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Sanctuary State

Gavin Newsom

by John Randolph

IN HIS inaugural speech as the governor of California, notorious anti-White politician Gavin Newsom sent a clear message to the world by promising that the most populous state would be a “sanctuary to all who seek it.” Apparently forgetting that civilized nations don’t incarcerate the children of criminals along with their felonious parents, he also said that “children should not be ripped away from their parents at the border.” Sounds to me like he’d just let the invaders invade. Sounds like a leader welcoming an invasion of the state he just swore to protect.

Recently Newsom made some news by appointing an under-qualified Mexican as his Judicial Appointment Secretary. In announcing this race crime Newsom laid the Rainbow Nation blather on thick:

Luis Cespedes has championed the cause of civil rights, equal justice, diversity and inclusion throughout his storied legal career. I am proud to have him join our team and look forward to his counsel as we continue to build a bench that reflects the rich diversity of California.

That means a whole lot of Mexican judges are coming Californians’ way.

The White man need not apply.

Cespedes main recommendation was that he was once a farm worker. And, glory of glories, he once worked with no less a personage than Cesar Chavez. California has a state holiday for Chavez (March 31). And one of the grand ironies of California history is that this man, who has his very own day in anti-White California, used to tell his goons to go down to the border and bust the heads of those he called “wetbacks” — that is, the river-crossing Mexican invaders the ag-money boys used as scabs to break his union.

Chavez knew that these illegal aliens would undermine the wages of his men. By the 1980s, though, you could see pictures of Chavez mugging it up alongside pro-invasion politician Ted Kennedy as they swooned over the new pile of anti-White laws of that decade. Perhaps Cesar got kicked one too many times in the head by a mule or, more likely, he saw which way the winds of the future were blowing and he got on board the ship USS Mass Invasion to “secure” his posthumous reputation. Indeed, his daughter Julie Chavez Rodriquez joined the Joe Biden team recently as a something-or-other in the field of “Latino Outreach.” Lucky for her there were not too many question about the head-busters and the “wetback” scabs. That might have been thorny.

California is now a great big tamale ripe for the Mexican picking.

A few years back the anti-White mayor of Oakland, Libby Schaff (no need to look it up folks, she’s a great big Jew), became a gang lookout.

When ICE was going to do some raids in her not-so-fair city, she found out and tweeted out a warning to the border jumpers in her locale to be on guard and flee if need be. Why she wasn’t arrested and thrown in jail remains a mystery to exactly no one.

And in the prosecutor’s offices of Los Angeles and San Francisco (like in all big city Prosecutor’s Offices across our once-great land) they do something interesting. When a criminal is arrested and that criminal is an illegal alien, some Brown lackey who hates White people or some White person who hates himself, will whisper in the prosecutor’s ear.

“Sir,” he will say, “this person in the dock is an illegal alien and if charged and convicted of the crime as he deserves, he will become subject to deportation under this country’s terrible and unjust immigration laws.” And then the prosecutor, likely a “minority” himself, and certainly a person who is required to enthusiastically hate White Americans, will make a deal with the alien that results in no jail time and then wish him well. So whereas you and I would get the book thrown at us — the alien invader gets off scot free.

Such is justice in Brown America.

But from time to time the chickens of this travesty come home to roost. And all but the very blind (admittedly a large cohort) see the actual human cost of this high-flown traitorous and inverted moralism.

On November 25, 2020 there was fatal stabbing at the Grace Baptist Church in San Jose, California. Police on the scene report that there was “blood everywhere.” No surprise, of course, that the killer was a Mexican who, if California had obeyed the law, would have been doing his killing in Mexico, and not in our rightful homeland.

The shame of it is that, once upon a time, churches were real sanctuaries for us. Now they are killing floors. (Sadly, though, when we hear “Baptist” we are reminded of the recent headline “Bishops agree with Southern Baptists that Trump’s immigration policies are unjust.” No, what is unjust is that blood oozing down your pews — and your betrayal of the next generation of your people, Pastor Bob.)

The Mexican criminal in this instance was one Fernando De Jesus Lopez-Garcia. Mr. De Jesus Lopez-Garcia faces two counts of murder, three of attempted murder.

Mr. De Jesus Lopez-Garcia had been previously deported three times but always returned the scene of his crime. Mr. De Jesus Lopez-Garcia has a monster criminal history including assault with a deadly weapon and felony domestic violence.

But the true crime of it is that he was once released on his own recognizance by a California judge, though I am guessing that this scum is a little light on “recognizance.” And another true crime is that an ICE detainer on the brown rat was ignored by the County of Santa Clara, California. That is, the county got a detainer of arrest for him from ICE, but they ignored it and released him into the community, my community, your community, our community.

And thereby hangs a tale. These elite monsters sit behind their gated walls and lecture us on “racism.” But it’s always us that get the knife in the neck.

May that cockroach who killed those poor people get the max.

But for justice to be served, that judge who let him go, that mayor who warned them all, and that governor who hates us so, all need to be charged with and convicted of murder.

Right before the needle slips in, we could say to them: Adios.

* * *

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24 December, 2020 1:01 pm

La fábula del zorro y los pollos.

Reply to  Panadechi
26 December, 2020 12:14 pm

And they know that without releasing that information, the victim’s families will never find out what happened to them, that is, if these people even had any families, due to the fact they were so vulnerable in the first place. This shameless ongoing and escalating slaughter of Whites for decades is worse than what was being done to the ethnic Germans in Poland and Czech, prior to WW2.

25 December, 2020 8:19 am

Unless the guy’s a jew, what’s the difference? It was a shithole long before that judge arrived.

Cali needs to go.

Prinz Edelhart
Prinz Edelhart
25 December, 2020 6:55 pm

The younger ones among you may not believe this, but California was still a pretty nice place as recently as the 1980s.

26 December, 2020 12:09 pm

“Four of the stabbing victims were homeless and another was a city employee and volunteer working at the church. The names of the victims will not be released, the police chief said.”
WOW. Now they’re censoring casualties in the War on Whites, so we cannot share support or information, or band together for our protection. How can they get away with NOT reporting the names of the victims? This is public information. Censorship of such only demonstrates that this is a war and those doing the censoring of the true victims are the enemy.

28 December, 2020 12:12 pm

“Governor” of California? Looks like a ratface, or Donny Osmond, at best. America needs to declare war on this rogue state, yesterday.