December, 2020 1:53 pm

Some interesting links:
“The day after the acquittalKvachkov spoke on the radio “Echo of Moscow”. He directly called Chubais a national traitor. And he declared that Russia was occupied by Jews, and this is the basis of criminal groups. As a result, the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation sent a request to verify Kvachkov’s statements, since in his words there were clearly manifestations of extremism, and at the same time to review the case of the attempt.”

Operation Churchill. 1 Breeding Concubines Edward VII Sires Churchill.pdf

The Hippy operation.