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Dubious TV celebrity Michael Baden by Andrew Hamilton From David Sims, “George Floyd and Antifa,” June 1, 2020: “The Floyd family just got 85-year-old celebrity forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden and Black Dr. Alicia Wilson from the University of Michigan to do an independent autopsy,
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Open anti-White tyranny now in place by David Sims IN CANADA, there are scholarships earmarked for every race except one — the White race is allowed to have no special scholarships, whether public or private. Canada has scholarships for Black women, for Sikhs, for American Indians, and for Third World…
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The Black murderers-torturers of five White people had their life sentences overturned over a technicality — and this year the Supreme Court will consider reinstating them. National media coverage — which would bring attention to the war on Whites — has been almost nil.
by David…
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The latest developments in the Charleston shooter case and their implications for our future by John I. Johnson State Criminal Case AFTER HIS arrest last month, Roof (pictured) confessed, allegedly stating that he wanted to start a race war. He was charged with nine counts of murder, one for each person…
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